Grand Cru Heist

Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Anne Trager

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Grand Cru Heist

Grand Cru Heist By Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Anne Trager Grand Cru Heist In another Epicurean journey in France renowned wine critic Benjamin Cooker s world gets turned upside down one night in Paris He retreats to the region around Tours to recover There a flamboyant Bri

  • Title: Grand Cru Heist
  • Author: Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Anne Trager
  • ISBN: 9781939474049
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Grand Cru Heist By Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Anne Trager In another Epicurean journey in France, renowned wine critic Benjamin Cooker s world gets turned upside down one night in Paris He retreats to the region around Tours to recover There a flamboyant British dandy, a spectacular blue eyed blond, a zealous concierge and touchy local police disturb his well deserved rest From the Loire Valley to Bordeaux, in between a glassIn another Epicurean journey in France, renowned wine critic Benjamin Cooker s world gets turned upside down one night in Paris He retreats to the region around Tours to recover There a flamboyant British dandy, a spectacular blue eyed blond, a zealous concierge and touchy local police disturb his well deserved rest From the Loire Valley to Bordeaux, in between a glass of Vouvray and a bottle of Saint milion, the Winemaker Detective and his assistant Virgile turn PI to solve two murders and very particular heist Who stole those bottles of grand cru class
    Grand Cru Heist By Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Anne Trager

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      Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Anne Trager

    One thought on “Grand Cru Heist

    1. Julie on said:

      Grand Cru Hiest by J.P Alaux and N Balen translation by Anne Trager is 2014 Le French publication I was provided a copy of this book in exhange for an honest review.In this second chapter in the Winemaker Detective series, we find Cooker being assaulted and badly beaten While he is recovering in the hospital he finds he is a little down and entirely too hard on himself As a result it is recommended by his health care providers that he take a vacation While visiting the Tours region, Cooker meets [...]

    2. Nicola Mansfield on said:

      This is the second book in a series, I haven t read the first but it was easy to jump in at this point and as far as I could tell no previous mention of the last case was mentioned with the characters being introduced very well A few others were spoken of but never actually appeared causing me to think they might have been in the first book I m not much on cozy mysteries unless they are golden age British ones, but this absolutely delighted me A very light hearted, fast read but completely compe [...]

    3. Valerie on said:

      This sopho edition of the series actually plays like a first The clues seem to fall into Cookers lap than his being a detective I feel there was not enough of the mystery to the character interactions I enjoyed the first book, so I will most likely try the third to see how it pans out.

    4. Alaina Sloo on said:

      I enjoy this series As mysteries, they are not especially challenging or deeply suspenseful, but they are a pleasant rainy day read And they give you an interesting sense of the distinct cultures of France s wine regions and its wine industry.

    5. Stephanie Dagg on said:

      Grand Cru Heist by Jean Pierre Alaux and No l Balen is best summed up, I think, as a cozy mystery for men set in the ostentatiously wealthy world of winemakers and connoisseurs There is a definite feeling of Gentlemen s Club in the novel with erudite discussions and witty wordplay amidst a haze of cigar smoke The characters we meet definitely would definitely never confuse a Bordeaux with a Burgundy , which I m not sure all we readers could Winemaker Benjamin Cooker is the victim of a carjacking [...]

    6. Clare O"Beara on said:

      I liked this book better than the first in the series as we do not spend a whole page tasting and describing one sip of wine Benjamin Cooker, vineyard owner and writer, is on business in Paris when he is the victim of a violent carjacking Recovering in hospital, he regrets the loss of his wine notes than anything His employee and friend Virgile Lanssien arrives along with Benjamin s wife they are relieved that Benjamin is alive Snow falls in Paris as the newspaper reports a theft of bottles of [...]

    7. Rakib_khan on said:

      First things first, I got this book from NetGalley, so thank you netgalley and Le French Book for this opportunity.This is not your typical mystery novel In fact the mystery is quite simplistic and easily deduced but the real strength of this short novel is the characters and their passion for wines and other things We get to delve into the main characters introduced in the first book and how they cope with tragedies in their lives as part of the plot I would recommend reading the first book in [...]

    8. DelAnne Frazee on said:

      Title Grand Cru Heist Winemaker Detective Mystery 2 Author Jean Pierre Alaux Noel Balen Translated By Anne Trager Published 6 24 1014 Publisher Le French Book Pages 149 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre International Mystery Crime Amateur Sleuths Cozy Mystery ISBN 9781939474049 ASIN B00I3KE99M Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalley My Rating 4 1 2 Stars Benjamin Cooker on medical advice taking a vacation following his being hospitalized from being badly beaten when he was carjacked Le [...]

