Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits

Janet M. Tavakoli

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Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits

Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits By Janet M. Tavakoli Archangels Rise of the Jesuits When control of the Vatican is at stake money talks and nobody plays fair The murder of a Jesuit priest and church financier thrusts investigator Michael Visconte into a web of Vatican conspiracy and

  • Title: Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits
  • Author: Janet M. Tavakoli
  • ISBN: 9780985159023
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits By Janet M. Tavakoli When control of the Vatican is at stake money talks, and nobody plays fair.The murder of a Jesuit priest and church financier thrusts investigator Michael Visconte into a web of Vatican conspiracy and intrigue with deadly consequences.Tavakoli s pulse pounding thriller predicted a pope would step aside, and for the first time in the history of the Catholic Church, a JesWhen control of the Vatican is at stake money talks, and nobody plays fair.The murder of a Jesuit priest and church financier thrusts investigator Michael Visconte into a web of Vatican conspiracy and intrigue with deadly consequences.Tavakoli s pulse pounding thriller predicted a pope would step aside, and for the first time in the history of the Catholic Church, a Jesuit would rule the Vatican This mesmerizing murder mystery combines authentic history with riveting suspense of first class fiction.When Jesuits recruit Italian intelligence specialist Michael Visconte to investigate the brutal murder of a young priest, he discovers the crime is tied to his personal complicated past and to his ongoing investigation into the money laundering operations of the Archangeli, a secret society inside the Vatican.Michael enters the enclave of the extraordinary men known as the Society of Jesus who practice memory arts, hypnotism, and spiritual exercises, and he uncovers multi layered conspiracies involving hackers, high finance, tax evasion, political intrigue, and blackmail.His lucky break one that should provide critical evidence blurs the line between good and evil and not only endangers the lives of Michael and the Jesuits, but also imperils the lives of his wife and children.Tavakoli weaves a rousing tale of murder, embezzlement, psychological manipulation, and ultimate power Conspiracies within conspiraciesa fast paced thriller.his fast paced thriller Publisher s WeeklyFrom the Back Cover A word of advice, Mr Visconte This is Vatican business It s dangerous to forget that Michael Visconte never forgot the Vatican Bank s 250 million payoff to the defrauded depositors of Banco Ambrosiano or the murder of Roberto Calvi The fresh corpse at his feet told him it was far from over He thought he already knew the consequences of double crossing the Vatican.But that was before he agreed to help the Jesuits blackmail the PopeThis is an alternate edition for ISBN 10 0985159022ISBN 13 978 0985159023
    Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits By Janet M. Tavakoli

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      235 Janet M. Tavakoli
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    One thought on “Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits

    1. Leo on said:

      The crash of the Franklin Bank tilted the balance of the Vatican Bank making it loose 55million The author, an expert in the finance world, has done excellent research She has not only touched on the inner financial schemes, but also the political maneuvers in the inner circle of the Vatican I grant that she has mixed a little fiction with the real facts The characters are well defined and transparent.The plot has a good flow The setting goes from city to country You must read and find out the e [...]

    2. Joey Brockert on said:

      I thought this would be some story like Mr Brown s The DaVince Code, but it was not At times I was ready to pack it in because I am not really into reading romance novels, or the story line was becoming trite It is neither It may seem to be, but all of the sudden there is a change and goes in another direction, or you get back to the thriller mode, and you say, Whoa, where did that come from The characters got to be some you would like to visit with and get to know better The main person and his [...]

    3. Anthony on said:

      I just finished reading Archangels Rise of The Jesuits by Janet Tavakoli I think Janet is a great writer and story teller This book held my interest to the very last page I remember reading about Vatican embezzlement in the papers years ago Her story brought it all back to me I like the way James, the Jesuits and Michael handled the investigation of the thievery sex scandals that plagued the Vatican.

    4. David Pelleg on said:

      I have to say that I really enjoyed this book Even though it is marked as fiction I would guess that it contains fact than written on the label This book is written at a fast pace and contains some really interesting historical information and backdrop about Italy, the Catholic Church and its history and the current financial markets So learning and enjoying the story at the same time Great read.

