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Unattainable By Charity Parkerson Unattainable Book in the No Rival seriesA career ending injury leaves Brian reeling With no clue what he ll do now that his dream of becoming an MMA champion is over he is shocked at an unexpected offer of help

  • Title: Unattainable
  • Author: Charity Parkerson
  • ISBN: 9781419992865
  • Page: 390
  • Format: ebook
  • Unattainable By Charity Parkerson Book 5 in the No Rival seriesA career ending injury leaves Brian reeling With no clue what he ll do now that his dream of becoming an MMA champion is over, he is shocked at an unexpected offer of help from a former champ.Terry has seen the top and is happy with his life in retirement However the chance to help a fellow fighter regain his dream is something he can t resisBook 5 in the No Rival seriesA career ending injury leaves Brian reeling With no clue what he ll do now that his dream of becoming an MMA champion is over, he is shocked at an unexpected offer of help from a former champ.Terry has seen the top and is happy with his life in retirement However the chance to help a fellow fighter regain his dream is something he can t resist.When Brian accepts Terry s offer, the sexual magnetism between them catches Brian off guard Keeping his attraction hidden becomes a bigger challenge than regaining his strength Plus, Terry s mixed signals leave Brian frustrated and confused.Though Terry is just as hot for Brian, he has secrets that could tear their budding romance apart But he simply cannot resist the pull Brian has over him or the heat between them Through it all, both men discover that love really can conquer all.Inside Scoop This male male romance will leave you hot but most definitely not bothered.A Romantica contemporary gay erotic romance from Ellora s Cave
    Unattainable By Charity Parkerson

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      390 Charity Parkerson
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    One thought on “Unattainable

    1. Gigi on said:

      Crap I waited too long to write this review and now I m a bit fuzzy Basic review to followI wasn t expecting a lot from this book, the fifth in a series I had not read before, but I was pleasantly surprised at the hot sexual and emotional connection between these two men and the gut wrenching twist the author threw in for us I cried some serious tears, even though this was a shorter story I was able to become quickly invested in this couple and found this to be a very enjoyable read If reading t [...]

    2. Jennifer Greeff on said:

      Holy crap where did this book come from I opened my email one day and got this tour request to post an HTML and saw M M so I thought, eh, why not, I ll post it Then I thought, well let s review it too because it happens to be my favorite genre right now I didn t expect all that this short book had to offer To say this book comes out of left field and hits you in the feels is an understatement Get the tissue ready ladies because this one is going to sucker punch your heart Brian s drunken antics [...]

    3. Cheryl (Gwyneiira's Book Blog) on said:

      Review to come soon I bloody love this book I LOVE THIS WHOLE DARN SERIES Do it, Terry taunted The words barely passed his lips before Brian claimed his mouth For Terry, it was like tossing gasoline on an already raging bonfire It was everything he d fantasized it would be with an extra helping of expertise tossed into the mix The way Brian s tongue stroked the roof of his mouth before slipping away and reappearing again left Terry with no choice except to chase after it The moment he thought he [...]

    4. Carly on said:

      I ve been a fan of the No Rival Series from its beginning The complex characters, intense emotions and smoking hot erotica never fails to entertain The mixture of social classes, racial backgrounds and both M M and M F pairings, in each book is as varied as real life.The world of MMA is a vicious mistress Rise to the top and everyone knows your name Fall from grace, and no one will remember your name by the end of the week Former champion With his personal life a hot mess, Terry Richards is happ [...]

    5. Rachael Orman on said:

      3.5 Stars I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team Apparently I am in the minority with my thoughts here, but here goes nothingFirst off, I really did enjoy the story and the characters They were interesting and it was a unique plot line However, I had issues with the jumping timeline There was no warning or really much explanation for parts as it jumped from one scene to another and it left me confusing like heading to the doctor then BAM the next sent [...]

    6. S.M. Harshell on said:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Book 5 in the Rival Series but can be read as a stand alone.This is the first book I have read from Charity Parkerson, it definitely wont t be my last I thoroughly enjoyed it I wasn t expecting where this book took me I was an emotional mess almost complete ugly cry , the story was so heartfelt I can t wait to go back and read the rest of the series Both Brian and Terry are MMA fighters, Brian is an active fighter while Terr [...]

    7. Ruthie Taylor on said:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the fifth in a series, but can be read as a standalone You may well find you go back and read the rest once you ve finished it though Not only is this a hot, sexy book about MMA fighters, irresistible urges and the desire to win, but also a very moving story about loyalty, friendship and love In addition to fighting to win in the cage, these characters fight for a life that will be fulfilling and meaningful, in spite [...]

    8. Angie on said:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team This is a hot book The story flowed well and you could feel the connection between Brian and Terry I will honestly say I was NOT expecting the twist in the book, others might but I was just as shocked as Brian I admit I even cried This was a touching story and I was sad when it was over because I just loved it so much Characters The characters were well written and believable Sex oh yeah Religious noWould I recom [...]

    9. Veronica on said:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Unattainable is not just an a M M romance about MMA fighters, it is a romance about two really good guys that you want to have a happily every after.The ups and downs of Terry and Brian s romance is fun, sexy and tear inducing At times I would have liked a little story to balance out the incredibly hot sex scenes but overall this is good story and while it is book 5 in the series, all of the books in this series can be read [...]