    9. Karen on said:

      It s hard not to become increasingly enamoured of this wonderful series of books of which there are now 8 translated , based in the gloriously described wine regions of France, featuring the curmudgeonly, slightly arrogant, ever vigilant Benjamin Cooker, his assistant Virgile and wife Elisabeth In THE GRAND CRU HEIST, sadly Elisabeth who is missing in action for much of the novel.This story starts out with our renowned wine critic being bashed and robbed one night in Paris Bad enough that the yo [...]

    10. Leah on said:

      A pleasurable palate cleanser When winemaker and critic Benjamin Cooker is brutally attacked and car jacked one night in Paris, he feels he needs to take some time out of work to recover, so he heads for the Loire Valley where he can do a bit of wine tasting while otherwise taking it easy That s the plan anyway, until one of the other guests at the hotel is murdered and the waiter disappears Meantime one of Cooker s friends in the wine business is being targeted with a series of anonymous letter [...]

    11. Maria on said:

      I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review I rated it 4 5 Stars.A car jacked winemaker and connoisseur, two murders and stolen wine are at the heart of Jean Pierre Alaux and No l Balen s second Winemaker Detective Mystery, Grand Cru Heist Continuing to develop the relationship between the main characters of their series, Benjamin Cooker and Virgil Lanssien, the authors take us on a journey across France as both men try to solve [...]

    12. Sorcha on said:

      Received in ebook format from Netgalley in exchange for a review This is the second in the series I have yet to read the first , and it finds Benjamin driving his top end Mercedes one evening, only to be carjacked, and in hospital for over a month to recover.He is out of sorts when he is discharged so decides to go on a short Epicurean break around the Loire valley to get his mood back Elizabeth, his wife, agrees to let him get on with it on his own, whilst she returns to their home to look afte [...]

    13. Judith Baxter on said:

      Are you a lover of France, French wines, and mysteries if your answer is yes, this series could be for you.In this second book of the series, we are introduced to Benjamin Cooker, winemaker and wine writer extraordinaire, his assistant Virgile Lanssien, and Cooker s friend, Hubert de Bouard de Laforest, winemaker of Grand Cru.Cooker is set upon by a gang of thieves, his classic Mercedes 280SL is stolen along with his wallet and his notebook with all his notes and memories of the wines he had tas [...]

    14. Gaele on said:

      A story that is so utterly French, focus on the important elements of the moment, with an eye for appreciating all of the good and minimizing that which does not bring enjoyment Luxuriant in its wandering, from scenery to scents, taste and texture of food and wine, this is a story that eschews conventional presentation to put the countryside, the feel and taste of France at its center, and leaving the mystery to slowly unfold, almost forgotten in the need to present the next delight for the sen [...]

    15. L.S. on said:

      If ever there were a book that could turn me to drink, then this would be it Whilst the knowledge gained about the various wine regions and their produce might be considered reward enough, I was actually hoping for a good mystery story too.At the beginning, the plot seemed to move along nicely the famous wine critic is attacked, his beloved car is stolen and importantly so are his notes for his next wine guide These notes hold crucial information about the wines and the vineyards to feature in [...]

    16. Lisa on said:

      The synopsis for the book really intrigued me A mystery novel with an amateur sleuth, set in the beautiful French countryside I love a cosy mystery.I ve read a few cosy mystery s lately and was looking forward to this one set in France The book started off with lots of promise for me Benjamin Cooker, a famous wine critic, was badly beaten and car jacked in Paris, with his treasured note book taken too However, sadly for me, as I read , the book lacked substance, and didn t really grip me Yes the [...]

    17. Wayne McCoy on said:

      Grand Cru Heist is the second in the Winemaker Detective series and the first book I ve read in the series Originally written and published in France, it has been translated so that an English reading audience can enjoy it, and it s a pretty good book.When wine critic Benjamin Cooker is carjacked and assaulted He s lost his car, but importantly his wine notebook has also been taken He leaves Paris for Tours for a rest and to recover While there he meets an interesting British man travelling wit [...]

    18. Anne on said:

      I gave up about half way through This was the first book in this series I ve tried and didn t think missing the first book made a difference.First, I didn t like Cooker and couldn t develop an interest in him Second, there are actually three mysteries, maybe even 4, but by lack of mystery I meant that we at least by the point I gave up didn t see our hero or pretty much anyone doing some investigative work I want that when I read a mystery Yes, the police ask a few questions involving the murder [...]

    19. Julie Failla Earhart on said:

      Book 2 in the Winemaker Detective SeriesThe Winemaker Detective Series has been adapted for television and is a HUGE hit in France, Belgium, and Switzerland The premise for the books and the show follows master winemaker Benjamin Cooker and his assistant Virgile Lanssien as they solve mysteries in vineyards throughout France.In this episode, Cooper gets mugged and his car stolen one night in Paris He is quite shaken about the incident and retreats to the region around Tours France to recover The [...]