    5. Patricia on said:

      Ms Tavakoli made this Rome and the Vatican come alive in ways even Dan Brown did not When I went to Italy recently I had one request to see as many of the places mentioned in this book as possible to get a first hand feel for the setting, especially Castel Sant Angelo If this is the author s first venture into non fiction, I say encore.

    6. Ana on said:

      YAY Just found out I won this book, so.ank you GR and thank you Janet, looking forward to reading it.

    7. boekverslaafde on said:

      To get the formalities out of the way, I received this book for free through First Reads When I read about Archangels, I thought it would be along the lines of Dan Brown s DaVinci Code But once I started reading it, I found that it wasn t, really, like it at all Both stories talk about the Vatican, and there is murder involved That s where the similarities end.Which, to me, is really a good thing Janet Tavakoli stated at the beginning of the book that while some places, people, and business corp [...]

    8. Bert on said:

      This is one of my favorite novels, and I read a lot of books of various genres The title captured my attention immediately, since I ve had of 8 years of Jesuit education The author, a scholar in mathematics and financial markets, did her homework She creates as protagonist an individual who is in charge of Italy s equivalent of the FBI financial crimes unit He has a friend who he met while attending university in America, who s now a Jesuit priest and a psychologist Both get swept up in the comp [...]

    9. Meghan on said:

      I am a big fan of Dan Brown esque books and have noticed a small trend in these over the last couple of years This is another one to add to the list A well written page turner that I really enjoyed I have only one problem with this book It s of a personal thing so it didn t effect my star rating, but I just want to warn others that may be like me There are a few unnecessary sex scenes in this book I always feel that when sex is added, the author director, etc doesn t think their book movie, TV [...]

    10. Maggie Reed on said:

      This is a work of fiction, but one is hardpressed to see it that way The scandals amongst the Vatican, the Cosa Nostra, the US Mafia, the Latin American connection all rang true, and with good reason Growing up with much of what went on in this book, I saw the truth behind the author s story This may seem incredible to a lot of people, but Janet took away the seeming impossibility of the story for me She has creds Lots of them.

    11. Jud Hanson on said:

      This novel has a deliciously suspenseful plot involving a historically benign group, the Jesuits They desire to take over the administration of the Church and bring an end to the corruption and scandals of recent years I highly recommend this novel if you enjoy the novels of Steve Berry and Dan Brown.

    12. Phyllis on said:

      I really found this book to be fast paced and full of interesting information The last part of the book gave a time line of the Catholic Church s Popes and questionable events The plot was very believable and an easy read.

    13. Beth on said:

      Good suspense mystery mixed in with the Catholic Church and the Roman police Some seems to be the setup for a series.The Jesuits are getting ready to take over the church hierarchy and need the help of the Roman police to get the bad folk out of the way.

    14. Maria Kiguthi on said:

      I enjoyed the tension and relationships in this book The main characters were believeable and easy to relate with While the book contain a lot of historical information, I find it helps in understanding the tale I received a copy from Firt Reads.

    15. Charles Rothert on said:

      Interesting and good read.Considering that the Pope is now a former Arginine Cardinal who belongs to the Society of Jesus How did that happen

    16. NVTony on said:

      Most interesting mystery Just could not put down so lost some sleep Agree with other reviewers this is a must read.

    17. Karen on said:

      I enjoyed the book, it had some financial manipulations in it, but the book moved and was a different look behind the scenes I hope the author writes books like this.

    18. Cynthia Maddox on said:

      I really like the book The author obviously knows her financial information and manages it very well, although there were times I was a bit overwhelmed by the list of people involved.I really liked the characters particularly the main character Michael and his wife They were very well drawn and well developed The entire story is a good premise I ve seen reviews that said it was like Dan Brown s book Da Vincey Code but I read that book and I don t think there s a whole lot of comparison other tha [...]

    19. Carole D Hutchison on said:

      Must readThe story made the xxx Da Vinci code weak The twists and turns of the story kept me Monica keep reading until I finished it Many may not want to except that this could be possible in the church but it s time to start being realistic and realize nothing is perfect great story and job by the author

    20. Jimmy on said:

      If you want a pulpy watered down Dan Brown kind of mystery book involving corruption, scandal, sex, and the Catholic Church hierarchy in the Vatican and involving the supermen Jesuits, then you ll probably really enjoy this book It s an easy read, not altogether horrible but definitely of inferior quality compared to other efforts in the genre of suspense mystery thriller Just to give you a sense of what you re getting into, take this scene as an example The protagonist, Michael, is introducing [...]

