The Dirty Book Murder

Thomas Shawver

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The Dirty Book Murder

The Dirty Book Murder By Thomas Shawver The Dirty Book Murder In this smart fast paced mystery debut Thomas Shawver introduces a charming unlikely hero from the rarefied world of antique books Book merchant Michael Bevan arrives at the Kansas City auction hou

  • Title: The Dirty Book Murder
  • Author: Thomas Shawver
  • ISBN: 9780804179270
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • The Dirty Book Murder By Thomas Shawver In this smart, fast paced mystery debut, Thomas Shawver introduces a charming, unlikely hero from the rarefied world of antique books Book merchant Michael Bevan arrives at the Kansas City auction house hoping to uncover some hidden literary gold Though the auction ad had mentioned erotica, Michael is amazed to find lovely Japanese Shunga scrolls and a first edition of aIn this smart, fast paced mystery debut, Thomas Shawver introduces a charming, unlikely hero from the rarefied world of antique books Book merchant Michael Bevan arrives at the Kansas City auction house hoping to uncover some hidden literary gold Though the auction ad had mentioned erotica, Michael is amazed to find lovely Japanese Shunga scrolls and a first edition of a novel by French author Colette with an inscription by Ernest Hemingway This one item alone could fetch a small fortune in the right market As Michael and fellow dealer Gareth Hughes are warming up for battle, a stranger comes out of nowhere and outbids them to the tune of sixty grand But Gareth is unwilling to leave the auction house empty handed, so he steals two volumes, including the Colette novel When Gareth is found dead the next day, Michael quickly becomes the prime suspect Not only had the pair been tossed out of a bar mid fistfight the night before, but there is evidence from Michael s shop at the crime scene Now the attorney turned bookman must find out who wanted the Colette so badly that they would kill for it and frame Michael Desperate to stay out of police custody, Michael follows the murderer s trail into the wealthiest echelons of the city, where power and influence meet corruption and mystery and eroticism are perverted by pure evil Unfortunately for Michael, one dead book dealer is only the opening chapter in a terrifying tale of high culture and lowlifes.
    The Dirty Book Murder By Thomas Shawver

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      267 Thomas Shawver
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    One thought on “The Dirty Book Murder

    1. Jenna on said:

      Michael Bevan was getting his life in order and ironing out the kinks in his marriage when his life fell completely apart After attending a party together and consuming too much alcohol, his wife insisted that they leave and of course that she drive It was this ride home that would change the course or Mike s life as well as his daughter While Mike was passed out in the car, his wife apparently fell asleep at the wheel and ran off of the road and she died due to head injuries Living with this gu [...]

    2. Judy Lesley on said:

      Okay, I ll admit it.I m stumped for how to review this book Did I enjoy it Mostly Do I want to read the next book in the series Certainly Did this one have subject matter that surprised and bothered me Absolutely To begin with, the cover of this novel just might give a false impression It looks kind of cutely harmless and yet the subject matter goes from standard mystery fare to really dark and difficult to read about I have a hard time enjoying reading novels dealing with torture for sexual gra [...]

    3. Sandy on said:

      3.5 starsPoor Michael Bevan After losing his wife in a car accident, becoming estranged from his daughter being disbarred, he thought his new life running a used book store would bring the peace quiet he desperately needs Turns out being an antiquarian can be fatal to your healthwho knew Mike is now 44 owns Riverrun books in Kansas City It provides a modest existence where his biggest challenges are dealing with employees Violet, a bitter woman who lost her own store in a fire Weston, a former N [...]

    4. Liviania on said:

      THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER is an interesting blend of cozy mystery and something hard hitting The murders are mercifully briefly described, but there is sex and drugs and sexualized torture It s set in a close knit part of Kansas City, with an unlikely detective the local used and antiquarian bookstore owner Of course, he s also a former Marine and lawyer with past alcohol and drug problems who still likes going out to the pub and getting a bit rowdy It s an unusual mix that I suspect will greatly a [...]

    5. Marlene on said:

      Originally published at Reading RealityDirty books, dirty politics, dirty money Interesting isn t it, that one doesn t think about the same kind of dirty in those three instances But in this mystery, they all lead to the same place and the same dirty people.Mostly.Kansas City bookman Michael Bevan has a used book store that keeps him mostly out of trouble And Michael needs to be kept out of trouble, because he let himself into much too much of it when he was the lawyer for most of the shady oper [...]

    6. Debbie on said:

      Thank you Net Galley and Random House Alibi for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review I requested this book because I discovered it was the prequel to a book I had just received I inadvertently saw a review from someone who said they couldn t finish the book because of the sexual matter Then I was like WHAT I m not into romance, erotic books at all However, while the subject matter does involve erotica and it is touched on, there are not pages and pages of heavy breathin [...]

