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The Secret Pool (The Best of Betty Neels)

The Secret Pool (The Best of Betty Neels) By Betty Neels The Secret Pool The Best of Betty Neels Francesca must cope with looking after her three elderly aunts while working at the local hospital but she deals with it with quiet efficiency and believes her life is complete until Dr Litrik van Ri

  • Title: The Secret Pool (The Best of Betty Neels)
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373512317
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Secret Pool (The Best of Betty Neels) By Betty Neels Francesca must cope with looking after her three elderly aunts while working at the local hospital, but she deals with it with quiet efficiency and believes her life is complete until Dr Litrik van Rijgen arrives Reissue.
    The Secret Pool (The Best of Betty Neels) By Betty Neels

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      170 Betty Neels
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    One thought on “The Secret Pool (The Best of Betty Neels)

    1. Pamela Shropshire on said:

      I rated this 4 stars, but I m not sure if I really loved it or hated it The marriage of convenience trope is a familiar one to readers of romance in general and in particular to readers of Betty Neels TGB apparently never met a MOC she didn t like and some of her efforts in this regard are quite successful I m torn on The Secret Pool, however.First of all, the reason for this MOC is probably the best in the Canon Secondly, both H h come into the marriage with plenty of baggage However, this RDD [...]

    2. StMargarets on said:

      This is a gorgeous book and so different from any other Betty Neels I love it, but many readers may find it hard to take There is a death in the novel and it s front and center view spoiler Heroine, a nurse, first met the hero, a doctor, when she fell asleep during his lecture and he was nasty about it Years later he shows up and asks her to marry him for the sake of his dying daughter Seems the heroine looks just like the lady mouse in the daughter s picture book and his daughter longs for a mo [...]

    3. Anne on said:

      Oh dear I think I have to re arrange my top five favorite Betty Neels novels This is a tear festival Heaven help us.

    4. Anna on said:

      This may be my favorite Betty Neels so far The formula starts out the same with the cantankerous but gorgeous Dutch doctor and the Mousy nurse with beautiful eyes, but the small tragedy within is so well written that it elevates the story beyond most There is better communication between the parties and our doctor even occasionally apologizes which is a definite plus.Popsugar 2018 view spoiler a book about death or grief hide spoiler

    5. Fiona Marsden on said:

      This is a book that might be difficult for some people The heroine Francesca is sought out by Dr Litrik van Rijgen because she would be a perfect mother for his little daughter Lisa is dying and her one wish is to have a mother like the mouse heroine in her story book.The story centres mostly around the relationship with Lisa once Francesca marries Litrik but they spend family time together and she gets to know Litrik who was embittered by his marriage to Lisa s mother The agreement is for Lisa [...]

    6. Helen Manning on said:

      Very sweet and heartfelt A love story first between a terminally ill little girl and the PBN who is handpicked by her RDD papa to be her mousy mama Lisa is very sweet and Litrick s devotion to her is amazing esp when we learn she is not his daughter but his wife s lover s child whom he raised after her desertion and death Fran is quiet and gentle and loving all the attributes Lisa seeks for her mama Tender and lovely.

    7. Mellanie C on said:

      I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 13134678

    8. Teri-K on said:

      A bit serious than the typical Neels book This marriage of convenience takes place because the RDD has a young daughter who is dying Her greatest wish is for a mother and she knows exactly how this mother will look and act Nurse Fran fits the description exactly and of course agrees to marry to make the little girl s last few months happy Who wouldn t lolI could quite see these two kind people falling in love and I enjoyed reading their story This is an especially sweet and tender tale perfect [...]

    9. Gigi Ann on said:

      Her quiet life was thrown into turmoil.Calm and capable those were the words used to sum up Francesca Certainly she had plenty to cope with, looking after the home she shared with three elderly aunts and working at the local hospital Yet she dealt with it all with her usual quiet efficiency and believed her life was complete until Dr Litrik van Rijgen arrived.Having taken the trouble to track her down while she was enjoying a holiday in Holland, he seemed to have other plans for her But was she [...]

    10. Julie Barrett on said:

      The Secret Pool by Betty NeelsHarlequin audio book about Francesca who is a nurse in a small town where there are many wards as other nurses train for the bigger city hospital.She lives with the aunts and cousins til one day a doctor has noticed her and takes her for a ride to meet his daughter Lisa She is a very sick child and her one wish is for her daddy to wed.He talks Fran into marrying him, he s very rich and money is no object for her to take a sabbatical His daughter has only a short tim [...]

    11. Janice Aitkens on said:

      I read this on the kindleThis has been the best Betty Neels book so far i am working my way through them all starting with 1 so this book 72 has been greatYou may need a tissue for this one i am one who gets watery eyed anyway lolIt about Dr Litrik van Rijgen asking Francesca to marry him so his dying daughter will have a mother as she wants Francesca who agrees they say they will annual the marriage after Lisa dies There a few surprises the ending is typical Betty Neels but getting to that poin [...]

    12. Rita on said:

      This book is so bad I am embarrassed to have read it 1987 Perhaps Neels s writing steadily declined with her age She was really old when she wrote this one All the characters are intelligent, well educated conversationalists, but we are repeatedly told that the women always clustered together to talk about the latest fashions and what they were going to wear to the next social event.Her stereotyped plot is again the same old story.

    13. Mandy Hemmings on said:

      OK, I didn t read this one in only a day it took me about a week, but I forgot to add it This is one of the best Betty Neels I have read so far I don t want to give away any spoilers, but suffice it to say that, unusually for Betty, whose books are usually the literary equivalent of an extremely comfy old pair of slippers, she really springs a surprise on the reader Just have a box of tissues handy as it s a bit of a heart wrencher

    14. Allison on said:

      It was fine, but I really thought the secret pool was going to feature on the ending.

    15. Patricia schmit on said:

      Lovely Title For a Lovely StoryWell told story with Betty Neels as usual drawing quite real characters An enjoyable read with just enough romance, too.

    16. Monique E. Lacroix on said:

      LovelyI have enjoyed all of Betty Neels books This one was no exception The first one that made me cry though.

    17. Melinda on said:

      Sorry but I don t buy the explanation that Litrik was in love with Fran before their marriage Here is what he says to her at the end I believe that I have loved you for a long time now, perhaps since that first time when I made you cry during that lecture afterwards I felt as though I had wounded some small creature and left it to die Then I met you again and I knew that you were exactly the mother Lisa had wished for for so long a mouse, she had said, and that is what you are, a small beautiful [...]

    18. Carol Bunk on said:

      Sad and SweetI have read many of Betty Heels books and have enjoyed them all This book is a bit different but handled nicely but not real I read these books to escape for a bit I do not want reality.

    19. Evelyn Morgan on said:

      One of my favorites from Betty Neels This story is so sweet, a little sad, but, of course, a happy ending as always.

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