A Slaying in Savannah

Jessica Fletcher Donald Bain

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A Slaying in Savannah

A Slaying in Savannah By Jessica Fletcher Donald Bain A Slaying in Savannah Jessica Fletcher digs up a home grown murder mystery down South in this brand new installment in the USA Today bestselling series Jessica is saddened when her eccentric old friend Tillie Mortelaine pa

  • Title: A Slaying in Savannah
  • Author: Jessica Fletcher Donald Bain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Slaying in Savannah By Jessica Fletcher Donald Bain Jessica Fletcher digs up a home grown murder mystery down South in this brand new installment in the USA Today bestselling series Jessica is saddened when her eccentric old friend Tillie Mortelaine passes away and surprised to learn that Tillie has left her a million dollars But there are strings attached Jessica must use the money to help the literacy fund she and TillJessica Fletcher digs up a home grown murder mystery down South in this brand new installment in the USA Today bestselling series Jessica is saddened when her eccentric old friend Tillie Mortelaine passes away and surprised to learn that Tillie has left her a million dollars But there are strings attached Jessica must use the money to help the literacy fund she and Tillie established years ago in Savannah, Georgia And she will receive the money only if she can solve a mystery within the month the murder of Tillie s fianc , Wanamaker Jones As Jessica settles into Tillie s Savannah mansion and meets Tillie s boarders, she also discovers that the spirit of Wanamaker Jones haunts the grounds And that there are those in Savannah who are looking to cash in on Tillie s demise and Jessica s failure
    A Slaying in Savannah By Jessica Fletcher Donald Bain

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      204 Jessica Fletcher Donald Bain
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    One thought on “A Slaying in Savannah

    1. HFK on said:

      Could there be a better comfort read than Jessica Fletcher in a written form You may challenge me with this by offering alternatives, and I would call them as fake recommendations , but would still give them a go Just because I am such a darn good person and all.Last year I read my first novel out of this 46 book and still counting series, and as usually, started with the first installment It was an okay experience, but I did not get the feel of true Jessica and was on my way to call it an exper [...]

    2. Jonathan on said:

      I ve been wanting to read this book for awhile now, so when I found it at a used bookstore I immediately bought it However, after my last attempt at this series, which wasn t very good, this book just sat on my shelf But I am happy to say this book was a delightful edition to this series that makes me want to read and watch of Jessica Fletcher.The characters in this book were superb, and the setting was, too I d love to read of these characters in Savannah and I kinda wish Jessica would revisi [...]

    3. Adam on said:

      Post Listen Review Well this is pretty much what I expected it would be It was a little disappointing that Angela Landsbury wasn t the narrator of course but it was pretty much just like an episode of Murder She Wrote Little old lady writer is wrapped up in a surprising situation in which she has to solve a murder She does because everyone underestimates her abilities Oddly enough this reminded me a lot of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo So for my review I am going to show the similarites and di [...]

    4. Melissa on said:

      This had a very interesting mystery as Jessica is asked by an old friend to solve a murder from 40 years ago Set in Savannah, Georgia, the old southern town was a perfect setting to the mystery It was a fun and easy read with fun characters and a few twists and turns along the way Another great Murder, She Wrote read

    5. Lauren on said:

      I think i ve seen every episode of Murder, She Wrote since it started A family past time, if you will This book was not as good as the show But had that charm, that Fletcher corneyness that i was raised to know and love That being said, if i hadn t been raised on Murder, She Wrote, I probably would have not liked it as much But isn t that the whole point of this series To experience good ole J.B once for the first time Definitely.

    6. Lisa on said:

      The first MSW book I ve read.Jessica Fletcher visits Savannah when her friend, Tillie Mortelaine, leaves her 1M but with provisosmely, the is for the literacy fund Tillie and Jessica set up ages ago there in Georgia and in order to obtain the funds, Jessica must solve the decades old murder of Tillie s fiance within a month Being between writing projects at the moment, Jessica squeezes the trip in I can see how this would make a nice episode of MSW I figured out the whodunnit very early on, but [...]

