Hunting Cari

Mikayla Lane

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Hunting Cari

Hunting Cari By Mikayla Lane Hunting Cari Scaden Torenson was bored to death on his first voyage as a Commander of a Valendran fleet ship Until a chance encounter with an ancient distress beacon turns his world upside down Pitted against his

  • Title: Hunting Cari
  • Author: Mikayla Lane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hunting Cari By Mikayla Lane Scaden Torenson was bored to death on his first voyage as a Commander of a Valendran fleet ship Until a chance encounter with an ancient distress beacon turns his world upside down Pitted against his loyalties and everything he believes he s forced to fight for the impossible for what belongs to him A child born of two worlds, Cari Lakatis has spent her whole life on EScaden Torenson was bored to death on his first voyage as a Commander of a Valendran fleet ship Until a chance encounter with an ancient distress beacon turns his world upside down Pitted against his loyalties and everything he believes he s forced to fight for the impossible for what belongs to him A child born of two worlds, Cari Lakatis has spent her whole life on Earth hiding from an ancient enemy of her father s people Raised on stories of her father and his world, by her uncle, she s always dreamed of having a normal life Now the enemy has finally caught up to her, and their plans are insidious than she could have ever imagined Betrayed by those they trusted the most, time is running out for them, and in order to save themselves they will have to decide if what they have found is truly worth fighting for.
    Hunting Cari By Mikayla Lane

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      279 Mikayla Lane
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    One thought on “Hunting Cari

    1. Elizabeth on said:

      Mars Needs Women.I m a sucker for this trope very long lived alien men with female population shortage, earth women are definitely compatible.The story started out rough, the plot slow going, the wording stilted, telling than showing and the characters hard to connect with, especially in the sample that makes available I read that sample several times before I decided that the book was cheaper than the iced coffee I got the other day and just bought it Because this appears to be the author s f [...]

    2. Whitney on said:

      Okay I m not seeing what everyone else is major spoilers I really wanted to like this book but it s just too frustrating.Where do I start 1 I really liked the premise but the first part of the book read like a really bad ya novel I get that the Valendran people age at a different rate but if you were raised in a different culture, i.e Earth, then if you are in your mid twenties you would not act like you re teenager Cari acts and talks like a teenager She has supposedly been raised around the wo [...]

    3. Twist on said:

      Warning there is mention of repeated rape.Not bad for a first start to a series, but not the best Easy to read and follow The First Wave set definitely needs to be read before the Second Wave The first portion of the book, Scaden acts like an aggressive jerk, which is completely unlike him, but no one calls him on it until it is too late Uncle Randor tries to warn him away from Cari Why That didn t make sense The council needs to get over themselves Why in the world would they think that after 2 [...]

    4. Etana on said:

      DNF I just couldn t This book was too annoying I am not going to describe everything I didn t like but I will say to the author this Before you write a book or before you put something in your book do your research please Ok the thing is this small spoilers ahead The aliens crash on earth 2000 years ago and this is repeated at least 5 times yet they later mention that they have helped human civilisation be created What civilisation that may be a yes the Sumer one A civilisations which is existed [...]

    5. Angela on said:

      Loved it Loved it I bought this book months ago and just didn t get around to read it This was by far one of the better sci fi romance books I have read to date I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn t hardly put it down It is well written with some editing errors The characters are well defined and I absolutely loved Scaden I only wished I had a man who loved and craved me as much Well done Ms Lane I can t wait for Jess s story I bought the rest of the series tonight and am so excited

    6. Donna Sweeney on said:

      This was Scaden and Cari s book and if you like me are into your alien love story every once in a while then this is a MUST read You will not be disappointed 5 Take me to the stars Stars from me

    7. Literati Literature Lovers on said:

      Couple s connection was lacking, but good world building.The author created a very interesting world building for this science fiction romance This could be classified as a breeder romance, as the alpha male s home planet had been impacted by a virus that caused the females to become barren All those males and no females around to mate with The uniqueness of the book is that the aliens Valdarens are extremely long lived, almost to an immortality length life span i.e 2,000 yrs is a man still in h [...]

