A Master of Mysteries

L.T. Meade Robert Eustace

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A Master of Mysteries

A Master of Mysteries By L.T. Meade Robert Eustace A Master of Mysteries Illustrated mystery novel first published in concerning John Bell a professional exposer of ghosts who solves the mysteries of haunted houses

  • Title: A Master of Mysteries
  • Author: L.T. Meade Robert Eustace
  • ISBN: 9781406549997
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Master of Mysteries By L.T. Meade Robert Eustace Illustrated mystery novel, first published in 1898, concerning John Bell, a professional exposer of ghosts who solves the mysteries of haunted houses.
    A Master of Mysteries By L.T. Meade Robert Eustace

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      L.T. Meade Robert Eustace

    One thought on “A Master of Mysteries

    1. Cindy on said:

      Intriguing Each chapters a different story Each worth reading Well read by J.M Smallheer LibriVox version Recommended.

    2. Elizabeth on said:

      Short Stories that narrate the adventures of Mr John Bell who is the master debunker of all things paranormal with simple scientific explanations The stories are simple mysteries and thoroughly entertaining The Mystery of the Circular Chamber The Warder of the Door The Mystery of the Felwyn Tunnel The Eight Mile Lock How Siva Spoke To Prove an Alibi

    3. Whistlers Mom on said:

      Who needs ghosts Humans are scary enough.I read several of Meade s Madame Sara stories in anthologies and have been hoping to find by her I m fascinated by the idea of a woman born in Ireland in 1844 who moved to London with the determination to become a writer She certainly succeeded, with over 300 published books Most were for children, but she wrote some wonderful mysteries, usually collaborating with one of two doctor writers Maybe she wanted help with medical details or maybe she felt havi [...]

    4. Julie Davis on said:

      Another LibriVox librivox selection to help my busy workday along this is a series of stories told by a ghost hunter who goes from mystery to mystery debunking tales of hauntings I am about halfway through and liking it well enough, but it is not a match for Carnackie Ghost Finder where the author leaves open the possibility of true ghostly activity Thus far, each mystery has an absolutely human solution The stories are still enjoyable and well read.UPDATE finished it up and wanted to add that t [...]

    5. Timothy Ferguson on said:

      Does this remind anyone else of Johnathan Creek It s similar, in that there s a man who debunks supernatural murders Generally the villains are dab hands at engineering.One of these stars is for the good recording Librivox.

    6. Rose on said:

      I was disappointed to realise that I d come to the end of this book I enjoyed the stories despite them being heavily contrived and the ghost busting approach of John Bell Entertaining and an enjoyable glimpse into the past.

    7. Mike on said:

      Enjoyable obscurity, with a skeptical investigator going after supernatural occurances that always have scientific explanations The science is usually pretty wobbly but inventively used Available as a free download from the internet.

    8. arg/machine on said:

      A nice collection of well, mysteries In the public domain with a free electronic copy available here.

    9. Yibbie on said:

      This is the only style of ghost story I like They start out spooky and are finally solved by a super sleuth Oh, he s a normal enough detective just super in the same manner as Holmes, Poirot, etc This is a fun collection of puzzlers.

    10. Marts(Thinker) on said:

      A collection of exciting classic mystery short stories John Bell solves some of the most unusual mysteries, discovering the secrets of haunted houses and other occurrances of unknown entities

    11. Linda on said:

      Scientific, if simple explanations to so called ghost stories It was entertaining and a librivox free audio I enjoyed listeneing to this on my daily walks.

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