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Winterveil By Jenna Burtenshaw Winterveil The dramatic conclusion to Jenna Burtenshaw s YA dark fantasy trilogy and the sequel to Shadowcry and Blackwatch This stunningly original series will be loved by fans of Sarah J Maas s Throne of Glass

  • Title: Winterveil
  • Author: Jenna Burtenshaw
  • ISBN: 9780062026460
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Winterveil By Jenna Burtenshaw The dramatic conclusion to Jenna Burtenshaw s YA dark fantasy trilogy and the sequel to Shadowcry and Blackwatch This stunningly original series will be loved by fans of Sarah J Maas s Throne of Glass series and Leigh Bardugo s Grisha trilogy.Teen Kate Winters and her powers are unique She is descended from an ancient and powerful bloodline She alone can understand WinThe dramatic conclusion to Jenna Burtenshaw s YA dark fantasy trilogy and the sequel to Shadowcry and Blackwatch This stunningly original series will be loved by fans of Sarah J Maas s Throne of Glass series and Leigh Bardugo s Grisha trilogy.Teen Kate Winters and her powers are unique She is descended from an ancient and powerful bloodline She alone can understand Wintercraft, a book of ancient secrets She alone can stand between the living and the dead as the veil between them crumbles Kate is being led to the very edge of life and death so that she can call down all the spirits that haunt the graveyard city of Fume No one can resist the pull of the crumbling veil, and soon the dead will overrun the living Unless Silas and Edgar can stop her Edgar is Kate s best friend and her one anchor to the living But Silas is enigmatic, merciless, and often cruel Will this villain we love to hate act honorably Or not Jenna Burtenshaw has created not just a magnificent city full of intrigue and darkness, but also a hero and an antihero who will keep you guessing until the end Who can you trust when good and evil are bound together
    Winterveil By Jenna Burtenshaw

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      290 Jenna Burtenshaw
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    One thought on “Winterveil

    1. colleen the convivial curmudgeon on said:

      3.5I m rounding up on this one, and it s sort of for the whole trilogy, because while the writing still has some issues like clunky dialogue and exposition and not always being able to figure out how we get from point A to point C while seeming to bypass point B overall I still just like the story and the world and characters.I mean, it has magic, mystery and mayhem, deals with the veil between the worlds, has intrigue, betrayal, redemption, suspense in some ways there s not much not to like I e [...]

    2. Yusra on said:

      I was just not feeling this book at all Maybe this trilogy as a whole was disappointing Even for a fantasy, the resolutions felt very unrealistic and frankly, half assed attempts at wrapping up the story Now I don t think it s a horrid waste of time I m sure younger audiences will find this captivating for a short period of time, which is why it receives a 2 5.

    3. Elizabeth "Liza" on said:

      I was dying to read the conclusion of the Wintercraft series, sadly, my local library took forever to bring the book If you recall, the ending of Blackwatch was quite dire and all seemed hopeless like the drama I should have trusted Burtenshaw to be able to get Kate, Silas and Edgar out of that bind The story of Wintercraft is so unique The idea of a city where the dead was buried and was tended by a specially trained group of people and then abandoned it s hard to imagine Even harder is that th [...]

    4. Annamarie on said:

      Wow what can I say, Wintercraft Legacy is the best of the three book in the series and it was definitely worth the wait.Jenna ended Blackwatch with a massive cliffhanger I couldn t wait to get a copy and was lucky enough to get it a few days before the release date because I pre ordered it so I didn t have to wait for months like I did last time.When I got my copy I had some questions I was hoping were going to get answered What will happen to Kate now Dalliah Grey has her What does she want wit [...]

    5. Jolene on said:

      Gah This was released in the UK 4 months ago 4 MONTHS We can t even get a release date here in the US

    6. Charlotte Phillips on said:

      This is one of those series that you can read at any time and read far apart and you can still remember what has happened, when it happened and how it happened the book was powerful in this sense and context because it leaves you wanting from it and needing to finish what is going to occur from there on I love this series of books for so many different reasons Its not my usual sort of book that I would actually read but the very fact that it springs to life when I am reading it is the main reas [...]

    7. Casia Courtier on said:

      ORIGINAL POST IN BLOG 60secondsor.wordpress I received this First Reads Giveaway book for an honest review.There is only one word to describe this book in its trilogy EPIC Yes, that s right, I believe this is the best out of the three books in the Wintercraft trilogy Burtenshaw had introduced her characters in SHADOWCRY or WINTERCRAFT outside of the US She then introduced the main villain and most of the corruption in the second book, BLACKWATCH However, it is WINTERVEIL that ties the three toge [...]

