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In Harmony By Helena Newbury In Harmony Everyone expects her to succeedKaren plays the cello like an angel and it s the only thing that makes her truly feel alive But her father s dream for her to join a prestigious orchestra leaves no tim

  • Title: In Harmony
  • Author: Helena Newbury
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Harmony By Helena Newbury Everyone expects her to succeedKaren plays the cello like an angel, and it s the only thing that makes her truly feel alive But her father s dream for her to join a prestigious orchestra leaves no time in her life for anything but musict even love Trapped on her path, she doesn t know how to rebel.Everyone expects him to failConnor plays rock guitar like the dEveryone expects her to succeedKaren plays the cello like an angel, and it s the only thing that makes her truly feel alive But her father s dream for her to join a prestigious orchestra leaves no time in her life for anything but musict even love Trapped on her path, she doesn t know how to rebel.Everyone expects him to failConnor plays rock guitar like the devil himself, and his ability has got him all the way from a dead end life in Belfast to a scholarship at Fenbrook Academy But beneath his arrogance and charm, he doesn t believe he has what it takes He s spent his time in New York drinking and partying, and the only future he sees is a return to Ireland as soon as he flunks out.But what no one expectsWhen Karen s duet partner is injured, the bad boy guitarist and the shy, sheltered cellist are forced to team up Neither likes the idea, but what begins as anger and distrust slowly spirals into loved lust If they can face up to their feelings, they might just have a chance together If Connor will allow Karen to stop his fall, maybe he can show her a life she never thought possibleThis New Adult Romance is recommended for readers 17 A note for readers of Dance For MeA self contained romance with no cliffhanger ending, this book focuses on Karen and Connor, but Natasha, Darrell, Clarissa, Neil and Jasmine from Dance For Me all appear as well.
    In Harmony By Helena Newbury

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      310 Helena Newbury
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    One thought on “In Harmony

    1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) on said:

      4.5 stars Wow Better than the first book in the Fenbrook Academy series This author really stepped up to the plate Now, I m super picky about my new adult books The book market is just inundated with this genre, which is basically angsty, sex ed up, college age stories They are very often crap, which always makes me wary to try them However, this book really surprised me with how good it was I ll try to break it down for everyone why I liked this story so much.1 This book has a sense of humor So [...]

    2. вιвℓισρнιℓια кιηgѕℓєу & ѕøяєη ƒσяєνєя on said:

      Absolutely brilliant, moving, absorbing, heart aching and a super hot read to boot Loved it

    3. Paganalexandria on said:

      Karen is an extremely introverted cello player and student at Fenbrook Conner is a bad boy Irish rock star in training that she just doesn t understand Circumstances beyond their control force them to work together despite their obvious differences.The first book in the Fenbrook Academy serieswas my favorite Summer read of 2013, so I had high expectations for this installment I was not disappointed I liked that Karen was kind of geeky, but still a pretty girl I could totally understand Connor s [...]

    4. Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews* on said:

      Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.In Harmony is the second book in the Fenbrook Academy series and is a New Adult Contemporary Romance written by Helena Newbury I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review through Read Between The Lines.4.5 Melodious, Dreamy Stars A Touching, Romantic, Sweet Story About Overcoming Your Fears, Finding Yourself and Realizing Your Worth The Review I freaking LOVED this book I enjoyed book one, Dance For Me but this book is a h [...]

    5. ChuCha on said:

      Review Originally Posted at Book FreakRating 4.5 StarsWhat happens when the perfect girl needs the ultimate bad boy Yay This is one book I didn t dare put down I pinned for Karen, swoon at Connor and fell in love with the rest of the characters I swear they would grow on you too Meet the perfect girl Karen the pressure is on her to succeed She plays like she was born with a cello on her hands All she wanted since she was a little girl was to belong to the NY Philharmonic Orchestra Her life was a [...]

    6. Rachmi on said:

      I know there will barely something new in this kind of stories that have already told in a lot of contemporary NA books nowadays Yet the blurb can still make me interested reading it I did enjoy and like it, especially whenever Karen and Connor duet Those scenes are interesting and I feel like I was there watching them playing violin and electric guitar.However I felt the story kind of drag out and lose focus in some part This is about Karen and Connor And I know she has three best friends They [...]

