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Louisa Elliott

Louisa Elliott By Ann Victoria Roberts Louisa Elliott This classic romance exquisitely told is the sweeping chronicle of the life and loves of a remarkable woman Louisa Elliott Proud and determined she battles to overcome the stigma of her illegitimat

  • Title: Louisa Elliott
  • Author: Ann Victoria Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780380709915
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Louisa Elliott By Ann Victoria Roberts This classic romance, exquisitely told, is the sweeping chronicle of the life and loves of a remarkable woman Louisa Elliott Proud and determined, she battles to overcome the stigma of her illegitimate birth in the pitiless sums of York during the reign of Queen Victoria An indomitable heroine, she is adored by her gentle, poetic cousin Edward, yet is irresistibly drawnThis classic romance, exquisitely told, is the sweeping chronicle of the life and loves of a remarkable woman Louisa Elliott Proud and determined, she battles to overcome the stigma of her illegitimate birth in the pitiless sums of York during the reign of Queen Victoria An indomitable heroine, she is adored by her gentle, poetic cousin Edward, yet is irresistibly drawn into the passionate arms of Robert Duncannon a handsome and dashing dragoon officer whose love could destroy forever Louisa s cherished dream of respectability Breathtakingly sensual, sparkling and alive with sumptuous period detail, LOUISA ELLIOTT is a magnificent work a moving and unforgettable reading experience that touches the heart and enriches the soul.
    Louisa Elliott By Ann Victoria Roberts

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      Ann Victoria Roberts

    One thought on “Louisa Elliott

    1. Beth F. on said:

      This book was a combination of romance and a sad piece of historical fiction If you re big on historical fiction, you might not appreciate the focus on the romance If you re big on romance, you ll be like, WTF Louisa Elliott comes from a poor, but gentle, family She was born illegitimate and works as a ladies companion She crosses paths with the handsome and dashing Robert Duncannon He is also intrigued by her and the romance ensues Strict social codes of the time prevent the two of from forming [...]

    2. Trevor Cradduck on said:

      Ann Victoria Roberts weaves a very fascinating and believable romance around the bare bones of her own family history She does so in a most compelling manner and demonstrates a superb ability to paint beautiful pictures with her prose.The story of Louisa Elliott commences in 1892 when she is overcome by her emotions and becomes entangled in an ill fated love affair She displays a great spirit of independence which, despite there being a queen on the throne of Great Britain, was contrary to the s [...]

    3. Cynthia K on said:

      Currently re reading my all time guilty indulgence, an unashamedly gorgeous romantic novel.

    4. Kay Robinson on said:

      When I saw this sub titled A Classic Love Story my smile drooped, however, it s there, so get it read Classic it is, only in the way that Catherine Cookson and Charlotte Bronte are, definitely NOT Jane Austen This reads to me like a social document, comparisons with the wealth and the poverty and the overbearing snobbery of the Victorians at their worst The heroine of the title, however, is no normal heroine, indeed, someone who is so shamed by her background, and so rigid in her concept of Vic [...]

    5. Eleni on said:

      This is a wonderful historical romance I have to admit I started reading Liam s Story first and then was like, wait, this family saga is way too riveting, I have to go back and read it from the start, and then I couldn t put the book down I will admit I am a historical fiction fan and I had the pleasure of interviewing the author a while back and she s awesome I nearly read the book in one sitting though it is a hefty volume and I m not so great at binge reading e books Even with bleary eyes and [...]

    6. Carol Preston on said:

      This is a rewrite of an earlier novel by Ann Victoria Roberts Set in the 1890s in England, it has an interesting historical setting, leading up to the Boar War The characters are very much entrenched in Victorian values The main focus is on the romance between Louisa and Robert, the forbidden and inescapable passion between them However, I found the character of Louisa s cousin, Edward, the most endearing The story is threaded with many familial relationships and conflicts and though a little dr [...]

    7. Pam Lecky on said:

      A well researched book that moves between York and Dublin at the end of the 19th century The characters are well drawn and come alive on the page The social conditions of the time, both in England and Ireland, are painted starkly but most of all, the status of women is explored in some depth It is a long book and for me, at times, it was a little slow paced Overall, it is a great read for anyone who likes a good romance.

    8. Elaine Cougler on said:

      Louisa Elliott, a novel by Ann Victoria Roberts, provides an eventful insight into 19th century s shown through the events of the title character s life Louisa give modern day feminists the sense that, even at the turn of the 19th 20th century, many people were beginning to question the double standard of society s rules Day to day life of the time is minutely described although I must admit to skimming those details to get on with the plot An engrossing book.

    9. Dkcnanna on said:

      I really enjoy this book I find myself gravitating to it every summer Nothing too deep, but the characters are likeable and I found myself caring about what happens to them even though I know and understanding how they got themselves in the messes their lives become and the final resolution is satisfying.

    10. Karen on said:

      200 pages too longg fat book, which I love and especially the time period 1890 s York England, but would have been a better book had it been shorter A good story with dashing characters and people being people but doing things that were frowned upon during Queen Victoria s time.

    11. Mary on said:

      I read this book after reading Liam s story which is about Louisa s children I did enjoy it but may have enjoyed it if read in the proper order Liam s story was def my favourite.

    12. Julie on said:

      This book is what I was looking for to read on a lazy evening weekend Nothing revolutionary but a very good read.

    13. Regina on said:

      Wonderful, epic, period romance along the lines of Jane Eyre I remember poring over this book during long afternoons when my now 22 year old daughter was taking her afternoon naps.

    14. Linda on said:

      Roberts, Ann Victoria LOUISA ELLIOT 1989 list MORNING S GATE 1992 list Zoe Clifford and Stephen Elliot, cousins who both descend from Louisa Elliott s children, meet while doing genealogical research on Louisa They become obsessed with finding out the truth behind the mixed emotions and relationships which they discover in a diary kept by Louisa s son Robert while a soldier in World War I As their research progresses, Zoe and Stephen become aware that they are falling in love, and also are painf [...]

    15. An Odd1 on said:

      Author trained as an artist was inspired by diary in York next novel will continue same family Great War and beyond Four streetscapes are old Ladies wear long coats and bonnets narrow dirt road winds flag, laundry hang.York 1892 map More than thirty years had passed since two unmarried sisters rented in the name of an absent elder brother p 14, opened Elliott s Temperance Hotel p 13 not Elliotts for two in family Her father jovial Loaded with presents like an unseasonal Father Christmas p 15 die [...]

    16. Kelly on said:

      Interesting take on historical romance Young governess Louisa Elliott falls in love with married Officer Robert Duncannon in Victorian England She becomes his mistress and bears him some children, then decided to leave him because the moral stress of being a mistress with children is too much And then she ACTUALLY leaves him You don t see that too often Not a great book, but likeable enough.

    17. Cindy on said:

      A Victorian romance that my mom LOVED I enjoyed the read but I did not like 2 of the 3 main characters very much Perhaps I m too judgmental of their fatal flaws The cousins Edward ended up marrying after living together celibate for five years This was not the ending I wanted I wanted Louisa reunited with the father of her 3 children, Robert Duncannon Oh well.

    18. Ann Roberts on said:

      This ebook version of the 1989 bestseller has been re edited for a modern readership Old fans will find it slightly crisper than the original.

    19. Ann Roberts on said:

      This Anniversary Edition of Louisa Elliott has been re edited and is slightly crisper than the original, published in 1989, but similar to the ebook edition published in Dec 2012.

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