    8. JessicaDomladovac on said:

      This is a hard one I m struggling between 3 stars and four It was a good book overall, just a bit clunky and slow at some parts, but still pretty interesting and action packed WARNING THERE are A FEW SPOILERS Highlight SILAS That dude made the books SO much better He was actually the least shallow of the characters, and was just plain awesome Liked his back story, glad we got into it I like how he and Kate were friends It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside No joke Mehs Kate I liked Kate, but she [...]

    9. Once Upon a Twilight on said:

      3.5 starsWhen I received this book in the mail, my first thought was, Oh no It s Fantasy I m not a really a huge fan of Fantasy books because I usually get lost in the details The devil was not in the details in this story and that ended up being a really wonderful thing because my second hang up for reading this story was that it is the third in a trilogy that I have not read It s hard as a reviewer to take on this task but I will say that my interest is piqued I will definitely have to go back [...]

    10. Joana on said:

      Assim que vi a capa do primeiro livro e respectivo t tulo fiquei interessada, quando li a sinopse, muito curiosa fiquei, e assim que li os tr s livros desta fant stica trilogia, fiquei f O final do segundo livro foi deixado em aberto, fazendo me reter a respira o at ao t rmino d O Legado J n o lia uma s rie juvenil t o original h bastante tempo.Kate, a nossa hero na encontra se sob a influ ncia da malvada Dalilah, mas, aos poucos, a sua mem ria come a a voltar.Entretanto, o nosso her i Edgar e o [...]

    11. Mary Jane on said:

      Much Better Than the 2nd OneWINTERVEIL rarely had a slow moment, unlike BlACKWATCH which had me skimming at times It was fast paced and captivating But it still isn t worthy of 5 stars, mainly of the constantly changing POV and sometimes poor sentence structure Also, I felt like the veil wasn t explained enough Maybe it s just me, but I was confused on some aspects of it.I feel like there isn t much I can say without spoiling anything Kate seemed to have a personality in this one, which I think [...]

    12. Minna on said:

      I enjoyed this book because it was the ending to a trilogy I enjoyed, than I enjoyed it as a book for its own sake A lot of the action was narrated to the reader in a bundle as a fait accompli, and a couple times I hate to say it but the dreaded info dump reared it s ugly head There was a lot of text for what amounted to very little taking place in some parts, and in other parts a lot happened but I m still not exactly sure what Can someone clarify for me exactly what ended up happening to Sila [...]

    13. Sandra on said:

      O volume anterior acabou com Kate a ser subjugada por algu m mais forte do que ela pelo menos aparentemente tem mais truques na manga , e completamente amn sica volta para Albion para destruir o V u, unindo assim os mortos aos vivos e acabando de vez com a Vida como a conhecemos.Mas existem mais personagens que fomos conhecendo nos outros 2 livros que t m os seus planos pessoais e v o tentar alterar o destino que Dalliah pretende.Este livro quase que merecia as 5 estrelas, pois a originalidade d [...]

    14. Trish on said:

      Despite the excellent writing this is definitely an underrated series in the sense it does not get the publicity that other less well written series receive If you like fantasy and strong female characters this is definitely an excellent edition to a well constructed YA series Jenna Burtenshaw is a wonderful story teller She has a fresh voice, this story was refreshing The characters are believable in their decision making and actions I think my favorite character is Silas I had a hard time foll [...]

    15. Eden Grey on said:

      First impression Another strong female protagonist who has discovered she has superpowers, has accepted herself despite the mistakes she made, and must make a crucial decision to save someone thing that will most likely destroy a city and lead to the death of some people Oh yea, and there is a cool guy following her, with his own problems, but he ll support her no matter what, even if they fight a lot, and they ll love each other forever.Second impression The strong female protagonist is a power [...]

    16. Taylor on said:

      This was a fantastic ending for the trilogy I can honestly say that I wasn t sure what to expect from the end of this book I was terrified that one of the main three were going to die Especially after what happened to Dalliah , I thought that Silas was going to die I know it would have been a relief for him, but I would have been sad, he was by far my favorite character ever since he was introduced in Shadowcry Of course, I loved Edgar and Kate as well, both fantastic characters The whole world [...]

