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George E. Vaillant

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Adaptation to Life

Adaptation to Life By George E. Vaillant Adaptation to Life Between and one of America s leading universities recruited of its healthiest and most promising undergraduates to participate in a revolutionary new study of the human life cycle The o

  • Title: Adaptation to Life
  • Author: George E. Vaillant
  • ISBN: 9780674004146
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adaptation to Life By George E. Vaillant Between 1939 and 1942, one of America s leading universities recruited 268 of its healthiest and most promising undergraduates to participate in a revolutionary new study of the human life cycle The originators of the program, which came to be known as the Grant Study, felt that medical research was too heavily weighted in the direction of disease, and their intent was toBetween 1939 and 1942, one of America s leading universities recruited 268 of its healthiest and most promising undergraduates to participate in a revolutionary new study of the human life cycle The originators of the program, which came to be known as the Grant Study, felt that medical research was too heavily weighted in the direction of disease, and their intent was to chart the ways in which a group of promising individuals coped with their lives over the course of many years.Nearly forty years later, George E Vaillant, director of the Study, took the measure of the Grant Study men The result was the compelling, provocative classic, Adaptation to Life, which poses fundamental questions about the individual differences in confronting life s stresses Why do some of us cope so well with the portion life offers us, while others, who have had similar advantages or disadvantages , cope badly or not at all Are there ways we can effectively alter those patterns of behavior that make us unhappy, unhealthy, and unwise George Vaillant discusses these and other questions in terms of a clearly defined scheme of adaptive mechanisms that are rated mature, neurotic, immature, or psychotic, and illustrates, with case histories, each method of coping.
    Adaptation to Life By George E. Vaillant

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      197 George E. Vaillant
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    One thought on “Adaptation to Life

    1. Luke on said:

      This book is a like a wide lens biography There are dozens of men we learn about and we see them live and change over decades With the breadth of characters it was not hard to see myself in many of them and begin to wonder about the influences that were shaping me, right here, in real time It was deeply confronting to stare this in the face Without ever giving any direct life advice, this book was the best of self help books because it lets you to take from it what particular wisdom you need and [...]

    2. Dash on said:

      Insightful Enjoyed the book Wish he provided a summary of the findings at the end of each chapter Interesting regardless of the shortfall

    3. Ariadna73 on said:

      Adaptation to lifeLittle Brown USA ISBN 031689520 2 Following 268 of the healthiest college students through all their lives.Study conceived in 1937 The author joined the staff in 1967.Part I the study of mental health Introduction 1937 Philanthropist William T Grant.Previous study Frank Barron.Conclusion problems exist always The difference is how do we react to them The hypothesis was that health had a lot to do with success Ego mechanisms keep affects, restore emotional balance, master change [...]

    4. Alex Ball on said:

      Adaptation to Life provides an insightful look into the maturing ego defenses of a group of well adjusted young men studied from the early 20th century through their later years ending in 1977 Vaillant, a psychologist, expands on Freud s Anna s and Sigmund s and Erikson s development theories, defining and illustrating such mechanisms as neurotic denial, suppression and altruism and how these mechanisms, or adaptive styles, impact the objective qualities of the men s adult lives.Vaillant, writin [...]

    5. Michaela on said:

      A longitudinal study of adults, of what constitutes mental health Fascinating, terrifying, freeing, what other adjectives can I throw at it I am now slightly apprehensive of middle age, when apparently both my children and I will be going through adolescence at the same time But there is also incredible relief for a parent when he claims that single traumatic events are unlikely to result in poor development As long as I am not subjecting them to ongoing trauma for decades, my children should t [...]

    6. Alexei G on said:

      When I first opened the book and read the first couple of chapters, I was initially stunned by the parochial narrow mindedness of the notions and judgements the author passes upon his subjects I was about to skim the rest of the book and was already gearing myself up to writing a scathing review.And yet As I read further and further on, I realised that the book is indeed very valuable The simple access to a very unique and undervalued study gave the man insight and material to work with few othe [...]

    7. Ryan on said:

      Two quotes from the Conclusion sum up this book quite well Neither a sextant nor a celestial map can predict where we should go but both are invaluable in letting us identify where we are Contrary to popular belief, lucky at work means lucky in love lack of overt emotional distress does not lead to headache and high blood pressure but to robust physical health and those who pay their internist the most visits are also most likely to visit psychiatrists Inner happiness, external play, objective v [...]

    8. Pepe on said:

      Awesome book A longitudinal, scientific study of the factors that make people happy, healthy, and useful to society.Answer Close personal relationships make a person good at everything in life Happiness, job success, devotion to home environment and personal relationships, health, maturity, and enjoyable leisure activities are all positively correlated.Disclaimer This is a study of WHITE, MALE, college graduates from a respectable university The study also started before World War II, and the bo [...]

    9. Ben on said:

      In this book George Vaillant analyzes adaptation techniques aka coping strategies aka defense mechanisms using the lives of men in the Grant Study the Grant Study undertook the task of profiling 250 male college graduates in the United States from 1940 to the end of their lives this book was written in the 1970s, when the men were in their fifties He covers 14 adaptation techniques, from altruism and sublimation to delusional projection and denial The really fascinating aspect of this book is th [...]

    10. Jim Angstadt on said:

      This is a topic that should be a some concern to all of us How do we adapt to the curve balls that life throws up What are the important factors that point to successful adaptation Or un successful adaptation The author has a very organized approach to evaluation of a longitudinal study of some young men.For me, the author s approach seems scientific and realistic And yet, that was not my take away learning.My bottom line was that we are all thrown curve balls The difference is our adaptability [...]

    11. Emma on said:

      A book adhering to outdated Freudian analysis, where you can feel how the author manipulates misrepresents characters in order to fit his overarching theme positive coping mechanisms defined rigidly trump bad ones Okay, after 50 pages we already get the idea, but the whole book repeats it over and over again, using caricatures, so one dimensional it is like reading a horrible teen novel.The idea is worth knowing, an excerpt review is all you need With the advent of scientific psychology theorie [...]

    12. Michael on said:

      LIFE CHANGING I beg you to read it Rarely has a book affected my view of the human condition so profoundly, and never so precisely It approaches perfection not for universality or omniscience, but because it shines within the acknowledged limits of the study Erudition and grace transform what could have been a dull academic text into something approaching a novel I felt both highly vulnerable and hopeful while reading it, and I doubt anyone could finish without becoming a complete person.

    13. Rebecca on said:

      Very interesting I was interested in immature and mature adaptation styles than neurotic so skimmed through a few sections Reading about the men in the study, with the deft use of contrast and comparison, was enlightening The conclusions resonated and are held up but what we have since learned about mental health, imho Nothing mind blowing here except for the depth and breadth of the study, which is remarkable.

    14. Kristie Castellini on said:

      The detailed history behind my favorite article in years What Makes Us Happy It s a 72 year longitudinal study of Harvard grads and the long term drivers for health happiness theatlantic magazine aThis book is a skimmer but great detail behind the article if you get as interested in it as I did.

    15. Andrew Pace on said:

      The best non fiction book I have ever read Covers key events in the lives of dozens of intelligent, successful Harvard graduates Describes the ways even the best of them manage to make themselves miserable, or how those who started with so little build rich, fulfilling lives.

    16. Michele on said:

      A genius longitudinal study that created a very effective way at viewing defenses The taxonomy of defenses is fascinating I have to go look at this again.

    17. Adrian Herbez on said:

      I found this to be fascinating great take on what really matters in life, and what contributes to success and happiness.

    18. Catherine Woodman on said:

      Interim analysis of a very interesting longitudinal study

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