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The Sister

The Sister By Max China The Sister Alternate cover edition of ASIN B GT ZOHSThe Sister is a fast paced epic story Suspenseful and thrilling it is a mystery that unravels over time following the lives of a group of seemingly unconne

  • Title: The Sister
  • Author: Max China
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Sister By Max China Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00GT6ZOHSThe Sister is a fast paced epic story Suspenseful, and thrilling, it is a mystery that unravels over time, following the lives of a group of seemingly unconnected people, as they struggle to bring an unusually talented serial killer to justice CORNWALL, ENGLAND In the summer of love, 1967, two children witness a murder One, a sAlternate cover edition of ASIN B00GT6ZOHSThe Sister is a fast paced epic story Suspenseful, and thrilling, it is a mystery that unravels over time, following the lives of a group of seemingly unconnected people, as they struggle to bring an unusually talented serial killer to justice CORNWALL, ENGLAND In the summer of love, 1967, two children witness a murder One, a seven year old boy, views it from fifty yards the other, a young Irish girl, from miles away LONDON, 2006 With retirement looming, DCI John F Kennedy reopens the only unresolved case in his career, the disappearance of a young nurse, Kathy, twenty three years earlier The broadcast appeal for information on the missing teenage runaway, Eilise is followed by a cold case reconstruction of Kathy s last known movements A new witness comes forward, and Kennedy now set on the trail of a serial killer unwittingly sparks a sequence of events that lead back to himself, threatening his own, very private existence As the investigation unfolds, it becomes apparent that the murderer is no ordinary adversary Resourceful and cunning, he has been operating undetected for over forty years, and it seems that only the original witnesses from 1967 can stop him But they have yet to meet The Sister is much than just an ordinary thriller It is the story of a lifetimeThe book is a two part pilot episode with resolution, but left open to a series of planned spin off self contained episodes involving a selection of characters from the original story, the first of which is due for release in late spring.
    The Sister By Max China

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      267 Max China
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    One thought on “The Sister

    1. Jesamine James on said:

      This is a huge novel and not due to the author dragging it out or over describing things It s set over decades and all over the world If I had to choose one genre for it, I would find it impossible The characters lives intertwine, twist and turn, drawing in how past experiences develop people and their futures It s psychological, paranormal, historical, crime, mystery and all rolled into one big story It s very well written and, although it is a long book, the pace is perfect It jumps back and [...]

    2. C. McDonald on said:

      What did I think I m not a big fan of crime thrillers, but The Sister was a gripping read It had everything A truly creepy serial killer, cleverly shown in short cinematic bursts, akin to now you see me now you don t All a reader knows about him for the outset, is his gender Cunning, ruthless, and highly intelligent, he is a monster in human form, one the police need to find in a hurry, once he finally comes to their attention.The plot is an intricate one, with many shifts and twists you won t e [...]

    3. Angelika Rust on said:

      This is a gripping tale about a serial killer, his victims, both dead and alive, and the people trying to hunt him down.The author does a brilliant job of connecting the numerous characters, building an intricate, complicated web with infinite patience.This book doesn t really qualify as a bed time read you d better be awake and concentrating if you attempt it The author will lead you through various lives, switching between the past and the present, subtly casting out thread after thread.In the [...]

    4. Georgia Rose on said:

      This is a long novel but at no point does it drag because there is so much happening all the time At the start I did get a little confused because we are introduced to many different characters and storylines quickly However it s not long before the threads start coming together as this thriller twists and turns its way through the story skilfully directed by China I hugely enjoyed China s writing which flows seamlessly with beautiful descriptions and I m incredibly impressed by his ability to h [...]

    5. Pat on said:

      Wow, just wow.Whatever I thought this book might be about, it wasn t You cannot begin to give a synopsis This was an epic story that had a massive cast of characters, covered decades and a range of countries It doesn t neatly fit into a genre but has elements of a mystery, serial killer thriller and paranormal suspense And I don t read paranormal stories luckily I didn t know in advance but it wasn t creepy paranormal at all.I guess the serial killer character and actions tie much of it together [...]

    6. Lynda Kelly on said:

      I d read less than 30 pages and already spotted 14 mistakes so there s no way I can read 500 pages with a mistake on every other page.A shame, it sounded interesting and I was managing OK with keeping track of characters introduced, since a lot of reviewers mentioned it got a bit confusing.But lover s nest, arms length, Hells Angel, Angels face, etcl with no apostrophes or misused ones drew him out sleep lost of and would not allow that happen lost to There was an overuse of the word sulphur as [...]