    21. Connie on said:

      Among the questions posed about Janet Tavakoli How will her fictional Archangels Rise of the Jesuits impact her day job, writing serious financial analyses Is her braiding of fact and fiction legitimate, that is to say, fair Clearly she s excited about exercising her fictional muscles But I don t think her fiction foray will help her main career The book is a cheap knockoff of Dan Brown s daVinci Code Despite Archangel s formulaic scenes of grotesquerie, it has nowhere near the narrative drive o [...]

    22. Ikebukuro on said:

      I ve really enjoyed this book Quand j ai postul pour ce Giveaway, j avoue que j tais tr s curieuse Je me demandais si j allais tomber dans une sorte de polar sot rique la Da Vinci Code et pas du tout J ai t compl tement embarqu e dans ma lecture, gr ce l histoire d velopp e par l auteur et surtout gr ce sa connaissance des rouages politico financiers On suit en r alit une enqu te dans les hautes sph res vaticanes, o meurtres et trahisons servent les desseins des coupables Et c est compl tement p [...]

    23. Janet Tavakoli on said:

      Update Near the end of Archangels Rise of the Jesuits, the fictitious pope uses the royal we, also known as the papal we Western readers are unaccustomed to this usage, and some mistakenly thought this was an error The pronouns were subsequently capitalized to make it easier for readers to identify when the fictitious pope uses the papal we May 2015 La Rebeli n de los Jesuitas, the Spanish edition, is available on Archangels Rise of the Jesuits was written before Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 20 [...]

    24. Charles on said:

      Tavakoli is an expert in international finance and the structure of financial derivatives, a skill necessary in order to author a book of this type The primary plot revolves around the international financial dealings of priests in the Vatican with their ties to people in governments and businesses, both legitimate and criminal There are specific references to actual scandals that have taken place in the Vatican Bank and they are described and explained in detail This could not have been done as [...]

    25. Tony Parsons on said:

      Father Matteo Pintozzi is brutally murdered He was in charge of the hedge funds other investments for the Catholic Church in Vatican City Rome, Italy Michael Roberto Visconte BS, MS, PhD, husband father starts his long journey investigation into this crime His family consists of Leonare Ferruzi Michael s mother , Helena Visconte Michael s wife mother , their 2 boys Anthony Visconte son , Luke Visconte 3, son Michael encounters financial geniuses, embezzlement, tax evaders, politics, governmental [...]

    26. Lee Miller on said:

      On my first trip to Rome, my guide was an expert in Vatican politics, and ever since I ve been fascinated by the behind the scenes political maneuverings of the upper hierarchy I therefore thought a book about the Jesuits trying to save the Vatican from a Mafia Vatican bank conspiracy would be interesting It wasn t, terribly Long stretches of not much happening were broken by sudden spasms of extreme violence or explicit sex, giving the book a choppy, uneven quality Add to that a narrator who se [...]

    27. JoAnn W. on said:

      I m not into thrillers and gory violence that much, but I did enjoy this book, and it held my attention for the most part.All the intrigue at the Vatican made for a fun read It made me feel that I was getting a peak at a secret society The descriptions of the Vatican apartments, Vatican City, St Peter s, Vatican Square and Rome itself with all the landmarks and historical places made it seem like a travelogue as well as a novel, and that was fun too.The plot didn t seem completely far fetched wi [...]

    28. Viviana on said:

      I received a paperback copy of this book thanks to the giveaway It was very interesting reading it during the week in which Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, giving some points for reflection When I started reading it, I was immediately pulled into the story.Then the action slowed down toward the middle of the narration and picked back up around the end of the story.Even though it s a work of fiction there are plenty of historical events and characters mentioned and used to build the [...]

    29. Nancy Townsend on said:

      I received a copy of this book through First Reads thank you very much but this has not influenced my review To be honest, this thriller is not very thrilling I think the style shows that this author is used to writing non fiction It has a good start and there s some action towards the end, but most of the book is just people talking about corruption in the Vatican, finance and what supermen Jesuits are Unless you find any of these subjects particularly thrilling, it is all a bit dry and preach [...]

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