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Rebekah Weatherspoon

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At Her Feet

At Her Feet By Rebekah Weatherspoon At Her Feet During a night of Web surfing for celeb gossip and masturbatory material digital marketing producer Suzanne Kim stumbles across an intriguing thread while checking her profile on kinklife Suzanne isn

  • Title: At Her Feet
  • Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
  • ISBN: 9781602829909
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At Her Feet By Rebekah Weatherspoon During a night of Web surfing for celeb gossip and masturbatory material, digital marketing producer Suzanne Kim stumbles across an intriguing thread while checking her profile on kinklife Suzanne isn t exactly looking, but the request for a very specific type of submissive from the attractive mistress, Mami P, is hard to resist Though the two hit it off during theirDuring a night of Web surfing for celeb gossip and masturbatory material, digital marketing producer Suzanne Kim stumbles across an intriguing thread while checking her profile on kinklife Suzanne isn t exactly looking, but the request for a very specific type of submissive from the attractive mistress, Mami P, is hard to resist Though the two hit it off during their first online conversation, Suzanne never imagines how strong their real life attraction and compatibility will be After a few missteps in training, trust, and communication, Suzanne finds a deep love with her mistress, Pilar.Overworked and overstressed in her daily life, Suzanne comes to crave their relationship for the visceral escape it provides, but before they can make the ultimate commitment, someone from Suzanne s professional life threatens to disrupt their perfectly balanced bliss.
    At Her Feet By Rebekah Weatherspoon

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      285 Rebekah Weatherspoon
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    One thought on “At Her Feet

    1. Tara on said:

      Loved this one The writing was tight, the romance was sweet, and the characters realistic I m not going to bother with a recap because the book s description is pretty much bang on.I expected the book to be erotic after following the author s promo posts on tumblr, but I was surprised to find out that this is an age play story Looking back at the book description, I maybe should have seen it coming with the reference to Pilar s online handle Mami P That said, I ve found it very different from ot [...]

    2. ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee) on said:

      Nope, Nope, NopeNopeNopeI went back and forth over whether or not I wanted to write a review for this book 1 Because it was a DNF for me and 2 Because it is a F f and it s such an overlooked genre that I only want to say good things about it I decided to write this review because if I DNF d any other kind of romance book I d write a review and that really shouldn t change Also, the fact that this book is F f had nothing to do with why I disliked it I ve been searching for good F f ever since I r [...]

    3. Justina on said:

      This book introduced me to the world of Mommies and their little girls, but that was only part of it This variation on D s was a whopping eye opener for me and the primary couple was beyond fantastic I apologize, but I need to publicly extol both Rebekah Weatherspoon and Bold Strokes Books right up front I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy of this lifestyle as presented, but I can praise to the universe the 110 percent believability of the women depicted and spot on lifelike tangibility o [...]

    4. Nathan Burgoine on said:

      When you head into a Rebekah Weatherspoon book, there are some things you know you re going to get from step one it will be hot, the story will move at a rapid clip and toss some unexpected twists your way, and the characters will be nowhere near the cookie cutter women that you ve bumped into so far.And did I mention it will be hot I did Okay Just making sure.With At Her Feet, there was something else I hadn t expected I learned Here s the thing, the relationship between Suzy and Pilar isn t ju [...]

    5. Regan on said:

      Suzanne Kim leads a busy corporate life in digital marketing but hasn t given up on finding her type of love through kinklife After browsing one night Suzanne comes across a new profile for Mami P, a Latin goddess looking for her little girl Suzanne takes the chance and has plans to meet Mami P in person Immediately when she meets Mami P, or Pilar, I imagine Papi from The L Word Suzanne becomes Suzy and the two enter into a D s relationship with the Dominant and submissive titles of Mommy and th [...]

    6. Anelis on said:

      Age mother daughter play creep me out, so this wasn t my thing If it is your thing though, you might love this.I would give it 3 5 stars but there was a sexual harassment scene, the aftermath of which was handled poorly I don t get why there needed to be drama for the protagonist to make life choices and grow up Weatherspoon also used the same trope in The Fling.Character in need of emotional development enter drama lover distances themselves in the protagonist s time of need for their sake prot [...]

