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David P. Forsyth

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Voyage of the Dead

Voyage of the Dead By David P. Forsyth Voyage of the Dead Voyage of the Dead is the first book of the Sovereign Spirit Saga detailing the adventures of several groups of survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse Most of them are aboard a ship that is well equipped

  • Title: Voyage of the Dead
  • Author: David P. Forsyth
  • ISBN: 9781483957999
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Voyage of the Dead By David P. Forsyth Voyage of the Dead is the first book of the Sovereign Spirit Saga detailing the adventures of several groups of survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse Most of them are aboard a ship that is well equipped to survive the end of civilization, while others struggle to survive in a world suddenly overrun by undead cannibals This is a science fiction adventure set within a horrorVoyage of the Dead is the first book of the Sovereign Spirit Saga detailing the adventures of several groups of survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse Most of them are aboard a ship that is well equipped to survive the end of civilization, while others struggle to survive in a world suddenly overrun by undead cannibals This is a science fiction adventure set within a horror genre, full of blood, guts, violence and the human emotions that fuel our survival instincts While some scenes include graphic violence, it is intended to be exciting than disgusting and about using your brains than eating them Enjoy the
    Voyage of the Dead By David P. Forsyth

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      157 David P. Forsyth
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    One thought on “Voyage of the Dead

    1. Amy on said:

      hmmmm, let s pretend we re casting the parts in this book for a film version The following MALE parts are up for grabs All parts will involve kicking Zombie ass Rich Annoying Hero Kick ass Cool Hero Ship Skipper 1 Ship Skipper 2 Military Commander 1 Military commander 2 Marine Sergeant Marine 1 Marine 2 Marine 3 Marine 4 Marine 5 Helicopter Pilot Coastguard Coastguard Pilot Army Buddy 1 Army Buddy 2 Rich Hero s child Worldsaving Scientist Refinery Worker 1 Refinery Worker 2 Refinery Worker 3 Wif [...]

    2. haikumoment on said:

      It s about a millionaire that happens to be on a cruise ship with friends and family when the zombie apocalypse hits It s loaded with just about every conceivable thing you d need to survive Because of this, there is a lack of conflict that you see in most other books of this genre There is really no suspense, as the protagonist has already bought his way out of every challenge they might encounter before the book even starts I could not immerse myself in this book because the situations, charac [...]

    3. Felicia A on said:

      I do not like Scott Allen, the main character I think I am SUPPOSED to like him, being that he is all prepared and rich and perfect and knows everything and does everything right and always makes the right decisions and can save the whole entire world and smile while doing it I, however, think he is insufferably arrogant I don t think he is supposed to come across that way, but he does That s not to say he is a bad guy he s not, and his intentions are good s just that I hate him.He has E V E R Y [...]

    4. Beth Oliver on said:

      I had to stop reading Everything was just too convenient for the people and there was no drama I also really didn t care at all about any of the characters, other than they all annoyed me Everyone was perfect The wives were perfect and expected to be making everyone dinner I thought the book idea was a good one, but extremely poorly executed.

    5. John Walsh on said:

      This is one of those books that starts with a bang and I read waiting for the pace to slacken, except it doesn t Too often, books of this kind start out with an action scene, and then we get chapters of backfill and descriptions of the soap opera like travails of our chracters While Forsyth indeed fills in the characterizations, the key quality of this book is that most valuable in any kind of thriller PACING.After so many weary replays of Romero situations, it s rewarding to read something that [...]

    6. Russ on said:

      I really like the idea behind this book While I ve read a few zombie novels and a lot of apocalyptic books, I ve never read one centered on boat based survival The reason I read through the book was to see how the author built that world up That said, the writing really needs some work.The author needs to put some work into developing conflict, character development, dialog, and pacing Other than the zombie thing, most of his conflicts are very short lived and he really tilts the world in favor [...]

    7. Jennifer on said:

      I have decided that I am at least for now giving up any attempt to find good free zombie fiction.This book waswell, at first I thought it was going to be good The prologue is very exciting, as it features Carl and his wife, Pricilla, at the airport just as the zombie apocalypse breaks out We witness Carl losing his wife and his frantic attempts to stay alive And then it just switches gears The main character is not Carl, and is actually a man actually named Scott Allen, He s a handsome multi gaj [...]

    8. Martin Belcher on said:

      What an incredible read This is a lot different from the usual Zombie formula and is set aboard the Sovereign Spirit an old North Sea roll on roll off ferry that has been turned into a mega luxury ship by billionaire Scott Allen and his family The boat has every luxury you can name from bowling alley to cinema to casino and Internet cafe all on board Scott has also fitted out the Soverign Spirit with it s own helicopter, mini sub, SUV, stacks of weaponry and even a marine laboratory Scott s idea [...]

