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Chantal Noordeloos

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Coyote: The Outlander

Coyote: The Outlander By Chantal Noordeloos Coyote The Outlander No one knows where or when the mysterious rips will appear but from them Outlanders walk the earth leaving chaos in their wake Coyote a charismatic bounty hunter travels the land with her enigmat

  • Title: Coyote: The Outlander
  • Author: Chantal Noordeloos
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Coyote: The Outlander By Chantal Noordeloos No one knows where or when the mysterious rips will appear, but from them, Outlanders walk the earth, leaving chaos in their wake Coyote, a charismatic bounty hunter, travels the land with her enigmatic partner, Caesar Together with the help of magic and technology the unlikely duo tracks down these dangerous criminals from different worlds Along the way, Coyote discovNo one knows where or when the mysterious rips will appear, but from them, Outlanders walk the earth, leaving chaos in their wake Coyote, a charismatic bounty hunter, travels the land with her enigmatic partner, Caesar Together with the help of magic and technology the unlikely duo tracks down these dangerous criminals from different worlds Along the way, Coyote discovers a secret that threatens to shatter everything she believes about herself, her father, and her sworn enemy, James Westwood Whether Outlander or inner demons, some things can t be solved with a six shooter.
    Coyote: The Outlander By Chantal Noordeloos

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      279 Chantal Noordeloos
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    One thought on “Coyote: The Outlander

    1. Bob Milne on said:

      There s a version of the old West not taught in schools, one where steampunk contraptions rattle through the streets, one way rips in the fabric of reality randomly appear, alien Outlanders walk among us and the best bounty hunter around is a cigar chomping woman by the name of Coyote.Such is the premise behind Coyote The Outlander, a fun tale that s also an intriguing reading experience but on that in a moment Chantal Noordeloos deftly juggles her genres here, with a Western tale that feels a [...]

    2. Angela Crawford on said:

      From the Description Being a female bounty hunter, Coyote made men nervous Being an official, she made them wary But being the best gunman, or in her case, gunwoman around, Coyote made them downright anxious The popular consensus was that women shouldn t be allowed to be bounty hunters, but no one dared say this out loud when Coyote was around Coyote The OutlanderNo one knows where or when the rips will appear, but they do, and from them, Outlanders walk the earth Coyote travels the territories [...]

    3. John on said:

      Overall 4.5 starsStory 4.5 starsNarration n a starsX Factor 5 stars for making me like something different I ve never read any scifi steampunk westerns before, so I didn t know if I d like this book But I like this author so I gave it a try I m glad I did, because I really liked it.This is cowboys and aliens with a smattering of contraptions, creatures, and culprits She s known as Coyote and she s a bounty hunter who, with her partner Caesar, tracks down and kills dangerous Outlanders aliens fro [...]

    4. Vincenzo Bilof on said:

      World building is a daunting task for any writer who wants to create an original mythology Combine the elements of the steampunk genre with a Western setting and throw in a badass heroine with a cool hat and you ve got an exciting sci fi adventure story A bounty hunter with a troubled past is there any other kind , Coyote is a positive example of a female character who doesn t need typical archetypes to define her actions There s no over sexualization Coyote is armed with all the wit and courage [...]

    5. Art Griswold on said:

      Let s see,Western Check.Bounty Hunters Check.Beings from elsewhere Check.This book has so many things I enjoy that it was hard to put it down so I could sleep for my job.The descriptions are vivid and strong enough to pull me right into the story as if I was in the room invisible of course and watching a real life movie happening around me.Each character has been lovingly crafted to pop off of the pages.Coyote as the lead will grab your heart, make you shy away a bit, and be just a tiny bit afra [...]

    6. Shaun Meeks on said:

      Finally getting a second to write a review for this one Read it a little while back and loved it First off, I have a long time love affair with westerns, but I have been drawn and to westerns that offer something a little new and different And while there are plenty of themes familiar here, they are the kind you want What s better is the things you don t normally get in the average ones And Chantal excels with those After finishing it, I wanted and of it, and hope she will be giving it to us [...]

    7. David Valdez on said:

      a little too short but entertaining non the less I do hope for Coyote stories from this author Loved the world she created and the characters involved I only wish the side stories found on the web were written in the book itself The book was so short they could have easily been added within it s pages.

    8. Andrew on said:

      A snappy introduction to the world of Coyote and the woman herself A blend of wild west, science fiction and steampunk with an emphasis on creating a strong world and character development, this debut left me intrigued as to where Ms Noordeloos will take this twisting tale next.

    9. Stuart Keane on said:

      So, my first review in several months It s been a busy start to 2015 However, I have managed to fit the odd book in, here and there I have a glut of reviews to post this week, so let s begin with a story that goes outside of my normal preferred genres For me, one of the trickiest genres to produce creative material for is the Western Films are usually hit and miss, TV shows very rarely attempt it and writing Well, it takes some skill to pull it off When Coyote The Outlander came across my radar, [...]

    10. Mieneke on said:

      Weird West, or steampunk with a Western flavour, is a sub genre I m not that familiar with I ve read several novels and short stories set in a Western setting, but not that many with a steampunk vibe When I was approached about reviewing Coyote The Outlander, I was intrigued by this aspect of the story The fact that the author, Chantal Noordeloos, was also a draw, as I m always fascinated by fellow Dutchies who can write fiction in English as well as they can in Dutch, as it s a skill I can t ev [...]

    11. A.E. on said:

      Coyote The Outlander is definitely one of the original urban fantasy novels I ve read, and although I didn t used to be into the Wild West as a setting, I have been enjoying the horror subgenre called Weird Westerns for the past few years, so I was excited at the prospect to dive into that kind of a world again In this universe, the supernatural monsters are called Outlanders and they can come in many different varieties Some of them are like nuisances but there are many of them so a hunter wou [...]

