Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller

Burke Davis

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Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller

Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller By Burke Davis Marine The Life of Chesty Puller From commanding the Horse Marines in Peking to leading the Inchon landing Puller became a legend in his own time Now Davis offers a no holds barred biography of this courageous hero the only marine

  • Title: Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller
  • Author: Burke Davis
  • ISBN: 9780553271829
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller By Burke Davis From commanding the Horse Marines in Peking to leading the Inchon landing, Puller became a legend in his own time Now, Davis offers a no holds barred biography of this courageous hero the only marine in history ever to win five Navy Crosses.
    Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller By Burke Davis

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      Burke Davis

    One thought on “Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller

    1. Joseph on said:

      Don t forget that you re First Marines Not all the Communists in hell can overrun you Chesty Puller to his Marines, when surrounded by the Chinese at Chosin Reservoir Marine The Life of Chesty Puller by Burke Davis is the biography of the Marine Corps most decorated man Davis is the author of over thirty five books, many of the dealing with the Civil War He was known for his meticulous research Ask any Marine to name one person that personifies the Marine Corps and the most likely answer would b [...]

    2. Patrick on said:

      I have read this numerous times was often great airport reading when flying back and forth to the States from Okinawa or while waiting for the plane to show up on the way to or from a deployment I also read it twice in college and once during my time at Infantry School at Camp Geiger It s a great book for a new enlisted Marine or officer.This book is an exciting account of Chesty Puller s adventures as the most decorated Marine in history, but the book itself is not great history or biography St [...]

    3. George on said:

      Semper Fi it is a matter of life or death for officers and noncommissioned officers to have respect from the men and something Adulation They must obey orders to the letter, without question, though they die for it It is the only way to handle men in combat If you lose control, you lose lives It is so simple as that Kindle Locations 594 596 Lewis Burwell Chesty Puller was a United States Marine Corps lieutenant general An old fashioned man s man one you could believe might have had the words va [...]

    4. Charles Charlesworth on said:

      What can you say about this artfully done biography of the most famous Marine to have walked the grinder The author was masterful and the subject was beyond legend At night in Marine Bootcamp after prayers we recited GOD Bless the Marines and then GOD Bless Chesty Puller where ever you are.Does that give you the scope of how that man was revered General Lewis B Chesty Puller is the most decorated Marine in History His career spans from the Banana Wars before WWI to Korea and was rejected for add [...]

    5. Geoff Sebesta on said:

      This is one of those books you read for truly no reason at all I picked up a copy while hitching around Minneapolis back in May, and just finished it tonight It was there, I read it.I started the book in the hope that Chesty Puller would be as interesting as Smedley Butler Too much to ask Instead of a pioneering metageneral with a taste for social reform, I found a marine who was exceptionally good at killing things without dying Mostly during WWII Ho hum Puller s legendary invulnerability is ce [...]

    6. Dick Reynolds on said:

      Burke Davis biography of Lewis B Chesty Puller vividly portrays the military life of a man who was a professional in the best sense of that word He studied the men and the tactics they employed in the U S Civil War before he enlisted in the Marines As a sergeant he led patrols fighting guerrillas in Haiti and Nicaragua Later, as an officer, he led Marines in China as CO of the 2nd Battalion, Fourth Marines I served in 2 4 and other parts of the Fourth Marines from 1959 to 1962 when it was locate [...]

    7. Sharon on said:

      Thank God there was only one Lewis Puller Even the Marines couldn t have handled two of him I had heard the name for quite some time but had no idea who he was.I certainly do now His ability to lead men under fire was second to none, as well as his ability to be one of the guys It s said that his men would follow him to Hell, and I think now I know why A fast read, so much information crammed into this small book, and the author makes no effort to be impartial He s a fan, like so many others

    8. Diane on said:

      A wonderful biography about a great American Warrior General Puller was a highly decorated Marine who fought in 4 Wars and was beloved by the Men he fought with and is revered to this day Enjoyable reading for those interested in Military History

    9. Will Johnson on said:

      Its hard to imageine meeting someone like Chesty Puller Patriotic, brave, and bold its hard to find all of those qualities in people today If you ever hear someone ask how America survived the first half of the twenteith century, recommend this book to them.

    10. Timothy Boyd on said:

      One of the best bios I have ever read The story of an incredible Marine and military legend Very recommended

    11. R. A. Schwarting on said:

      Very inspirational Calling Gen Chesty Puller an American Hero does not adequately capture the selfless contribution this Marine has made to our country I learned a lot about fearless Chesty s leadership throughout some of the most grueling engagements the Marine Corp tackled during pre WWII, WWII, and Korea I plan to purchase this book for my son, nearly commissioned USMC 2ndLT.

    12. Phillip Wilkins on said:

      One of the best books I have.I bought this as a book to fill in time while waiting at a car dealership service area while my car was being serviced I couldn t put it down A really good read about a very great man We could use someone like him today.

    13. Theresa on said:

      Once a Marine always a MarineThis book is about nostalgia for anyone interested in Marine history Chesty Puller is a legend even to this day for Marines They don t make officers like this any.

    14. Shannon on said:

      Wow This book was a bit long but this Marine is revered for a reason Semper Fi

    15. LARRY FLICK on said:

      A MarineReally enjoyed this account of a real marine Can not go without saying he is the best there ever was Can not imagine being with him in combat, but follow him to hell.

