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Gianna Marino

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Following Papa's Song

Following Papa's Song By Gianna Marino Following Papa s Song Papa asked Little Blue Are we going very far Yes Little Blue We will travel fartherthan we have ever gone before As two whales swim together through the big ocean Little Blue has many questions for

  • Title: Following Papa's Song
  • Author: Gianna Marino
  • ISBN: 9780670013159
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following Papa's Song By Gianna Marino Papa asked Little Blue Are we going very far Yes, Little Blue We will travel fartherthan we have ever gone before As two whales swim together through the big ocean, Little Blue has many questions for Papa, especially ones about the long migration How will they know the way Will he be able to keep up What will they see along the way Papa has answers for all these Papa asked Little Blue Are we going very far Yes, Little Blue We will travel fartherthan we have ever gone before As two whales swim together through the big ocean, Little Blue has many questions for Papa, especially ones about the long migration How will they know the way Will he be able to keep up What will they see along the way Papa has answers for all these questions, but Little Blue remains curious as they begin their journey What could be down below, where they can t see The answer is a magical world and Little Blue is enchanted until there is only darkness surrounding the young whale But if Little Blue is quiet and listens, can Little Blue hear Papa s song Filled with the wonders of the ocean and the comfort of a father s presence, Following Papa s Song is a heartwarming story to be read again and again.
    Following Papa's Song By Gianna Marino

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    One thought on “Following Papa's Song

    1. Mary on said:

      Accompanied by his father, Little Blue Whale begins his first migration to the summer feeding ground Filled with questions and wonder about the journey, Little Blue Whale swims off course and must use his whale song to find his father again With gorgeous illustrations, this is a reassuring story about the parent child bond set deep underwater.

    2. Amanda Hoffman on said:

      Great book to teach what to do when you get lost I had a daughter who thought it was funny to run away This would have been a fantastic book to read and use as a lesson instead of just instruction on why we are not suppose to run away You could also use this book about migration patterns of whales The illustrations in this book are beautiful, the way the colors roll together One of the best illustrated books I have seen.

    3. Tasha on said:

      Little Blue and his Papa are traveling farther than they ever have before as they migrate, following the song of the other whales Little Blue has lots of the questions and his father encourages him to keep listening for the song As they travel, Little Blue learns about the different layers of the ocean Then he notices light in the darkness below and just has to head down and see what it is for himself He discovers a magical layer of life in the ocean, but when he heads even lower there is darkne [...]

    4. Laura on said:

      We grabbed this at the library mostly because the front cover has a lot of green and Gwen has been liking green a lot lately She seemed to love this book and I don t 100% know why Why does a six month old like anything The colors are vibrant and beautiful, and it uses Papa instead of Daddy like Gwen does , so that may be why I also liked it In the story, the young whale gets momentarily lost, but only for about a page so it s not tense or upsetting The story is a bit of a nonentity in comparison [...]

    5. Audrey Spiller on said:

      Little Blue and Papa are waiting on the songs of the other wales to start their migration to their summer feeding ground Papa tells little blue that there is a magical world below them but even deeper that that is darkness Little Blue dives down into the depths and first, comes across the magical world but then gets lost in the darkness Little Blue starts to panic and then remembers that he she can alway hear the sound of Papa s voice In this book, Little Blue s gender is never specifiedA major [...]

    6. Melissa on said:

      This month s installment of Dolly Parton s Imagination Library was this beautiful book I d never heard of Little Blue is following his blue whale father on his very first migration when he gets distracted and swims off but all he has to do is listen for his papa s song to get back with the pod the illustrations were gorgeous especially the bright lovely colors childern for the backgrounds We had added fun since Benji already had a stuffed blue whale now rechristened Little Blue acting out the pa [...]

    7. Alicia Thompson on said:

      This book reminds me a lot of Gianna Marino s other book in the same vein Meet Me at the Moon except with a dad Like that one, it fits into the the kissing hand type of genre My kids didn t care too much for this one either I m super pragmatic and the my love for you will echo in eternity and call you back to me vibe just isn t my style It s all a bit too new age, hippy, earth mama to me If that s your bag, give it a go.

    8. Rowan on said:

      Is there a sixth star option A heart warming tale about a whale and his father, this will surely bring father and son closer together.

    9. Nadine on said:

      readaloud PYP STPBeautifully illustrated book with simple text about the migration of whales, accessible for the youngest of readers

    10. Caitlin on said:

      This Dolly Parton Imagination Library book is pretty to look at, but the text is lame.

    11. Katterley on said:

      Beautiful words and illustrations Very enjoyable and touching story I love Ms Marino s messages.