    12. Paul on said:

      OK, first book read of 2014 and it s a pretty good start to the year.Coyote is a female bounty hunter in the old West, who travels the country with her companion, Caesar, looking for Outlanders , who are aliens or otherworldly beings, that come to Earth through rips Coyote hunts the ones that are considered bad and gives a pass to those that do no wrong Added to the mix is the her long standing hatred of James Westwood, the man she blames for her father s death.This West is not like the world of [...]

    13. Vix on said:

      Set in the Wild West it is clear that Coyote is a bounty hunter with a difference, not just her gender but what she hunts Its wild west meets steampunkish sci fi not a genre I have ever been enticed into reading but this was by an author I love her horror is exquisite and I had to give it a whirl Coyote is a great stereo type that does not shy away from that fact, she is a beautiful yet tough woman who goes out of her way to be so She cannot shake her beauty though, even the stuff that shines fr [...]

    14. Scott Whitmore on said:

      Part Steampunk, part Western, part Sci Fi, part Fantasy and wholly original Coyote The Outlander by Chantal Noordeloos C_Noordeloos is a fun read that I finished in a couple sittings this past weekend As the first of a series, this book serves to introduce the world and characters, doing so without bogging down in exposition The setting isn t exactly the Old West you ve seen before and honestly, having been born in Illinois, I don t consider Indiana as being west of anything True, there are Nati [...]

    15. Yvonne on said:

      Reading this book is like being caught up in a crash of wildebeast The story picks you up and drags you along on a fantastic journey through the Wild West at an astonishing pace You get the feeling it gives you all the best sights of the Wild West, with some unexpected twists and turns as well, but with barely a moment s rest to catch your breath or truely enjoy the view It makes for an amazing trip that at the end makes you wonder why it is over so soon, can I do it again and can I have of it [...]

    16. Patricia on said:

      It has been ages since I read a wild west story, and probably as long since the last sci fi tale where aliens were not human eating, apocalypse bringing fiends When I learnt that Coyote The Outlander was a combination of the two, I wasn t sure what to expect.Suddenly, I was immersed in a world of gunslingers and traditional Wild West ruled by men or so it seemed While the Old West reluctantly acknowledges the arrival of technical revolution and the new era, little it knows of Outlanders seeping [...]

    17. Donald White on said:

      Know your enemy Charlotte Webb aka Coyote is a bounty hunter She hunts Outlanders, those beings who enter through the rips between worlds And she has been hired by the Pinkerton agency to track down an especially dangerous oneThe world of this work has a western flavor with a touch of science fiction thrown in for good measure It is an intoxicating brew, one that will carry you on into the heart of the dream The main character is tough, yet troubled In her imperfections, we see her humanity.An i [...]

    18. Edith on said:

      Coyote The Outlander was the first book i ve ever read in english At first i didn t know what to expect from books written in english, but from the beginning untill the end I was captured by the story What i found so amazing is the second screen The music you can find there really takes you to the part that you are reading It makes you feel like you are really part of the story The way she describes Coyote is like you really get to know Coyote as the person that she is Her thoughts, her fears, a [...]

    19. Dennis Rauhe on said:

      Coyote is a very entertaining book about a young woman trying to find her way in world that treats her as the underdog While reading the book you will get to see how Coyote becomes the woman that she is, the friends that she makes and the enemies that she has Against the odds she is trying to complete a difficult mission Also her past follows coyote like a shadow which makes it all complex then she would wish There is also the second screen An internet page with backgroud stories and music that [...]

    20. Matthew on said:

      Can t go wrong with a gun toting,cigar sucking,smoke ring puffing,buxom blonde bombshell as a heroine But she does seem to mess with her hat a lot Although the ideas kept reminding me of dimension hopping Dark Tower books and I wasn t completely aware whether I was reading an adult or Young Adult book,I enjoyed the story.A steampunk wild west that s the start of something bigger,and purely for my own private perversions I can t wait until they make a film out of it Guns,boobs,and corsets,Hell Ye [...]

    21. Annelies on said:

      In Coyote the Outlander you get a glimpse into an interesting re imagining of the old west, which is full of otherworldly beings and steam punk contraptions.At the beginning of the book, the author struggles a little bit with consistency of viewpoint Switching between characters is fine, but in this case it was a little confusing Once the story gets going though, this problems disappears, and you re left with an interesting, exciting tale in an original world Definitely worth the read.

    22. Jeannie Holbrook on said:

      Coyote is a bounty hunter in a world where strangeness is common than not Its wild west meets steampunkish sci fi You would think it wouldn t work, but it does A refreshing story that I enjoyed immensely and will be eagerly waiting on the next part of Coyote s journey.

    23. Stefana Bisschop-schouten on said:

      Great book Easy to read with lovely characters and a great story Can t wait for the second book d I want to have a store like that

    24. Jason Williams on said:

      Cracking steampunk novel which introduces us to the heroine, Coyote, in what will hopefully be a long series of adventures

    25. Jaime Johnesee on said:

      Fantastic steampunk western full of great characters and wonderful writing.

    26. Louise on said:

      Loved it Steampunk wild west bounty hunter alien fantasy So much fun to read Definitely worth a read Highly recommended.

    27. Sarah Avory on said:

      For whatever reason I wasn t 100% sure about this book at the start But once I got into it, I really enjoyed it So for me, a well deserved five stars Recommended.

    28. Bryan Bateman on said:

      Great beginning of a new sagaChantal has brought a curious new world to life in her initial entry of the Coyote series What started as an interesting wild west meets sci fi mashup became much moire as her characters developed and gained depth Worthy a read and for me worthy of picking up the next in the series to see where our heroine s journey leads me

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