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M.P. Johnson

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Dungeons & Drag Queens

Dungeons & Drag Queens By M.P. Johnson Dungeons Drag Queens What happens when a small town drag queen gets sucked into a realm of sword and sorcery and forced to do much than lip sync for her life After a weird wizard transports Sleazella LaRuse to the realm o

  • Title: Dungeons & Drag Queens
  • Author: M.P. Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781621051039
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dungeons & Drag Queens By M.P. Johnson What happens when a small town drag queen gets sucked into a realm of sword and sorcery and forced to do much than lip sync for her life After a weird wizard transports Sleazella LaRuse to the realm of Houmak, Green Bay s number one diva must battle to save her life and protect the lip syncing, potty mouthed persona she s worked so hard to cultivate Will her bones bWhat happens when a small town drag queen gets sucked into a realm of sword and sorcery and forced to do much than lip sync for her life After a weird wizard transports Sleazella LaRuse to the realm of Houmak, Green Bay s number one diva must battle to save her life and protect the lip syncing, potty mouthed persona she s worked so hard to cultivate Will her bones be devoured by the gnawing nipple mouths of slavwolves or crushed by the brutal Blada Femma Worse yet, will she find love amongst the scum sailors and slopulating sky serpents Will she win this glamorous game of thrones The answer is clear in the most fierce and fabulous fantasy epic ever.
    Dungeons & Drag Queens By M.P. Johnson

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      152 M.P. Johnson
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    One thought on “Dungeons & Drag Queens

    1. Dan Schwent on said:

      When Sleazella LaRuse, Green Bay s top drag queen, gets whisked away to another realm to marry a demi god, she finds herself in deep trouble What Dravor, the man who summoned her, do when he finds out she is in fact a he While I d been aware of this book for years, I couldn t resist snapping it up for ninety nine cents on Bizarro Monday.Dungeons Drag Queens is a fun bizarro romp featuring the most fabulous of drag queens in a DD type fantasy realm Sleazella struggles to keep things together whil [...]

    2. Danger on said:

      Let me tell you about Dungeons and Drag Queens, the bizarro fantasy crossdressing epic A drag queen named Sleazella LaRuse is whisked away from her Green Bay drag bar into a magical realm, where she is expected to marry Houmak, the serpent king of the sky But what the serpent king doesn t know is that she s packing sausage underneath her slavwolf fur mini skirt Of course, what s a little extra flap of skin in the way of true love Look, if the title of this aptly named book alone didn t sell you [...]

    3. Ms. Nikki on said:

      Sleazella LaRuse, a drag queen, is kidnapped by the magician, Dravor Dravor thinks he has found a queen for his king, and that she will have his babies, but he his sorely mistaken Sleazella doesn t have the necessary girly bits.Sleazella flees from the weird magician, bumbling through a world she knows nothing about However, Dravor is not giving up He s a great magician and he will find a spell that will allow her to have the king s children.This was a fun read I was concerned that the author mi [...]

    4. Douglas Hackle on said:

      In this parody of the high fantasy genre, an audacious drag queen by the name of Sleazellla LaRuse gets whisked away against her will to the realm of Houmak a land of swords and sorcery Sleazellla must attempt to get back to her homeland of Green Bay, Wisconsin where she enjoyed status as the reigning mc of the Bar Belle nightclub or else figure out how to enjoy a new sort of queendom in this DD inspired place of magic and monsters If you re looking for a fun, funny, fast, fanciful, and fabulous [...]

    5. Tiamatty on said:

      I got this purely based on the title I was really hoping for a humourous but sincere fantasy epic with drag queens as protagonists I was very disappointed to find how short it is, and just how little real sincerity is in the book It s too caught up in being irreverent, which often comes down to attempts at gross out humour Characters are all one note, and get tiring fast, including the protagonist What little attempts at drama there are usually end up feeling obligatory, something that has to be [...]

    6. Tali Spencer on said:

      A bizarre little book and loads of wacky fun The hero, after all, is a small town drag queen And the adventures upon which Sleazella embarks have twists than a pretzel, if that pretzel harks from demented gender be darned fantasy I love this kind of quirky story, and the nonstop action, along with sharp snark and laugh out loud characters left me with a big smile on my face Recommended for readers who love the bizarre tradition of science fiction and fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons style adventur [...]

