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Domechild By Shiv Ramdas Domechild A suicidal machine A child with a secret that can change the world The man trapped between them In the City where machines take care of everything lives Albert an ordinary citizen with an extraordi

  • Title: Domechild
  • Author: Shiv Ramdas
  • ISBN: 9780143332985
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Domechild By Shiv Ramdas A suicidal machine A child with a secret that can change the world The man trapped between them In the City, where machines take care of everything, lives Albert, an ordinary citizen with an extraordinary problem Hes being blackmailed into becoming the first person in living memory to actually do something.What begins as a chance encounter with an outlaw child swiftlyA suicidal machine A child with a secret that can change the world The man trapped between them In the City, where machines take care of everything, lives Albert, an ordinary citizen with an extraordinary problem Hes being blackmailed into becoming the first person in living memory to actually do something.What begins as a chance encounter with an outlaw child swiftly spirals out of control as Albert is trapped between the authorities and the demands of his unusual blackmailer Forced to go on the run for his life, he finds himself in a shadow world of cyber junkies, radicals and rebels, where he discovers the horrifying truth behind the City, a truth that will make him question everything he has ever known.
    Domechild By Shiv Ramdas

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      404 Shiv Ramdas
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    One thought on “Domechild

    1. Ness on said:

      Two things did not happen to me while reading Domechild One was remembering to eat dinner The other was sleep I read the book in one night, scream shouting at parts and speed reading through the rest I liked it a lot, OK Loved it This review comes from someone who is a fan, so take what I say with that in mind I will try and be balanced and critical, but no promises.I m a little wary of comparison because everyone s tastes differ, but I found Domechild to be a glorious mashup of Cory Doctorow an [...]

    2. James Baldwin on said:

      To summarise Domechild is really a lovechild of a Hayao Miyazaki Film and George Orwell s 1984 It s good, and I recommend it for lovers of all things alternately bleak and uplifting.There is a definite cyberpunk flavor to the book which I found very appealing It begins in typical Orwellian fashion, but pretty soon, there s layers of gritty complexity which build on each other and create a very interesting story which races along like an animated film I was reminded of some of Hayao Miyazaki s wo [...]

    3. Leslie on said:

      In his book FARENHEIT 451, Ray Bradbury observed, Good writers touch life often This is exceptionally true with my experience of DOMECHILD I never wanted it to end but even books have their limits Ramdas cast of characters are wonderful in their individuality From the descriptions of the well intended Intelligence Interface for easier cyber access and subsequent consequences of experiencing such ease , to the death wish of a machine that has learned that a life that willingly forfeits the capaci [...]

    4. Morkskittar on said:

      I recently had the pleasure of reading the novel Domechild by Shiv Ramdas A quick reading of the blurb would lead you to believe that you were going to read another dystopian science fiction novel, in which machines rule over mankind, which has become impotent and degenerate The first pages reinforce this belief, and I had almost consigned it to that overused trope But I read on, and then everything changed It quickly became apparent that Domechild was not about machine human relations in a dyst [...]

    5. Hriday on said:

      Disclosure Shiv is a friend and college mate This review tries to discount that as much as possible Domechild is an interesting sci fi tale of a futuristic society with some unique tech imagination, clever observations, nifty descriptions and impressive humor all thrown in The author s conceptualization and portrayal of a protected, fully automated society and its everyday workings, centered around protagonist Albert starts off as a promising premise The genuine and imaginative tech landscape is [...]

    6. Jeffrey Cook on said:

      I m a fan, in general, of dystopian science fiction And this is not just one of the best dystopian novels I ve read in some time.I m a big fan of science fiction And this isn t just one of the best scifi books I ve read.I read a lot of genres Scifi, westerns, fantasy, mystery, historical fiction and this is one of the best books I ve read in years.Well crafted, tense from beginning to end.Albert is the everyman I hesitate, in many cases, to even say he s the everyman hero It s not his heroic tra [...]

    7. Astrid Turner on said:

      Surprising twists, mysterious and multi faceted characters, AI robots and tech junkies, and a highly original setting This story had me hooked from the very beginning, through the eyes of Albert, a shyly defiant individual who questions his existence The story itself was initially confusing, but it gradually unfolded in a natural and believable manner The action scenes were exciting and clever There were so many interesting trails to follow throughout the story, and it constantly left me wanting [...]