    9. Barry James on said:

      Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse Unlike some ZA authors, this one clearly has not been bitten yet and still has the ability to form plot lines I loved how the story alternated between the average Joe who loses everything that s important to him in the first couple of pages and has to think on his feet and appropriate whatever resources he can find to survive and the lottery winner with the massive tricked out yacht who has the ability to figure out the big picture and plan audacious rescue effo [...]

    10. Nick Cole on said:

      The game many people are playing these days is the name your friends, tools, weapons and plans for survival in case of Zombocalypse game This book takes that intellectual exercise and runs with it Or should I say sets sail with it Imagine there are no rules, no limits to spending, no preparation that can t be made if the world is going to go down in a mass of crawling, staggering, shambling, gnashing corpses tomorrow Well that s what the author does and he does it well combining technical and ta [...]

    11. mountainmama on said:

      I don t normally read zombie stories, but I d heard so many people talk about this one that I had to try And I m glad I did Voyage of the Dead tells the story of a zombie apocalypse from two perspectives from aboard a private luxury cruise ship equipped with every possible convenience, to an average Joe who s caught in the middle of the mayhem with only his wits to survive.Scott, who has outfitted his floating palace thanks to winning the lottery although I m not sure even the largest lottery wi [...]

    12. Shawn Looker on said:

      So I enjoyed this book, but it kind of felt like the main character didn t ever really have any serious obstacles He had a few minor speed bumps, but that s really all they were He was literally in the best possible situation EVER for a zombie apocalypse It made for an entertaining book, but it would have been a lot better if he actually had some real obstacles to over come.

    13. Alisha on said:

      Voyage of the Dead is a zombie apocalypse book with two main characters, Carl and Scott Scott won the lottery a few years back, and was on his private cruise ship with his closest family and friends when the outbreak happens Carl is not so lucky, as he s stuck in LAX airport when the first incidents in town happen Carl has to work for his survival, using strong instincts and keen observation to get him through the first hours, then finding an oil refinery with strong fencing around it to take re [...]

    14. Travis Mohrman on said:

      This book was a very enjoyable read I haven t read zombie books for awhile after I binged on them several years ago and grew bored quickly by the same old plot This book is very unique in that it takes place, mostly, on a very fancy, well equipped yacht The author explores many different aspects of a zombie apocalypse that I hadn t encountered in the genre previously I recommend reading it I am excited to read the other ones as well and see where this story goes The only reason for 4 stars inste [...]

    15. Michelle on said:

      How does one describe this book effectively You have a rich white dude who just happens to be on his mega yacht when the zombie apocalypse occurs He has all the bells and whistles and access to anything and everything he needs This also includes marines and all sorts of military toys at his disposal Then you have another rich white dude who escapes from the airport and just happens to get super ass lucky and manages to escape all attacks Hen then finds a safe haven at an oil refinery with a bunc [...]

    16. Scott on said:

      Blah I wanted to give it 2 stars, but it only gets one out of pity The story was good primarily the interludes with Carl and his story but the ideas are wasted I don t recall reading another novel in which the main character has zero obstacles to overcome Maybe this was a YA sci fi work, and I was misinformed In any case, this is one series I won t likely continue reading.

    17. chucklesthescot on said:

      Scott is the guy you want to be friends with if the zombie apocalypse comes Having won the lottery, he bought himself a huge cruise ship and fitted it out with every gadget you could ever want including guns, supplies, communications, small boats, helicopter and mini submarine Scott indicates in the book he he bought all those boy toys that any guy could imagine So he has just treated his friends and family to a cruise on what sounds like the most amazing ship ever, when the apocalypse begins Li [...]

    18. Glinda Harrison on said:

      It is hard to decide how to rate this book Spoilers ahead Other than a few typos, the story was reasonably well written The problems I had with the story were the many implausibility factors that really affected my suspension of disbelief I have a really hard time believing that the people working on the yacht would just keep on working, just because they were safe The setup of the book had the protagonists so over prepared, there were no real challenges or problems to solve I found it hard to b [...]

    19. Kaisersoze on said:

      I ll be honest right from the get go Voyage of the Dead was not my kind of zombie tale This obviously puts me in the minority on , and that s great, because David Forsyth is an independent author and this is his first book, so I wish him every success It just didn t work for me Others have noted the lack of identifiable female characters, but I could overlook that Some have pointed to Scott Allen s God complex as off putting, and yes, this did strike a negative chord with me I d also add the dia [...]

