Unraveled by the Rebel

Michelle Willingham

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Unraveled by the Rebel

Unraveled by the Rebel By Michelle Willingham Unraveled by the Rebel A spinster with a secret After being seduced and ruined by her worst enemy Juliette Andrews has vowed to marry no man especially not Dr Paul Fraser her childhood sweetheart Content to bury herself i

  • Title: Unraveled by the Rebel
  • Author: Michelle Willingham
  • ISBN: 9781477807712
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unraveled by the Rebel By Michelle Willingham A spinster with a secret After being seduced and ruined by her worst enemy, Juliette Andrews has vowed to marry no man especially not Dr Paul Fraser, her childhood sweetheart Content to bury herself in accounts and numbers, she refuses to let the devastatingly handsome Highlander back into her life.A rebel with a cause Paul Fraser s heart burns with the need for vengeancA spinster with a secret After being seduced and ruined by her worst enemy, Juliette Andrews has vowed to marry no man especially not Dr Paul Fraser, her childhood sweetheart Content to bury herself in accounts and numbers, she refuses to let the devastatingly handsome Highlander back into her life.A rebel with a cause Paul Fraser s heart burns with the need for vengeance against the earl who executed his father and drove the Scots from their homes But when he learns that his enemy hurt the woman he loves, Paul has sworn to destroy him.Can Juliette overcome the darkness of her past in the arms of the man she once loved Or will her secrets tear them apart
    Unraveled by the Rebel By Michelle Willingham

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      428 Michelle Willingham
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    One thought on “Unraveled by the Rebel

    1. Juliette on said:

      The only reason that I bought this book was that the heroine s name is Juliette It s one of those books where you can be the character Woo This series is Little Women set in Scotland with hot, Scottish highlander heroes, and this heroine is Jo March The book synopsis says that Juliette was seduced by her neighbor That s a lie The heroine here is raped before the events of the book begin, and she is still working through the psychological damage Paul is great in the beginning, but he clearly did [...]

    2. Zoe on said:

      Aghhhh I am so torn about the rating Honestly it is not my 4 stars kind of books I won t read it again But this book has a very difficult plot to sell And I think the author did alright by Paul and Juliette Come on , half star already This book would have been just how I imagine 3.5 stars would be I really like Paul as a character He isn t the typical hero but he has something that most heros don t have he is avoiding sex for his woman, not to hide his heart away and avoid forming strings It mad [...]

    3. **Nicole on said:

      This was super sweet in all the right places and full of intrigue and suspense in others I loved the romance between Paul and Juliette and the there was so much to the plot regarding the evil Brandon Carlisle that this story just kept you on your toes.

    4. NTE on said:

      Read forCBR6 They used to be close friends and maybe, before he left, on the road to becoming something But after his father s death, Paul Fraser was forced to leave his Highlands home and could only keep in contact with Juliette Andrews through letters and rare visits home Their letters brought them even closer until, Paul thought he d earned the right to ask the baron s daughter to become his wife although he was only a doctor, with no noble titles to his name, he was sure he and Juliette sui [...]

    5. Rebecca on said:

      Plotting is off in this one We find out in the first couple chapters that Paul is the son of a poor crofter who is also the secret heir to a viscountcy He has sworn revenge against the wicked earl responsible for Paul s father s death he has also sworn he will marry Juliette, a baron s daughter he has loved for years, even though she swears she will never marry any man Juliette was raped by the aforementioned wicked earl and had a secret baby who is being raised by her aunt and uncle all of this [...]

    6. Cecily on said:

      Ohgawd Juliette I am really, really sorry for her past troubles and understandable reaction to the trauma but there was a point where her emotional floppiness and indecision about whether to get on with things and face the future or not just became boring I gave up caring And started wondering and looking about for a better spousal option for Paul The running of this book s action alongside those of the earlier stories meant that there were some very odd temporal and plot holes esp in relation t [...]

    7. Beth on said:

      Unraveled by the Rebel by Michelle WillinghamWhat a wonderful book one of my favorite authors Michelle Willingham A great love story of a friendship between a woman who thinks she needs to be a spinster and a rebel doctor who won t give up Together they overcome secrets and obstacles to be together I recommend this book or any book by Michelle Willingham to everyone who loves a great historical romance.

