Nightmare in Burgundy

Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane

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Nightmare in Burgundy

Nightmare in Burgundy By Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane Nightmare in Burgundy The Winemaker Detective leaves his native Bordeaux to go to Burgundy for a dream wine tasting trip to France s other key wine making region Between Beaune Dijon and Nuits Saint Georges it urns into

  • Title: Nightmare in Burgundy
  • Author: Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane
  • ISBN: 9781939474056
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nightmare in Burgundy By Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane The Winemaker Detective leaves his native Bordeaux to go to Burgundy for a dream wine tasting trip to France s other key wine making region Between Beaune, Dijon and Nuits Saint Georges, it urns into a troubling nightmare when he stumbles upon a mystery revolving around messages from another era What do they mean What dark secrets from the deep past are haunting the CloThe Winemaker Detective leaves his native Bordeaux to go to Burgundy for a dream wine tasting trip to France s other key wine making region Between Beaune, Dijon and Nuits Saint Georges, it urns into a troubling nightmare when he stumbles upon a mystery revolving around messages from another era What do they mean What dark secrets from the deep past are haunting the Clos de Vougeot Does blood need to be shed to sharpen people s memory A made for TV series.
    Nightmare in Burgundy By Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane

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      424 Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane
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    One thought on “Nightmare in Burgundy

    1. Chris on said:

      Disclaimer ARC read via Netgalley courtesy of Le French Press Benjamin Cooker is France s answer to Jessica Fletcher If you have ever seen the old ish series Murder, She Wrote, you know that when Mrs Fletcher shows up, someone dies In real life, people would avoid her like the plague Cooker isn t quite so bad, but even when being inducted into the Wine tasters knightly order, mysteries follow him around like bad pennies Or pieces of cork in wine The mystery in this installment surrounds the appe [...]

    2. Nicola Mansfield on said:

      The third book in this charming series is not quite up to par with the previous mystery but still brings plenty of murder, mayhem and wine to the table There is a puzzle, along with two deaths, that must be unravelled and Benjamin Cooker finds himself calling upon an old dying friend, a monk to help him decipher the Latin clues I really enjoyed the Catholic aspect of this particular story The relationship between Cook and Virgile is a warm strong bond between a Catholic and an unbeliever bringin [...]

    3. Kathy Davie on said:

      Third in the Winemaker Detective Mysteries mystery series and revolving around Benjamin Cooker, a renowned winemaker This is based in Burgundy and takes place between Palm Sunday and Easter My thanks to NetGalley and Le French Book for providing this ARC for my enjoyment Do note that this is also a made for TV series.My TakeOh, lord the food, the wine it was glorious, and cozy You can t help but enjoy reading of the food, imagining the wine, that visit to the bookstore so many of my favorite thi [...]

    4. Karen on said:

      The third in the Winemaker Detective series, NIGHTMARE IN BURGUNDY takes our hero Benjamin Cooker away from his native Bordeaux to Burgundy, where he is being named Chevalier du Tastevin by the Knights of the order that are proud of their slogan Never whine, always wine.Which will probably give you a little bit of an indication of the tone of this charming series, set deep in the world of French wine, and the intrigues that seem to pile up alongside it In NIGHTMARE IN BURGUNDY this intrigue revo [...]

    5. Stephanie Dagg on said:

      This is the third in the Winemaker s Detective novel series, featuring Benjamin Cooker This adventure sees him in Burgundy where, at the beginning of the book, he is given the honour of being named Chevalier du Tastevin by the Knights of this order, who have, as their slogan, Never whine, always wine The morning after he receives this honour, he is, not surprisingly, a little slow but is soon aroused to full capacity when he goes to inspect the graffiti that has appeared overnight in the country [...]

    6. Alaina Sloo on said:

      I enjoy this series As mysteries, they are not especially challenging or deeply suspenseful, but they are a pleasant rainy day read And they give you an interesting sense of the distinct cultures of France s wine regions and its wine industry So far, this is one of my favorites in the series for its portrayal of Burgundy culture and history.

    7. Susan on said:

      Benjamin Cooker is in Burgundy to be inducted into a prestigious if archaic organization The story is readable, if not memorable, mainly because of its delicious setting Cooker is full of himself, but the book is short enough to end before he gets on the nerves too much.

