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Deanna Chase

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Intoxicating Magic

Intoxicating Magic By Deanna Chase Intoxicating Magic Willow Rhoswen is finally coming to terms with the fact that Talisen the man she thought was the love of her life has left town when his new superhuman drug becomes toxic and people s lives are on th

  • Title: Intoxicating Magic
  • Author: Deanna Chase
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: ebook
  • Intoxicating Magic By Deanna Chase Willow Rhoswen is finally coming to terms with the fact that Talisen the man she thought was the love of her life has left town, when his new superhuman drug becomes toxic and people s lives are on the line Now she has to go after him before it s too late.But when she gets to her home town of Eureka, California, Willow learns the truth of her brother s death and once agaiWillow Rhoswen is finally coming to terms with the fact that Talisen the man she thought was the love of her life has left town, when his new superhuman drug becomes toxic and people s lives are on the line Now she has to go after him before it s too late.But when she gets to her home town of Eureka, California, Willow learns the truth of her brother s death and once again finds herself in a power struggle between her brother s murderer and the Cryrique vampires of New Orleans With only her wolf, Link, and herself to count on, Willow s determined to end the political war once and for all, all while saving her friends and getting her happily ever after.
    Intoxicating Magic By Deanna Chase

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      230 Deanna Chase
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    One thought on “Intoxicating Magic

    1. Patty on said:

      I really wanted to like this series Deanna Chase is a great author and love her other series From the beginning of this series I hated Willow I found her to be very whiny and irritating She was a weak character, who always wanted to be seen as a strong woman but always ended up needing rescue Tal never seemed to develop as a character, he seemed 2 dimensional through out the series I did like David and felt he truly loved Willow and was saddened with the ending Wont give up on you Deanna Youre s [...]

    2. Jaime on said:

      I really liked the first book, the second book was ok, and this one was blah I never liked Willow, however I was a huge fan of Phoebe, Tal, and David Phoebe was barely featured in this book, and didn t get her own storyline I was really disappointed by that Tal and David were in the book a lot, but they were mostly just there to alternate between saving Willow, fighting over Willow, and confessing their undying love Willow was her usual annoying whiney self, and spent way to much of this book cr [...]

    3. Mary Ellen Fink on said:

      this was a great way to end the series and I ll admit I had cried happy tears at the end I really do hope Mrs Chase will make another I d like to know what happens with Willow and Tal and the others.

    4. Esther Diaz on said:

      Good endI like this end, it finally happen she become the heroin for me is was a good book and it was a fun read

    5. Rhonda Jones on said:

      Great End to a Three Book SeriesTo me, this 3 book series was really like one great big saga broken into 3 pieces They are not really stand alone books The first 2 are dark as the Void investigators Phoebe, a witch, and Willow, a fae, run down rogue vampires But then they start to unravel a long standing feud between two master vampires Willow becomes embroiled in the fight as her own family and past play a prominent role in the feud Enemies come from everywhere, including the Void where Willow [...]

    6. Andrea Heltsley on said:

      A good ending to the trilogy I liked how the author tied most of the storylines up A fun trilogy full of fae, witches, vampires, and the most adorable shitzu that turned into a fierce wolf Urban Fantasy, not much in the romance but a lot of slow burn and fade to black Loved Willow and Phoebe s relationship and how they would do anything for each other Four glittery stars

    7. Cristina on said:

      Not bad a pleasant enough journey thru love both romantic and family strong female characters and an adorable shape shifting dog and a very lovely conclusion

    8. Jacqueline Fearon on said:

      love this series I am so glad I found bookbud otherwise I would never found these books

    9. Heather on said:

      This is the third book in this series, and is definitely my favorite, so far Deanna Chase did such a magnificent job with this book Willow was amazing She knows her strengths and powers, and wants to be able to take care of herself and her loved ones, and she is than capable of doing so It was great to see her so independent Talisen was perfect for her throughout the book too It was a rocky start, but was resolved rather early, which left lots of time for a ton of exciting action David is great [...]

    10. Karen (BaronessBookTrove) on said:

      CAUTION IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK YET CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS This book was quite very interesting I mean I read it for seven days but during those seven days I could easily put the book down and not be agitated about leaving the characters behind this time That for me is a red flag on that there must be something wrong with the book Or at least me.I mean this book is really good and well written but it just didn t captivate me all that much Which is somet [...]

    11. Alicia Hart on said:

      UnsettlingFirst off I did like the story, but I did not like the conclusion I saw David with Willow at the end, he was at all times her protector David gave up his life for her, changed to something he never wanted to be and did not think twice about it to protect her He put up with her anger, and prejudices, even jealousy moods even though he loved her with his whole being It is not right that he did not end up with her after her nephew changed him back to the man she loved Tel was alright and [...]