    8. Jiva on said:

      DISCLAIMER I was gifted this story, in exchange for an honest review Upon finishing, I rattled off a list of complaints to the author They all stemmed from the fact that i loved it so much Yeah, weird right This story has everything, utopian society set in a dystopian world, happy citizens, a robotic police force, a resistance, a resistance to the resistance, a sexy anti hero, sentient machines, a boogeyman who stalks the shadows, a chosen one, an unwitting hero I mean, you name it, it s in here [...]

    9. Wes Neilson on said:

      Domechild is the best book I ve read in a long time, which is saying a lot, as science fiction isn t my favorite genre The book came to my attention when it was mentioned in the same sentence as another favorite of mine, Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson To my surprise, I recognized the name of the author as an individual I was familiar with from several Science themed Facebook pages When I confirmed that they were one and the same very few Shiv Ramdases in the world I ordered the book immediatel [...]

    10. EJ Roberts on said:

      Inside the Dome, everything was perfect Outside the Dome, there was nothing We d finally achieved the perfect existence AI was alive and well and running everything A 100% unemployment rate was frowned upon, so everyone was employed at the aptly named Employment Department or attended the Academy The only work one had to do for 8 hours was to update thousands of other people you d never meet on your status or have a chat with them I can only think of it as social media run amok.Albert wasn t loo [...]

    11. Shubham Mamgain on said:

      I just finished reading Domechild by Shiv Ramdas, a dystopian adventure, and I have a lot to sing in its praise.I had bought the book a year ago And, though, my decision to procrastinate which, therefore, cannot be called a decision at all may have come off as a rather shameful one in any other circumstance, I am grateful that I put off reading this book till the time I could identify and appreciate how relevant, in fact, the dystopia presented in the novel is I doubt the following sentence from [...]

    12. katnick on said:

      I won a copy of Domechild in a giveaway I wish I could say I enjoyed it, but the truth is that if I d been reading for pleasure, I d have stopped about three chapters in.The plot is actually pretty good It s a Logan s Run style story about an ordinary man who escapes a domed city tightly controlled by robots in order to protect a little girl he found in a vacant lot It s set in an interesting world that very cleverly plays on popular issues of the day, namely the technology race and our society [...]

    13. Mark Penix on said:

      When I first picked up Shiv s book I was admittedly skeptical He s the same age as I am and we re world s apart and he s done something I so desperately want to do publish a book.The cover is great and brings to life the descriptions Shiv has of his world but it simply does not do the story justice, all that you see on the cover just scratches the surface.The start is slow and mind numbing, it s meant to be It reminds me of my cubicle life and the protag leaves much to be desired So you desire i [...]

    14. John on said:

      We live in the age of the clich , our lives are all neatly shrink wrapped for us Our books are safe and our hero s fangs are perfectly aligned to fit in with perfect model looks Our clich s have become a gaudy representation of how lost we have truly become Yet in this preposterous life, a light shines through Shiv Ramdas paints with shades of grey that speaks to the reader in such a profound and meaningful way that it is truly astounding He gives a perfect social commentary on our social and po [...]

    15. Ashley on said:

      I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this via First Reads program and I m so glad that I did Domechild started off slowly for me, but once I really got into it I found myself having a hard time putting it down and waking up after only a few hours of sleep so that I could read some before having to go to work As it is, I m really hoping that there will be at least a sequel to the book, if not two follow up books, so that I can find out what happens next as the book did end on a cliff hanger R [...]

    16. Bulbul on said:

      I am not into sci fi at all Since the author is a senior from college I picked up the book when it was released but then gave up reading after the initial few chapters But like every book very few I ve left unfinished, this has left me feeling guilty Worse, I know the author and facing him everytime brings up the guilt I decided to finish it this time.The book starts out slow Ok, it s not slow It s just that there is that happens in the 2nd half than in the 1st half This is understandable since [...]

    17. Courtney on said:

      To be quite honest, I was slightly hesitant to begin The premise of the novel sounded extremely intriguing, but for the particular plot the novel was either going to be really good or really bad There is just no in between for it Despite my concern, I still wanted to read it And I m glad It s a fantastic read, one that I m sure Orwell would be delighted by It s definitely a modern dystopian game changer The writing in itself is sophisticated and fluid The transitions are definitely clear and wel [...]

