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Janet Wellington

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Cowboy For Sale

Cowboy For Sale By Janet Wellington Cowboy For Sale All I need is one cowboy for one night Salon manager Lacey Murdock has to find a handsome single cowboy fast one willing to be auctioned offr charity of course So what s a girl to do but go boot sco

  • Title: Cowboy For Sale
  • Author: Janet Wellington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cowboy For Sale By Janet Wellington All I need is one cowboy for one night Salon manager Lacey Murdock has to find a handsome single cowboy fast one willing to be auctioned offr charity, of course So, what s a girl to do but go boot scootin and cowboy huntin at San Diego s most popular country music club There she runs smack into Jared Dillon Tall, dark, and definitely handsome, Jared is the kiAll I need is one cowboy for one night Salon manager Lacey Murdock has to find a handsome single cowboy fast one willing to be auctioned offr charity, of course So, what s a girl to do but go boot scootin and cowboy huntin at San Diego s most popular country music club There she runs smack into Jared Dillon Tall, dark, and definitely handsome, Jared is the kind of man any woman would want to date and he s perfect for the bachelor auction Too bad he s marriedOr is he Single dad Jared loves his young daughter than anything, and has worked hard to create an idyllic life on his alpaca ranch, just the two of them The last thing he needs is to get involved with another single minded career woman used to the big city lights instead of star filled skies Pretty Lacey s the kind of woman who is off limits for reasons than he can count But why can t he stop thinking about her Nope She s just not for himOr is she When one of the bachelor cowboys is a no show at the charity auction, Jared steps in at the last minute and gallantly saves the day One thing leads to another and Lacey and Jared are off on a romantic Dream Date Weekend at a mountain getaway designed for cozy evenings by the fire and luxurious nights in a four poster bed.Trouble is, Lacey s not looking for a man, let alone a much too hot cowboy Her career is right on track and she s finally bouncing back from a bad breakup No matter how he makes her feel, Jared definitely doesn t fit her logical list of must haves There s sizzling chemistry, for sure, but she s vowed she ll never fall for another single father again Losing at love is one thing, but losing the love of a childat s quite anotherd a heartbreak she won t go through again.Butd together champagne, a hot tub, a dangerous game of twenty questions, a romantic fire and two lonely heartsd the delicious trouble begins Jared knows falling for Lacey isn t the right thing for him or his little girlbut how s a cowboy supposed to resist
    Cowboy For Sale By Janet Wellington

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      365 Janet Wellington
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    One thought on “Cowboy For Sale

    1. Nancy Steinle gummel on said:

      Cowboy for Sale by Janet Wellington is a cute western romance It starts out with Jared a rancher of alpacas He has a daughter, Jamaica, whom he calls Jamie He s divorced from a woman who put her career a head of a family, even her daughter Jared meets Lacey at a country western bar where he s playing bass for a friend She s the manager for a hair salon in the mall She s career oriented and still recovering from a breakup where her exfiance was cheating on her but what really broke her heart was [...]

    2. Tina on said:

      Lacey Murdock manages a hair salon in the mall, and she s responsible for finding two handsome cowboys that are willing to be auctioned off at the charity event the mall is having, and she needs to find them fast She decides the best place to find a cowboy is at the most popular country music club in San Diego While waiting for one of her coworkers to show up she meets Jared Dillon The handsome cowboy is perfect for the auction except he s wearing a wedding ring, so there is no way she can ask h [...]

    3. Melody Cox on said:

      I want to bid on a cowboy like Jared WOW what a great read.First we have Lacey who is a Salon Manager set on working her way up the corporate ladder She has been unlucky in love with her fiancee walking out on her to marry his secretary who was carrying his child They immediately left town with his young son in tow, the son that Lacey had grown to love as her own She has a list of what she wants in a man and at the top of the list he must not be a father She can t risk her heart to a man and his [...]

    4. Amanda on said:

      Up until the ending I was going to give this book a 3 star but Jamieat damn adorable child and the things she does and says made me up my rating to a 3.50 review This was all in all a really cute story, if you want straight up country romance then this is the book for you but if you like sex in your reading then this is not for you There was a lot of self sabotage on both Jared and Lacey s partey both refused to acknowledge their feelings because it went against everything they THOUGHT was righ [...]

