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Bali Rai

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(Un)arranged Marriage

(Un)arranged Marriage By Bali Rai Un arranged Marriage Set partly in the UK and partly in the Punjab region of India this is a fresh bitingly perceptive and totally up to the minute look at one young man s fight to free himself from family expectations

  • Title: (Un)arranged Marriage
  • Author: Bali Rai
  • ISBN: 9780552547345
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • (Un)arranged Marriage By Bali Rai Set partly in the UK and partly in the Punjab region of India, this is a fresh, bitingly perceptive and totally up to the minute look at one young man s fight to free himself from family expectations and to be himself, free to dance to his own tune.
    (Un)arranged Marriage By Bali Rai

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    One thought on “(Un)arranged Marriage

    1. Kirsty Grant on said:

      This is the first book I ve read for pleasure since I completed my 3rd year at university This is the type of book I enjoy and I wasn t disappointed The story is written in first person from the point of view of a young English Indian boy It begins on his wedding day and his nervousness and anger at being forced into an arranged marriage The author then writes the book in retrospect, and takes the reader back three years The story explores the difficulty of the protagonist who struggles to adher [...]

    2. Nicole Rask on said:

      Relatively simple language and not much is left to be analysed by the reader which I found quite nice However, several interesting themes are explored such as religion, culture, love, humor and racism I would recommend it to someone looking for something easy and at the same time thought provoking to read

    3. Ari on said:

      Ok I feel that Manny believed himself to cool for like anyone His cheat was very, very cruel I understand that he was in a really bad place, and had no care to be involved in an arranged marriage, but in the process he really hurt his family And in the long run himself Sometimes, our families traditions will be things we do not agree on, but we should come to terms with that They raised him for seventeen years Though, I don t agree with his fathers drunkenness and his mom s blackmailing like tal [...]

    4. Julia on said:

      Ich gebe es auf Ein einziges Mal mache ich es wie der Gro teil meiner Mitsch ler und lese mir nur Zusammenfassungen im Internet durch.

    5. Cim on said:

      Un arranged marriage by Bali Rai was not a book I enjoyed reading.While it has a good story one about a boy wanting to go his own way and defy his family and their intentions of marrying him with a girl he doesn t know it is poorly executed.The lack of descriptions both environmental but also when it comes to the characters is what this book falters in I had a hard time connecting to the characters and they didn t really come alive before me which is crucial to me, because if the characters does [...]

    6. Meyganphanngam on said:

      I think the book was really good Because the book its funny but also serious Bali is taking the book to a new level He s taking up the Punjabi culture and how it s to be a Punjabi man and a different kind of view about unarranged or arranged married when you are a boy Because when you think about someone that is force to get married you often think about a girl But Bali decide to write about a boy and I think that was really clever thing to do As i said the book is also serious because Bali take [...]

    7. Ilonita50 on said:

      Super good book It has new modern English slang and Punjabi Indian strict old fashioned family To a young teenage boy Munny, who has born in England and so far is totally different from the rest of his family who prefers Punjab culture most, not like Munny modern England s culture He prefers to hang out with his best mate who is denied by the rest of Munny s family cos they dislike anyone whos white, brown and no Punjubi The story is about inner fight and struggling within your own family and wh [...]

    8. Baljit on said:

      i found this book interesting as it is probably a personal experience about a teenager going thru an arranged marriage this topic of is a big issue amonsgt the Sikh communities of Uk as i discovered when i was a student there The writer is trapped in a very orthodox traditional family which is totally at odds with the anglo cultural influence on the younger generation however the writer seemed to write this book in a very angry tone, as if to vent personal feelings sadly, the sikh community s fo [...]

    9. Evelina on said:

      Had to read this for my English class, and I really enjoyed it Was a bit uncertain on it when I first began reading it but quickly got caught up in the story Don t think I ever would ve read it on my own, but safe to say it wasn t a complete waste of time.

    10. Carol Leach on said:

      Made me re think about the whole culture from a different angle We all assume that it s only girls that get forced into marriage.

    11. Merel on said:

      this story, though well thought out and very interesting, seems to have a problem with deciding whether it wants to dive into the underlaying cultural contexts or just be a quick love story It seems taht the author didn t want to be either, which made the story quite underdeveloped If context and explanation was added this would have been wonderful

    12. Surabhi Miah on said:

      Very poorly written The premise of the book is compelling and I tried to sympathize with the character throughout the book but just could not I was deferment to finish the torture as soon as possible so that I could reward myself with a decent book after this Very disappointed.

    13. Alice on said:

      I d been wanting to read a book by Bali Rai for such a long time but never got around to it I d always heard great things, my sister is a fan and I was really impressed when I met him on an author visit a couple of years ago I m glad I FINALLY picked this book up, and a part of my wishes I had read it when I was a teenager I understand why I didn t, at the time I wanted to read about magic, witches and love stories Stories about other cultures I saw as removed from my own didn t interest me This [...]

    14. AKaur on said:

      OkayThis is going to be a sort of review that s difficult to write because I have so many things to say but when putting them on paperor should I say into this box quite a hard task.I m going to first discuss my opinion of the author.You can clearly realise that the plot in un arranged marriage has a deeper meaning, a meaning that relates in quite a lot of ways to Bali Rai s life.Bali and a lot of things in common with Manny, the main character in the book You can read his short biography here b [...]

    15. Fanny Svensson on said:

      We ve recently read this book in school and my personal opinion about the book is that it s a really good book for people in our age 17 18 You really learn about different cultures and how the world can be for some people Even if the book unfolds in England and India, I don t think it s that far away This is happening all around the world, even in Sweden I think it s very useful for people in our age to read about things like these Arranged marriages, a very different culture and what s consider [...]

