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Lifeboat By A.B. Shepherd Lifeboat Cass has lost everything her husband her son and her will to live She walks in the dark when sleep eludes her One sleepless summer night she spies a UFO and discovers a new obsession It gives much n

  • Title: Lifeboat
  • Author: A.B. Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9781484031674
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lifeboat By A.B. Shepherd Cass has lost everything her husband, her son, and her will to live She walks in the dark when sleep eludes her One sleepless summer night she spies a UFO and discovers a new obsession It gives much needed focus to her empty life When natural disasters destroy the Earth, Cass and other survivors are rescued and taken to a new world where the human race can begin anew.Cass has lost everything her husband, her son, and her will to live She walks in the dark when sleep eludes her One sleepless summer night she spies a UFO and discovers a new obsession It gives much needed focus to her empty life When natural disasters destroy the Earth, Cass and other survivors are rescued and taken to a new world where the human race can begin anew But something is wrong here This may not be the paradise they ve been promised Survivors are vanishing without a trace Can Cass unravel the riddle in time to save herself
    Lifeboat By A.B. Shepherd

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      260 A.B. Shepherd
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    One thought on “Lifeboat

    1. Brenda on said:

      Cassiel Carmichael was dragging herself up through the depths of depression, sure she would never be happy again Five years previously she had lost her husband Mike and their four year old son Michael in a dreadful car crash They were on their way home from the Adelaide show where they had had a wonderful day, but the weather was terrible, heavy rain and storms, but with only a short distance to go, Mike was sure he was fine to keep driving When she woke in hospital, in unimaginable pain, little [...]

    2. Angela on said:

      If you aren t into science fiction or aliens don t let the cover on A B Shepherd s debut novel, Lifeboat, put you off While the story does have UFOs and aliens it centers on Cass, a woman who must learn how to survive the loss of everything she has ever loved.I admit that I was extremely tired when I started reading Lifeboat so the changes in time and character at the beginning threw me a bit even though they are clearly labelled I finally got drawn into the story when it started flowing in a li [...]

    3. Rhiannon Douglas on said:

      Wow.When I opened the advance review copy, I had this idea in my mind of Sci Fi that we all tend to have You feel like you know what will happen, how it all ends We all know what people will write if it s about aliens and spaceships.Not so with Lifeboat.This was another read in one go book for me I began and didn t want to stop Cass is so easy to relate to, even if you aren t of the aliens visit us mindset She is a normal woman, with a tragic past, who just happens to have seen a UFO She reacts [...]

    4. Deborah Sastroredjo on said:

      Well this book started a little slow But in the end it kinda explains why It was a very interesting read though There was a lot going on and it got a little confusing at times But that also got explained I really don t know how to review this book without giving anything away, but if you are a ufo geek you will love this book I also liked that it was situated in Australia, I like to travel when I read For the rest I can say that it keeps you interested and it is kind of different The only thing [...]

    5. A.B. Shepherd on said:

      Of course I love it I wrote it That was meant to be silly, but in reality I really do love this story It pretty much told itself it stepped far outside the outline I had prepared very early on in the process and it took it s own path I couldn t wait to get up in the morning to write just so I could find out what would happen next Oddly, I still had to be the one to do the hard work of putting it all down for all of us, and editing it over and over again to make sure it was as perfect as I could [...]

    6. Jessica on said:

      Lifeboat is a book that I look back on with a smile I won this book in a giveaway and having read the authors second book a short story called The Beacon which was whoa I was eager to get to the authors first book and full length novel.Having read it, its one I ll think of fondly as I recall sitting on the train absorbed in the story only to have a guy a few seats over snoring like a bear in hibernation Hard to focus on the book but I did, and from time to time sat there with a smile on my face [...]

    7. Leanne Herrera on said:

      I began reading at the same time as everyone else, but I picked up one of my mother s Harlequin s when I was about 9 and became hooked I soaked up every story I could read, I didn t care how many chapters it was or who wrote it, what the cover looked like, or what the synopsis said I had one goal with every book I picked up, I just wanted it to take me to another world Because I read so much I have always been able to pretty much figure out what is most likely going to happen at the end of each [...]

