Grandmother's Pigeon

Louise Erdrich

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Grandmother's Pigeon

Grandmother's Pigeon By Louise Erdrich Grandmother s Pigeon Passenger pigeon hatchlings thought to be extinct are discovered in Grandmother s room after she departs on a voyage to Greenland

  • Title: Grandmother's Pigeon
  • Author: Louise Erdrich
  • ISBN: 9780786821372
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Grandmother's Pigeon By Louise Erdrich Passenger pigeon hatchlings, thought to be extinct, are discovered in Grandmother s room after she departs on a voyage to Greenland.
    Grandmother's Pigeon By Louise Erdrich

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      102 Louise Erdrich
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    One thought on “Grandmother's Pigeon

    1. Donna on said:

      Louise Erdrich is a Native American I have always felt that multicultural literature takes on a different aspect when it is written by a member of the culture Grandmother s Pigeon is the story of a Grandmother who on short notice decides to ride a porpoise to Greenland A year after her departure, her family opens the door to her room and discovers a nest with three eggs in it This is a mysterye windows were not opened, Grandma didn t raise pigeons and there isn t a mother pigeon in sight While i [...]

    2. Eva Leger on said:

      2.5 This was a weird one for us I still don t know exactly what we think I liked the middle of the book but the beginning and ending didn t work for me What s strange is that the weirdness of a dolphin ride was too much for me But the birds eggs wasn t I m than willing to admit it makes no sense at all It is what it is The book begins with a description of Grandma and quickly goes to into her journey to Greenland on the dolphins back That was a letdown for me and Julia, while she wasn t actuall [...]

    3. Paloma on said:

      This book was so interesting and kept me entertained the entire time This book is about a grandmother who is seen as magical and superhero like by her grandchildren She can cure any illness and has scared away a vicious dog with just her stare The grandmother leaves on a great adventure and after a year the family walks into the grandmothers bedroom and look at all the neat things she has collected through out the years They find a collection of nests amongst her things and inside one are three [...]

    4. Ch_jank-caporale on said:

      Grandmother has disappeared on the back of a porpoise In sorting through the marvelous collection of things she s left behind, her family discovers three eggs in a tiny nest, which begin to hatch The only bird in the room is a stuffed pigeon so it s a mystery what kind of birds they are and how they found their way into the nest An ornithologist pronounces the impossible but true conclusion they are passenger pigeons, the last known example of which died in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo in 191 [...]

    5. Marcella Santos on said:

      Louise Erdich has managed to capture the mysticism and wonder of childhood in this nostalgic story of a family and their beloved matriarch One day, a grandmother departs to explore the world and leaves behind her family and her precious, stuffed pigeon soon after, a mysterious event occurs The soft, understated colors of Jim LaMarche s illustrations enhance the protective and nurturing themes of the story, a combination that helps to embrace the reader in the safety of their own imagination Gran [...]

    6. Lady Lioness on said:

      This was an odd one It started off as a metaphorical look at death and what is left as a legacy when a person s life has ended, but then it took a sharp left turn into magical realism So I don t know what to tell you My best guess is that it would be good for a jumping off point for lessons about conservation.

    7. Tracy on said:

      This is a gorgeous and mystical and hilarious book My 6 year old read it over and over and laughed out loud at the crazy tea and the ornithologist and the wonderful adventurous grandmother She also loved the drama and sweetness of the children s dilemma Now I want to read Erdrich s books for adults.

    8. Sara on said:

      This book has really nice pictures The plot is pretty neat The grandmother is wild and kind of magical The ending of the book has a surprising twist.

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