    20. Dawn Thomas on said:

      While driving in his vintage Mercedes Benz, Benjamin was attacked and his car, along with his wine guidebook, was stolen After he left the hospital, he checked into a hotel to recuperate His assistant, Virgile Lanssien, showed him an article about 100 bottles of Grand Cru were stolen He thinks it is a publicity stunt.Looking out his hotel window, he saw the car he always wanted a Morton Plus 8 Gaeton, the concierge of the hotel, gave Benjamin the owner s name, Sir Robert Morton While out for a w [...]

    21. Betty on said:

      A new author for me Benjamin Cooker, a noted winemaker is Carjack, beaten left for dead Recovering he learns not only his car was stolen but his wallet and notebook with all his notes on wines After this there are robberies of various vineyards of his wines He ego to LaTortinure to gather his strength There 2 murders of persons he knows His assistant, Virgile brings his car to him, but his notebook is still missing COOKER and Virgile works to find the killer and stopped the wine robberies.Readin [...]

    22. Linda Baker on said:

      This is my second foray into the wine tasting world of Benjamin Cooker, wine critic and maker extraordinaire Once again, I found the characters somewhat cardboard and the mystery very flimsy I suppose the extreme brevity of the story accounts for those shortcomings but I had hoped for What we get are descriptions of French wine country, wine, clothing and vintage cars It s very visual, understandable in that the books are the basis of a long running French TV series I suspect that the novels ma [...]

    23. pdarnold on said:

      Received from Netgalley for review.I find I m enjoying this series, not for the mystery, but rather for the feeling it gives me while reading It s like a mini vacation tour through the wine country where time slows down and you take life in stride Yes, there is some action here too, but it s laid back, there is intrigue as well Grand Cru Heist isn t a deep read by any means but a kind of stop to smell the flowers along the way read There s a time or two I found myself thinking really Why was tha [...]

    24. Deb Novack on said:

      Another Benjamin Cooker,Winemaker Mystery Benjamin is an extraordinary winemaker turned gentleman detective Benjamin is car jacked,beaten and had his precious Mercedes is stolen along with his briefcase containing all his notes and comments about wines he has tasted While he is recuperating at an all but empty resort, he reads about certain wines being stolen and people being murdered He meets a guest who comes to stay for a few nights whom he finds he likes very much,but thing are not what they [...]

    25. Bill on said:

      Join wine writer and connoisseur Benjamin Cooker as he is carjacked and his beloved old Mercedes is stolen along with his long kept wine notebook As he recovers at a country inn, he meets a debonair Englishman, admired his classic sports car and his girlfriend.But soon after the girlfriend , a prostitute, is murdered nearby, and then Cooker finds the dead body of the missing hotel concierge joined by his assistant, Virgile, Cooker begins to understand who may behind his carjacking and both murde [...]

    26. L.M. Quinn on said:

      Grand Cru Heist A Winemaker Detective Mystery Series is my third read in the series, and has me looking forward to number four I love this series for its journeys through all regions of France, not to mention a great education in French wines and wine region folklore Grand Cru Heist travels from Paris to Tours, the Loire Valley to Bordeaux, leaving stolen wine and dead bodies in its wake Wine critic and amateur detective Benjamin Cooker and his trusty assistant Virgile are hot on the trail along [...]

    27. John Johnstone on said:

      I read the first wine detective story, Treachery in Bordeaux and enjoyed the brief foray into the world of wine Grand Cru Heist is no different The main character Benjamin Cooker is unique as ever, but ever so slightly annoying The plot is a simple one and the setting is well suited for this, anything complex would not work as well.Car jacked in Paris the wine expert is drawn into a search for stolen vintage wine and the solving of a double murder Cooker is helped in his investigation by his as [...]

    28. P Karr on said:

      The Grand Cru Heist has me a bit befuddled Wine features prominently in this book And there is also a mystery, although not a very deep one I suspect readers will read the book for the wine than for the mystery And they will be amply rewarded Benjamin Cooker is a well known wine critic He has a vineyard in Burgundy and grows wine too He is brutally mugged on a Paris street and almost succumbs to his injuries He soon becomes restless in his convalescence What did I like about this book

    29. Meg on said:

      If you are looking for a good mystery with an excellent setting and gorgeous food an wine descriptions this is the series for you This is book 2 in the series and it involves the theft of Cooker s car and notebook as well as the title wine As Cooker recovers from the indignity of a carjacking he travels the French countryside and finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation.This review is based on an ARC provided to me by the publisher.

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