Stranger in My Arms

Lisa Kleypas Rosalyn Landor

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Stranger in My Arms

Stranger in My Arms By Lisa Kleypas Rosalyn Landor Stranger in My Arms Lady Hawksworth your husband is not dead With those words Lara s life turned upside down Hunter Earl of Hawksworth had been lost at sea Or so she d been told Their unhappy marriage with its cold c

  • Title: Stranger in My Arms
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas Rosalyn Landor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Stranger in My Arms By Lisa Kleypas Rosalyn Landor Lady Hawksworth, your husband is not dead With those words, Lara s life turned upside down Hunter, Earl of Hawksworth, had been lost at sea Or so she d been told Their unhappy marriage with its cold caresses and passionless kisses was over But now a powerful, virile man stood before her, telling secrets only a husband could know, and vowing she would once again Lady Hawksworth, your husband is not dead With those words, Lara s life turned upside down Hunter, Earl of Hawksworth, had been lost at sea Or so she d been told Their unhappy marriage with its cold caresses and passionless kisses was over But now a powerful, virile man stood before her, telling secrets only a husband could know, and vowing she would once again be his wife in every way While Lara couldn t deny that this man with the smoldering dark eyes resembled Hunter, he was attentive and loving in ways he never was before Soon she desperately wanted to believe, with every beat of her heart, that this stranger was truly her husband But had this rake reformed or was Lara being seduced by a cunning stranger LENGTH10 hrs and 56 mins
    Stranger in My Arms By Lisa Kleypas Rosalyn Landor

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      183 Lisa Kleypas Rosalyn Landor
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    One thought on “Stranger in My Arms

    1. Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession on said:

      3 All for Hunter Stars All kinds of Spoilers and some rantingI love me some Lisa Kleypas She is my go to for historical romance When I see her books for sale, I always auto buy, but maybe I should have saved myself some serious anger and skipped this book Let me just say that the plot of this book was so good And the hero the hero was so yummy BUT butttttt the heroine was a total CUNT Lara drove me bat shit crazy I was ranting so hard last night while reading this book that my husband had to kee [...]

    2. AgentScully on said:

      It pains me to give only 3 stars to a book with such a wonderful hero Hunter is everything you could want Loving, strong, patient and devoted to Lara He longs for her tenderness and love, but she has none to give him Lara is a cold heroine Worse she is an annoying one All right so you used to dislike having sex with your husband After 200 pages of woe is me, get over it already Hunter tries to woo her with gentleness and she won t budge The author goes into way too much detail about Lara s chari [...]

    3. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell on said:

      Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestLisa Kleypas is well known for her light regency romances with smart heroines and breezy prose But she didn t start out that way Once you start hitting her back list and reading the books that were published, say, in 1993 or earlier, you get into some weird sh tRANGER IN MY ARMS was originally published in 1988, according to , which makes it the earliest Lisa Kleypas book I have read to date It s about a noble widow named Lara whose life is upended when her la [...]

    4. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish on said:

      Attention It appears that someone thinks this story is full of spoilers, however, it s been so long since I read it that I m not sure if there are spoilers, or if it s just a recap of the book blurb Therefore proceed at your own risk.This is one of my favorite storylines unaffectionate husband leaves, presumably dies, shows up not dead and has miraculously become one hot, passionate and attentive lover What could a woman ask for Perhaps it s my love of this story theme that had my expectations [...]

    5. Samadrita on said:

      Caution This is going to be a long review despite the fact that this is a romance novel and I usually don t write long reviews for romance novels.A year ago I had discovered Lisa Kleypas when I got my hands on the Blue Eyed Devil A book which did not capture my imagination right at the onset but which reeled me in very slowly and left me quite charmed by the end I thought, here s a romance novelist who doesn t sugar coat domestic abuse, try to make it appear less than it actually is and gives yo [...]

    6. Viri on said:

      Cuando comenc este libro tuve la constante sensaci n de que ya lo hab a le do Qu creen Mis suposiciones eran ciertas Pues o una de dos o era una PRO en ser escritora frustrada y le atinaba a todo o ya lo hab a le do Result ser la segunda opci n.Un libro como me pas anteriormente olvidable, pero bien narrado y con la pluma caracter stica de Lisa Tiene intriga, momentos divertidos y momentos tiernos Pero no es de los memorables Ella me pareci demasiado renuente y no me encant Pero l me hizo dudar [...]