    7. Jem on said:

      This is a BDSM book but it focuses on a sub genre that may not have the same appeal as the usual bondage heavy, pain filled, D s books I wanted to be surprised so I avoided all reviews Honestly, I was expecting something edgier but it actually turned out to be cutesier is that even a word The cover should have given me a clue but I thought I was looking at a dominatrix and not the sub Oh well, did I enjoy it The fetish specific particulars didn t do anything for me The plot is realistic, though [...]

    8. Sam Schooler on said:

      Ihave mixed to negative feelings On the one hand, zomg an f f BDSM book starring women of color that neither shames nor demonizes people in the BDSM lifestyle and oh my god, there s a trans minor character , but on the other hand, I think Pilar is terrible as both a Mommy and a person, and that pretty much completely ruined the book for me.Most of this review will be under a spoiler cut FYI, I discuss in detail the two situations of sexual assault that are present in the book HER FEET is well wr [...]

    9. Etienne Telling on said:

      Oh, where do I start with this sweet little title It was oh so unexpected, sweet, romantic, and very real story Weatherspoon crafted a beautiful story, without sensationalizing what little a one age play is like I don t think I ve ever seen such an honest depiction of this particular BDSM relationship It s kinky, and gentle, and would be great for anyone wanting to explore the softer side of BDSM As a person within the scene, so to speak, I can vouch for it coming off as realistic and honest Pil [...]

    10. CR Daylex on said:

      Sadly really obvious that the author has no idea about bdsm or the psychology behind it I wanted to like this, but it was just so poorly done Don t recommend.

    11. ✨Amina™ ✨ on said:

      I loved this so so much4.75 stars1 Women of color in a relationship 2 Latina rep and mixed korean and jamaican rep3 people of color in kink 4 This relationship was so well cultivated and full of false starts but they worked at making it healthy and satisfying for them both and I loved that5 Rebekah Weatherspoon is great at having her characters communicate what it is they need or expect and i love it 6 This author is also amazing at creating unique sex scenes that don t feel overbearing or repet [...]

    12. Iben on said:

      This is probably the most thorough review I will ever attempt to write I m not really a reviewer, but this novel moved me, and I m unable to write anything about it unless I go all in, it seems I want start by saying that if you re unsure of the kink aspect of this novel, there are several other reviews which you should rather read than mine I have never been in this exact type of D s relationship, but I do have personal experience with BDSM, and a lot of what draws Suzy her to the Mommy little [...]

    13. Romance Novels in Color on said:

      I knew going into At Her Feet it would be a wild ride, and I wasn t disappointed I d previously read Book One in Ms Weatherspoon s FIT series, but before I continued with the other books in the series, I wanted to see how she tackled lesbian relationships, particularly one involving D s aspects.First, let me say to potential readers if you re not into F F reads or interested in a tale about what can be considered a taboo fetish, you might want to bypass this story The subject matter will not flo [...]

    14. Sara on said:

      3 stars I have mixed feelings about this one As much as I enjoyed until or less 60% of this book, from that point on it got a bit dramatic and I don t know, pretty nhe Things I liked Pretty good BDSM views BDSM practiced in a healthy and overall good way Diverse main characters Pilar is a latina and Suzy is a mix between Jamaican and Korean , and of course gay characters I liked how Pilar approached on her dominating ways She was very responsible, and even though she made a mistake, she was sti [...]

    15. Moose on said:

      Decent book that veers sharply into gross sexual assaultI liked the first 90% or so of this book The writing style wasn t really my thing but it was competent and hot, and age play is such a rare kink that I really appreciated this book.Unfortunately, the author then chose an extended and really creepy and disturbing sexual assault scene that was handled by the mommy in a hideously cruel way, imo Then there s a few pages of making up and then happily ever after It was way too quick and light an [...]

