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Awakening By C.G. Cooper Awakening Meet Benjamin Dragon A boy with absent parents A boy without friends A boy with a giftBenjamin is smart really smart Without asking Benjamin s opinion his parents move to a new town and put him two

  • Title: Awakening
  • Author: C.G. Cooper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Awakening By C.G. Cooper Meet Benjamin Dragon.A boy with absent parents.A boy without friends.A boy with a giftBenjamin is smart, really smart Without asking Benjamin s opinion, his parents move to a new town and put him two grades ahead of where he should be Now a full head shorter than other kids in his new school, Benjamin is a perfect target for bullies Is he destined to be an outcast onMeet Benjamin Dragon.A boy with absent parents.A boy without friends.A boy with a giftBenjamin is smart, really smart Without asking Benjamin s opinion, his parents move to a new town and put him two grades ahead of where he should be Now a full head shorter than other kids in his new school, Benjamin is a perfect target for bullies Is he destined to be an outcast once again Follow Benjamin as he discovers his unique gift while swimming through the complexities of junior high, friends, bullies, camp and strange visitors Benjamin Dragon Awakening is Book 1 in The Chronicles of Benjamin Dragon.
    Awakening By C.G. Cooper

    • [E-Book] ☆ Awakening | By ✓ C.G. Cooper
      406 C.G. Cooper
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    One thought on “Awakening

    1. Montzalee Wittmann on said:

      Awakening Chronicles of Benjamin Dragon, 1 by C.G Cooper is an exciting middle age kids book I am certainly far from being a middle age kid but I thoroughly enjoyed it A kid with that is mentally gifted and has another special gift Bullies, but one of those is resolved in an unusual way Suspense, fun, a camp, strange people with strange gifts too, and great fantasy It was a fun read that didn t speak down to the reader Great read.

    2. Donald Hoffman on said:

      I was well into the Corps Justice series when I discovered that Carlos Cooper had written a book for young adults Recently, my grandson had gotten me to read The One and Only Ivan and I accidently stumbled on The Dragon of Cripple Creek, I decided to give young Benjamin Dragon a shot Now I have praised C.G Cooper for the way he portrayed his characters in the Corps Justice books, drawing on his experience as a Marine and a leader I must say that he has captured the essence of a 10 year old boy p [...]

    3. Lydia Erickson on said:

      Amazing After reading all of this authors Corps Justice books, I don t really know what I expected in this series What I found were his trademark excellently delineated characters, in a delightfully new environment I am very much looking forward to exploring this series Thank you, Mr Cooper, for surprising me Lydia Erickson

    4. Barbara Ann on said:

      Benjamin Dragon Awakening Chronicles of Benjamin Dragon Book 1 Written by C.G CooperTen year old Benjamin Dragon is a very bright child who has already skipped two years in school He is the son of Tanya and Timothy Dragon, a powerful lawyer and businessman Their frequent moves plus Benjamin s small statue and last name provide fertile ground for bullies On the first day of a new school Benjamin is bullied on the playground Egging him on to fight, Nathan lies on the ground bloodied and injured Bu [...]

    5. Tom Ekman on said:

      I would love to have super powers Of course it is not so easy as the story goes I had a cow tri valve to replace my worn out bi valve in my aorta 80 I feel so much better I want to say I have read many novels by C.G.Cooper All of them keep me going.

    6. Laura Magana on said:

      Summary Little Benjamin Dragon has always been a special person Whether it be having to change schools often, skipping two grade levels, having a lawyer mom and a businessman dad, or his lack of height, Benjamin can t seem to stay out of the spotlight With this spotlight comes bullying on varying levels There s the stares and snickers as he walk through the halls, and then there s Nathan Pratt, the big kid When getting ready to leave school one day, Benjamin is confronted by Nathan and made fun [...]

    7. Marilyn Ostermiller on said:

      Benjamin Dragon is a 10 year old boy with three strikes against him He s small for his age He was moved ahead two grades in school, which makes his stature even noticeable And, his mother is a high powered lawyer on a career fast track that requires the family to move frequently That means Benjamin doesn t get to put down roots and make close friends When we meet Benjamin he is being bullied again But this time, when he puts his hand out to ward off the blow, he sends his attacker flying so har [...]

    8. S.W. on said:

      In a Nutshell Quite an enjoyable read that nicely sets up the series Love the cover too Book 2 is called Legacy.This is my first freebie from Bookbub The name suggests Dragons, doesn t it I will reveal that it does have Dragons, but I won t reveal the type.The story follows, Ben, a young gifted ten year old adjusting to his latest move to a new school He s likable, he s vulnerable, he s different, and he s gifted.It s this gift that is the focus of the story as it explores the trials of his jour [...]