    7. Shawna on said:

      5 stars Historical RomanceThis is a brilliant, poignant, and achingly romantic read with an element of mystery and suspense as well from the master of historical romance, Lisa Kleypas Hunter, the Earl of Hawksworth, is a captivating, tortured hero to die for that you can t help but fall hard for It s another winner and LK favorite worthy of big 5 stars

    8. Bark on said:

      Using the premise of the famous Sommersby movie, but set in Regency England, STRANGER IN MY ARMS tells the tale of a woman married to a horror of a man who has been lost at sea and is presumed dead When he returns she is shocked and upset She s made a new life for herself and does not want him back But the man who returns to her is a changed one, he s kinder, he s honorable, he acts like he genuinely cares for her, and he awakens feelings in her she never had for her husband He s now a man she c [...]

    9. valee on said:

      2.5 stars.I can t believe I m seriously rating an LK book this low but seriously, I just can t give .It started out pretty good A very interesting plot I found the idea of her husband coming back from the dead after being lost for a year incredibly entertaining Specially because he was an ass before and then he turned everything she had ever wanted.But then we get to meet the heroine better, and let me just say that that was the worst thing I have had to read about for a long time She is always [...]

    10. Rane on said:

      This was such an enjoyable read that I re read twice already I adored Hunter and Lara, both were great with one hiding from the past and another hiding in plain sight.Hunter was the type of male character I love, strong but not forceful, as he slowly drew Lara out of her hard shell she lived in before and after his disappearance Although he acted like he didn t give a damn, his actions prove otherwise time and time again He did hide many things from Lara but, you knew he loved her very deeply La [...]

    11. Huma Rashid on said:

      This book was an absolute waste of time, except for the hero, Hunter Hunter was a great character with an interesting backstory The same could not be said for the rest of the characters, especially the heroine.Lara is cold and unreasonable, and it gets incredibly annoying At first I was prepared to be really sympathetic Kleypas bangs us over the head with the fact that every time this woman slept with her husband, it was painful, and she was very aware of how he was in love with another woman Bu [...]

    12. ♥ℳelody on said:

      It really depresses me to give anything written by Lisa Kleypas below a 4 stars rating but this just wasn t a winner for me A complete first She s my Queen of all things Historical Romance I relish reading her work and never worry about what I m gonna get when I start a book by her It s always a treat and I end up devouring her books rather quickly The first for me in this case was that I found the heroine Larissa absolutely intolerable throughout most of the story Dear gawd She drove me up the [...]

    13. Eastofoz on said:

      An okay read at best for me The writing is good but for some reason the story just didn t click for me I didn t really feel much of anything for Lara and Alex Impersonation stories are not a favourite of mine but if done right they could have potential This one was missing a bit of something.I had a hard time believing the hero could have loved or even desired the heroine based on some sad letters All that seemed too far fetched The heroine was also somewhat too good She needed to shriek or frea [...]

    14. Carrie on said:

      DNF in audio I really, really hate the heroine She s cold and self righteous The details of her charity work are sticky sweet and boring I may skim the library copy so I can satisfy my curiosity about Hunter, who is a great character, btw.Rosalyn Landor is the narrator for the audiobook I didn t care for her voice for Hunter She is too gruff and he sounds old instead of sexy.Edited to add I skimmed the library copy of the book It was okay, so I m upgrading to 2 stars I still disliked the heroine [...]

    15. Katrina Passick Lumsden on said:

      I would have adored this book if not for the maddening heroine Kleypas rarely crafted a likable female lead, and this book is definitely on the list for having one of the least likable shrews of the lot I understand the woman went through hell in the first part of her marriage, but her hypocrisy, deceit, and absolute refusal to be rational or logical at any point in the story had me wanting to beat her to death with one of Hunter s massive erections.

    16. Ezinwanyi on said:

      This book reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Sommersby, with Jodie Foster and Richard agree They have different settings but still awesome life stories.

    17. Cassandra Dexter Colby on said:

      Terminada Literalmente, me la he bebido, me ha gustado c mo se ha desarrollado la trama Que el final sea como es me ha dado igual, he le do cosas mucho peores, pero con lo que me quedo es con que me haya tenido leyendo sin parar.Y, ahora, la pol mica Se puede ser original en rom ntica S , por supuesto A veces con mucho acierto y otras con menos porque la Kinsale se pasa en ocasiones de frenada, por ejemplo Una lee, pongamos por caso Una rosa en invierno y sabe que est ante la bella y la bestia, [...]

    18. kris on said:

      This book is going to be impossible to talk about without some spoilersLara is a widow and way into charity Specifically orphan charity, supplemented by busybody charity Hunter is allegedly her possibly dead husband, back from the dead maybe He is way into 1 Lara And thaaaat s about it He wants to make out on her face She wants nothing to do with him WILL THE TRUTH SET THEM AND OR THEIR BONER FEELINGS FREE 1 So the big mystery surrounds Hunter and whether or not he s actually who he says he is I [...]