    7. Tina on said:

      ARC kindly provided by the Author, Helena Newbury, in exchange for a review.I loved Helena s first book in the Fenbrook Academy series Dance for Me review here review show and had been looking forward to further books in the series and so when she approached me and asked if I would like an ARC I had to say Yes Please In Harmony is a longer, grittier and sexually explicit book and it blew my socks off Focusing this time on Karen, a cellist who has spent her whole life dominated by her father, is [...]

    8. Lauren - SERIESous Books on said:

      This was SO close to being a 5 5 for me the first half was stellar and adorable But the latter half had some logic plot holes that, while added a dramatic flare, dampened the flow I guess you could say, it lost its harmony sorry, I just had to throw the pun in there

    9. Daria on said:

      Gifted for Exchange for a honest Review 3.5 to 4 Stars very long and detailed What happens when you put a cello player and a rock guitarist together sparks most definitely Kinda with a balance of good and bad As the first book, this one also a bit out of my genre of fav reading A Cello player I think is playing for all the wrong reasons and the rock guitarist is better than he gives himself credit for Because of Ill just throw the word fate in here has a way of working into everyone s lives Kare [...]

    10. Daydream Books on said:

      By far my favourite book in the Fenbrook Academy series I read them out of order so although this was the second in the series I read this one last I love the idea of the main character being a cello player I haven t come across that very much in other music based books I have read which is a big reason why the first main female character of my own music related series is a cello player, it always seems to be the romantic sounding instruments in certain circumstances I like how this author clev [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The New York Philharmonic is all Karen wants It s her dream, at least that s what she thinks anyway At a young age she learned to play the cello One of the most talented musician at Fenbrook, she is confident that her recital will get her considered for her dream After all there is a Philharmonic scout at the recitals When her partner is out of commission she learns that if she doesn t find a new one then she won t graduate and imp [...]

    12. Vallsykes on said:

      I just couldn t get into it The voice was off, the setting was suspect and welle writing was well it may need tutoring Just my opinion.Enough said.

    13. J on said:

      Couldn t finish Heroine just too indecisive, na ve, silly, unsurewell you get the picture.

    14. GeektasticAlii on said:

      Original review posted aliisbookjungle 2 postIf you ve been following my blog or me on social media sites, you ll be aware I have been geeking out over Miss Newbury big time I actually think I have another girl crush, I love when I meet new authors to obsess over Gosh where do I even begin I loved Dance For Me, and couldn t wait to get started on Karen s story I fell in love with all my favorite characters all over again, and met some gorgeous new ones In Harmony was so much , I can t really des [...]

    15. GingerOrange on said:

      Romance 4 Steaminess 4Action suspense 0Overall 4Well this was a pleasant surprise.Firstly, I really liked Karen s straightforward personality I also enjoyed Connor s character Bad boy with a decent side to him I d have preferred him a tad darker but he was alright The romance was a bit boring at the start but it got interesting towards the end The book was surprisingly steamy which is always nice I m not sure if I liked all the mentions of the side characters in this story I haven t read any ot [...]

    16. Berls on said:

      Actual rating is 4.5 stars I received this book for free from IFB Tours in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and or violence.My Initial ReactionAfter already loving Dance For Me, I wasn t at all surprised that I enjoyed In Harmony just as much I was pleasantly surprised, however, by how different the story felt De [...]

    17. Sabrina Olteanu on said:

      I received this book in exchange for my honest review.When I signed up for this tour on Itching For Books, I didn t know this was the second book So, I started reading the first so I started reading the first to understand better the subject Believe me when I say this, I don t know how I finished both books in almost two days I was hooked from the first pages Unbelievable, how Helen Newbury writes It intrigues you from the first word and it makes you go along with the characters as if you were t [...]

    18. Laurie Treacy on said:

      From a blog tour post readergirlsblog 2013 1 My rating 4.5 Karen is a proud music geek She s had one career track since she was a kid to play cello for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra Now she s practicing for the spring recital the most important public performance of her life so far so she can graduate, and hopefully prove to the NYPO rep in attendance that she is worthy of a position with them When her duet partner hurts his arm and cannot perform, Karen walks around Fenbrook Academy in a [...]

    19. Amy Logg on said:

      More reviews at The Reading RealmREVIEW The story Karen, the serious studious cello musician is so close to making her and her father s dreams come true as she nears graduation from The Fenbrook Academy She has worked her whole life, pushed by her overbearing father, for the opportunity to perform in front of scouts for the NY Philharmonics Orchestra But after her duet partner is injured her chances aren t good, with the only option being to perform with notorias bad boy and soon to be drop out [...]