    18. Chelo Biggerstaff on said:

      Hard to Put DownQuite possibly one of the best books I ve read in years The characters are genuine and real the stories are complex and the action leads inexorably toward an unpredictable ending.Shiva Ramdas gives a rookie effort to be reckoned with His dystopian world is ages away from our own and right next door Building a future only he can see from the reality that already exists, he draws you in first with the nearly familiar, then leads you down one slippery path after another At the end,y [...]

    19. Nikki on said:

      I really enjoyed the idea behind this book The plot was interesting and thought provoking, and the characters well rounded and fun to read about However, I only made it about 100 pages into the book before I had to put it back down again I couldn t get past the feeling that it needed a few edits before being released Mostly, it wasn t much than a few awkward feeling sentences and redundancies within the same sentence I didn t find this everywhere in the book, but in enough places that I was un [...]

    20. Prashanth Srivatsa on said:

      Metropolis meets 1984 Domechild is science fiction s long lost Indian son, a fine example of what happens when MBA graduates can actually write well Coupled with astounding imagination, this dystopian cyber tale ensures you don t get lost in all the revolutionary chaos outside the Dome Shiv s narration is filled with all the right kinds of humour and a laudable prose, pulling you in deep enough to empathize with the fates of the characters involved When the sequel pops out, you ve got a day zero [...]

    21. Supriya Sodhi on said:

      Its been absolutely ages since a book made it difficult for me to sleep or think of anything else ages since I carried a book around with me everywhere ages since the characters in a book felt like friends It took me all of two days to finish the book because I couldn t stop turning the pages Loved the storyline and the fact that it reminded me a bit of the Hobbit like a sci fi energy packed nail biting version of it Great dialogues, very cool twists and turns and just the right amount of humor [...]

    22. Rachel Brune on said:

      A little cyberpunk, a little dystopia, a little action adventure a good mix for a story that takes place in a future with than one shade of The Matrix and 1984 combined I enjoyed the read, which began with a machine wishing to commit suicide and ended with a huge cliffhanger I was a little disappointed that the book didn t resolve the SUE storyline, which for me really hooked me into the book and kept me reading, but I assume there will be a sequel and we will get to learn I recommend this boo [...]

    23. Jenelle Candia on said:

      I won a copy of this book from and it isn t a genre that I read often That being said, I enjoyed the plot and the characters One character in particular I m looking forward to hearing about Go M I will definitely be purchasing and reading the sequel when it comes out.I couldn t give it the full five stars, as the editing does need a little work.

    24. C. Stuchl on said:

      Thank you and Mr Ramdas for the free book The idea of a machine run society isn t new but I liked the twist this one took Once I had the time to really read it, I finished it in one evening Looking forward to reading book 2 Keep up the good work.

    25. Riley on said:

      I was totally captivated by this book from the very start It was just WOW

    26. J on said:

      Won a copy in first reads Eagerly anticipating its arrival in the mail, I ll be sure to read and review

    27. Ushasri Nannapaneni on said:

      Favorite Quotes Perfection is vigilance Nobody is perfect until everybody is Everybody is guilty until nobody is Welcome to the perfect world Where everyone is replaceable Biological parts serviced by mechanical parts in a giant plastic bubble that s what they were As the blurb above suggests, it is a dystopian fiction I like the name speculative fiction better and am unsure if it has an element of utopia that the characters are journeying towards, as this is the first part of the sequel.Plot Th [...]

    28. Arron Cawser on said:

      There s nothing negative I can really say about this book There might have been a couple of little bits here and there that I wasn t so keen on, but they were so small when measured against the rest of Domechild that they are completely forgiven In fact I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.The story begins with the dome, a city run entirely by machines No one living within the dome seems to have any freedom of choice, including our main character, Albert, who is about as ordinary as a pe [...]

    29. Brent Lambert on said:

      Why do we read For many reasons and they all tend to be valid One of those reasons is to find remarkable characters and that is what this novel delivers Every character in this novel is distinct, has a unique history and speaks with authority Albert, our main character, is a breath of fresh air with his intelligence and honesty about all the world shattering situations he finds himself in Theo, a rambunctious child, is someone you can t help to fall in love with June is a woman hiding behind a s [...]

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