    8. Valerie on said:

      Could have been a good mystery, but it fell apart in the end The clues are non existent to the reveal Love the wine history and the wine country descriptions, but there is not enough in this series to keep me reading.

    9. Graham Ellis on said:

      This series of books just gets better and better and as they are all stand alone stories it doesn t matter which order you read them in I fully recommend this book.

    10. Lynne Perednia on said:

      Benjamin Cooker is a winemaker in this French detective series, consulting with vineyard owners and wineries, dispensing his opinion in a popular guidebook and serving on wine juries It s a good life for this half British, half French lover of good wine, food and cigars But just like Jessica Fletcher or any number of cozy amateur detectives, he doesn t go looking for murder It finds him.The series begins with Treachery in Bordeaux, in which wine in three vats of one of his longest friends has go [...]

    11. Gaele on said:

      My second encounter with this author duo, and I found this installment just as intriguing and engrossing as the first This book, we are transported through the region of Burgundy, the authors ability to bring the scents, scenes and taste of the region to life as Benjamin Cooker heads from his home on the trip of a wine lover s dreams a tasting tour of Burgundy.These are gentle mysteries, although the whodunit is often buried in layers of possibility, the focus is never wholly on a need to solve [...]

    12. DelAnne Frazee on said:

      Title Nightmare In Burgundy Winemaker Detective Mysteries 3 Author Jean Pierre Alaux Noel Balen Translated By Sally Pane Published 7 31 14 Publisher Le French Book Pages 140 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre International Mystery Crime Amateur Sleuths ISBN 9781939474956 ASIN B00J3A6CRI Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalley My Rating 4 1 2 Stars Benjamin is invited to the famous Clos de Vougeot to participated in the much revered Knights of the Tastevin and become an official member A [...]

    13. Sorcha on said:

      Received from Netgalley in exchange for a review Translated from the French, it is the third in the Winemaker Detective series, following on from Grand Cru Heist.Benjamin Cooker, half French, half English, finds himself in Burgundy where he is to receive the honour of being named Chevalier du Tastevin by the Knights of the order slogan Never whine, always wine He takes the opportunity to spend a few days in area, staying in the small town of Vougeot, in order to do some tastings of the local pro [...]

    14. Dawn Thomas on said:

      The Order of the Knights of Tastevin inducted Benjamin Cooker as Chevalier du Tastevin The next morning, a young woman server asks Benjamin if he saw the graffiti Someone wrote a biblical quote in Latin on the side of the caf When a second biblical quote appears on a bridge, the townsfolk get angry In the neighboring town of Gilly, another passage is written on a house Benjamin enlists the help of an old friend, Brother Clement, from the Citeaux Abbey Brother Clement helps Benjamin translate the [...]

    15. Wayne McCoy on said:

      Nightmare in Burgundy is another cozy mystery set in France in the world of wine It s the third book in the series and the second one I ve read.Benjamin Cooker finds himself in the Burgundy region to accept an honor While he s there, he stumbles on some strange graffiti which seems to be from another era Fragments of Latin from the Bible are found in different places in the region He calls in his assistant Virgile to assist with the mystery and to tour the region There are wine tastings and fanc [...]

    16. Emma on said:

      As Le French Book says of its website, The Winemaker Detective series of cozy mysteries has over twenty books to it and has also been adapted into a hit television series in France known as Le sang de la vigne Blood of the Vine , with French actor Pierre Arditi.Le French Book has already translated and published 3 of them, all presented on France Book Tours Treachery in Bordeaux, Grand Cru Heist, and now Nightmare In Burgundy.Having spent myself many years in Burgundy, a region full of history a [...]

    17. Clare O'Beara on said:

      This novella length tour around a wine region follows much the same pattern as the previous books The older vintner Cooker is touring alone, something sinister occurs and he summons Virgile his assistant to his side This book is set in the Burgundy region during spring, so we see the work of tying up vines in progress and the vintners allow themselves time off to attend dinners and tastings, with much eating, drinking and sniffing samples We hear some French history and learn about the differenc [...]