    20. James Vernon on said:

      As a fan of a good zombie story, I want to start off by saying this is one of the best ones I have read so far David Forsyth does a great job of taking tried and true story, that of a zombie apocalypse , and putting a unique spin on the concept The idea of taking a group of survivors away from the normal holed up in a mall super store apartment complex and placing them on a practically self sustaining ship was quite interesting The story in general is very well written, does a good job of develo [...]

    21. Heather Lynn on said:

      One of my favorite authors recommended Voyage of the Dead through twitter, and I snatched it up pretty quickly, finishing it on June 17th, 2012 You can find my review and 5 star rating on and.What I love about this book is the main character, Scott He is just an average man, who basically got lucky He won the lottery, and with that came a lot of toys On his cruise ship he has a private helicopter, an SUV, a mini sub, a laboratory and tons of weaponry, not to mention plenty of food and rooms avai [...]

    22. Adam on said:

      While this novel is a little rough around the edges, all the critical elements are present a good story, well revealed, with interesting characters that change in response to their challenges It also adds a few original wrinkles to the zombie myth, something I ve decided is critical for zombie apocalypse novels.What s unusual about this book for a zombies ate the world tale is that it is less a tale of doom than a tale of survival, with the characters not satisfied with their personal escapes bu [...]

    23. Dawn on said:

      I ve quit maybe three books in my life I m always hopeful, and I honestly feel a certain obligation to the author to give their hard work a chance With all the great reviews I was looking so forward to getting into this series, unfortunately it was just not meant to be I feel this book was directed toward a male audience, I didn t feel a connection to any of the characters maybe Carl at first , the dialog between the college students was awkward, and I didn t like that other books and movies wer [...]

    24. Ernest Bellingan on said:

      Voyage of the dead is a refreshing and exciting action packed page turner about 2 groups of survivors during the first few days of the Zombie Apocalypse Most of them are aboard a ship that is well equipped to survive the end of civilization others try to survive in a world suddenly overrun by the undead For once its about surviving in a clever way than just running getting eaten There are 2 groups trying to survive Scott Allen a lotto winner who bought a retired ship and turned it into a an exp [...]

    25. Heather Boustead on said:

      Voyage of the DeadSovereign Spirit Saga Book OneBy David P ForsythA ship full of passengers receive startling news from ashore, the ship has been at sea for the past few weeks and now on land there is an outbreak of what looks like zombies The CDC is calling it a virus, super rabies to be exact and through social media and the toys of a man who has just won the lottery, the members aboard the ship do everything they can to save the people they care about This was an amazing book, right from the [...]

    26. Netanella on said:

      3 1 2 stars rounded up to four cause that s how rounding worksAs the Sovereign Spirit kept gaining new passengers from rescue missions, the little female part of my brain kept asking, who the hell is going to do all those dishes We re serving food three times a day and the sushi bar opens at 4 pm I had a messy roommate once who left pieces of himself behind like Pigpen I can imagine a boatload of these people But I digress.I really enjoyed this book a manly man s take on the zombie apocalypse th [...]

    27. Pam on said:

      Took me awhile to start to even slightly like the main character Seems a little too well put together Spoiler on the first chapter he s good looking, he recently won millions in the lottery , has a incredibly beautiful wife and has a great kid However, I got over my petty jealousy of his character and understand how the lottery thing was needed to develop the story I am still miffed about the complete lack of female characters in the first book Why However, all this aside, I liked the story deve [...]

    28. Jeannine on said:

      I read a lot of apocalyptica and zombie stories I would like to give this book a higher rating, but much like many of the folks who have commented here, I was very put off by the way the women characters were written I felt like I was reading a book aimed at the 13 18 year old male crowd Compared to some of the outstanding post apocalyptic stories out there Nick Cole s Wasteland Saga Mira Grant s Newsflesh trilogy John L Campbell s Omega Days Hugh Howey s Wool this one felt stilted and somewhat [...]

    29. Brad T. on said:

      I wish that I could have rated this as 3.5 stars because I think this is where the rating really belongs for me I really enjoyed the book as a whole The only thing that would have kept me from rating it as 4 stars was the editing which seemed to get worse as the book progressed I have come to expect this from independent fiction but it doesnt mean that I have to like it.That said, I really enjoyed the larger than life story concept Sure the main character has every tool imaginable to make his li [...]

    30. Faye, la Patata on said:

      I have to agree with the other reviewers This book was very spectacular and a refreshing take in this genre It starts out big, continues big, and ends big Our main characters Scott and Carl are very capable men who use their brains and diplomacy skills to continue surviving Scott in his cruise ship which seems to be too perfect to be real, and Carl in a refinery with epic vehicles and resources Both are charming characters and I haven t found one that I disliked In fact, I felt like rooting for [...]

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