    7. Sonia Cristina on said:

      Quando era mais nova e a s rie Crime, Disse Ela era um programa habitual na TV, eu n o perdia um epis dio, adorava aquilo Achei engra ado que houvesse uma s rie tamb m em livros e estava curiosa Acho que a Jessica Fletcher do livro e o ambiente geral dos enredos, bastante fiel s rie de TV, ou, pelo menos, do que me lembro pois j l v o muitos anos.Apesar de a identidade do assassino me ter ocorrido a determinada altura, n o me fixei naquela pessoa e nem em nenhuma outra, a bem dizer.Uma leitura r [...]

    8. Mary on said:

      Jessica takes a trip to the Deep South when an old friend dies and leaves Jessica in charge of a long cold murder mystery Can Jessica find the killer of Miss Tillie s long lost love in the time limit specified and secure funding for her favorite literacy effort through the provisions of Tillie s will This was a fun read with a shocking ending.

    9. Heather on said:

      I did enjoy this book I thought it was better than the other murder she wrote novel I read because you aren t reminded who the characters are every time they haven t been mentioned in a chapter I would definitely recommend this to people who like murder mysteries.

    10. Cheryl on said:

      Jessica is left 1 million dollars by an old friend Tillie with two clauses First she must solve the unsolved murder of Tillies betrothed in one month and Jessica must give the money to the Savannah literacy program the two ladies started With a colorful list of characters and an historic haunted mansion to sort through Jessica has lots to do I was quite sure whodunit early in the story but it was still a mystery how Jessica would solve it.

    11. Beth Kaminske on said:

      I listen to this book while driving And I really liked the reader, sounded a lot like the television version of Jessica Fletcher I figured out who the murderer is pretty early in the book But I liked the way Jessica revealed it, and I really wanted to know who got the house and they kept that a mystery until the very end And I hadn t even thought of that, though it made perfect sense

    12. Samantha on said:

      I guess I should start by saying that this was my aunt s selection for our book club this month I have never watched an episode of Murder, She Wrote Don t get me wrong, I know who the character is, but I was born in 86 so I wasn t exactly the target audience when the show was on air I m familiar with Lansbury as Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast, lol DThe premise of the story starts out simple enough Jessica has to go to Savannah because a good acquaintance, Tillie, has recently died and her wi [...]

    13. Jamie Fessenden on said:

      A fun, old fashioned murder mystery with a wonderful sense of southern atmosphere I always enjoy the books in this series, than the television series they re based on, and this one is one of the best I ve read so far Jessica Fletcher gets called to Savannah, Georgia to the reading of the will of her old friend, Tillie Mortelaine, and discovers that one of the provisions in the will is that a literacy program in Savannah will receive a million dollarsif Jessica can solve the murder of Tillie s f [...]

    14. Kristi on said:

      When Jessica Fletcher is notified that an old friend s 1 million bequest to a literacy program is contingent upon her solving a 40 year old homicide, Jessica heads down to Savannah to finally resolve the cold case.First, I feel that I have to confess that I am a huge fan of Murder, She Wrote This is only the second book that I have read in this series That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this story The characters were engaging and realistic I learned quite a bit about Savannah s history and geo [...]

    15. Shan on said:

      This was just a fun little mystery involving a 40 year old murder, ghosts, a proviso of and the reading of a will, an interesting coterie of involved parties, mouth watering descriptions of traditional Southern food that reminded me of the meals I had growing up, and all set in the beautiful and historical city of Savannah I picked it up because I love when I happen to catch Murder, She Wrote reruns on TV, I love the character Jessica Fletcher, and I like a good little murder mystery as a light [...]

    16. Lisa on said:

      In this novel, Jessica finds herself in Savannah, GA trying to solve a 40 year old murder that not even the police could solve.Jessica s friend, Tillie Mortelaine, has passed away In her will she has left 1 million dollars to the literacy foundation that Jessica and Tillie organized many years ago However, there is one stipulation to the money being given Jessica must discover who killed Tillie s fiance Jessica finds herself surrounded by strange characters, including those of the otherworldly, [...]

