The Uncrowned Queen

Posie Graeme-Evans

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The Uncrowned Queen

The Uncrowned Queen By Posie Graeme-Evans The Uncrowned Queen The thrilling climax to the trilogy that began with The Innocent and The Exiled brings Posie Graeme Evans s bittersweet story of two lovers divided by the throne of England to its dramatic conclusion

  • Title: The Uncrowned Queen
  • Author: Posie Graeme-Evans
  • ISBN: 9780743443746
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Uncrowned Queen By Posie Graeme-Evans The thrilling climax to the trilogy that began with The Innocent and The Exiled brings Posie Graeme Evans s bittersweet story of two lovers divided by the throne of England to its dramatic conclusion As England tears itself apart in the War of the Roses, Anne de Bohun lives far from the intrigues of cities and courts Once King Edward IV s mistress, Anne has found safet The thrilling climax to the trilogy that began with The Innocent and The Exiled brings Posie Graeme Evans s bittersweet story of two lovers divided by the throne of England to its dramatic conclusion As England tears itself apart in the War of the Roses, Anne de Bohun lives far from the intrigues of cities and courts Once King Edward IV s mistress, Anne has found safety with their son in Brugge But now Edward himself is a hunted fugitive, and Anne s real father, King Henry VI, rules again from Westminster Summoned by an enigmatic message from her lover, Anne is drawn once to the passion, the excitement, and the deadly danger that Edward brings into her life But now, the girl who was once a penniless servant has a child to protect and an inheritance to defend Can she let her love for Edward threaten everything she has Or will she need his help to protect her from the powerful enemy who means to destroy her Boasting an extraordinary heroine and intense, intersecting plots, The Uncrowned Queen is a dazzling and satisfying finale to Anne de Bohun s incredible story.
    The Uncrowned Queen By Posie Graeme-Evans

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      145 Posie Graeme-Evans
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    One thought on “The Uncrowned Queen

    1. Karla on said:

      Have you ever met someone who you think is pretty fine during that crucial first meeting But then, you know, there s other stuff to do in life so you don t really get back to them right away You don t forget them entirely, but there s that hazy aura around them of good feelings Yet, when you reconnect you wonder just What The Fuck you thought was so good in the first place Umah.The first book of this trilogy, The Innocent, was a real fun read The heroine was Mary Sueish to the extreme royal birt [...]

    2. Sarah Mac on said:

      I really enjoyed the first two books of this trilogy, but The Uncrowned Queen was justring And repetitive And boring And repetitive Honestly, I m not sure what happened The Innocent The Exiled were both laced with a fair bit of historical background, but adhering to FACTS tm wasn t the ultimate focus of those plots only fitting, given that there wasn t much wiggle room without tossing history to the wind But hey, it s a fictional trilogy Bending history is allowed.Except this book lost the joyfu [...]

    3. Jessica Brockmole on said:

      Called The Beloved in the UK, this is the last in the trilogy about Anne de Bohun, a fictional character who is the mistress of King Edward IV The series takes place during the War of the Roses when the crown of England was much contested It was an interesting time period not one I knew much about and the book was well researched, but I never generated that much sympathy for the characters I kept thinking, Anne, just get on with your life I wasn t too sure about the series when I read the first [...]

    4. Gaile on said:

      The heroine of this series doesn t seem to have existed in history Jane Shore was actually the most famous mistress of Edward IV As a character, Anne De Bohun appears to have nine lives as she escapes again and again from people who wish to be rid of her, mainly Edward IV s wife and Queen Although Anne bears Edward IV s son, she consistently resists becoming his mistress and attempts to lead her own life.Just as Edward succeeds in changing her mind, something happens to make her set in her reso [...]

    5. Whitney on said:

      I was not too fond of the first two in this trilogy however I attempted the third book It was honestly not an enjoyable read and I could not finish it Overall, after 3 books, there was no impact or connection with the characters or plot Anne seemed to be the other woman who kept falling for Edwards crap Yes, he says he loves her, but he also says that to his wife, other women and continues to dally in his own life, only calling on Anne after he lost his throne How is that a love story The portra [...]