    16. Julie on said:

      I really liked this book I found it quite an unusual twist on the general picture we have in the west of girls being forced into an arranged marriage This book was about a young man Manjit who is told that on his 17th birthday he will follow the example of his elder brothers and have an arranged marriage Manjit has no intention of getting married until he is ready, and to a girl of his choice but he is being badly bullied by his brothers and his father, his mother is an expert in the art of emot [...]

    17. Hampman on said:

      un arranged marriage is really a fun and interesting book, it has everything from happiness to sadness, tragedy to humorous The book was easy and interesting to read as it describes the Punjabi culture and what traditions they have I thought it was good to see the perspective from I man who has got forced into an arranged married When I had read the book it changed my opinion for them who is really into their religion, the book showed that the religion and traditions is actually really important [...]

    18. Daniel Nestor on said:

      Un arranged marriage is a great book created by Bali Rai The book is really fun to read and is rally easy to get in to The language is easy which makes it makes it even easier to understand And the books subject is really modern and if you read it you will learn a lot about religion and arranged marriage You also get to know how it is to be a Punjabi boy Bali Rai has managed to connect the book to as many relevant topics that you can recognize in everyday life When you are reading the book you g [...]

    19. Jenniesven on said:

      The book un arranged marriage, written by Bali Rai was very good I find this book amusing to read and I enjoyed Bali s way of showing us the Punjabi way of living It was well written and easy to understand, even though there were many names that were quite similar to each other.From a readers perspective it is very good that the book is divided into four parts, making it easier to fallow the course of the book When there were dialogs it was sometimes hard to understand because he wrote them with [...]

    20. Pam on said:

      07 20 08TITLE AUTHOR Un Arranged Marriage by Bali RaiRATING 4 BGENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Fiction 2001 272 pgs SERIES STAND ALONE Stand AloneTIME PLACE Late 1990 s UK IndiaCHARACTERS Manjit young man of Indian descent living in UKFIRST LINES No way I m not getting marriedMENTS 06 12 rec as bookcrossing ring ray Manny Manrit is 13 yrs old and is dreading his 17th birthday The day he will be married prearranged by his parents in the Punjabi way He lives in the UK w his family They all seem to have tie [...]

    21. Gunnar Hansson on said:

      In my opinion the book is very good, the book describe that some children in the world are not allowed to make their own decision The book is also very good because before I read the book I was thinking that it was only girls who were married against their will but that was wrong I realized when I read the book It is also great that the author really describe the situation Manny is in and when I read the book I really understand how difficult the situation most be for Manny, and how hard it must [...]

    22. Ellen on said:

      I have read the novel unarranged marriage by Bali Rai It s a perfect book for youths in the ages between 15 and 19 Unarranged marriage is about a boy named Manny who is deeply misunderstood by his parents and brothers They are trying to arrange a marriage for him but Manny is doing everything in his power to unarrange it Luckily he gets well needed support from his girlfriend Lisa and best friend Ady According to me unarranged marriage is one of the best books I have read You really can relate t [...]

    23. Kajsa Eklund on said:

      I think this book is very good, I really enjoyed reading it It had a tough beginning, but when you read and it got interesting and much better because it happened than in the beginning The book is about an Indian boy, called Manny, who lives with his Indian family in Leicester, England The family is strong believers in the Punjabi culture, but Manny doesn t like the culture Manny s old man is trying to get Manny to get married with an Indian girl when he is turning 17 years old, but Manny do [...]

    24. Gurkmaja on said:

      Unarranged marriage was a book which I found was very enjoyable I do not usually like being forced to read books that someone else chooses, but this book gave me only positive impressions The book is realistic, the reader gets to know a new and probably different culture What is going on in the book is not something that the author has made up, what is going on in the book is something that is happening every day, all around the world This was really fascinating for me, I really learned somethin [...]

    25. Erik Larsson on said:

      I consider this book as a good example about the conflict between two cultures The author was really good at giving the reader as much detail as possible of his family s culture and I personally had never heard of the Punjabi culture before I got to admit that sometimes I got really shocked over some happenings that damaged Manny deeply For example I got a powerful reaction against Lisa s break up with Manny because she was the only thing that he cared about at that time and she just abandoned h [...]

    26. Frida Karlsson on said:

      The book Un arranged Marriage written by Bali Rai was, according to me, a really good book, and I would recomend everyone to read it It shows how it is to live in the Punjabi culture and I think I ve learned a lot how that is now when I ve read the book The books main character is Manny, who lives in Leichter with his Indian family He s just an ordinary teenage guy who plays football, hanging around with his friends and go to school He also have a girlfriend, Lisa, his lifesaver But his family d [...]

    27. Stina Emriksson on said:

      The book caught my attention with its vivid storytelling about a boy getting forced into an arranged marriage The book was very interesting and educating about seeing an arranged marriage from a male s perspective because it s usually just from a female s perspective I learned a lot about the Punjabi culture which I didn t even know existed.It s a love, hate story because Manny loves his family but he also hates them for forcing him into getting married with a girl he never met Manny has to make [...]

    28. Maja on said:

      I really enjoy Bali Rai s book un arranged marriage The book is about Manny, a boy whose big family strict is following their Punjabi culture and traditions, even though they have moved to and lives in England The main character Manny has been raised with both the Punjabi and the British culture The cultural clash between them is the theme in the whole book.Manny is just like any teenager, he is going in school, falling in love, playing football and doing crazy stuff with his friends There is ju [...]

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