    8. R.J. Crayton on said:

      3.5 Stars I round up because does not accommodate the half star.In the past, I have not read a lot of UFO fiction, so when I received this, I wasn t sure exactly what to expect The story starts off with three people watching for a UFO One arrives, two of the people are abducted, and the man left behind is swept away by a tidal wave or tsunami it s described as a wall of water in the book Then the story starts, alternating between the period prior to the abduction, and the period following the ab [...]

    9. Charles Ray on said:

      Although A.B Shepherd s Lifeboat begins with Graham watching helplessly as his friends Cass and Rhys are abducted by an alien ship, Graham is quickly reduced to a minor character in a story with twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster The main character, readers soon discover, is Cass, a woman who, along with her family, has lost everything, and who is seeking some meaning in her life.Shepherd uses multiple points of view and shifting timelines to fairly good effect in building tens [...]

    10. Samantha (Book Lover's Cozy Cafe) on said:

      I was given a copy of this book, in return for an honest review.HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN Lifeboat is a book where a 1000 people were rescued, by aliens, because Earth has been destroyed by the ultimate natural disasters, and I mean in the epic proportions too Cass, a lonley woman who had lost what meant most to her in her life, had become obsessed with UFO s after seeing one, a few years after the death of her husband and son She had eventually came to meet up with two UFOlogists by the names of Rhys [...]

    11. Ann Massey on said:

      It was raining thick sheets of water The sound was deafening as it hit the tiled roofs and slid heavily through the gutters to the ground As I made my third cup of coffee for the morning, I was longing for a good book I could dig into, curl up in my favourite chair and lose myself in another world It took me only a few minutes to find and download Lifeboat on the Kindle and I was setLike the biblical story of the Flood , Earth is about to be destroyed by a natural disaster Cass and Rhys are two [...]

    12. Karen Toz on said:

      I m not a fan of science fiction Not even a little bit But when the buzz about A.B Shepherd s debut novel, Lifeboat, started getting around, I have to admit, my interest was than a little peaked The I heard about this book, the I wanted to know what all the fuss was about Well now I know Yes, Lifeboat has UFOs and aliens, but it has so much It is a fabulously written character driven story about a young woman who has lost everything that is important to her and is looking to hold on to that [...]

    13. J.C. Andrijeski on said:

      Wow Interesting bookd so not what I expected, I have to say I don t want to say too much about it, because really, this is a mystery, if wrapped in a science fiction UFO packaging I will say it s not exactly an easy story to read in some ways, although it s an extremely fast read, meaning, a definite page turner for me Once I got sucked in, I couldn t stop reading until I knew what had happened, and what was really going on, in terms of the unfolding mysterious events I really doubt much of anyo [...]

    14. Shelly on said:

      actual rating 3.5 starsIf you are like me and you love to read books that transport you away from reality, then this book is just for you This book focuses on a woman who s lost everything and she suddenly becomes obsessed with UFOs I usually don t read books that involve aliens and this book was quite refreshing I will admit that this book was a little creepy but don t let that scare you Most good books should make you feel a little irked if not scared to keep reading I really enjoyed the chara [...]

    15. Cian Goggin on said:

      I was given a copy of this in return for an honest review I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, it was a bit slow and confusing how it kept changing around at the very start but then I got into the story and I couldn t put it down and flew through it The Characters where really interesting and I loved that there was an Irish person of course I would being Irish myself hahaha The book is about a woman, Cass, who has lost her family , but finds an interest in UFO s Then a natural disaster [...]

    16. Carolyn on said:

      I think the author must have had a lot of fun writing this book At first you think it is going to be a standard story of Alien abduction but then it turns out to be much weirder than that.Cass is a young woman in a small South Australian town struggling to get her life back on track after the death of her husband and son a few years ago She has moved to a depressing flat in town and has a boring job at a supermarket She has trouble sleeping and spends her nights walking the local paddocks on the [...]