    6. Laura on said:

      I really enjoyed the first 2 books in the Anne trilogy but was disappointed with the last installment This book didn t flow like the other 2 and seemed like it was trying too hard to wrap up the story The story veered back and forth on side notes that had absolutely no pertinence to the story itself and could have easily been edited out, everything pertaining to King Louis for instance I was also bothered by the stronger presence of the fantasy elements to the plot They never seemed to blend int [...]

    7. Beth (moonivy) on said:

      Read 8 5 07 8 12 07The Uncrowned Queen is the last book in the Anne de Bohun trilogy, following The Innocent and The Exiled Lady Anne assists her lover, Edward IV, in regaining his crown, dodges witch hunts and endlessly flip flops between choosing duty or love, all without mussing her lovely self unduly Ifound this book and it s heroine annoying at a very primal level, I m still surprised I finished it All of which is unfair, because it s perfectly likeable historical fiction, with lovely descr [...]

    8. Mirah W on said:

      I think this is the weakest of the series It took too long for things to get going and I was bored for much of the first half of the book I ended up liking the ending of the book and series.

    9. Dana Dinowitz on said:

      Five stars goes to the series I loved this last book Sooooo romantic Full of adventure It will not disappoint My friend Renee would love it

    10. Carol on said:

      I enjoy reading about the history of the Royal British Family, but did not realize this was the last of a trilogy I will go back and find the first two books This was a fascinating view of an ill fated love between royals.

    11. Jennifer on said:

      Loved the behind the scenes detail of early royal lives Great story.

    12. Amanda on said:

      After gobbling up The Innocent and The Exiled, I was exciting to see how the Anne trilogy concluded in Posie Graeme Evans The Uncrowned Queen.This volume in the series is considerably longer than its previous installments, but worth it The story begins shortly after the end of The Exiled Anne is getting back to her lonely life in exile when news of King Edward s disposal and King Henry VI s nominal return to power reaches her It seems that the historical British civil war, The War of the Roses, [...]

    13. Lauren on said:

      Great book At least to me, this is the best book in the Anne de Bohun trilogy It gets to the meat of the conflict between York and Lancaster and discards some of the romance novel feel of the previous two books We again find Anne living in Burgundy By this time, Anne has bought a house and has retired into a comfortable life with her son pretend nephew Edward She has decided to forget Edward IV Once again, however, this is impossible Edward is deposed from his throne due to a rebellion led by th [...]

    14. Meghan on said:

      I did not read the first two books of this trilogy and after finishing the uncrowned queen I am glad I didn t.I am not a historian however I do pride myself on my knowledge of English medieval history Especially during the fifteenth century The inaccuracy of the historical points provided were very disappointing Some of these inaccuracies probably wouldn t bother someone who isn t as familiar with English history but for someone like myself the use of your majesty drove me up the wall The term y [...]

    15. Hannah on said:

      Anne de Bohun, once the king s mistress, has managed to find safety and security in exile with her son Now the king has lost the throne and Anne knows that she must help him restore his position, but how much will she risk for her old lover Note In the end in the acknowledgements section I found out that The Beloved is actually the third and final book in a trilogy Oops I m going to try to take that into account in my review.The writing style I loved from the beginning It s a bit floral, but not [...]

    16. Heyrebekah Alm on said:

      I saw this book for a dollar at a thrift shop, and because it was so cheap I didn t do than glance at the back and throw it into my basket Ooops I guess if I had looked closely I would have noticed that it is the third book in a trilogy I hate coming in to the middle of a story like that At least I didn t have much trouble picking up the story and figuring out what had happened previously I found the love story very sweet but predictable The supernatural elements did throw me, though, and seem [...]