    7. K8 on said:

      This is really bad, and not in a fun way Even absurd stories need coherent world building Gross out humor is fine, but after a point it s just boring And, if I m bored with it in a book that s under 150 pages long, that s really not a good thing I wanted to like this I really did.

    8. Jeff O'Brien on said:

      I generally don t take fantasy authors seriously unless they use initials for their first name So when I saw this book was penned by a gentleman by the name of MP, I could hardly resist it I would describe this book as posi, progressive, whacky, funny, and made of paper What we have here is the next great work of fantasy that we ve all been waiting for Imagine if Robert Jordan my favorite author despite his lack of initials, I know, I m such a hypocrite was a closet drag queen and decided to tak [...]

    9. Nick Cato on said:

      I ve been following MP Johnson s writing for a while now, and he s one of those authors who simply gets better with each release Here s an inventive mash up of satiric fantasy with plenty of bizarro elements picture if Terry Pratchett were to lose his conscience and you ll have a good idea of what s in store.Drag queen Sleazella gets sucked into a DD type realm where she encounters all types of wild creatures and characters a motley crew of sailors were my faves and finds herself not only reborn [...]

    10. Teresa on said:

      Super empowering tale of a drag queen that can do any fucking thing Wonderful little story of what anyone can be capable of with some serious determination with loads of panache thrown in for good meaure I m sure I ll re read this sometime in 2015, and when I do, a better review will follow

    11. Jan on said:

      That book was a blast, highly recomended to those who ever played DD and if you haven t played DD but you are in for some twisted shit this is the book to read and if you try to read it in a Drag Queen voice it s even funnier.

    12. Dave Anderson on said:

      The best Drag Queen in Green Bay is transported into a different world where she must fight and prove herself Solid read and will read by this author

    13. Hugo on said:

      One of the funniest reads of the year This is how I like my bizarro dirty yet beautiful and absolutely glamourous My first MP Johnson book and won t be the last.

    14. Lainie on said:

      This book had me laughing throughout the entire story Sleazella is one of a kind and we should all aspire to have a little bit of her spunk in all of us.

    15. WTF Are You Reading? on said:

      With a title like Dungeons Drag Queens and a cover like that seriously, blow it up and gaze in wonder at the detail there was no way I could possibly resist giving this a read, even if I was not already a fan of MP Johnson.Much to my delight, this worked as a clever bit of Bizarro fun, a solid fantasy story, and an honest slice of gender exploration Yes, it is ridiculous and over the top, but the tongue in cheek parody is never allowed to eclipse the fact that there is a story to be told In addi [...]

    16. Vincenzo Bilof on said:

      MP Johnson should be writing for television or film a lot of writers get this compliment from reviewers, but Johnson has found a comfortable niche It s a rare gift for a writer to be able to sustain a consistent level of humor and originality through a narrative without losing a reader s interest While some of the best bizarro novellas are parodies and satires, MP Johnson proves that he is among the best in the new wave of bizarro fiction writers In case you re wondering, MP Johnson s book is pr [...]

    17. David Agranoff on said:

      This novel is set partly in a strange and totally bizarro land, so weird that it is like nowhere else on this earth The author of this novel grew up in this realm known as Green Bay Wisconsin MP Johnson is a one in a million person author who grew up a punk rocker and an aspiring drag queen in this small town that is known as the Vatican city for american football It was worthy of winning the wonderland award for the best novel because it is personal and empowering.Johnson is a talented writer, [...]

    18. Cory Cline on said:

      Dungeons Drag Queens brings things to the table It brings many things to the table Things that my mother would have never allowed me to bring to the table You have a kidnapped gal from Green Bay who will do anything she can to keep her title of number one drag queen in Green Bay, but it ain t easy for a gal in Green Bay and it s even worse for a gal in Houmak You have a world full of beasts that would make Jurassic Park look like a petting zoo, and you have a story full of heart as our heroine m [...]

    19. Tex Reader on said:

      4.0 of 5 stars Good Fantasy, Good Fun Good God I m excited to have won this as a First Read so thanks, M.P I love fantasies and sword and sorcery, especially with some glbtq in it, but have read very little along the humorous or bizarro vein Not only did this deliver on that, but the bizarro twist with the attitude of Ru Paul s Drag Race of which I m a fan also made it intriguing and entertaining And you couldn t ask for a better cover to represent.This was an easy to read novella, which actuall [...]

