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The Spirit Guide By Elizabeth Davies The Spirit Guide Seren has an unusual gift she sees spirits the shades of the dead Terrified of being accused of witchcraft a very real possibility in twelfth century Britain she keeps her secret close not even co

  • Title: The Spirit Guide
  • Author: Elizabeth Davies
  • ISBN: 9781310529429
  • Page: 221
  • Format: ebook
  • The Spirit Guide By Elizabeth Davies Seren has an unusual gift she sees spirits, the shades of the dead.Terrified of being accused of witchcraft, a very real possibility in twelfth century Britain, she keeps her secret close, not even confiding in her husband.But when she gives her heart and soul to a man who guides spirits in the world beyond the living, she risks her secret and her life for their love.
    The Spirit Guide By Elizabeth Davies

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      221 Elizabeth Davies
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    One thought on “The Spirit Guide

    1. Carol [Goodreads Addict] on said:

      The Spirit Guide by Elizabeth Davies is a mixture of a Historical Romance and a Paranormal Romance I don t usually read Historical Romances but wow am I glad I gave this one a chance.Seren is sixteen years old, almost seventeen and lives with her family in twelfth century Britain Seren has an ability that sets her apart from others, she can see ghosts and if she allows them to touch her, she sees the last few moments of their lives, experiences what they experienced when they died Seren has to b [...]

    2. Mei on said:

      This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest review First, let me say that I love how Ms Davis writes Her first person narrative is very good and I enjoyed how Seren told her story I flows nicely and every her action in coherent and logical.Even if I tagged it as Fantasy, actually it is a mix of Historical and Parabormal romance Historical because of the period and paranormal because of the ghost aspect of the hero George.The only glitch I had is the fact that for Seren Geor [...]

    3. Tamara on said:

      I have been a fan of Elizabeth Davies ever since I read her Resurrection Trilogy, so when she asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her newest book, The Spirit Guide, I was beyond excited I am so glad that I did read it because it is simply amazing Seren has an awesome gift, she can see spirits However, her gift is not so awesome in the twelfth century where some would see that as witchcraft Not so good for Seren She has guarded her secret forever, only slipping every now and then When [...]

    4. Monica **can't read fast enough** on said:

      Age wise THE SPIRIT GUIDE is on the younger side of the New Adult, historical, paranormal genre and I usually don t read stories with character this young However, I am so glad that I took a chance on this one Davies creates a complex and engrossing world of magic, political intrigue against a historical background THE SPIRIT GUIDE takes place in a time where women are little than chattel with little to no influence over the direction their own lives take Seren is a very young woman with a spec [...]

    5. S. Hartley on said:

      Seren means star and I give The Spirit Guide five WOW Elizabeth Davies has yet again written an amazing historical paranormal I am a huge fan of her writing I first fell in love with her Grace trilogy, but have to admit that this may have even topped those And that is no easy task Seren is a spirit guide with the ability to see and communicate with ghosts Both a curse and a blessing as it leaves her vulnerable to those that would crucify her or use her, but also a connection to protection Elizab [...]

    6. Rochelle on said:

      This is not a genre I normally choose but the author requested I read it and give a honest review As I really enjoyed the State of Grace books I was than happy to read The Spirit Guide.In the beginning of this story I felt it was a little difficult to follow but after the first few chapters I quickly got into it This book was fantastically descriptive, from the wounded and dieing to defining the characters to explaining to the reader how life was for someone like Seren in those times and also j [...]

    7. Sue Brooks on said:

      WOW another awesome book by Elizabeth Davies This is definitely another one of those I just can t put this down type books I love the way that Elizabeth writes she does an excellent job of describing the characters The way that she describes the location where the story is taking place if utterly fantastic It makes you feel like you are there and experiencing everything first hand I am not one to write spoilers so I will stop here and advise that you really need to take the time and read this bo [...]