    18. pdarnold on said:

      I received this book from NetGalley for my review.Cooker again finds himself in the midst of a mystery when he travels to Burgundy and is given the esteemed title Chevalier du Tastevin, holding true to wine and food being the central theme of the story Around a few different townships mysterious graffiti spray painted in Latin appears and Cooker follows these trying to understand the meaning behind the passages of scripture He calls upon Virgile to come and assist him with the wine tasting Toget [...]

    19. Susan Johnston on said:

      I am a big fan of the wine detective series If you enjoy the other books, you will enjoy this one too Benjamin Cooker has left his beloved Bordeaux to journey to Burgundy where he is being initiated into a celebrated club While he is there, strange things begin to happen starting with graffiti written in Latin that leads to the deaths of two young cousins.We know that our intrepid hero will not be able to resist the siren song of a mystery but as usual, it is complicated than it seems at first [...]

    20. Lara on said:

      With this book I have now read all of the books in this series This one begins with Mr Cooker being honored at a ceremony in Burgundy The next morning he becomes aware of a strange vandalism that has taken place in the town He becomes intrigued and makes a visit to an old friend and invite Virgile to visit and get to know the region.There is tragedy, wine and local history, and superstition involved in this story This book also has a bit religion in it than most with biblical verses important t [...]

    21. Christine Howard on said:

      The third in the series of these mysteries I ve read I always enjoy the mystery I think though those who are Francophiles or Oenophiles get much from them than I do I do enjoy the mystery and this one lead the reader on an interesting path as someone tagged different sites of the Burgundy area They were not in French but Latin and Benjamin Cooker protagonist works on translating them He realizes they are verses from the bible and seeks out a monk friend in a nearby monastery with help in unders [...]

    22. L.M. Quinn on said:

      Nightmare in Burgundy A Winemaker Detective Mystery Series is my second read in the series, and I have to say I love it I get so caught up in the wine lore, the French landscape, and local folks, be it Bordeaux or Burgundy that I have to go back for a re read of wine critic and amateur detective Benjamin Cooker s role in the mystery, as he charges ahead to solve the crime with his young assistant Virgile, who s got his eye and bed open for the local ladies This novel even brings in biblical quot [...]

    23. Marina Sofia on said:

      A surprisingly quick read, this book focuses not so much on murder as on a drunken shooting, vandalism and graffiti So a much gentler sort of crime novel, providing also an excellent journey through the French wine country This time Benjamin Cooker ventures further afield, outside his beloved Bordeaux region, to Dijon and Burgundy In between his wine tasting and sight seeing, he gets involved in solving the mystery of the defaced monuments with the help of gentle Citeaux monk, Brother Clement.I [...]

    24. Karen on said:

      I wanted to like this than I did I like Benjamin and Vergile, but they are the only characters who came to life in the book I couldn t figure out why a winemaker was getting involved in the case or why those who seemed to have the puzzle already figured out gave him hints and clues instead of telling him what was happening straight out The police were barely mentioned Not sure I d read another book in the series.

    25. Deb Novack on said:

      Benjamin Cooker is a winemaker turned sleuth He is at a wine tasting event when people start being murdered with graffiti being left at the scene Each saying contained a bible verse, Benjamin goes to his old friend the priest who helps him to try to figure it out Although a short book its storyline was well developed and had good characters I can not wait to read of the Winemakers Mysteries I received this book from the publisher in return for and honest reveiw

    26. Pam Thomas on said:


    27. Joanne Gass on said:

      I need to stop reading this series The wine tastings and meals are interesting, but not as good as those found in the Bruno series I think what is worst about this one is that the perp does not appear until the last twenty pages of the story She has not been mentioned, interviewed, much less been seen until the mystery is solved No fair, Jean Pierre

    28. Nancy Reynolds on said:

      There is a lot to like in this book especially if you want a lesson in French wines, and the French wine area around Burgundy, and French food I have not read the first two books in this series but I will give them a try.

    29. Bill on said:

      With characters you would wish for friends, superb wines, the French countryside, and a mystery that baffles many, Nightmare in Burgundy is like one these deep and full bodiedwines, always a treat to sit back and enjoy the deep pleasure

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