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Elora Nicole Ramirez

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Every Shattered Thing

Every Shattered Thing By Elora Nicole Ramirez Every Shattered Thing Stephanie fights reality every day The voices inside the ones declaring her worth deem her broken used and dirty She is an object A toy Something to be tossed aside when bored Who will believe her

  • Title: Every Shattered Thing
  • Author: Elora Nicole Ramirez
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Every Shattered Thing By Elora Nicole Ramirez Stephanie fights reality every day The voices inside, the ones declaring her worth, deem her broken, used and dirty She is an object A toy Something to be tossed aside when bored Who will believe her if she whispers the truth about her wrecking ball of a family Eventually, her secret explodes and the person who means the most to her knows just how shattered she is anStephanie fights reality every day The voices inside, the ones declaring her worth, deem her broken, used and dirty She is an object A toy Something to be tossed aside when bored Who will believe her if she whispers the truth about her wrecking ball of a family Eventually, her secret explodes and the person who means the most to her knows just how shattered she is and why she s so afraid But rescue is closer than she realizes Hidden in plain sight, her horror hasn t been ignored by everyone Racing against the truth of what she faces, forces are joining together and developing a plan to free her from the hell in her own backyard And while she s at her lowest point, she s hit with the beauty of love at any cost redemption in the face of ruin Will it be enough Warning Contains mature content that may not be suitable for younger audiences
    Every Shattered Thing By Elora Nicole Ramirez

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      299 Elora Nicole Ramirez
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    One thought on “Every Shattered Thing

    1. Jenny Wells on said:

      Do not read this book Do not read this book if you cannot be disturbed Do not read this book if you don t want to experience the debut novel of a writer who faced the blank page about the hardest of subjects Do not read this book if you can only handle the fiction of books like, The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo but not the violence towards heroines who are vulnerable to the worst in the real world.I did not want to read this book Even as I read it I did not want to read this book I did not want to [...]

    2. Autumn Doughton on said:

      Stumbling upon this book was completely serendipitous I d just come off a bender of reading all twelve books in a series in about two weeks and I needed something new to clear my head I found this book and didn t even read the description or other reviews before I downloaded it In a way, I m glad that I didn t because I don t know that I would have started reading this yesterday if I had Not because the blurbs and reviews aren t good, but because I don t think I felt like reading something about [...]

    3. Lacey on said:

      The book has a really good message, but unfortunately there are so many aspects of the book that are unrealistic LIKE This organization enlisted a high school boy to help them with this super dangerous situation And his parents didn t know about it She is completely neglected, and doesn t use birth control But somehow her father has bought her cranberry pills What hospital would release a child to her father who she claims allowed men to rape her And what ever happened to that rape kit In this d [...]

    4. Hooked On Books on said:

      What a emotional ride that was If you can t handle scenes of a disturbing nature then this book is NOT for you Whilst reading there were a few times I thought I couldn t continue until the end I had to put the book down and walk away, clear my head and then continue Elora Nicole Ramirez took the risk of writing about a very tough and sadly a subject that is still ongoing around the world as I m writing this review and compelled something fantastic It was wrote with the upmost sensitivity, passio [...]

    5. Chelsea (Starbucks & Books Obsession) on said:

      The content warning in the synopsis is not to be taken lightly This book definitely deals with a tough subject that is all too real and may be difficult to handle Anytime a book deals with abuse or sexual assault, I find my emotions exceedingly heightened This book deals with that subject but at an even intense level than I could have imagined Stephanie is a senior in high school and she is counting down the days to graduation when she will perceptively be free from her broken home and her abus [...]

    6. Jamie on said:

      This is one of those stories that s hard tough heart breaking to read, but important enough to push through.When the topic deals with sex trafficking and human trafficking, you don t really expect anything different Author and fellow Dreamer and Builder friend of mine , Elora Ramirez does a fantastic job portraying the story of those who suffer at the hands of trafficking in her book, Every Shattered Thing It s stirring and real.I really wanted to believe the issues dealt with in this book we re [...]

    7. Lisa on said:

      It s not everyday that you come across a book that takes your breath away, in both good and bad ways Every Shattered Thing was brilliantly written It s full of gut wrenching situations but also filled with poetic beauty I was captivated with the heroin, Stephanie She buried herself with in me She is a natural born fighter She is brave She is special And She is one heroin that I sat on the sidelines cheering for Regardless of any and all terrible situations that she was presented with, she won Bu [...]