    17. Michelle on said:

      2.5 stars This is the concluding third volume in the War of the Roses series Anne has been living in on a farm outside of Brugge Her love, King Edward has had his throne taken away by the former king and queen and is in exile He reaches out to Anne for help, hoping she can convince the Duke of Burgundy to assist him Things are complicated with political intrigue and Anne is followed in her quest by a former sea captain who has become her protector and has fallen in love with her Anne must sort o [...]

    18. Amie on said:

      Another well written story by Ms Graeme Evans I couldn t help being dissapointed by the ending It just didn t seem plausible Where did Leif come from There should have been about him in the story It is hard to read about a character you have come to love through 3 novels, dump the man she loves and marry a stranger Just doesn t wash.I know I will re read this series again They are too good to let sit on the shelf We ll see if I feel the same way when I finish reading them the second time a few [...]

    19. Rach on said:

      the beloved in the uk, not quite sure as to why i would actually say that this was my favorite in the trilogy as i felt i knew all the characters well personally i prefer it when the stories i read end in a tidy manner aka a happy ending, which really makes it a satisfying read for myself although i had sort of guessed how this may end with the random introduction of a certain someone from book one, the remainder of the book was entertaining, interesting full of drama, love etc would recommend t [...]

    20. Jennifer on said:

      This saga was fantastic The center of it all was a love story, but there was action and adventure I felt like I was right there, along side the characters and I could picture all these places I d never been as though I d gone before, the imagery was that precise Anne is a very strong female character and she really gave the story a backbone by having one herself She wasn t the typical damsel in distress and I loved that about her, that she was willing to fight for what was rightfully hers.

    21. Ashlee on said:

      I was very happy with how this trilogy ended I greatly enjoyed the entire storyline and characters I love how Posie Graeme Evans brings her characters to life She really tugs at your heart and manages to make you love someone but still dislike a quality I thought that the end had a nice turn The one bad thing about the entire trilogy was that it seemed like a lot of the same thing happened but just in slightly different situations I read the whole trilogy though and liked it a lot

    22. Erin on said:

      I randomly pick up this book at the library and didn t realise until I started reading that this is part three in a trilogy I didn t have much trouble picking up on the storyline though and I didn t feel like I had missed much of the story by not reading the other two books I found the book interesting although the love story was a tad predictable I did like this book although It wasn t my favourite book about this time period.

    23. Heather on said:

      Rating 2.5 starsThis book was not one of the stronger historical fiction novels I ve read this year Having finished all of Sharon Kay Penman s books, this definitely pales in comparison However, it is not a terrible book, just a little heavy on the romance aspect, and a little light on the history.

    24. Alcy_girl on said:

      This was my favorite of the trilogy It carried on the story of Anne in exile and the role she played in aiding Edward in his fight to get his throne back.I loved this character of Anne So much better than the second book She was stronger and we learnt so much about her and those around her It wasn t predictable, and the sexual content was nowhere near as heavy as the first book.

    25. Tanzanite on said:

      3.5 stars The final installment in the Anne de Bohun trilogy also published as The Beloved I liked this one a little than the first two as it focused on the historical story than the romantic one Full review shelfandstuff 200

    26. ☼♄Jülie  on said:

      Not my usual cup of tea and I can t remember how I came upon this book but I loved it so much I had to go in search of secondhand copies of her earlier books to get This was my first encounter with Posie Graeme Evans and I was very impressed.

    27. Ronda Trevitt on said:

      I am amused by those that wanted these novels to be factual Again I loved the Anne novels, they tell a story of life as it may or may not have happened In this period of time, and a rollicking good read it is Posie I love your style and can t wait for books to read, thankyou

    28. Carrie Robison on said:

      Loved this one as well I keep seeing reviews that talk about how this book trilogy doesn t match up to history bla bla bla Right it s fiction It isn t meant to be used as a resource in a history paper about King Edward.

    29. Ann on said:

      As I ve said before, this author writes a damn good story The final book of this trilogy in which Anne de Bohun finally chooses the path for her life in which her heart and conscious can be at peace.

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