    8. Charity on said:

      Born of an alien refugee s alliance with her human mother, Cari is orphaned at the age of 4 and spends the next 22 years of her life hiding in plain sight Along with her Uncle Randor, she is hunted by the evil Relian a race of rival aliens who have insidiously taken up key positions on Earth Scaden is the Commander of the Valendran ship sent to Patrol the Milky Way galaxy He never expected his boring assignment to this godforsaken quadrant of space to lead him to the survivors of a two millennia [...]

    9. Melissa on said:

      A good read Some editing issues as other reviewers stated, but only a few were distracting enough to interrupt the story flow I love the mars needs women trope that is prevalent in scifi romance The Valendrans and the Relians are enemies and each has a group that has been stranded on Earth for thousands of years and they have been fighting the whole time The book features Cari the half human result of a Valendran Earth pairing And the hero is Scaden, a captain on a Valendran ship on a routine mi [...]

    10. Amy Clark on said:

      This book had potential, but I just could not connect with the characters I want the characters to have a extra dimension that makes me really believe in them For example, I wanted the Hero in this book to be of a commander I wanted to believe that there was a reason that he was the youngest male to be given the honor of commanding his own ship, but I felt like he lacked that special something I made it over half way and I just couldn t finish the book Good storyline just wish characters were [...]

    11. marion on said:

      Hunting CariKindle unlimited read, otherwise listed currently for 1.99.An interesting story, though it seemed a bit long in the tooth Although, if any of the plot had been left out, it would have negatively affected the story so I m not sure why it seemed to drag on in some places.I won t be purchasing this one, but I will check out the next book in the series but only because it is also offered through the kindle unlimited program zittern

    12. 1Tigerlily on said:

      Good start to the series Punctuation editing a little off putting but very interesting and good characters Since I ve read all in series so far, I can say it continues to improve in complexity of story line and characters, as well as editing.Definitely worth the read, looking forward to

    13. Taryn on said:

      RereadI dreamt about this book for months Before I finally went through my Read Shelf on Finally found and so glad I did I enjoyed the book the second time around.

    14. Michele bookloverforever on said:

      aliens find survivors and their half human children from a long lost outpost a mating occurs but no mating marks occur twins are born and the union recognized enjoyable if you like this genre the female in this story is a bit too passive for my tastesd not too bright Re read in april, 2017.

    15. Misty on said:

      Good book 3 1 2 stars I couldn t give stars because of the lack of editing I liked the characters The author has a good imaginationok a popular plot in most sci fi bookisted it a bit and made it her own.

    16. Krows Solitude on said:

      I would have liked to given this book a higher rating I loved the characters and the story However, the editing was horrible and was impossibly distracting I really hope the second book gets a better editing than this one did.

    17. Ellen on said:

      I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Hunting Cari I gave it 4 stars because the punctuation and grammar need some work, but it doesn t detract too much from the story Beware there is a major cliffhanger at the end I am off to read the next book.

    18. Angarad on said:

      A great science fiction book that made me think a bit of Number 4.Cari was such a strong young woman and Scaden really the perfect example of the alpha male claiming his woman.I loved the connection between the 2 of them, so strong, so deep I wish everyone had one as such.

    19. Kati on said:

      Interesting story and world building , but reading this book was like reading a manuscript Wonky font, editing issues but now that the scene is set on to the next one

    20. Monica on said:

      Fun Fantasy Scfi Romance Has all the good stuff that we love in these books Yet it also has great history to go along with the book tooTALLY RECOMMEND

    21. Denise on said:

      Really good author Very interesting reading I am going to read the next books in this series Highly Recommend this author.

    22. Lilly on said:

      DNF at 56% Read like a bad fanfiction and the main hero was just way too much Nope, not having it.

    23. Kris England on said:

      I enjoyed itGreat start to this series Interesting people with unknown gifts popping up Looking forward to reading my by this author.

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