    8. CM on said:

      The beginning of this book was so enthralling and it continued throughout the book I was hooked from the first pages Then I took a deep breath and I was lost to the world of living At some point I just took a break and paced around because I was overwhelmed with emotion WOW I have so many positive emotions rolling around that I m not able to put my finger on them I really really loved this book Elizabeth Davies has a special gift of writing and I hope there will be books to come

    9. Kim Turner on said:

      Seren can see ghost s She s seen them her whole life and because of this the town thinks she s strange when she talks to them ghosts It s definately not a gift that she wants but can you blame her and definately not in an era where her gift might have been looked upon as witchcraft or something to do with the devil She s hid her secret as best she can.When she s 16 she s forced to leave her family and become a Lady In Waiting and eventually when the time comes she is betrothed to Rolf I don t th [...]

    10. Tamara on said:

      I was given a free copy of the book from the author for an honest reviewNot many spoilers, I promise Historical fiction paranormal fiction romantic fiction, three strong topics all put in one A novel about a unique character, Seren, in a unique world Witchcraft, sorcery, ghosts, and Spirit Guides.I am a fan of historical fiction, however, I don t read much of it because not much authors can make the writing work with the timeline I am not much of a fan about romance I love romance in my books, h [...]

    11. Michelle Quintana on said:

      This book was sent to my by the author for a review.I truly enjoyed reading this book The story got my attention on the very first page and held all the way to the end I just wish the ending had been a little bit longer so I know what happens to Seren This book is a love story with some historical fiction thrown in Well written, the endings to some of the chapters had my going OMG There were twists and turns to the plot that kept me guessing which I loved because a book is boring if the plot is [...]

    12. Amanda Masters on said:

      I don t have words to describe how incredible this book was Elizabeth Davies is a brilliant author and this book takes it to a whole new level As a person who has dealt with spirits and ghost my whole life I was excited to see the direction that Elizabeth would take with this story I would have to say that I am blown away she takes a very unique and special gift and turns it in to a fantastic historical tale full of intrigue, romance and danger.I loved all the history in the book The real tales [...]

    13. Cheryl La Pa on said:

      A thoroughly enjoyable, addictive read The Spirit Guide is a moving, historical romance with a paranormal twist, about the life of Seren, a young woman who sees spirits Seren is born into a time where women are owned by their fathers or husbands, with no income or financial standing of their own I felt for Seren as her life is decided by those around her and she has no control over her destiny She has to tread a fine line between living a life that is safe and expected, and the life that she des [...]

    14. Miriam on said:

      This was an incredibly detailed journey of Seren, a young woman who sees ghosts of those who haven t passed on yet as well as the ghosts of those who guide the dead into the next world It s an ability she did not ask for, and one she does not want.Then she meets George, a man who captivates and excites her, a man she falls deeply in love with But their love isn t supposed to happen It defies natural and supernatural laws Years and changes in Seren s life doesn t lessen their feelings for one ano [...]

    15. Carrie Donohue on said:

      I have a problem with this book It is so beautifully written I read the whole thing in about 5 hours I can t even complain that the ending left anything to be desired as things were tied up pretty nice and neat Another problem I have is that I liked the writer s previous books but I loved this one and there is not a sequel coming out, not that it needs one But I fell for the characters and the imagery used was fantastic at painting beautifully descriptive portraits in my mind The way she describ [...]

    16. Carmen on said:

      A bit of a caveat The historical romance genre is not a favorite of mine Anything with swords and sandals I tend to skip Also, the helplessness of heroines in past era settings irks me to no end.But since, I loved, loved Elizabeth Davies Grace series so much, even though time travel isn t a plot trope I like much either, I leapt to read this newly published story of forbidden love and ghosts Brilliantly written and richly textured, using historical events in the foreground, this story is sheer d [...]

    17. Anne on said:

      The saying, I see dead people would best describe what our heroine, Seren, sees But, this is the 12th Century and she could lose her life if anyone even suspected that she could Forced to marry someone she does not love, life is not easy Will she find true love and hide her abilities to see the dead This book was a bit slow taking off, and then, snap, it has you hooked I recommend it to anyone who loves historical romance novels with a paranormal twist.

    18. Susan on said:

      Another superb book by Elizabeth Davies She has a wonderful way of weaving history and setting into a story seamlessly I was caught immediately by the beautiful writing and the depth of characterization I fell in love with Seren and rooted for her safety as she hid her secret This book is part historical, part fantasy, part mystery, and completely delightful.