    8. Heidi Hart on said:

      I liked this better than Undone by the Duke, and the romance between Dr Fraser and the strong but damaged Juliette was compelling, but the pacing of the plot and the development of the characters are both uneven I m interested in the sisters parents relationship, which has been unfolding over the course of the series.

    9. Yolonda on said:

      i didn t really enjoy this the h was very annoying to me I ended up skimming and was happy when it was over.

    10. Alice on said:

      Julietta and PaulJulietta and Paul both have secrets Julietta is afraid of marriage, intimacy and childbirth These fears seem to run in the family Victoria afraid of going outside, Beatrice their Mother afraid of talking to her husband and viceaversa, Margaret afraid of others opinions, only the youngest Amelia seems to be unrepressed This makes for a somewhat different series as we work through the issues of each daughter The hero is Dr Paul Fraser, who is unacceptable to the family because he [...]

    11. Stephanie Zuiderweg on said:

      InterwovenI like how the story of each novel is interwoven with the others in the series Paul was one of my favorite characters in the first book, and I m glad he got his own book.

    12. Alyssa Stanley on said:

      Great read I really enjoyed this book Quick and easy like the last book but with a little heart.Can t wait to see how the story continues.

    13. Donna Gerling on said:

      RaceyThis book was very graphic but I still enjoyed it and rushed to get back to it through the Christmas holiday with family.

    14. Lisa Baffi on said:

      Four stars I liked this story, it was sweet I especially liked how Paul was there for Juliet Also, I liked how the sisters interacted with one another.

    15. 78sunny on said:

      Meinung Es handelt sich hierbei um den zweiten Teil der Reihe, aber man kann ihn auch gut einzeln lesen Ich selbst habe den 1 Band nicht gelesen In jedem der 4 B nde geht es um eine der 4 Schwestern und daher sind sie in sich abgeschlossen Es k nnte allerdings sein, dass sich hier einige Ereignisse in den B chern berlappen Es bietet sich an, aber genau sagen kann ich es noch nicht Das Buch hat mir sehr gut gefallen Es ist ein typischer historischer Liebesroman, aber f r mich war es etwas besonde [...]

    16. Chris McFarland on said:

      Juliette Andrews has been living what many women of her class would deem the a nightmare With the knowledge of her ruination at the hands of a monster and the nightmares it still provokes, she has declared that she shall never marry, especially not the man she has loved for years and is now unworthy of.Dr Paul Fraser has been fighting against the tyranny of the Earl of Strathland since the day the Earl killed his father for a crime Paul had been accused of After years away from home studying and [...]

    17. Laura on said:

      Every time I review one of MW s books I feel like I m gushing, but I can t help it They re that good I have to say The Andrew s sisters stories have really grabbed me I m intrigued by the developing relationship, or should I say the redeveloping relationship of the sisters parents Lord Landfordshire has been away to war for the past 3 years, leaving his wife to try and make heads or tails of the debt riddled Barony he has inherited Even though they are not the main characters I want to know abo [...]

    18. BookMaven on said:

      Every Character is Sad, SadJuliet Andrews contents herself doing the books for a secret company, Aphrodite s Unmentionables She has been ruined by a brutal rape, so marriage is not in the cards for her These are just two of the secrets, Juliet must keep to avoid scandal for herself and her family Juliet has a few secrets of epic proportions to deal with Paul Fraser, a physician and her childhood sweetheart, loves her and has asked her to marry him, but Juliet cannot risk such intimacy, nor trus [...]

    19. Vikki Vaught on said:

      I found this book in the Kindle Unlimited program and decided to take a chance I read Undone by the Duke and had enjoyed it immensely This book has an interesting story line, and very likable characters Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations It has the dreaded sagging middle, but once I moved past that, the pace picked up and the rest of the book finished well Since the book blurb does an excellent job of giving the gist of the story, I will not add to it.As the story unfolds, ther [...]

