The Essential Lenny Bruce

John Cohen

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The Essential Lenny Bruce

The Essential Lenny Bruce By John Cohen The Essential Lenny Bruce s t His original unexpurgated satirical routinesCollected routines of standup comedian Lenny Bruce The first chapters of this book were published in as The Essential Lenny Bruce I

  • Title: The Essential Lenny Bruce
  • Author: John Cohen
  • ISBN: 9780333455029
  • Page: 212
  • Format: None
  • The Essential Lenny Bruce By John Cohen s t His original unexpurgated satirical routinesCollected routines of standup comedian Lenny Bruce The first 9 chapters of this book were published in 1972 as The Essential Lenny Bruce I.
    The Essential Lenny Bruce By John Cohen

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      212 John Cohen
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    One thought on “The Essential Lenny Bruce

    1. Petra X on said:

      I have a story which I think really shows the essential Lenny Bruce although it s not in this, or any other book.I was editing one of Jay Landesman s many manuscripts at the time and we were talking about his St Louis nightclub, the Crystal Palace and how Barbra Streisand got discovered Jay told me that Barbra who was only 18, had been acting like a madwoman, coming in dressed up like a babushka with a scarf over her head and going from table to table giving the customers apples from her basket [...]

    2. 1.1 on said:

      For years I ve picked through this book, and have probably read it in its entirety than once, but I decided recently to read it through properly , front to back, and really absorb it.When I was first reading this book, the big Michael Richards heckler thing happened and my view of it was that Richards was not only being gravely inappropriate, but it was a Lenny Bruce bit It s right in the front of this book, and all I heard was Lenny Bruce s bit, and I wondered if anyone else, amidst the outrag [...]

    3. Sam "The Record Man" on said:

      I don t think you can love the first amendment and not love Lenny Bruce.

    4. Thomas Armstrong on said:

      This book was a real hoot a game of a book I often get out of reading a play than watching it, and these priceless monologues give me the opportunity to really study what LB was trying to do, and didn t distract me from all the nonverbal stuff he would do in his stand up act, and also all the hype surrounding his legend You can really understand from reading these monologues that Bruce was a social critic of the highest calibre that he served a function in society by pointing to what cannot be [...]

    5. Erik Graff on said:

      Dad had this book on the living room shelves and I read it in high school Later, in college, a friend, Steve Slatin, played a bunch of LPs he had of Lenny Bruce performances Since then, not that long ago, I saw a video of several performances Frankly, I think I was too young to appreciate his work as much a persons of my father s generation did The concept of obscenity was virtually nonexistent during my upbringing unless, of course, you extend it to such things as the military adventurism of th [...]

    6. Cyberpope on said:

      This really gives you insight into the original comic who broke the barrier on using 4 letter words in public He sacrificed at least 70% of his income, plus a fair degree of freedom to stand up for free speech expression When you read his routines, in context, you really wonder what all the fuss was about you learn how he accepted how there was religious bias at work with the police, prosecution, judges but he never discarded having respect for those with the difficult job of representing the pe [...]

    7. Dirk on said:

      This is all transcripts of live stuff I think if someone had never heard Lenny Bruce do his stand up this book would be confusing Many of the impressions are written out phonetically which is a pain in the ass to read Also a Yiddish dictionary might help It just makes a lot sense to actually be able hear all this Besides all that this book is good.

    8. Andrew on said:

      I decided to read comedian books this year This is a collection of a number of Bruce s bits My high school debate coach had a copy of this in his office and I remember leafing through it a couple of times I ll admit some of this was excruciatingly dated, but a number of it was funny and still rings true Worthwhile reading.

    9. Benito on said:

      Great collection of Lenny s skits, shtick, rants and philosophisings transcribed and indexed by subject Particularly useful if you re one of those who occasionally has issues deciphering the great comic s Long Island accent, not to mention those Yiddish phrases you that can drive a klutz verklempt as a meshugeneh kolboynik, dig.

    10. David Ward on said:

      The Essential Lenny Bruce by John Cohen Douglas Books 1970 nonfiction The collected standup routines of Lenny Bruce without censure He was the Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy of the fifties My rating 7 10, finished 1978.

    11. Brian on said:

      If you ve ever heard an old L.B recording, you ll know the guy was 1 clearly on drugs and 2 not a very good stage comedian he rambles foreeeeeever This book edits all his brilliant ideas and monologues into a couple hundred pages and is the best way to really experience his humor.

    12. Wilbur on said:

      I think you had to be there The page doesn t come alive without Bruce s voice Some of it seems so dated and yet the last few chapters,10 through 16, were excellent.

    13. Chris Feldman on said:

      Poor Lenny was crucified by J Ogre Hoover for doing the kind of schtick that made Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy millionaires.

    14. Natalie on said:

      This man s crazy It s entertaining though, imagining how people must have reacted to him when he was saying all these insane things

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