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Gabriel García Márquez

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News Of A Kidnapping

News Of A Kidnapping By Gabriel García Márquez News Of A Kidnapping Gabriel Garcia Marquez s new book begins in November in Bogota Columbia when a group of gunmen ambush a car kill the chauffeur and kidnap its two women passengers The gunmen were working for P

  • Title: News Of A Kidnapping
  • Author: Gabriel García Márquez
  • ISBN: 9780224050029
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • News Of A Kidnapping By Gabriel García Márquez Gabriel Garcia Marquez s new book begins in November 1990 in Bogota, Columbia, when a group of gunmen ambush a car, kill the chauffeur and kidnap its two women passengers The gunmen were working for Pablo Escobar, boss of the Medellin course cocaine cartel, who in the early nineties kidnapped the relatives of a number of Colombia politcians in order to pressurise the goveGabriel Garcia Marquez s new book begins in November 1990 in Bogota, Columbia, when a group of gunmen ambush a car, kill the chauffeur and kidnap its two women passengers The gunmen were working for Pablo Escobar, boss of the Medellin course cocaine cartel, who in the early nineties kidnapped the relatives of a number of Colombia politcians in order to pressurise the government to suspend the policy of extraditing drug traffickers to the USA.Chronicle of a Kidnapping is at once a powerful, disturbing account of how Esobar undermined all Colombia s civil instutions by murder or bribery, and a moving exploration of the fate of Esobar s hostages, who were mostly middle aged or elderly women.
    News Of A Kidnapping By Gabriel García Márquez

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    One thought on “News Of A Kidnapping

    1. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Noticia de un secuestro News of a Kidnapping, Gabriel Garc a M rquez News of a Kidnapping original Spanish title Noticia de un secuestro is a non fiction book by Gabriel Garc a M rquez It was first published in Spanish in 1996, with an English translation released in 1997 1998 1376 365 9644160460 1376 336 9644233743 1390 9789644233746 1394 1386 481 9644057023 1388 9789644057021 1396 412 9786007511190 1394 496 9789647196642 1990

    2. Connie on said:

      Gabriel Garc a M rquez is usually associated with his novels containing elements of magical realism, but he was a reporter in his younger days In News of a Kidnapping he returns to nonfiction to tell the story of ten hostages who were kidnapped by the wealthy Medellin drug cartel in Colombia Pablo Escobar used the hostages to bargain with the Colombian government when he feared he would be extradited to the United States in 1990 for drug crimes The city of Medellin, where the drug cartel was bas [...]

    3. Magrat Ajostiernos on said:

      Impresionante cr nica period stica que con sinceridad y supuesta simpleza logra helarte la sangre.Un relato que sin ser una de esas historias en las que Garc a Marquez mostraba todo su talento e imaginaci n, tiene una poes a muy especial Me ha impresionado en muchos aspectos y sobretodo me ha sobrecogido gracias a la pluma de Garc a M rquez, siempre incisiva, clara y maravillosa.

    4. Louise on said:

      Before his novels came to define magical realism, Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a reporter and journalist This work is from 1996 after his greatest novels It was also a time when the perpetrators of the crimes he writes of were still free and able to do harm.The modest title belies the stunning narrative While the focus is on the hostages, it is also the story of how the wily Pablo Escobar negotiated surrender to the Colombian government to include a prison of his own design and staffing so that he [...]

    5. Vinod on said:

      I loved this book because I knew what to expect I didn t expect the magical realism that I love Marquez for I didn t expect depiction of feelings in any direct way This is a journalistic account of a series of kidnappings happened in Colombia during the drug trafficking war days I was surprised by how he was able to put the pieces together without sensationalizing The narration was compelling and I finished the whole book in my record time Recommend anyone this book, but make sure they read the [...]

    6. Ninoska Goris on said:

      Est basada en la historia real del secuestro de varias figuras prominentes de Colombia ocurrido durante la poca del narcoterrorismo a inicios de los a os noventa con la autor a de Los Extraditables.

    7. Nina Rapsodia on said:

      Preferimos una tumba en Colombia que una celda en Estados Unidos Rese as de libros de no ficci n son mi aporte singular para dar a conocer buenos libros period sticos la carrera que estudio oigan y que de vez en cuando me recuerda lo poderosa y valiosa que es la figura del periodista en un pa s como el m o Creo que cualquier persona aunque no le interese el periodismo puede leer esta narraci n Esta historia, sucedida en 1990 y 1991 nos cuenta el drama de diez secuestrados en la poca de m xima vi [...]