    16. Chris Watson on said:

      Great military leader readThis was a detailed biography with many anecdotes and quoting of letters from family, friends, and peers What would have made it better is if it had pictures and maps of the battles Chester fought in to help explain the sequence of events Although it is not a guide to becoming a better leader, it does share examples of techniques Chesty used.

    17. AfricacheGastineau on said:

      This was a thrilling account of a remarkable man and Marine.

    18. P.e. lolo on said:

      A fantastic book about a true American Hero who I believe was run out of the Corps I had seen other true Marines run out as well one use to come over to our house for dinner when I was growing up and I would hear the stories of WWII, and Korea General Puller would always come up and the way he loved his Marines He lived with them and fought with them on the front not in the rear where people thought he should be He also spoke his mind which really was the problem the Corps had with him They do n [...]

    19. DAVID L SICKELS on said:

      Fascinating.Could tell it was slanted for Chesty but what a man for the time when we needed him We hope America has of him.

    20. Brody Anderson on said:

      This is a great summary of the military career of one the greatest military officers The back cover states THE BEST COMBAT OFFICEREVER , but I assure you LtGen Ret Lewis B Chesty Puller could top the list of military officers from an enlisted persons point of view I have never, in my 13 years of Active Duty military service, read or heard of any officer who loved his men than Chesty Puller I would have served under this man any time, any where.The author, thanks to many contributors, chronicles [...]

    21. Sean on said:

      Chesty Puller was the kind of marine that you see in old 1950s war films tough as a hunk of concrete, seemingly indestructible and inspiring nearly fanatical loyalty in his men The only difference being that Chesty Puller was a real marine and one who served as a professional soldier from 1918 through 1955 He learned his techniques of combat fighting in the jungles of Haiti and Nicaragua He led marines in Peking, led landings on islands in the Pacific, and led the landing at Inchon in the Korean [...]

    22. James on said:

      A definitive study of the life of perhaps the greatest icon in Marine Corps history, General Lewis Chesty Puller This man s memory and actions are so revered that DIs at Marine boot camp often still have their recruits sing out, Good night, Chesty, wherever you are just before they go to sleep Puller was a ferocious warrior who even looked kind of like the bulldog that is the mascot of the Corps, but was just as fierce in his love of his Marines A seeming natural as a warrior, when Puller gradua [...]

    23. Kamas Kirian on said:

      Terrific book The man was a true legend, someone anyone would be, and apparently was, proud to serve with We certainly need leaders like him As he pointed out when the PTA wanted to start holding two dances a week during school nights the kids are fine, it leadership that is lacking He was the embodiment of leadership.The early parts of the book dealing with Haiti and Nicaragua were a little lacking in detail Quite a few of the passages can be summed up something like went out on patrol, suffer [...]

    24. Austin Carroll Keeley on said:

      A good book for anyone interested in Marine Corps legends and lore, but not a truly insightful biography It felt like something I would have read in 6th grade for a book report Most of the book was USMC propaganda all that mattered was that battles were fought and won, not whether or not they held any strategic importance Likewise, Mr Davis absolves Staff Sergeant McKeon of any responsibility of the devastating and drunken night march on Parris Island that claimed the lives of 6 recruits Today t [...]

    25. Robb on said:

      I have bought several copies of this book I keep one for myself, and try to have one around to pass on to people who haven t read it Sometimes it comes back, sometimes it doesn t This is the biography of one of the greatest Marines to ever live He lead a life that spanned several wars, and no one could ever come close to accomplishing what he did in a single lifetime This should be required reading for every 9th or tenth grader It will help them to learn the meaning of courage and honor, and wha [...]

    26. Robert Clancy on said:

      Very interesting account of America s most decorated Marine Puller rose in the ranks from private to Lt General with only 1 year of college at V.M.I He served in Haiti, Nicaragua, China, WWII Pacific, Korea and Marine camps on both coasts He was a do er an man of action who took charge, put his life on the line and got things done He was forever at odds with the political staff officers, the paper pushers who never fight on the front line but grab power from the safety of headquarters or offices [...]

    27. Heikki on said:

      The US Marines are mythical warriors just as the Knights Templar, or the Hashishim, or the Samurai Among the Marines, no warrior is revered than Chesty Puller, who rose from an enlisted man to lieutenant general the trail is in this book, and it is one of the most interesting soldier biographies available.His integrity, honesty, no bull ways and his devotion to the Corps is all here, so if you want to read just one book that covers the Marines from the standpoint of one man, this is it.

    28. Michael Miller on said:

      Meet the new Marine Corps leadership same as the old Marines like Puller still go through the same bureaucratic nonsense today as they went through then If only the Corps had leaders like Chesty Puller and James Mattis This is a well written book with occasional spelling errors and gives a unique insight to the infantry tactics in Haiti and Nicaragua that were both unsuccessful and successful and shows how Puller used those lessons learned in his campaigns during the World War and Korea I whole [...]

    29. James Burns on said:

      This is about the 4th or 5th time I have read this book and its like reading it for the first time He was a war God Bred from good ole southern stock confederate lineage Went to V.M.I 1 yr, enlisted in the Corps as A Private and rose thru the ranks and retired a Lt.Gen He is the Most decorated Marine ever and probably in the History of the U.S Armed Services 5 Navy Crosses 1 Silver Star These are only second to the CMH 2 World Wars, Korea, Haiti, Nicraugra Cousin to Gen George Patton He was argu [...]

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