    5. Jo-Anne on said:

      Cowboy For Sale is a fun story I really enjoyed it Lacey is a hair salon manager at a mall that is holding a bachelor for sale auction to raise funds for a local charity Lacey and another stylist agree to find a cowboy each to be auctioned Jared is an alpaca rancher and steps in as Lacey s cowboy for the auction when her first cowboy can t do it Jared s sister bids and wins him, gifting him to Lacey Being the highest bidder, she wins them a weekend at a bed and breakfast date They get along well [...]

    6. Sue Parker on said:

      This was a fun story Lacey needs to find a cowboy to agree to be auctioned off for charity She goes to a western bar with some co workers where she meets two handsome men Hank is a snake and is putting the moves on but Jared is there to lend a hand When Hank the snake gets into trouble Lacey is now one cowboy short Jared offers to help her out He also has a daughter and Lacey has sworn off men with children because when things don t work out she is left missing the child Jared has sworn off wome [...]

    7. Raquel on said:

      The overall writing style was good, but I found the story ridiculous The characters themselves were interesting, but at the end, the only one I thought to be fully developed was the main character.I wanted a good, fluffy, quick read for my flight I had picked this up as a freebie not long ago because it sounded a little different and I hoped to learn something about alpacas I love when enthusiasts write books where their knowledge area is part of the setting because you can learn something and [...]

    8. Sara Luck on said:

      3.5 stars It was pretty good Honestly I wasn t a fan of Lacey I don t like reading about self conscious women I don t like weak women In some ways she was strong and determined, but in others she was weak and naive and immature, which was way to odd for a 35 year old woman Next big problem I had with it was the wishy washy crap It s fine for a bit, but be confident Make a decision and stick with it Sorry, but for a 40 year old man and a 35 year old womanummm your old enough to get the the damn p [...]

    9. Hollie on said:

      Fast paced clean romanceErotica is of my favorite genre, however with that being said, this was a sweet read for a PG style romance The Spicy Romance in title was a tad misleading, for this was definatley not my version of spicy lol It was innocent then my normal reads, and predictable but still managed to be charming and flowed very well I m glad I took the time to read this This was offered as a freebie when I got it, and that was much appreciated I would have given this a 5 star rating, but [...]

    10. Darby on said:

      Charming Not erotic and they committed to love and marriage way too fast The barely knew each other, which is something that really annoys me in a contemporary romance I got the impression from the title that it might be a spicey erotic sexy romance there is nothing spicey, but really a sweet romance Charming voice and an author with great potential.

    11. Kirstie on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, sweet romantic read, good job done by Janet, will definitely read of her books.

    12. Sarah T on said:

      The book started out great The two main characters each had previous relationship baggage that made them resist each other The character and plot buildup were going great and then it was like the author got tired of writing and wrapped up the story in less than 5 pages I would have rated this book a lot higher until the abrupt ending.

    13. cartyglendagmail on said:

      Never give up I really got into this book It didn t take me two days to read it I love books that take you away This book will make you realise that there is still happy ends Never say never Love has it s on ways

    14. Laura on said:

      This book seemed to have a lot of potential in the beginning Unfortunately it did not follow through The main characters fell in love in a matter of weeks even though they only spent 2 days together and didn t talk to each other the rest of the time book.

    15. Michelle on said:

      Good You people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

    16. Caryn on said:

      Cowboy For Sale was a simple, feel good read without any over done or excessive drama Lacey, a manager of a hair salon in the mall is asked to provide two cowboys for a date auction the mall is holding Recovering from a heart breaking romance, she really dreads having to go to the local western bar to try and find a couple of willing men She recruits one of her younger employees, Kandy, who is also her best friend to go with her and get one while she tried to get the second This was no problem f [...]

    17. Jessica on said:

      Can I bid on a cowboy like Jared Hot Mama I believe this is the first Janet Wellington book that I have read and I will most likely read There isn t a whole lot of sex and super adulty scenes in this book, and that is okay Jared is an Alpaca farmer who is a single father to Jamaica, or Jamie for short Lacey is a salon manager and is looking for the perfect man for her, someone who isn t a single father, someone who isn t older than her, someone who doesn t mind that she works She s also on the [...]