    20. Brandee Price on said:

      In Harmony is the second book in Helena Newbury s Fenbrook series but it can absolutely be read as standalone I never felt like I didn t know what was going on despite not having read Dance for Me, the first book in the series However, I adored In Harmony so much I will be picking up Dance for Me, as soon as I possibly can.In Harmony was reminiscent of Pride Prejudice, for me, in that the two main characters have formed opinions of one another prior to really knowing one another But as Karen and [...]

    21. Crystal on said:

      In Harmony was captivating I completely enjoyed this story and the characters The authors writing style seemed to flow with ease and it was easy to get so caught up in the story that time seemed to flash by Karen is an aspiring musician, She desperately want to play in the New York Symphony simple because that is her life s dream but what effected me the most was, could it be because she wanted this or because this is the direction her overbearing father pushed her in Granted, her father did lov [...]

    22. Elena Love on said:

      In Harmony is the second installment in the Fenbrook Academy series and follows the lives of Karen and Connor.We met Karen at Dance For Me and she was introduced as the quiet musician who didn t do anything to have fun I prefer my Lord of the Rings analogy.The dancers are clearly the elvesThe actors are obviously the humans.And the musicians We re the dwarves Karen is one of those girls who always did things in her life to satisfy her father.She never broke the rules,never went against what he w [...]

    23. Billie on said:

      This was my first time to read a Helena Newbury book, and what can I say It was really good The written words took me inside Fenbrook Academy and met the super shy and I say, painfully shy Karen Montfort When I say painfully shy , it means dreading to talk in public ever Yes Even in front of her colleagues I felt Karen Imagine, having the right answers inside her head but can t spill it out So, she keeps it to herself The result She can t pass presentations but she needs to graduate, her dad a f [...]

    24. The Book Cove on said:

      In Harmony follows two students, Karen and Connor, through personal trials and tribulations as they try to live up to parental and personal expectations What I likedAs many of my readers followers are aware, I love books that deal with music or artistry As music is a passion in my life one of many , it becomes really easy for me to loose myself in books that deal with the ups and downs in that hobby or as a career.Author Helena Newbury did a great job at taking a topic that is commonly wrote abo [...]

    25. Tiffany Readz on said:

      I am officially a fan of Helena Newbury s romance writing style While there are tons of insta love books out there, hers are a gradual romance that builds into a deeper love for each other She takes characters that are polar opposites and meshes them together into one and I just love it.Karen is a proper, innocent girl that has lived under her father s thumb for years Living to please him, her goal is to play the cello in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, because that is what he wants not nec [...]

    26. Angie on said:

      In Harmony follows cellist Karen through her final months of college All that stands between her and graduation is one last recital The pressure is on though because she has to ace it to make up for her failing presentations grade she has an extreme fear of public speaking But then, her duet partner breaks his arm, and performers cannot go on solo The only other student without a partner is guitarist Connor, who had no intention of performing anyway Karen must convince him or her future is lost. [...]

    27. Emily on said:

      I found Helena Newbury through the amazing New Adult Romance box set Adult Romance B that was chock full of 5 awesome books, one of which was Dance For Me, the first in the Fenbrook series.I highly recommend you also one click up Dance For Me It is clever and emotional and introduces the fascinating cast of characters we see continued here in In Harmony Dance For Me was lovely, but, wow, this installment is spectacular Karen is the quiet musician amongst a group of four girlfriends, which inclu [...]

    28. Chrissy on said:

      I really enjoyed this book in the Fenbrook Academy series We get to know Karen the cellist outside of Natasha and Darrell s story Karen is under her dad s thumb, and all she does is go to class, rehearse, and sometimes if her friends beg her enough, she ll relent and go out with them She s determined to get into the New York Phil and one fateful night that dream seems to come crashing down Enter Conner, the Irish, party guy who plays electric guitar.Conner seems to be Karen s only hope of gradua [...]

    29. Skye Burling-Briggs on said:

      In Harmony ARC received by author in exchange for an honest review I adored the first in this series Dance For Me and as such jumped at the opportunity to receive another ARC for this series Here we have to story of Karen Montford and Conner Locke.I will say I had a hard time connecting to the first 25% of this book, however, when it got going WOW I could not put it down Beautifully written, and well researched just as the first, I will admit to googling cello pieces just because I was so enthra [...]

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