    19. Didi on said:

      An older LK, but her talent was evident even then Loved the suspense surrounding Hunter Great storytelling, beautiful writing and LK s brand of spiced up sexy time.

    20. Océano de libros on said:

      Lara Crossland viv a una nueva vida como viuda del Conde de Hawksworth hasta que un d a descubre que su marido sigue vivo, ese hombre fr o y distante que en su d a conoci hoy reaparece como otro muy distinto, uno que desprende ternura y pasi n Lara tendr dudas de su identidad aunque ese hombre conoce secretos que solo su marido podr a conocer.Bueno este a o he vuelto a empezar con Lisa Kleypas y no me ha defraudado, sino que tambi n me ha sorprendido gratamente porque la autora se aleja un poco [...]

    21. Keri on said:

      While this wasn t my favorite LK read it was still very good Lara is a widow satisfied with how her life is arranged She now lives simply with her good works and an orphanage that she supports, what could a woman need So when she finds out that her supposedly dead husband is back in town, she isn t happy at all He sailed away to India three years earlier and had died on the sea in a crash a year before So color her surprised when she gets a look at her husband He looks like her husband, except [...]

    22. Sophie ♥ on said:

      I know I ve said this after 90% of the books I ve read lately, but I did not like the heroine at all Lara was such a feint character to me Somehow she came across as stubborn and a little self absorbed I just didn t find anything appealing about her I could see that Lisa Kleypas was trying to evoke a soft, gentle character with a big heart, but the way that she kept prattling about the orphans was NOT endearing to me I can see why this is one of Lisa s earlier books because the characters and pl [...]

    23. Story_girl on said:

      I award this one star to Lara s idioticity A bigger fool I have yet to see The new version of Hunter is an amazing man He would be nearly perfect had it not been for his love and devotion to our Lara.I commend Lisa Kleypas research on India for this book Her historical facts are mostly accurate The practice of Sati , facts stated in Hindu spiritualism, the festival of Holi even getting the month of March correct , the house in Calcutta being on the banks of river Hugli Most historical romance bo [...]

    24. Addicted to Books on said:

      My Hunter I Read this book again and I keep falling in love with Hunter I was revisiting this book a bit and I really like this book because this is the second romance I have read The first would be the gift by Danielle Steel I was 14 years old i think I fell in love with Hunter and was wondered about why Lara was playing hard to get I understand with their troubled past and the way things worked back then, why Lara would seem annoying.Basically Lara s husband returns after presumed to be dead a [...]

    25. Lisa Kay on said:

      Really 3 1 2 stars Not her earliest work, but she had not yet perfected her heroine in this story and uses her in a way that I didn t like to further the plot But it is neat to see an author grow and improve by leaps and bounds like Kleypas has.

    26. Sara on said:

      Lisa Kleypas no defrauda La historia me ha enganchado desde el principio.La intriga por saber si Hunter era o no un impostor hac a que no quisiera parar de leer Lara es una protagonista fuerte y bondadosa, pendiente del bienestar de todos los que la rodean y Hunter es un enigma por completo, un hombre completamente herm tico, aunque el peque o Jhonny consigue humanizarle Aunque debo reconocer que la empec con cierto resquemor, pensando Es posible que no reconozcas a tu marido La historia ha cons [...]

    27. Cata on said:

      Lady Hawksworth, o seu marido n o est morto Esta frase s por si j seria suficiente para que o livro captasse a minha aten o, afinal quem n o gosta de uma hist ria em que o marido regressa do Mundo dos Mortos, fazendo com que a vida da vi va fique de pernas para o ar Juntem lhe uma boa cr tica como a da Sara Delgado do Blog O Meu Momento Zen e certo e sabido que n o levar muito tempo at que eu v a correr adquirir o livro.Foi assim que Stanger in My Arms, ou Um Estranho nos Meus Bra os que em port [...]

    28. Lynn Spencer on said:

      On the plus side, this is a much romantic and happy take on The Return of Martin Guerre and Summersby After being widowed and reduced to poverty by tacky, greedy relatives, Larissa Lara s husband Hunter, Lord Hawksworth miraculously returns from the dead Years before, Hunter had set sail for India and was presumed dead in a shipwreck Lara had a very unhappy marriage and the prospect of welcoming Hunter back throws her into turmoil On the one hand, he was a drunken, womanizing lout Then again, h [...]

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