    9. Bill Tillman on said:

      The type of read you cannot put down until you have reached the last page, great fun Benjamin was a quiet and shy guy with lots of smarts, he is two grades ahead of himself It is not until he is confronted by a bully on the playground that he discovers something is radically different about him Benjamin pushes the bully away from himself only to see him fly through the air and land ten feet away with several broken ribs Benjamin has a secret power known as destructive , and this is the tale abou [...]

    10. C.J. Milbrandt on said:

      Benjamin Dragon has it hard even though he has an enviable life by most standards He has high powered, confident parents with influential careers And sufficient intelligence to warrant skipping two grades at school But for Benjamin, that adds up to the pressure of high expectations and being shorter and smaller than everyone in his class He s ten when strange things begin to happen Bullying and best friends Hermits and heroics Camp and car crashes Mentors and menacing offers Cooper sets up a cla [...]

    11. Gail on said:

      Enjoyable I like to read about kids who are gifted in some way and how they handle it This book has a message about bullying interwoven in the story A good kid worried about going bad meets up with someone like him who seems to have everything but was letting his gifts lead him down a path of hero worship Benjamin can see through it and discovers he has extra powers I enjoyed it enough to look for the next book.

    12. Tracy Scott-gle on said:

      WowC G Cooper is a very good writer One who always keeps me reading just to find out what happens next But this story is one of the best ever Especially about a young person growing into special talent Don t want to do any spoilers, so I will just say I would have gotten sleep if only I could have put the book down and turned out the lights.

    13. Dr. Jeffrey H. Schnitzer on said:

      Short and sweetA nicely written tale of pre adolescent confusion and growth There is a magical component, but it does not dominate it is a key to Ben s growth The ending is a little too pat, but the book s sweetness prevails I used to teach a course in Children s Literature I would have definitely included Awakening Very much recommended.

    14. John Wood on said:

      Good Story Good Story about a young boy with special powers I don t know if I ll continue reading the series, because I think I m a little to old But I highly recommend this to a young adult or even younger.

    15. helen bosch on said:

      Benjamin is my kind of kid.I read the book looking forward to every new chapter It totally kept my interest I loved his family, friends and adventuresgoing to start on the next book tomorrow.

    16. Charles T. Hughes on said:

      Benjamin DragonVery entertaining, start to finish Hopefully there will be a sequel Even though this story tends to be geared to the younger generation, I found it quite interesting.

    17. Lois on said:

      WowThis is a very good story The characters are well developed and the plot is interesting The one thing that bothered me was spoiler alert the reference to one gifted two thousand years ago Not correct

    18. Grace Sain on said:

      Loved itThis is about a young shy ten year old boy has just moved again He is super smart and unusual things start happening to him I love the unique take on powers and responsibilities and that the author gives the young characters such smart personalities.

    19. Richard Kratche on said:

      Great ReadI was very surprised that I e joyed Coopers Ben Dragon.I am not a sic fi person Thank you for some unexpected relaxed reading I have enjoyed Coopers writing and gave this a try because of him.

    20. Natalie Rottinghaus on said:

      Wow, cool I read this to my son, who loved it and wanted to rate it five stars I chose 4 due to having to censor a couple parts and having to get around editing errors Overall, we loved the balance of a descriptive, peaceful, idyllic life mixed with supernatural adventure.

    21. Lindberg on said:

      Super Heroes in my backyard lI can only say What took you so long This is a concept I have played with in my head for years and now someone has put it on paper I look forward to seeing the next book my this series with bated breaths.

    22. Roland Minden on said:

      Fantastic coming of age fantasy story.Fantastic coming of age fantasy story I enjoyed the story and how it deals with bullies Good character development Good contrast in story line.

    23. Kimberly Griffith on said:

      I got this book to review and fell in love with it It is for young readers age 9 but also thoroughly entertained this old granny Looking forward for the next installment and recommending it to all the young readers I know.

    24. Marilyn Lewis on said:

      Enjoyable ReadEnjoyed this book very much Great read for middle school Even we older folks can enjoy it, although the writing is often much fitted to the younger reader Definitely recommended for a good guys bad guys story.

    25. Mikel Rhodes on said:

      A fantastic story of good vs evil.I wasn t sure that I would finish this story once I began since I wasn t a fan of sci fi or other such works but I soon realized that I couldn t put the story down I am looking forward to the next Dragon book.

    26. mirba on said:

      Ok, so i suppose that this book has a very specific target, which is nerdy outcast boys between 10 to 11 years old Oh, and they have to be american.I don t fall in any of those categories, so probably that s why most of the good in the book leaves me quite untouched.

    27. Barry Edstene on said:

      Good quick read, while enjoyable to older readers it is well suted to younger readers I will recommend it to all my grandchildren, I can see this as a great action picture for the younger set.

    28. Marty on said:

      I was enjoying corps justice when I found this book It seemed like something my kids would like so I read it to preview it I think they will like it, I sure did

    29. Thomas Roth on said:

      A most entertaining story about fantastic powers in a world desperate for heros and young people growing to become amazing.

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