    16. UnicornMurphy on said:

      I picked up this book after seeing it on the best sellers list on Until this book, I wasn t really familiar with this whole mommy little girl type of BDSM Honestly, I could not get than 30% according to my Kindle through this book, and that was with me skipping through passages I m not a prude and I really tried to keep an open mind, but in the end I just could not grasp understand their relationship Also, I found the sex scenes were a little rushed, at least the ones that I read Maybe if you a [...]

    17. Harper Miller on said:

      First and foremost, this book will not be everyone s cup of tea If you re not into reading about an amended form of infantilism adult babies, bypass it Mommy little girl fetishes aren t for everyone It s also a F F story involving a particularly interesting D s dynamic I absolutely loved what Rebekah did with Suzanne and Pilar The writing was strong although I think some scenes were a bit long and could ve been cut The sex was hot, and even the supporting characters were quite amazing I m a huge [...]

    18. Angelina on said:

      First of all out of my curiosity thats why I read this and this is the first time I read an FF story So the thing is why I didn t put stars on it is the fact that I don t know how to rate this book If you asked me if I like it honestly in some point I did but the problem is I don t like the idea of the story of Mami Little Girl thing cause I find it in wrong way, though I like the idea of domination submission Its just weird maybe I m just looking for much edgier thing.

    19. Amber (bookstacksamber) on said:

      This was really different from what I typically read I picked it up for ReadProud and I m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone for it It was an interesting read because it was so character driven.

    20. Katie Davies on said:

      I m not sure what there is to say about this book that hasn t already been said, but I ll give it a go.It s a lesbian erotica standalone that feels so much like it s reaching to be something larger than itself For every moment that may lead to something else, something interesting and explosive It is diffused within the same chapter, which ultimately makes the trials that the main character Suzanne goes through really dissatisfying to read.I had a lot of trouble appreciating this book for anythi [...]

    21. Lisy on said:

      Very Cute, Hot, DisappointingI really liked this read, until a transwoman showed up, saying, with an undertone of violence, to show off his private parts because a lesbian had thee audacity to suggest that he didn t belong in a female only space And it get s worse, none of the other characters called him out on this, not even the main character Suzy So while a very emotional read, with lovely characters, personal growth, and great hot moments, for the last part of the book, I disassociated hard [...]

    22. Shelley on said:

      2.5 Suzy hits it off with Pilar online and they develop a relationship offline The writing was solid, and the plot kept me reading, but oh my God did I ever disagree with what Pilar did in a number of situations It was awful I liked Suzy well enough, but she deserved better I think my thoughts on Pilar are coloring my impression of the novel as a whole Also, both leads are women of color, and this is a truly terrible cover.

    23. Melinda on said:

      I really liked this story It introduced me to concepts I d never thought about before There were, at times, confusion between actual ages of the characters, but only because the role playing scenes were very visual and on point I may not fully appreciate the fetish, because mine are different, I can appreciate the love and respect portrayed throughout the story Thumbs up.

    24. Tom on said:

      nb I received an Advance Review Copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley One night, while waiting for her porn to load, Suzanne Kim tires of surfing the gossip sites, and just on a lark checks her Kinklife site Suzanne had been exposed to one part of the BDSM Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism scene before Her previous lover, Laurel, had been great about doling out pain, but the rest of the affair wasn t emotionally satisfying Since Laurel, Suzanne had avoided Kinklife Tonight, sh [...]

    25. Alex on said:

      The narration style was not my favorite, in some parts it also felt like there was an awful lot of drudgery telling, not showing That aside, this book is good, I never read erotica so I thought this would be a very extreme freaky read It s definitely kinky, but not extreme, its very sweet and comforting once you get into the idea of this ageplay.

    26. Velvet Lounger on said:

      Suzanne Kim lives a double life During the day she is an up and coming digital marketing executive, holding down a stressful job, managing complex projects and handling difficult clients In her private life she is a little Girl Submissive who has escaped a manipulative relationship and idly searching for her ideal Mistress.When her favorite kink site throws up a gorgeous Latina Mommie , Mami P, Suzy can t resist trying to catch her attention As they begin to explore a contract it soon becomes cl [...]

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