    12. Logan Williams on said:

      Personal Reaction This is a picture book that would be a good read aloud for a Kindergarten through first grade book The book is simple yet provides beautiful illustrations of the different layers of the ocean This book is about a young whale, Little Blue, who is migrating a far distance with its father Little Blue learns that it must always listen for the whales song for guidance Soon Little Blue becomes curious about what lies in deep in the ocean He discovers life then darkness as he continue [...]

    13. Meribeth on said:

      As they swim through the sunlit morning sea Little Blue, a humpback whale, asks Papa questions Little Blue is especially interested in their coming travels Are we going far How will we know the way Papa s answers comfort him They will follow the whales song, like our family has for years upon years If you listen closely you will always hear my song They begin their journey through the liquid light and deep into the mysterious black Little Blue is curious about the dark magical world below Marino [...]

    14. Sarah Schwarz on said:

      Little Blue is a young whale with a curious heart Alongside his her Papa, they set off on their voyage for the summer feeding ground Little Blue s curiosity takes her deeper into the ocean Past the fish, past the dolphins, down into the deep dark ocean But wait Where is Papa Where are the other whales What did Papa say about how to find him Read Following Papa s Song to help Little Blue find their way home I would use this book as an introduction to animals and their sounds Using the white board [...]

    15. Jocelin on said:

      This was like the aquatic version of Are we there yet featuring whales The story is really sweet and it pulls the heart strings The little whale calf is anxious to get to their destination While the father whale is patient and gently guides him to the final destination a some adventure for the little calf happens There is a moment when the calf gets lost and he must find his way out of the darkness Instead of being frantic, he calmly listens for Papa s Song Through the darkness he is able to hea [...]

    16. Kifflie on said:

      Little Blue Whale is getting ready to travel with Papa Whale and the rest of the pod on their long swim to their spring feeding grounds As their journey starts, Little Blue becomes temporarily separated from the other whales while he checks out all the wonders of the deep ocean, but the song of Papa and the other whales guides him back to safety.There are some very pretty background colors and nice renderings of whales in the artwork, but I found the narration a little dull and predictable Still [...]

    17. Kelsey on said:

      Age Toddler KindergartenOcean Life WhalesFamily Father and childFamiliar Experience Getting lostFather whale and child anticipate and participate in whale migration through song When the child whale goes to explore the dark deep, she or he get lost and remembers papa s words that if she listens hard enough, she will hear the call of her father s song and can find her way back to him This book can be used to discuss getting lost and not panicking It can also be used to discuss colors because Mari [...]

    18. Linda on said:

      Gianna Marino has also written Too Tall Houses and Meet Me At The Moon This recently published book was loaned to me by my great book buddy, and it is another treasure With beautiful illustrations in different shades depending on the ocean depth, a whale baby learns about the ocean and what he can see if he dives deep, but also that he ll always hear his papa if he listens, and thus be able to find him It s a sweet book for young children, but I also take it as a metaphor for all of us who still [...]

    19. Angie Simmonds on said:

      I thought this tale of a father whale and a baby whale getting ready to migrate to another feeding area was really nice The illustrations are soft and colorful and the baby whale has a lot of questions about where they were going and how they would know how to get there Baby whale is afraid he will get lost and Papa whale explains he has to always listen for his song So when Baby whale explores just a little further away and things look unfamiliar he starts to panic a little and then he remember [...]

    20. Nancy on said:

      Are children s book supposed to make the mom tear up About to embark on their first migration to their summer feeding grounds, this beautiful tale tells of Little Blue and the new and wondrous adventure that he will share with his father When Little Blue s curiosity gets the best of him, and he is separated from his father, all he has to do is remember what he was told If you listen closely, you will always hear my song.A simple tale of a father and son that will span a separation and impart a m [...]

    21. Kristine Hansen on said:

      Every child will identify with Little Blue in this story Who hasn t wandered off from a parent and felt that awful panicky feeling usually on the heels of some great wondrous thing because the wandering had to do with the discovery of something interesting so the contrast is extreme Gentle teaching about whales and listening to one s parents is woven throughout this tale that is as beautiful as the sea itself.

    22. Becky on said:

      A father blue whale and his young son head towards their summer feeding ground for the young one s first time Like many youngsters, this little whale is curious and ventures off to see the magical and dark places in the sea that papa has told him about Getting scared, Little Blue listens and remembers that the can follow Papa s song to find him.A sweet book for young explorers and nature lovers.

    23. Beverly on said:

      I really loved the gouache and gum arabic illustrations in this lovely book the changing colors of the ocean, the extreme close ups of the whales, and especially the excellent silhouette of the whales The textured watercolor paper upon which the illustrations are painted make for very interesting backgrounds The story is very sweet and heart warming, but not very original However, the illustrations do a masterful job of capturing all the action and the emotions of the whale characters.

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