    12. Melissa on said:

      Didn t enjoy the seriesI am giving my first review of the series, on the last book I wasn t totally sure how I felt about the stories until I finished them all I just want to point out that I am a very avid reader, and I give reviews based upon my thoughts of the book I don t only review books I like I have gotten ridiculous comments previously on books I have given negative reviews to and it surprises my that my opinions bother people That said, this series started off pretty interesting to me [...]

    13. Megan on said:

      I am super conflicted when it comes to this series.On the other hand I love the fantasy parts of the fae and all that on the other this frustrates me no end because it just feels a little rushed in the ending.I love trilogies, they re usually my favourite series types is that a thing because you can see the ending and you know it isn t going to last 12 books cough House of night cough of unnecessary books that didn t need to happen except I don t feel like this is the end I only assume because o [...]

    14. Denise Allen on said:

      Three book series Very very good job at not adding pages and pages of embarrassing porn The third book is four plus stars the series gets five It is clean reading with a real story The author has true talent I would like to suggest that our star be a little less helpless and her changeling sidekick be a little sturdy at the rate he was having his butt handed to him he might as well stay a shi zhu With all the mighty spell casters and faeries baked goods they should have come up with a good stur [...]

    15. Amy on said:

      I was glad to see Willow grow some balls and start fighting offensively using her gift It really confuses me, however, how both men in her life kept huge secrets about why they rudely broke off their relationships with her If they really loved her, like they said, it seems they would have explained their reasons instead of leaving her without any plans to ever see or talk to her again Then, when she initiates communication, they act like they are angry about it until they finally admit that they [...]

    16. Suzee on said:

      I was disappointed in this final installment I found Willow annoying and petty She wanted to be strong and independent, but yet was in continual need of rescuing I really liked Phoebe, and Loved David I just didn t get the ongoing hidden lovefest between Willow and Tal She spent all that time with him, in the first book and returned home, and it wasn t until Tal showed up and saw her getting in touch with David , that he got jealous and seemed to want her He never gave that impression when she w [...]

    17. Kristine (A Cozy Booknook) on said:

      Deanna Chase is a fantastic author who knows how to tell a story This book is the best of the series I do recommend reading the previous two books to get the impact of the story You will be turning the pages to find out what happens when the two master vampires battle it out, and does Willow find her happily every after

    18. Lisa P on said:

      I think this was the best book in the series Maybe because it opens with a burlesque club There s always something going on There were a lot of ups and downs, new characters introduced, of Beau s past is revealed, the love triangle gets sorted out, and Beau Jr well, that was unexpected Asher and Allcot battle it out with interesting results.

    19. Lisa Norvell on said:

      What a readFrom the first chapter of the first book in this series I was hooked If you are a fan of the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison you ll love Willow This book has HEA feeling at the end with sense that there could be to come from Willow and her friends I certainly hope so

    20. Diane on said:

      This was the last book in this series It just didn t hold my interest like the others Tal,David, and Willows characters finished the way they should have Some of the others didn t I didn t think the Willows best friend had enough of her story told Loved Link weredog Still was feeling a little sorry for David and thought he moved on to someone else very quickly.

    21. David on said:

      Good read, as are all the books in the series.All Ms Case s books are fun, good lose yourself in reads I enjoyed all books in the series, a mixture of Fae, Vampire, and witch interactions, with a little romance thrown in.

    22. Jessica on said:

      I absolutely adored this book The third installment of the Crescent city fae series is so hot It all has built up the epic battle between Allcot and Asher and who is lying to Willow You have to read this book to find where her heart belongs to also Is it David or Tal

    23. Vee on said:

      AwesimeWell written A wonderful end to a fantastic story Willow the main character got on my nerves with her back and forth between her lovers but she still is a great character after all

    24. K.M. Lowe on said:

      great series vampires, witches, wolves and faeries what can you ask for I ve loved this series from book 1 and I was thrilled for Willow and Tal getting their happy ending I love Deanna s books

    25. Barbara on said:

      I loved the way this series ended I caught my breath, I gasped, and then I smiled at how Willow and Tal gif ally got their happy ending It was a good series to read I enjoyed the supernatural elements in the story.

    26. Judy on said:

      This is third in the Crescent City Fae series I liked it better than the 2nd book which seemed to leave things oddly unresolved Several issues get taken care of in this one both personal and in the battle between the two vampire factions I didn t love it, but it s a quick easy read.

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