A Little History of the World: Illustrated Edition

E.H. Gombrich

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A Little History of the World: Illustrated Edition

A Little History of the World: Illustrated Edition By E.H. Gombrich A Little History of the World Illustrated Edition Now available in paperback a glorious illustrated edition of the international bestseller

  • Title: A Little History of the World: Illustrated Edition
  • Author: E.H. Gombrich
  • ISBN: 9780300197181
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Little History of the World: Illustrated Edition By E.H. Gombrich Now available in paperback, a glorious illustrated edition of the international bestseller
    A Little History of the World: Illustrated Edition By E.H. Gombrich

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      142 E.H. Gombrich
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    One thought on “A Little History of the World: Illustrated Edition

    1. David on said:

      I can t bring myself to jump on the warm and fuzzy bandwagon of approval of this deeply flawed book It is what it is a condensation of all of human history into sequential stories suitable for children Supposing for the moment that this is not an inherent recipe for disaster, what is baffling is the number of reviewers who claim to see something in this work for adults Other reviewers seem to agree on the book s lack of condescension , so I guess I ll have to chalk my own perception of Gombrich [...]

    2. Whitaker on said:

      Even if everything else in this book had been badly written which is not the case , for this comment alone this book deserves very single one of the five stars I gave it And when, in 1918, America s President Wilson announced that he wanted a just peace in which each nation would determine its own fate, many of their troops gave up.Then, having understood from President Wilson that there was to be a peace treaty, and that negotiations were to be held in the ancient royal palaces of Versailles, S [...]

    3. Roya on said:

      One of the few non fictions I didn t want to stop reading, like, ever I also desperately wish he was my grandpa.

    4. AymanAgour on said:

      kelmet 7a2 ayman 119 A Little History of the World 400 119 164 189 190 26 150 585 572 13 213 eu angelion Good news Glad tidings evangelical 451 476 vandalism 439 13 22 14 1066 .

    5. Lyn Elliott on said:

      All the histories I read in school were based on an English world view and yes it was English, because the Scots, Irish and Welsh barely got a look in except as being a nuisance needing to be put down They certainly didn t give any idea about European history, as the island viewpoint prevailed still does, it seems, after the Brexit vote.So reading Ernst Gombrich s Little History has been a delight Lucky children to have this as an introduction to history Of course the central viewpoint is German [...]

    6. Martin von Haller Groenbaek on said:

      A fantastic tour de force of the history of the world in less than 300 pages The book is intended for young readers between 12 and 16 I would mean but is also enjoyable for the older reader like myself as a brief overview of what has happened on our planet from prehistoric times until the fall of the Berlin wall The history is however as should be expected very Europe centric If I ever get the chance, it would be so interesting at least to me to read this book with one of my kids when they have [...]

    7. Nguyen Huy Tu Quan on said:

      Trong cu n s ch n y, bi t bao i thay v bi n chuy n c a l ch s lo i ng i c tr nh b y m t c ch sinh ng, d hi u v quan tr ng nh t l gi c t nh k t n i T c gi qu l m t ng i t i t nh khi vi t l ch s d hi u v th v nh th Nh ng m u chuy n ng a v o minh h a khi n cho l ch s tr n n c h n h n, tr n n th c h n, ch kh ng l nh l o nh nh ng trang bi n ni n k.Nh cu n s ch n y m l n u ti n trong l ch s c a ri ng m nh, t i c th h nh dung c s v n ng c a l ch s Ph ng T y li n m ch nh m t d ng ch y N cho t i m t c h [...]

    8. Ezra on said:

      This is a very concise and fun to read history of the world A little Christianity heavy, but not overzealous The tone of the book is great There s a real sense of wonder and amazement Chapters are short too It s a great book to read for 10 minutes before bed because you can finish a whole chapter in that time easily.I recommend it to anyone looking for an entertaining overview of the history of the world You won t find a lot of details and whys in here, but it s a very satisfying and interesting [...]

    9. Kathleen on said:

      I first read the book and then purely because I liked it listened to the Blackstone Audio app, narrated capably by Ralph Cosham I like his British accent He is easy on the ears Could listen to him for hours Do, in fact Need a gift for an adolescent or young adult, or just want to learn a little about world history yourself I suggest this book, if you don t mind a grandfatherly tone addressed to adolescents Some say the conversational voice is condescending, but I took no insult and enjoyed it A [...]

    10. Nyamka Ganni on said:

      So much energy and warmth in a single book Author s strong pacifist nature is the best part of it though Recommended for everyone

    11. Bojan Medić on said:

      Ovo je jedna izvanredna i vanserijska knjiga.Ona bez problema mo e da zameni ve inu suvoparnih i podacima krcatih ud benika iz istorije, poznavanja dru tva i sl Kad bi se uvela kao obavezan predmet u osnovnoj koli, i podelila po razredima, sva deca bi daleko vi e nau ila i zapamtila o istoriji i razvitku ljudskog dru tva U ovoj knjizi je sve lepo, jasno i koncizno napisano da ju je milina itati Prosto joj ni ta ne manjka, i ni ta nije suvi no Svaka re enica i svako poglavlje je na svom mestu Od [...]

    12. M. on said:

      It s important to keep in mind that his target audience is children young adults He writes in a simple style, often engaging the reader directly Why do you think this happened , and painting a very general picture of world read European history While this probably won t shake the core of your beliefs about history, Gombrich does do a good job of humanizing all cultures and showing how even events in ancient history are still relevant As for it being Eurocentric, well, that s not surprising He s [...]

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