    8. Negin on said:

      I don t generally watch much TV My husband watches than me and knows which shows I ll like We recently finished watching the first season of Narcos about Pablo Escobar This book was a nice addition to the TV series, although I prefer the latter The book moved slowly than I had hoped, yet it was a compelling look at that dark period in Colombia There s no doubt that Pablo Escobar was an absolute monster One of my favorite quotes The most unsettling and dangerous aspect of his personality was hi [...]

    9. Nancy Oakes on said:

      4.5 rounded upIn a nutshell, the central focus of News of a Kidnapping is the story of ten abductions, the victims experiences in captivity, and the families efforts to get these people released, but to tell that story, the author places these kidnappings in the wider context of Colombia s troubled history of politics, narco trafficking and terrorism It also follows how Pablo Escobar went from being host to Politicians, industrialists, businesspeople, journalists at his Hacienda N poles to becom [...]

    10. Neal Adolph on said:

      This book joined me as I crossed cities and borders and, as books do, became an essential part of my cross continental journey to my new home in Colombia It tells of a dark hour in one of the darkest periods in Colombian history, and does so with the grace of an expert novelists The characters breathe with the rapid rhythm of anxiety, and the tension grows as though these events, as real as could possibly be, were imagined by some God of suspense I wasn t thrilled with the last section, only bec [...]

    11. Laleh on said:

      Marquez is one of my favorite authors Although, the actual reason I read this particular book was that the Iranian opposition leader currently under house arrest Mir Hossein Mousavi , managed to send a message to his family, recommending this book in case people wanted to have a feel of what he is going through He has been under house arrest for than seven month now This book is different from other books by Marquez It is not a work of magic realism fiction, it is a report by a true journalist [...]

    12. Cris on said:

      La historia narrada en este libro est basada en los hechos que tuvieron lugar en Colombia en torno a la figura del narcotraficante Pablo Escobar durante la d cada de los noventa Por este motivo, se trata de una experiencia completamente diferente a la de leer Cien a os de soledad o Cr nica de una muerte anunciada Nos encontramos ante una novela period stica muy bien documentada con una gran carga pol tica y social A pesar de ello, en ning n momento se pierde de vista el estilo cuidado y detallis [...]

    13. Vanessa on said:

      Snooooooze Maybe it s in the wake of my trip to Colombia, where I thought I would be carried away by all things evoking Marquez, but I am honestly kind of questioning my slavish devotion to his greatness, lately When I first read them, I was totally enthralled by A Hundred Years of Solitude, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and The Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, and at least liked Love In The Time of Cholera pretty well I was entirely annoyed by Memories of My Melancholy Whores for predictable [...]

    14. Sash Chiesa on said:

      This is something than a mere chronicling of one of the darkest periods of Colombian history, than an unflinching depiction of those horrific hours it s about the calamitous destinies of people entwined together in unimaginable ways which wouldn t unwind without permanently damaging one or the other part of their cruel existence, but importantly it s a work that recognizes the importance of apprehending the multitudinous nature of everything, the capricious pith of ultimate values, the immort [...]

    15. Catherine Bracy on said:

      Almost not worth reviewing I was hoping for something a little compelling given that it s about kidnapping, the drug trade, and gov t corruption , but this read like a simple recitation of facts I couldn t connect with any of the characters and I found the descriptions scenes of what the victims experienced while in captivity tedious.I know that this was written for a Colombian audience so they have all the context and really just want the juicy tidbits, but I was hoping for a bit explanation [...]

    16. Adriana Botero on said:

      Seg n su autor, este libro es absolutamente period stico, cada dato est confirmado y no tiene nada de novela o ficci n Por esto, el libro se convierte en una excelente prueba de que el periodismo s se puede valer de la literatura para crear excelentes reportajes, con caracterizaci n de personajes, suspenso, acci n, intriga, etc El libro trata sobre el secuestro de periodistas ocurrido en 1991 Azucena Li vano, Juan Vitta, Diana Turbay , narrado a partir del secuestro de Maruja Pach n Creo que un [...]

    17. Olethros on said:

      Realismo nada m gico G nero Novela.Lo que nos cuenta Relato de los acontecimientos reales que rodearon el devenir de varios secuestros conectados entre s y realizados en la Colombia de comienzos de los a os noventa Quiere saber m s del libro, sin spoilers Visite librosdeolethros

    18. Abeer Saleh on said:

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