    17. Harry on said:

      I loved this book.a nice plot, a luscious setting, and a twisty ending But there is one problem LOOSE ENDS Donald Bain seems to be a frequent offender of loose ends in murder mysteries not really the best genre to leave loose ends in Here, there is one that is completely forgotten about and never revisited who tried to kill Jessica at the parade The killer of Wanamaker Jones couldn t have done it for reasons obvious to whoever reads the book and there is never any closure on it at all Much thoug [...]

    18. Rage on said:

      I love the TV show I know this book series is not high literature, but within the confines of the Murder, She Wrote, series, this is one of my favorites There s some good banter between Jessica, Seth, and Mort, and there was a lot of architectural and historical detail about Savannah and the modern St Patrick s Day celebration The mystery isn t extremely complex, and most of Jessica s time is spent exploring the house excellently Southern gothic , talking to ghost hunters, and eating a lot of So [...]

    19. Cynthia Collins on said:

      A Slaying in Savannah was just as much ghost story as murder mystery In my opinion, the ghost story element, set in a historic Savannah home, made this book stand out from the other Murder, She Wrote books Jessica s ability to solve a crime is part of an eccentric old woman s will If she solves it, a particular charity both women worked on will receive a lot of money The living relatives though are hoping she ll fail since they are eyeing the deceased woman s fortune for themselves Jessica has m [...]

    20. JayeL on said:

      I picked this up at the Library while I was waiting for someone to pick out books This was total mind candy, which I need sometimes It is not a book I would read again, but I was happy to read the Library s copy once The good thing about this book is that I knew some of the characters from the TV show, which meant that it was a quick start and not a lot of confusion from coming into the middle of the series with no preparation.I didn t feel like the author gave the reader all of the information [...]

    21. Kellene on said:

      Okay, I confess I absolutely love Jessica Fletcher I love Murder She Wrote on TV and in book form I could easily spend every summer in Cabot Cove, and love every minute of it And when Jessica travels, I love that too Savannah is a wonderful city, and the book portrays it well Granted the characters are for the most part nasty, but some were very likable Throw in the possibility of a haunting and I m so in I really did enjoy the book in case you didn t get that yet , and didn t have it figured ou [...]

    22. Clarke on said:

      A captivating murder mystery set in the historic and unique city of Savannah, Georgia Donald Bain does a great job creating suspense and complex characters that keep the book interesting throughout I never felt like reading this book was a chore Good book for a rainy day when you feel like reading something that is not too taxing on your brain but enjoyable enough to keep you entertained I found it to be even enjoyable than the TV show it is based on.

    23. Rachel on said:

      Another cozy mystery based on the TV series After a friend of Jessica Fletcher s dies, she goes to Savanah to try to solve the 40 or so year old mystery of the death of said friend s old fianc It was a good book to listen to while exercising While the idea of ghosts and the supernatural ran through it a bit two of the visitors are researching a ghostly presence at the manor house , it wasn t in a spooky way And didn t really seem real until a bit at the very end.

    24. Michelle on said:

      This book was alright, but nothing fantastic She goes to Georgia to solve a 40 year old murder She doesn t bring her famous bicycle, so she depends on the maids daughter and cabs to take her everywhere Then, when she actually does decide to walk while investigating, she falls down.I got this at one of my citys Fall Festivals, and it was dirt cheap Now I know why, lol.

    25. chrisa on said:

      This was an audio book we listened to in the car on the way back from KY I enjoyed the narrator, she was quite talented and did a good job, especially with such a distinctive voice as Jessica Fletcher s The mystery was interesting and provided a memorable view of southern life for women in the 50 s.

    26. Donna on said:

      A good mystery with lots of twists and turns, and good character development A bit out of the ordinary for this series, as there is a ghostly twist I also enjoyed the descriptions of various places in Savannah I researched several of the places mentioned Passed through Savannah briefly a few years ago now I want to go back Definitely an enjoyable book.

    27. Beth on said:

      Another light, enjoyable book in the Murder, She Wrote series This time out Jessica is challenged to solve a 40 year old murder by a stipulation in the will of a deceased friend, with a million dollar bequest to a literacy foundation if she is successful Jessica encounters eccentric Southerners, ghost hunters, and greedy relatives who try to stand in her way.

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