    10. Char Moore on said:

      Loved this book Loved Terry and Brian so much I love this series so much Have read every book from this author so far Have loved every book that s been written Can t wait for the next book

    11. Angela Goodrich on said:

      Unlike the previous books in the series, I feel like the storyline in Unattainable weaves in with that of the previous book, Unbalanced, far than we have seen to this point While you can read each of the books as a stand alone, I feel that in the case of Unattainable, your enjoyment of the story will be increased significantly if you take the time to read book four first because there are nuances to the relationships between McKenna, Kurt, Brian and Terry that are lost to readers who skip Unbal [...]

    12. Victoria Rainey on said:

      Night Owl ReviewOriginal Review Published here nightowlreviews v5 RevUnattainable is the fifth book in the No Rival series by Charity Parkerson While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel with ease Brian had dreams of becoming a MMA champion but a career ending injury changes everything and seems to leave him at a loss as to what to do next with his life He is convinced by Terry to continue to training and that he will have a chance to be a MMA champion [...]

    13. NhaughtyV says Damn the Zon Save the Reviews on said:

      Life was nothing than long spells of dealing with death and bullshit occasionally interrupted by short bursts of happiness I don t think I m emotionally stable enough to review this story properly oh the feels My heart has been punched out of my chest and it hurts RTS Terry and Brian s story is one of failure and triumph of heart wrenching pain and unconditional love I can live without a lot of things but it turns out you re not one of them How far is one willing to go to spare the one they lov [...]

    14. Kristin & Sue Ellen ~ GirlyGirlBookReviews on said:

      Hot covers Hot novels This author definitely knows how to bring the steam to her readers with this one It is a standalone but if your anything like me your going to know want to discover the rest of the treasures she writes The MMA world is a tough life and while your in it your big but once you get out it is rough So when Brian gets hurt and doesn t want to seek that loss of fame he finds Terry who has settled in nicely behind the screen of the has been Let me tell you when these two ignite the [...]

    15. Susan on said:

      I have to say that this series just keeps getting better and better I loved this emotional story which features Brian and Terry Brian was seriously injured and believed his dream of being an MMA Champion is over Terry was a champion and believes that he can help Brian fulfill his dream The sexual chemistry between these two very wonderful men was off the charts I loved the development of their relationship as well as the storyline This is a story full of romance, action, drama and humor that kep [...]

    16. Helle Gade on said:

      Terry won Brian on a charity auction He has an ulterior motive that Brian doesn t like Terry wants to train Brian back to fighting status after he had his arm broken by Kurt in the illegal fights Brian doesn t think it s possible and his attraction to Terry doesn t make it easier.I started this book giggling, then came oh wow yummy, then came horror, then came tears and I m not going to reveal what it finished with Let s just say that this author keeps her status as queen of twists.I loved this [...]

    17. Linda on said:

      I received an ARC copy for an honest review Wow This is such incredible addition to an outstanding series It s an extremely steamy story of the delicious Brian and Terry.lled to the rim with raw male lust that left me panting for After receiving a critical injury, Brian finds himself out of the MMA world That is until Terry makes an offer he won t let Brian refuse Watching how these two finally come together, after months of ignoring their chemistry, was amazing The scenes were so scorching hot [...]

    18. Heather on said:

      I haven t read books 1 4 in the No Rival series but after reading Unattainable I am most certainly adding the earlier entries to my list Some people see MMA as barbaric legal fighting, me, I call it a sport I love wrestling, boxing is okay, so MMA is a give or take The author uses this setting to show the need for loyalty, friendship, compassion, trust, and strength between those within the world of training and in than just physical ways too A truly enjoyable read that has me definitely lookin [...]

    19. Cadiva on said:

      Best one yetOh gawd this book has you on the edge not only with the sexual tension between Terry and Brian but with everything else that you find out is going on.They re seriously hot together, a perfect blend of raw power and soft emotions forming into a wonderfully realised relationship that builds up before throwing the reader off a cliff with a sting in the tale.The usual characters from the earlier books continue to make guest appearances, all still stupidly happy with each other and the ne [...]

    20. Jen on said:

      Wow emotional and super hot M M read The chemistry between Brian and Terry is amazing, and their emotional connection heartwarming Highly recommended for fans of M M who like a great and emotional story to go along with the hot sex scenes This is the first book I ve read in the series, and although this is the fifth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone Can t wait to read the previous books ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

    21. Blackmermaid on said:

      Again, I m not sure if the author wanted these to be standalones are not, but I don t think it can standalone completely The other characters from the previous four books of the series were in this story, but not as much The story took unexpected turn, but Brian and Terry have their HEA at the end

    22. joani on said:

      True CharityAs with all her books, I really thought it was a great story Great characters, which make me laugh, love and cry Brian and Terry have a love that is just unbreakable and keeps a tight grip on your heart

    23. Jaimed on said:

      Doesn t disappointBrian and Terry are great together I enjoyed how they interact with each other and with the characters that we have already met You will enjoy this book.

    24. Laura on said:

      4This book was fantastic Brian and Terry s ups and downs in a relationship was crazy the depth of how everything went on and how all the books kind of tired was fantastic

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