    17. Alexis on said:

      I couldn t focus on it half the time It definitely is not one of my favorites It almost has a plot like Percy Jackson with killing enemies and wars against enemies I would suggest starting from book one because I started with this one and it started to talk about things that probably happened in the other books so it can get confusing, but after a chapter or two you do get used to the plot It doesn t really have that much figurative language if you prefer books with that.It has an interesting en [...]

    18. Kim Heimbuch on said:

      This is the third book in The Secrets of Wintercraft series I haven t read either of the prior books, but this book stood alone just fine however, as with most series, you get a deeper story of the characters and their world, it s always best to start at the beginning This was definitely a well written book and Kate Winters definitely is a powerfully written character that most readers will be able to relate to, outside the special powers stuff of course.Read entire read on my website at musingw [...]

    19. Literary Princess on said:

      Hard for me to write an acceptable review of this book I so enjoyed reading the first two in this trilogy, but far too much time passed before reading this one for there to be any good continuity I had forgotten the characters, the story, the world building almost completely So I read this quickly and didn t enjoy it a ton, but I think that s a reflection on the reader than the text Likely an explosive conclusion if read in quicker succession with its predecessors And Jenna Burtenshaw writes lo [...]

    20. Yen on said:

      I m usually not a huge fan of fantasy most of them never clicked with me , but after I received this book and tried it, I am definitely willing to continue on.A story about the Skilled and Walkers or people who have an ability to communicate in a way with the dead and the other side aka veil, a city where the dead lives, and the world of this book in general, really, intrigued me.I didn t fully understood what happened in the earlier books so that s why I left it at 4stars, but after catching up [...]

    21. Regina on said:

      I really liked this series because of the way the main characters have this bond with one another There s a feeling of almost lovers or sibling love between Silas,Kate and Edgar Part of me wants romance but I am quite happy this book had none at all I feel a bit bittersweet about what happens because I wanted a certain someone to find peace at the end The danger is over but I suppose the open ending gives me hope that things will be ok I know this is the last book but part of me wants a book 4.

    22. Jenny on said:

      This is the first book I read in the series and it was really great read The changes between PoV and narrator was a bit off putting at first but is well done I hope the author will make another book that entails Silas getting the other half of him back Even if this is the last book in the series it could be a small story really wants Silas to be whole I received the book for free through First Reads

    23. Jenny on said:

      I was so excited to see this trilogy to the end Edgar is a valiant friend and Silas remains a mystery but with a tried and true heart I love that Kate s character waivers so much between known and unknown and bad and good in this last book I was a little disappointed by the slow and fairly undramatic finish to such an exciting start, but with that being saidIt was a great series and I enjoyed it.

    24. Roger on said:

      I found this book to be very interesting The whole magic system was quiet different than others I have seen before, and it really worked for me The characters were well defined and likable I do recommend reading the others in the series first, because a few things were not explained in this book, however the book could be read as a stand alone.

    25. Tasha on said:

      I really enjoyed this series, but am lamenting the fact that there wasn t characterization in it The series had some excellent place descriptions action sequences, but it was hard for me to identify strongly with the characters Example there was talk about how important Edgar Kate were to each other, but I didn t SEE or FEEL it while I was reading this.

    26. Tweller83 on said:

      I feel a little guilty giving this only 3 stars because I didn t read book 1 or 2 in the series There was quite a bit of action but I just didn t care enough about the characters and I might have cared had a read the other two books.This was a decent read but I just wasn t that invested Fine for middle or high school students.

    27. Amanda (Is Not a Panda) on said:

      I liked this book but apparently not overly so since it took me about a month to read.The ending is hopeful enough but I really hate even the smallest of loose ends Overall a satisfying series with lovable characters 3.5 rating

    28. Mimi on said:

      It was as good as the ones before,possibly the best of the whole series, it is very intriguing and dark, takes you to the depth of the veil between life and death, but the excess description and wording made it a bit boring and killed the excitement of the events happening.

    29. Renee on said:

      I thought the book overall was good but the ending was disappointing as it left much to be desired What happens to Silas Does she manage to free him Seems like a pretty important part to have it left hanging.

    30. Hannah Schindler on said:

      This book was great I wish that there would be books because the ending does not seem final I also wish that something would happen between Silas and Kate I hope that there are books that show what happen to Kate and Silas Overall a great series but I would like

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