    8. Holly Baker on said:

      ARC received in exchange for an honest review When I first signed up for this tour I knew it was going to be an emotional read When I started reading the book, I wasn t sure how I felt about it I said on my page that it was going to be a book I was either going to love or hate, and to be honest, once I finished I still wasn t sure how I was feeling But after some time to process, I can now say, hand on my heart, 5 fantastic stars.This book Oh man It was painful to read The subject matter was hea [...]

    9. Redheaded Bookworm on said:

      I m seriously on the fence about this one I love to read dark reads and this one can certainly be categorized as dark, but I like to read the dark stories for the light at the end of the tunnel But there was no light for this one I understand it is dealing with a VERY heavy subject but I need a little hope that things will be okay for the characters I think the first problem was that I didn t connect with the MC The second problem was the way the emotions were dealt with They kinda fell flat for [...]

    10. Marni on said:

      Elora Ramirez, thank you for providing me a copy of your book for an honest review Where to start When I went into this book, I knew Stephanie had issues I hadn t realized until I started reading just how horrible they would be As the story really started to unfold I couldn t help but feel an attachment to the character because one of my childhood best friends had been a victim of rape at the hands of her stepfather and had tried to take her life as a teen, thankfully unsuccessfully He had reall [...]

    11. R.L. Haas on said:

      I sat down to read this book late in the evening I read half of it and went to bed Five minutes later, I read the other half I couldn t stop There was something so powerful and profound about the truth woven deeply into the story The moment my eyes inhaled her story, Stephanie reached into my soul, gripped it tight, sunk her nails in, looked into my eyes and whispered, now you know me what are you going to do about me This book is not an easy read, it is not a frilly fluffy love story or somethi [...]

    12. Books,Chocolate and Lipgloss on said:

      Every shattered thing is a book about a young woman named Stephanie who is trapped in a life of prostitution from her father and desperately praying for a way out This was a hard book to read because the author is amazing at getting you to feel Stephanies pain without throwing it in your face It is a heartbreaking journey into what this young girl is forced into everyday without any hope of escape I think the saddest part is that there are young girls all over the world who go through this daily [...]

    13. Brittany Williamson on said:

      I cried tears of hope heartbreak all the way through this book Stephanie s story is a challenge to see people, to love well, and to hope in Rescue when we re the ones who desperately need to be seen loved SO RECOMMENDED.

    14. Leahia on said:

      I usually try to tough books out but I got to a point where it was Just No The subject matter wasn t what threw me off,I usually love stories about dark issues, this one just felt juvenile and flat along with the characters except Emma.

    15. Hollyberry on said:

      This book.what can I say I had so many emotions, most of them had me crying, it is not a very long book, but it packs a powerful punch about reality right in your face The synopsis does not give away what the content of Stephanie s secrets are, and I don t really want to give it away either, however, it may be a trigger for some people so I will give two basic subjects that are covered in this book, physical and emotional abuse, and child prostitution, I will not go any father than that I read t [...]

    16. Sandie Book Boyfriend Reviews on said:

      5 5 heart wrenching, ugly crier stars eARC provided by author in exchange for honest review I didn t know what to expect As I began to read and read and read I was so sucked in I couldn t stop Then I had to I needed to walk away I need love and reassurance from my kids and hubby I needed to feel alive I cried I cried because this story moved me I know there is evil in this world I know that this story could be told by countless girls I thought about how in the little town I live in, how this cou [...]

    17. Jessica (Stuck in Books) on said:

      This is one of those heavy subject books that seems so interesting when you first see it, then you pick it up and actually start reading and kind of remember that yeah, you actually have a heart And it doesn t just swoony swoon over Guy Chambers It cares about things And it actually CAN care about a female MC, even when you don t necessarily like her a whole lot I don t particularly like Stephanie She was boring to me But I m not even going to try to pretend I exactly know what it s like to live [...]

    18. Reading in Black & White on said:

      Let me start this by saying Every Shattered Thing by Elora Ramirez was by far the best book I read during the month of August and one of the best I ve read this year Now, on to the review He snarls in disgust I regret the day you were born You mean nothing to me, you little bitch Nothing You re the worst mistake of my life Is your mouth open right now Yea, mine was This is a father talking to his daughter Stephanie This is the first time that my heart broke a little bit, a tear formed, and my bl [...]