    20. Regina on said:

      Drag Queen, Sleazella, finds herself teleported into another dimension alternate reality where she is destined to be a real queen, mated to a flying slug who rules the land.Sex battles literally and disgusting, oozing creatures with a bit of torture thrown in What can I say Funny as hell and never a dull moment.Thanks, Dawn, I really needed a laugh and this book hit the spot.

    21. Ferenc on said:

      I received this book through a giveaway.That being said, I was fearful of this book Don t have any drag queens around here, never met one, and while I don t judge them, I don t understand them either So I was afraid I won t like this book because I won t understand the main character s motivation.But there was so much blood, gore, and other biological secretions in this book, that the drag queen s character was the least of my problems view spoiler Not to mention the story A drag queen, mistaken [...]

    22. Charles on said:

      Loved this bizarro fantasy novel by MP Johnson.Dungeons Drag Queens is the story of Green Bay s reigning drag queen, Sleazella LaRuse LaRuse has been transported by a crotchety old wizard into the realm of Houmak, the mighty serpent god Though LaRuse has been chosen for a special task, she s driven to get back to her home world to keep her rivals from dethroning her as queen diva She must battle nipple mouthed monsters, hungry clouds and oversexed troll disciples among other oddballs if she is t [...]

    23. Shane on said:

      I first heard about this book on Jeff Burk s Jeff Attack s podcast He was interviewing the author, and I quickly zoned in on the fact that this is a weird fantasy novella combined with one sassy drag queen s crazy antics I love DD, so of course the title also grabbed a hold of me The problem is I found interest in the author and the idea behind the novella than the actual content within There are a decent amount of hilarious scenes, and I did find myself thoroughly enjoying the protagonist Slea [...]

    24. TK on said:

      Not my favorite thing ever I found that Sleazella embodied all the things that I don t love about gay and drag culture, without really capturing what I do love about it I m also biased because I haven t been in a good place with fantasy lately If you re a high fantasy fan you might find this a lot enjoyable then I did.

    25. Derek Ailes on said:

      Being a Queen isn t a drag in this bizarre fantasy adventure.When Drag Queen Sleazella LaRuse is transported to the realm of Houmak by a wizard who thinks she s a real queen, she begins her quest to find her way home to Green Bay before she has to become queen to the god Houmak MP Johnson brings us another exciting bizarre tale with scene after scene where the reader says What just happened There is no predictability to this story since MP Johnson possesses a twisted mind that can t be compared [...]

    26. Jeff Arndt on said:

      You should read this Not because I told you to, but just because.While there are no kobolds lurking in the shadows waiting to ambush you, and very little mention if any of orcs, MP did a completely awesome job on this tale Upon the first few pages, I realized I m not gonna be able to put this down, as I was brought along on a pretty twisted and fun adventure, unlike any I ever experienced when I played Dungeons and Dragons years ago If you are expecting DD as you remember your own role playing a [...]

    27. John Bruni on said:

      Take Conan, all right Replace him with a drag queen from Green Bay named Sleazella LaRuse Put her into Conan s world, except give it a makeover by, say, GWAR and John Waters Got that picture in your head Good Because that s how awesome this book is Every time you think you ve reached the deepest depths of Johnson s depravity, he surprises you again and again until the over the top ending which will change your life Or you can look at it from another perspective it s the journey of a young drag q [...]

    28. Andrew Stone on said:

      Dungeons Drag Queens is fabulous Seriously, the best fantasy epic ever And besides that, it is one of the strangest bizarro books I have read If you aren t sure you like bizarro because it s too weird, stay away If you like weird things, drag queens, awesome stories, and or great writing, then read away With that said, I don t really want to review this book I feel the title alone is enough to get anyone to read, and if I get into details, I won t be able to keep myself from handing out spoilers [...]

    29. Claudia on said:

      This is sooooo NOT my genre However, Mr MP Johnson was thoughtful enough to include a imploring note with this book I won, so, I did itI read the whole book And even though I think I experienced a major mind meltdown, it was intriguing enough for me to finish it It s like one of those corny bad B movies so off the wall, but, you watch the whole thing just to see how it ends It was definitely entertaining

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