    19. Megan Fall on said:

      Wow, I loved the end of this book so much The beginning was a bit slow, but once George was introduced I immediately fell in love with him I really had no idea how the ending of this story would work, but it was perfect This is another great read by Elizabeth Davies.

    20. Amanda Lyles on said:

      I was pleasantly surprised to find out that instead of a sequel this is a prequel It was nice to be able to read about the events that were mentioned in the Medium Path I thought the characters were done very well too I loved the descriptions because it really helped me picture it in my head And even though I usually have a problem with books set in the past I didn t have that problem with this book It really grabbed me and made me keep reading it The ending caught me off balance too It was a pl [...]

    21. Sam on said:

      copy was provided for honest review absolutely loved how the author Elizabeth Davies was able to spin a historical tale and add in the supernatural aspect as well Paranormal reads for me are a must Mix that with the historical twist and I am hooked right from the start I loved every minute of this story line , the characters are so well defined they leave nothing unclaimed This book for me was a very fast read, I really didnt want it to end And this was the first novel I have read from this auth [...]

    22. Linda on said:

      Hooked by the first page, this detailed, incredible books had me going to sleep super late I couldn t put it down and when I had to I couldn t wait to pick it up again Elizabeth Davies is an exceptional writer, knowing the time era perfectly Though the characters are fictional, there is historical time frame is based on facts She has gained a fan and eager to read her other books

    23. Talitha (Victorian Soul) on said:

      Disclaimer I received this e book for free from the author, but in no way did it affect my literary taste buds This critique is my honest opinion.When I m looking for a book to read, one of the main things I like is something different the storyline has to be intriguing, but also than a tad original As it turns out, many of the mainstream romance novels don t deliver they are often part of a formula, with plot twists I can guess at the beginning and an ending that is exactly as I predicted, if [...]

    24. Kim Bishop on said:

      First reads provided by author for review.Seren, the main character in the book can see ghost s, she has been able to all her life Growing up, she has earned a reputation for being weird because of her indiscretions when speaking to the dead At age 16, she is forced to go live with another family of high esteem to become Matilda s lady in waiting , to strong hold her family s loyalty This woman Matilda is also allowed to pick Seren s husband as well This time takes place during the Knights,Kings [...]

    25. Tt on said:

      So excited to get this copy from the author I have read her Grace series and became an instant fan of her writing and characterizations and she didn t disappoint in the Spirit Guide The opening scenes of the book were captivating and I knew I was hooked into finding out about Seren and the stranger who helped her Before long I became intrigued with the historical elements of the time period The political aspects of that time was a character in and of itself And loved the facts and actual people [...]

    26. Heather on said:

      This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review thank you Elizabeth, I look forward to reading books from you in the future.I first started my journey with Elizabeth Davies with the Resurrection Trilogy which if you haven t yet read go read it The Spirit Guide was a pleasant surprise in terms of changing up the tone and personality of the main character to the previous books It almost felt like a new author in the sense that some authors are unable to create newer main characters and [...]

    27. Kimi Court on said:

      This is a good story, It is also from Seren s point of view I am not quite use to books like this I like to get in everyone s head Though she does do well with capturing the mood of others and telling of the story It is a Mystery Paranormal Historical Romance Yes it is good and yes you will want to read it.It has everything you want in a book, handsome Hero, a heroine who can see and interact with ghosts, Murder, Mystery, and HEA This author is new to me and I received a book for an Honest revie [...]

    28. Sarah on said:

      I was first interested in this novel from the description and my first understanding of what it was, a historical romance with elements of seeing the dead and survival against threats of witchcraft accusations What I got was so much My favorite part was the actual supernatural elements to the novel The author has interwoven the ability to see ghosts and a fascinating system of the dead all within one great book I was intrigued with the whole concept of spirit guides, how ghosts became bound to [...]

    29. Stephanie J. on said:

      Original Review LitLoversLaneFor a variety of reasons, I accept very few review requests, but when author Elizabeth Davies offered me The Spirit Guide, I could not resist its promise of history, romance, and otherworldliness My instincts served me well I finished this book in the flash of an eye, as the story and its characters pulled me in from the very first page, and never set me free until the very end.It s no secret I love history, and British history is probably my favorite This story begi [...]

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