    7. James Jr. on said:

      Sometimes I m a terrible reader racing through books, hunting for the meat potatoes of it Chasing that action As a writer, you d think I would do better savor the written word and miss nothing Not so slaps hand So it was especially as I came to realize how large this novel was that I struggled to follow along You see, true to his word the author didn t care to explain what was happening It was the story, and you simply had to follow along We see characters that seem to be major ones, only to wat [...]

    8. Bill Thibadeau on said:

      I may get some pushback from the 4 and 5 star reviewers Yes, the author has crafted an in depth multi genre novel I am amazed how well the story is woven through so many characters and so many years The author is to be complimented for keeping it all straight However, the complexity of the story was also its downfall for me This is a complex novel that requires the reader to really concentrate on the who, what, where, and why For a novel of such length, that is not easily done This is not a read [...]

    9. J.C. Brennan on said:

      The Sister by Max ChinaOMG What can I say I loved this book It s intense, powerful, compelling this is an incredible story of multi layered crime, mystery, psychology and so much You really don t want to miss this one I can t get over how the author drags you in and keeps you in suspense its truly amazing The Characters are incredible and powerful There are twist an turns around every corner that compel the reader to stay engrossed in this wonderfully written story Max China has intertwined an [...]

    10. Nigel on said:

      I don t think I ve read many books that have had this number of intersecting stories It really is an epic tale I confess I found it quite hard to get into at the start as the threads seemed very diverse However once I did get into it I was hooked At over 500 pages it is not a quick read for most and I wondered at times whether reducing the number of threads and themes might have made for a sharper read and another book or two.The basic story is of a murder and murderer in the 1960s and the curre [...]

    11. Todd on said:

      This is not your typical mystery novel, but then again it s not your normal paranormal nor thriller novel either This book is really three genre mixed into one deliciously tantalizing book While this book is long and requires the reader to pay close attention so as not to get lost, it is well worth the time and effort The book takes the reader on a journey of many years and centers on several characters Their lives are intertwined and destined to remain so until death Some will survive, some won [...]

    12. Kevin Hatt on said:

      The Sister is totally original, and a breath of fresh air Author China takes us on a journey through time and across Britain and Ireland, introducing us to various characters, who at the time are unrelated Throughout the tale, though, characters and events dovetail brilliantly, and the reader is taken further into the web of intrigue.The sinister darkness of the tale is matched by the vulnerability of some characters, and the two planes combine brilliantly, with many shocks and twists.The story [...]

    13. Diana Febry on said:

      A good story with interesting characters and I ve enjoyed another book by this writer While he writes well I didn t like the technique the writer used to tell this story The narration jumps forwards and backwards in time and between seemingly unconnected characters It all comes together in the end but I found it a disjointed read.

    14. Judy Moss on said:

      Got to say I was drawn to this book after reading the reviews and I wasn t disappointed at all, I found it to be a real page turner and could hardly put it down I did find it a very long read and forgot some characters at times, Great story line, look forward to a sequel.

    15. Lisa on said:

      What a fantastic book Yes, it was huge but the way the author moved from one story line to another, expertly intertwining all the different elements of this wonderful tale kept me wanting to read one chapter I very much look forward to this authors next novel.

    16. Chip Luonuansuu on said:

      The Sister is a paranormal thriller, with a non linear story line It is a different type of read, that is very rewarding, as characters and events tie in together.

    17. Jenny Webb on said:

      A page turner,gripping story about a serial killer I highly recommend this book x

    18. Louise Fligman on said:

      Avoid if you don t want to be disappointed This book had me so excited before I started reading it because it had so much to offer a tense murder mystery plot was what I was hoping for However, it was slow, painfully so at times, with some irrelevant chapters thrown in here and there By the final 20 chapters or so, I had had enough and just wanted to finish the book so I could move on and read something far gripping Some chapters were tense and made me want to read on but unfortunately they wer [...]

    19. Monika Obermeier on said:

      DNF at 15% The writing isn t atrocious or anything, I m just not hooked Within the first 15%, nothing about any of the characters introduced was likable or intriguing to me There s so much inaction so far, and the thrilling and suspenseful moments so few, that I fear that the pace of the book will be slow There are so many characters introduced and so much time spent on each of them, that I found myself bored I m sure that later on, everything ties together in a feasible manner since the tale is [...]