    7. Kristen on said:

      This was a terrific read, but was totally different from what I was expecting when I downloaded it from the library.I thought this was going to be a cozy mystery it s not at ALL a cozy This is an old style, hard boiled, Sam Spade sort of murder story It is rough and tumble, it s gritty, and it has some disturbing elements although nothing that should bother readers who like the traditional murder genre books but it is hard to put down once you pick it up I read this in 24 hours and thoroughly e [...]

    8. Tristan Robin Blakeman on said:

      Fun, fast, and difficult to discern culprit murder mystery centering on a set of erotic books sold at an antiquarian book auction Although a bit ribald certainly NOT obscene , this almost would be filed under the cozy genre, but for some randy scenes and a few expletives But, like any good cozy, it s loaded with characters both good, not so good, down right evil, amusing and fetching, and occasionally irritating Clues fly right and left as do the corpses, and manners in which they are done in.I [...]

    9. Vontel on said:

      Quite enjoying this first book in a series for an author with whom I am not familiar Downloaded prior to a trip simply because it was available to borrow Will look for books by this author, in this series Definitely will try to find the next book s and see if they can keep up to the standard set with the first one, and build the characters.

    10. Becky on said:

      Michael Bevan is a bookman A former lawyer and Marine, Bevan lost his license after he turned to drugs and alcohol in the wake of his wife s tragic death He managed to pick up the pieces of his life and, with the help of a friend, opened Riverrun Books, a popular used bookstore But Bevan hopes his used bookstore will soon be able to boast a good collection of rare and collectible titles as well It is this hope that prompts him to attend an auction advertising lots of erotic books includes Shakee [...]

    11. John Purvis on said:

      The Dirty Book Murder was published in 2014 and was written by Thomas Shawver This was Mr Shawver s first novel, and he has since published a second I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley I would categorize this novel as PG as there is a little Violence The novel is written in the first person and is set in and around Kansas City, Missouri The primary character is Michael Bevan Michael Bevan is 44 and is currently the owner of a used and rare book store He has served as a [...]

    12. DelAnne Frazee on said:

      Title The Dirty Book Murder A Rare Book Mystery Author Thomas Sahwver Published 5 13 2014 Publisher Random House Publishing Group Alibi Pages 218 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre General Fiction Murder Crime ISBN 9780804179270 ASIN B00GL3RLZM Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalleyRating 4 Stars I thought this was going to be a lighter, cozy type mystery It so is not one The book is well done, but the fact that the main character is bidding on a box of rare erotica books should have b [...]

    13. Andrea Guy on said:

      The Dirty Book Murder may look like another cozy mystery, but that really isn t the case Sure it has the elements of most cozy mysteries, a bookstore owner with a cat and some really quirky characters, but there s a real dark side to this story and as you read on, you ll definitely see that it isn t a cozy, but a good opener for a new series But don t worry, it isn t a scary mystery that will have you fearing for our sleuth s life.The book stolen is from an auction by one of Michael s book merch [...]

    14. Patricia on said:

      Let me introduce you all to Michael Bevan a small time book dealer Who arrives in a Kansas auction barn On the search for a rare set of Japanese erotica There are some beautiful Japanese scrolls, and a first edition Colette Signed by some great authors in history In walks a tall dark stranger that tries to out bid Michael for the Colette Not to be outdone his friend Gareth steals the Colette and ends up dead the next day Michael becomes the prime suspect in the murder Who would want the Colette [...]

    15. Jen on said:

      The Dirty Book Murder Not your typical dirty books, but books of erotica that any antiquarian bookseller would covet come up for auction Michael Bevin discovers exquisite Japanese scrolls in the lot, then Gareth Hughes, a fellow dealer, points out a first edition by Colette with an inscription by Hemingway What a magnificent haul Bevin and Hughes are then surprised when a third bidder upsets their plans And then a fourth The price goes up beyond the means of Bevin and Hughes Before the winning d [...]

    16. Nancy on said:

      The Plot Moves from Mystery to KinkyMichael Bevan attends an auction he would normally avoid because he noticed some valuable Japanese scrolls in one of the lots The bidding is fast and furious with his friend and fellow book dealer, Gareth Hughes, bidding for the lot because he discovered a rare first edition Colette with an inscription by Hemingway A third bidder gets into the action, an unsuccessful book dealer, who is obviously bidding for someone else The mysterious third bidder wins the lo [...]

    17. miss.mesmerized mesmerized on said:

      Michael Bevan has given up his career with the Marines to sell books in Kansas City At an auction he hopes to find some surprising big deal Besides lovely Japanese Erotica which could sell for some high price, he discovers a first edition of a book by Colette in which he finds an inscription by Ernest Hemingway The auction ends in turmoil a stranger appears and bids high, the book is stolen and one of the bidders is found murdered the next day Next to the dead body evidence which directly leads [...]