    17. Anne on said:

      I pick up Lifeboat thinking I would just read a few pages to get an idea if I would want to read this book I was hooked a few pages turned into and pages Soon I was halfway finished with the book Lifeboat grabs on to you and will not let you go It is about Cass her inner demons and what happens to her when she is taken aboard an alien ship called a Lifeboat What happened on Earth and what will happen to Cass You will have to read Lifeboat to find out Taken the journey on the Lifeboat with Cass [...]

    18. Amanda on said:

      This is not only an original storyline, which I don t see much because I read so many books, but a very well written story I don t read a lot of suspense because my heart just can t take it LOL Lifeboat definitely kept me guessing and I was enthralled, wanting to know what would happen to Cass and the others I was a little confused at the beginning because I couldn t figure out the timing, but once I got on track, I couldn t put it down.

    19. Jodi Woody on said:

      I was given a copy of Lifeboat by the author, A.B Shepherd, in exchange for an honest review I liked the story It is told in the first person, through the eyes of mainly two people The story kept my interest, wanting to see what happened next The whole flavor reminded me of the old Twilight Zone series that I loved as a kid, they always left me thinking what Overall a good read I give the book 3 stars.

    20. Jane on said:

      What a great story for a first time author Science fiction is not my chosen genre to read and I found myself absorbed in the story to the end There are a number of typing errors still evident and a few errors with colloquial speech but these do not detract from the story The suspense is held right up to the end of the book which keeps the reader engaged.

    21. Peter Casement on said:

      If you like reading Books but not quite into SciFI This is a book that will get u interested in it.It s a page turner and the Characters are engaging and makes you want to keep reading until the end.I loved the book and cannot wait to read from this Author.A great book all around Perfect for reading on a short traveling trip.Buy the book and you will not be disappointed.

    22. Donna Huber on said:

      At about the 25 30% mark I was totally sucked into the story and had to know what was going on Never saw the ending coming Read my full review at Girl Who Reads

    23. Rachel Graft on said:

      This is a great book Yes it is about UFO s but nothing like you have ever read before Once you start reading you will not want to stop the story keeps you guessing New author this is her first book it is a doozy Can t wait to read what she thinks up next

    24. Kathy on said:

      I loved this book It s a Sy Fy thriller that you wouldn t except the ending The main characters blend well together I can t wait till the next book from this author comes out The ending left me speechless Can t say enough good things about A.B Shepherd

    25. Kevin McCarthy on said:

      interesting reading.A pleasant read After I was midway thru the book I didn t stop until I finished The writing was very descriptive, interesting, and a good read.

    26. Darcy Marusich on said:

      Very interesting story line and easy style that kept me glued page after page I can t wait to read from this author.

    27. Carol Hegger on said:

      Great read, could not put it down This was not the type of books I normally read, but I really enjoyed it Surprise ending was wonderful

    28. Caren on said:

      SPOILERS First off, the writing isn t bad, I can see promise here I do have trouble with the Aussie vernacular It s written poorly, overdone, it reminds me of a sitcom with an American trying to play an Aussie and just not quite getting it right I ll assume the writer is not a native Australian, or not based in Australia, as they miss out on that point Here are the spoilers I m sorry to post spoilers, but the problems I have with this book can only be discussed with spoilers The opening sequence [...]

    29. David on said:

      I acquired this e book through the Early Reviewer s giveaway at LibraryThing in APRIL LAST YEAR, and had read the first 30 or 40 pages, but only got to finish it when I was admitted to hospital this week, so I must apologise first to LibraryThing and A.B Shepherd for how long it has taken me to write a review I found the first 30 or 40 pages hard going, hard to get into because of the way the characters were introduced, or perhaps just because of my increasingly tenuous physical and mental state [...]

    30. Caroline Angel on said:

      Well developed characters, a story that takes you through many twists and turns and leaves you wanting Full of Australian slang and dialect, you get to know and enjoy the different characters We switch points of view and timelines, but it is well written and exciting This is not a story about boats, the lifeboat is a metaphor The very existence of human kind depends on the survival of the main characters, and find yourself holding your breath as you turn the pages.A great, quick read, you ll be [...]

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