    20. Dale Hollis on said:

      The Sister was not my normal type of read, but I did enjoy it from time to time It was a bit confusing at times, but once I figured out the way the author wrote the story, I understood it If you don t like a story that jumps around, you ll find The Sister a bit clumsy If you ve ever watched the movie Concrete Blondes, then you ll know what I m talking about If you don t mind a long read, I suggest you read The Sister for yourself and see what you think.

    21. Cathy on said:

      I was a little lost for a bit The author describes the 7 year old boy and his dangerous near miss after witnessing a murderer He also talks about the girl who saw the crime take place from miles away Then these two were not mentioned again for quite a while Other characters made their appearances and lots of action takes place I do recommend this book.

    22. ourmaninCanberra on said:

      It was when I read the line The people behind the facade employ a former assassin named Carlos, to protect them, along with a powerful psychic who forewarns them of danger ahead that I realised I wouldn t be finishing this book Fragmented pacing and plodding writing make for a novel in desperate need of some tough love editing.

    23. Christian on said:

      The Sister has some good elements that make it a recommendable read There is a lot of complexity to the story and in how every piece of the puzzle fits into the larger picture, The Sister herself along with one or two other characters are intriguing, and the conclusion seems to tie most of the sub stories into a credible unit.Where I had a bit of difficulty, and why I only gave 3 stars, is that the story, at least in the early chapters, is very truncated and does not flow very well During the fi [...]

    24. J C Mitchinson on said:

      This is a crime thriller with slight supernatural elements.It s obvious that the author has some raw writing talent and that a lot of work and imagination has gone into this book, but I am sorry to say I put it down 50% of the way through, in great frustration This is why The plot has barely any structure or cohesiveness We hop from one story to the next, sometimes never to return to that set of characters, sometimes as part of a ongoing story I would read these little side stories and wonder w [...]

    25. Elaine on said:

      Wow, what an amazing read, don t know how to categorise it as there were bits of everything in there crime, mystery suspense, thriller.s even some of the action variety, supernatural and not forgetting a little touch of romance There s probably , I just can t think at the moment as it really is a bit of a mixed bag It s not the easiest of books to stick with, not so much the subject matter but the fact that there are very large chunks of the text where established characters are completely out o [...]

    26. Kerry Reis on said:

      A sadistic, intelligent, evolving serial killer that makes effective use of boiler suits A traumatized young boy who grows up to be a private investigator with a supernatural gift A head constable who finds himself an unwilling blackmailed pawn to the killer s machinations A reclusive psychic with a powerful black stone A deadly secret cult seeking global power and control With 500 pages and 156 chapters, Max China has woven an intense novel of paranormal suspense that requires a lot of patience [...]

    27. Sharon Stevenson on said:

      The Sister is an epic story of a serial killer, spanning decades and gradually weaving a variety of characters stories together.There was something really special about this book that kept me glued to my seat and turning pages even though it felt like there were slightly too many characters to properly keep track of all the way through It felt almost as if three books were merged into one here, but they were all excellent reads and pulled together very well It was suspenseful, chilling, realisti [...]

    28. Louise Cole on said:

      I started out with high hopes for this book, after reading all the good reviews, but I have to say that by the end I was perservering rather than enjoying it It manages to get three stars because I was interested enough to continue to the end, rather than merely abandoning it However, the ending is very unsatisfactory in my mind and I find that I will have to read another book to follow the stories of some of the characters.The story itself is reasonable but needed to be tightened up it was a ve [...]

    29. Francene Stanley on said:

      Written with superb skill, the wonderful detail makes every character in this novel come to life Even the actions are crafted in such a way as to seem real.The well executed omnipresent point of view shows the story like a camera above each character showing their actions and then diving into their thoughts The Sister is a long read with multiple characters and a tortuous plot It took me weeks to finish the novel At first I found the story hard to get into not knowing which characters were being [...]

    30. Tabitha on said:

      I got this book in a Giveaway ages ago I started it and then I didn t pick it up again until recently It just felt like a drag to read The writing isn t awful and the author is competent, but I agree with the other reviewers who say it s just too much There s too much going on, too many characters, and it feels dense and like a drag to read I appreciate that there s a resolution but by the time I got to it, it just didn t feel good given how I d had to slog towards it Definitely not one to read [...]

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