    19. Roxanne Kade on said:

      I don t think I ve ever cried so much reading a book before If I wasn t sobbing my eyes out for Stephanie and Pacey, then I had tears streaming down my cheeks because of the beautiful love shown by Kevin, Emma and Jude.This book is hard hitting and shattered my heart a million times over The horror of what was happening to Steph left me feeling broken every time I thought about it still does And to think that this sort of thing actually happens in real life There are actually sick, disgusting in [...]

    20. Lindsay Tweedle on said:

      This is a fabulously well written book Elora paints a vivid picture of the world of human trafficking It s fiction, but you know as you re reading that this is reality for so many young girls You know that you re reading pieces of stories, shadows of others heartbreaks It is raw and ragged, but also a captivating story well paced and the characters are so real I felt as if I could really know these people It is fiction at its best In the days after I finished the novel, I often found myself thin [...]

    21. Ashley Williams on said:

      Every Shattered Thing was a heartbreakingly wonderful read I hadn t read the blurb to this book before I started, I was just told that it was an amazing read, YA but with mature content The beginning of the book reminded me of Reason to Breathe series, but after a few chapters I realized that there was going on than just a drunken abusive father The writing is very vivid, enough that your stomach twists in knots it s just down right sick in places.The thing I liked most about this book, was Ste [...]

    22. Maria Malamitam on said:

      This is definitely the most heartbreaking and gut wrenching book I have ever read so far When I saw the Blurb and reviews, I didn t really have a firm grasp on just how deep the book is until I began reading it.There were moments when I was talking myself out of finishing it just because it was too much With what Stephanie is going through, it was so easy to just give up to let go I actually found myself wishing she would just finish herself off just so the torture would end I know it s wrong an [...]

    23. Sassy Savvy Fabulous on said:

      One of the most powerful books I read all year, This was a gritty story about a young girl forced into prostitution This story ripped my heart out and stomped on it The reality of trafficking is terrifying and far prevalent then we know This is the story of nightmares I could not put it down, I stayed up till nearly 3 am needing to know how it would end.The book shattered me I was devastated while reading it I sobbed from the HORRORS she endured Every time I felt hope it was ripped away, I felt [...]

    24. Alissa on said:

      This is not an easy read Sure, it s fairly short and the syntax and vocabulary are straight forward you could probably breeze through it in a day or two if you wanted , but the subject matter is jarring It is certainly not for the faint hearted I think you honor yourself and the material best by reading this one slow, a couple chapters at a time Let the characters introduce themselves to you, give yourself time to process the hard parts, let the upsetting truths slowly shatter your own preconcei [...]

    25. Sabrina Peters on said:

      I ll be honest even though Elora s writing on her blog always speaks to my soul, I was skeptical of Every Shattered Thing as a YA novel, because I haven t touched one of those in years, and haven t wanted to But once I started reading, I couldn t stop The characters grabbed my heart and wouldn t let go I plunged headfirst into the story and didn t come up for air until I finished I felt kinds of emotions than I have reading any single book rage, sadness, optimism, despair, hope People, any writ [...]

    26. Laurie on said:

      Torn between three and four stars Would have been four but I HATE books passed off as complete, when it s really only part one Do not read this book if you re tired of authors just ending a story with an epilogue so you have to buy the new book Otherwise it was a terrific book explaining how young girls end up in the sex trade Using the things and people they love against them, manipulated and abused I still recommend the book, just be prepared for a half ass ending Although I am curious how Ste [...]

    27. Adela on said:

      This is such an important book to read It is heart wrenching and hard to read I ve seen some other reviews suggesting the violence and abuse in it was too much or taken too far, but after extensive research into human trafficking and hearing stories from rescued girls, I can say with confidence, nothing in this book is exaggerated It is imperative that we take the long hard look into things happening on our own soil Aside from the significance of the issue, the book is beautifully written and I [...]

    28. Kat on said:

      This book was darkly beautiful The author takes a dark and difficult topic and does the story justice Yes at times I felt sick and had to put the kindle aside cause my inside were raw from twisting The ending had me begging for I really hope there is a second adventure for Kevin and Steph.

    29. Melissa Boles on said:

      I devoured this book in 90 minutes It is beautiful and heart breaking and so well done Stephanie s story sits in my chest, and there s a good chance I ll finish the second one before this weekend is up.

    30. Amy Fournier on said:

      Wow This book is so messed up, but so incredibly good Review coming soon.

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