    18. Cathy Cole on said:

      This slim little volume in the Random House Alibi eBook mystery line, could almost be called a ringer With its cover and its title, I expected something light and almost frivolous, but the bookman angle intrigued me so I decided to give it a try I m very glad I did This is a meaty tale of books, damaged souls, darkness and perversion When I finished reading, my first thought was that I wanted .The author knows his Kansas City setting, and his background of the military, the law, and books mirror [...]

    19. Chaitra on said:

      I wasn t expecting a whole lot from this, but it wasn t bad Mike Bevan is a 44 year old persnickety man running a secondhand book store with an eye towards rare books And rare books can kill Not Mike, but some choice personages all battling for the same lot of dirty pretty books get killed like so many flies, and Mike is left to take the rap But he has his own assets, including a beautiful reporter who seems to have the hots for him, and he solves the case about two thirds of the way into it For [...]

    20. Sandie on said:

      Long have I loved John Dunning s Bookman series featuring Cliff Janeway, a cop who quit the force to open a used book store in Denver where he managed to become involved in many murders about five books worth and their ultimate resolution Now with THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER, Tom Shawver has given readers a new book seller protagonist in the character of 44 year old Michael Bevin, a widower with a daughter who hates him and a law career that no longer exists due to his disbarment and who, like Janeway [...]

    21. The Book Breeze on said:

      Book merchant Michael Bevan arrives at the Kansas City auction house hoping to uncover some hidden literary gold Though the auction ad had mentioned erotica, Michael is amazed to find lovely Japanese Shunga scrolls and a first edition of a novel by French author Colette with an inscription by Ernest Hemingway This one item alone could fetch a small fortune in the right market What came next led Michael down a twisted path of mystery, murder, accusations, betrayal and perversion As if all that is [...]

    22. Kari on said:

      I wasn t sure what to expect with The Dirty Book Murder, but I was pleasantly surprised It s a well written and quick read It isn t exactly the cozy mystery I thought I was getting It has a bit grit that I would have expected I really liked Mike, the main character He is an older man, former lawyer, widower and has flaws all over the place But he seemed like the type of guy I d like to know He owns one of my favorite places to bea used book store When he goes to an auction and tries to bid on a [...]

    23. E.M. MacCallum on said:

      An eccentric main character named, Mike whose vast knowledge of rare books has him in the middle of a murder mystery where he s the prime suspect Mike is a complex man He s certainly no angel but he s trying to right his wrongs Accompanying Mike is a menagerie of equally interesting and unique characters There are other biblophiles along with a movie star and of course a very bad person well, a few I am always a fan of an author who can inject humor at the most inconvenient times When a moment i [...]

    24. Chris on said:

      NOT A COZY MYSTERY This was a pretty good book it popped up on my recommendations list as a Cozy Mystery but, it s really anything but cozy unless you like a sexy cozy There were a few places I had to skip over so if you are sensitive to erotic descriptions this book will NOT be for you.Michael is an antiquarian bookseller in Kansas City with a daughter and an interesting past and an auction that reveals shenanigans in the rare book world The plot moves along and the characters are interesting I [...]

    25. Bill on said:

      This is one of the best mysteries I have read in a dog s age and that s a long time Meet Michael Bevin, former lawyer, rugby player, Marine, and now a used book dealer interested in some wildly rare books up for auction at one of those country places where folks are just after practical stuff.He loses the bid for this lot of books, including a rare Hemingway, with inscriptions Collette, the author, to Paris great bookseller Sylvia Beach, and Hemingway himself.Little does Bevin know that this boo [...]

    26. Chole on said:

      I pick up this one because the title intrigued me and I had it in my mind this was probably something along the lines of a cozy or lite mystery It isn t.The subject matter is dark and the erotica serves to kick off the dark mystery Mr Shawver is spinning While the kink and BDSM in the tale may be surprising and uncomfortable to some it is an integral aspect of the story.The characters are not cut outs dropped into the story They are developed and damaged individuals with lives shaped by their pa [...]

    27. Tillie on said:

      I enjoyed it, but didn t think it was riveting I figured things out much too quickly which I often don t There weren t really any sudden twists or turns to add to the suspense I hope the series gets better as Mike and Josie start working together Perhaps adding a few twists and turns

    28. Katherine P on said:

      I really wanted to like this one because it was set in a bookstore However, I found the characters unlikable and the mystery didn t really grab me The pacing on this one is good and it is well written so I would pick up another book by this author but unfortunately this one didn t work for me.iwishilivedinalibrary

    29. Julie on said:

      I was given this book as an arc from netgallyThis book can be described on one word FANTASTIC The dirty Book Murder is on my top three best reads of 2014 so far.This book is not to be missed I would recommend The Dirty Murder Book to everyone It s well worth spending your money on it.

    30. Paula Schumm on said:

      Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Alibi for a free advance copy of The Dirty Book Murder Thomas Shawver has given us a good read The characters in The Dirty Book Murder are varied, the plot unfolds pleasantly, and the subject matter is edgy Plus, I love a book about books I would recommend this one, but it is not for the prudish or the faint of heart.

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