    20. Pat Cummings on said:

      These are not your soft core bodice rippers, with mannered ladies and gentlemen, tea in the parlor and innuendo on the veranda You will find real sex, real passion, and real hot underwear in these novels Local Scottish doctor Paul Fraser, introduced in the first book, has long admired Victoria s sister Juliette While he was at school in Edinburgh, Fraser had carried on a long, friendly correspondence with the girl, until she suddenly stopped replying to his letters.We gradually learn that the Ev [...]

    21. Sarah Peterson on said:

      I won this book from a GoodReads First Reads Giveaway I went through a phase several years ago where I read lots and lost of historic romance novels Typically I enjoyed them, but I found after a time that most of them were very similar and somewhat formulaic The heroine is always a virgin, the hero is always a rake, there s usually a pre marital deflowering, etc, etc This book appeared to be in the same bent, but it wasn t Perhaps it isn t ground breaking, but it does break many of the unwritten [...]

    22. Claudia on said:

      Paul and Juliette used to be close friends before he left for Edinburgh after they shared a kiss they became The book has glimpses from the past were we get to see how close they grew and how their love blossomed Soon enough we get to discover why Juliette stopped returning Paul s letters and feelings not that is was hard to get.The villain Shuterland stroke again.Most of the book it s set around Paul pursuing Juliette, knowing what happened to her More of a battle of wills At the same time we [...]

    23. Bonnie Klein on said:

      This is Book 2 in the Secrets in Silk series The author does, however, give several mentions of what happened in the previous book The 4 book series are romances of four sisters and their hope for love and good marriages.This book is about Juliette, a woman who loves math and numbers, because they make sense and have order She has a close friend whose constant company she kept while they lived in Scotland It was a platonic relationship, albeit a close one He, Paul Fraser, had gone off to Edinbur [...]

    24. Melissa Vasquez on said:

      Michelle knows how to truly write an emotional story This one pulled you in Twisted you into knots that needed to come undone The characters are well written You can easily imagine being in their shoes I love how Michelle intertwines each and every characters own thoughts and feelings through out the story It sets you up for, hopefully, stories to come Which I hope to have the pleasure to read and review for her Paul and Juliette were best friends in the beginning Then in just one night it all [...]

    25. Cherie on said:

      The best character in this was Paul He has loved Juliette since he first met her Life has worked against them but he wants no one but her He has even abstained from sex so that she is his one and only.Juliette loves Paul also And always has But while he was away in Edinburgh studying to be a doctor she was raped and bore a child Not only does she feel unworthy to be Paul s wife but she s been told that she should not have any children after the difficult birth Her angst was repeated throughout [...]

    26. Barbee on said:

      Another awesome Michelle Willingham read about two tortured souls who have been each others best friends since childhood and the same evil villain is the the cause of both of their heartaches for different reasons Unraveled By The Rebel has a lot of obstacles and twists and turns in this awesome novel which makes it such a fun read This is the second book in A Secrets In Silk novels, but you can read alone if you want, to read in order the first novel is titled Undone By The Duke As always Miche [...]

    27. Atunah on said:

      3.5 starsI liked it but there was some stuff that didn t work so much for me I liked the first in the series and I am also looking forward to the next, which is about the youngest sister I think maybe here all the bad stuff that happened to the heroine was a bit much Not that I haven t read other historical romances with lots of bad things happening, but somehow it all seemed a bit dreary Its the loved since child young adult kind of story where of course they get separated by horrible thingies [...]

    28. Melody on said:

      Every single overdramatic thing that can happen does She is raped and of course she gets pregnant Then of course she has a difficult birth and is told never to have another baby or she could die SPOILERS Her husband and her have sex one time only but even though he withdraws voil she is pregnant again Of course she is expecting to die in childbirth but she does not consult her midwife mother in law ever during the pregnancy or delivery After she gives birth to a breech of course baby they discus [...]

    29. Judy on said:

      Spoiler Alert This was a fabulous book It s Juliette s turn to have her story told in Book Two of Michelle Willingham s Secrets in Silk Series Wowie, what a love story between Juliette and Paul I do not understand why authors in this genre don t have the understanding that many readers, including myself, find the hero s willingness to abstain from sexual intimacy until he is joined with his true love, can be one of the most appealing qualities about a man.Paul Fraser was all man a true hero who [...]

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