    18. Nancy Stopper on said:

      The premise of this book was interesting I liked the story up until the cabin or specifically the next day at the cabin From there on out, the storyline went downhill Next day regrets is one thing But how Jared and Lacey dealt with it was unrealistic He wouldn t just leave her 2 hours away to call a friend She shouldn t have been so cold to him Would someone really drive back one hour to get a pinecone Then, I didn t like Chad I get why he was introduced but his personality was awful and Lacey [...]

    19. Suzan on said:

      I enjoyed this book, it was a really fun read Lacey and Jared were both enjoyable characters, and easy to like It was fun watching them find their happy ever after It was a little predictable with the auction that whisks them away to a secluded bed and breakfast None the less, all the characters were great I liked Jared s sister Jo, and how she was looking out for her brother Jared and trying to get him to date again after being abandoned by his first wife His daughter is adorable and plays an i [...]

    20. Jane on said:

      Lacey Murdock, salon manager in a large mall needs a Cowboy for Sale in a charity auction, so she goes to the local cowboy bar to get one Jared Dillon is a substitute band member and not looking for a woman he has his hands full with his ranch and raising his daughter as a single Dad They both are recovering from bad experiences with their ex partners so neither wants what the other appears on the surface.Cowboy for Sale is a delightful romance with a little help from friends and relatives in a [...]

    21. Kathy on said:

      Can Lacey s Cowboy Two Step His Way into her Heart Jared was everything Lacey didn t want A single father not support I ve of career women and a nice guy to boot so why then do sparks fly every time hee is near Jared wants to protect his heart and especially the heart of his little girl from yet another woman focused on her career than a family.There is quite a dance for these two individuals as they determine if there is a common ground for them Another great read by Janet Wellington give it a [...]

    22. Terena on said:

      A Favorite The characters are different and refreshing One way to engage a reader is to have relatable characters especially ones that don t fall into the same old clich Jared and Lacey have both been betrayed and hurt in the past and think they have learned from their mistakes They just never trusted second chances.What also counts in a big way is if the author has a very good knowledge of the subject matter they are writing about My congratulations to Janet Wellington for her wonderful stories [...]

    23. Lynn on said:

      Lacey is a working manager of a salon in a mall The mall decides to sponsor a bachelor for sale auction and her friend, Kandy and her were responsible for two cowboys As fate would have it, Jared steps up to the task after the cowboy that Lacey picks is no longer available Little do either of them know Jared s sister is the highest bidder and presents Jared to Lacey as a gift The prize is a weekend at a bed and breakfast inn located in the mountains Will sparks fly

    24. Will Decker on said:

      I couldn t help but feel that the story kept going around in circles with no real direction except for the obvious And the ending, when we finally reached it, which for a shorter novel seemed to take forever, was a quick wrap up as if the author lost interest in her own tale Not the cleanest editing job and not the most organized plot It was just a so so crafted boilerplate romance with a hurried ending.

    25. Mary Beth on said:

      Okay story where both main characters had some big issues to work through Everything ends happily ever after, but I think it could have been better if readers saw of what happened to the characters between their interactions Obviously they were trying to talk themselves into or out of things, but their issues seemed a little too easily resolved.

    26. Joyce on said:

      Enjoyed reading this romance It shows us that no matter what may of happened in our past, we need to let that go and focus on the individuals in our lives for who they are This was a quick and easy read, warmed my heart to see people overcome their past to make their future all that it can be.

    27. Jennifer Allen on said:

      I enjoyed this quick read It was fun I liked the chemistry between Jared and Lacey And I really liked Jamie I like how Lacey met her without realizing who she was There were miscommunications and misunderstandings because Lacey and Jared were just a tad bit stubborn, but the book has a sweet ending.

    28. Garth Mailman on said:

      I keep reading these romance novels because they are offered for free This one is as contrived and predictable as most and in need of a good editor than usual I just can t seem to care about these characters or buy into their lives What plot there is seems to be an excuse to hang their love life A quarter of the book is devoted to previews.

    29. Black Butterfly on said:


    30. Janeiowa on said:

      This is an easy readngle Dad who s been hurt by a woman interested in her career than their little girl and him The heroine is a 30 something hair salon mamager who s been burned and thinks her career is very important.The plot, while predictable, is well written, and the characters are enjoyable, realistic, and likeable.

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