The Tainted Trust

Stephen Douglass

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The Tainted Trust

The Tainted Trust By Stephen Douglass The Tainted Trust Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B DENSV U Prepare yourself for the one of the most exciting rides of your life Volume Two of The King Trilogy The Tainted Trust is in addition to a m

  • Title: The Tainted Trust
  • Author: Stephen Douglass
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Tainted Trust By Stephen Douglass Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00DENSV6U Prepare yourself for the one of the most exciting rides of your life Volume Two of The King Trilogy, The Tainted Trust is, in addition to a moving and action packed thriller, a brilliant depiction of what perfectly normal people will do for love and money It is the continuing story of an inconvenient fortuneLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00DENSV6U Prepare yourself for the one of the most exciting rides of your life Volume Two of The King Trilogy, The Tainted Trust is, in addition to a moving and action packed thriller, a brilliant depiction of what perfectly normal people will do for love and money It is the continuing story of an inconvenient fortune and its catastrophic impact on a loving family No one wept when Jim Servito died He left an estate amounting to 325,000,000 when his wife, Karen killed him in Caracas He had accumulated the fortune the old fashioned way he stole it from the U.S and Canadian Governments using a brilliant gasoline tax evasion scam The money is hot, deposited in a Cayman Island bank, and its cursed It has a profound affect on everyone who touched it It is managed by Alfred Schnieder, an aging and unscrupulous Caracas banker Mike King, the love of Karen s life, and nearly ruined by the Feds scorched earth efforts to recover Servito s fortune, convinces her to keep the money, instead of returning it to its rightful owners With the assistance of Schnieder, they form The King Trust, a near fatal mistake Desperate to recover the money, the Feds continue to spare no expense and effort to do so Phillip, the only child of Karen and Jim Servito, assumes he is the natural heir to his father s fortune, and has his own greedy plans for the money Aging Alfred Schnieder relinquishes the trust s management to Louis Visconti, a thirty two year old Wall Street whiz kid and brilliant financial engineer Dubbed The Crown Prince of Wall Street , and substantially unscrupulous than Schnieder, Visconti takes The King Trust to bewildering heights, then fails, miserably Kerri Pyper, Mike King s twenty three year old estranged daughter, has not seen or communicated with her father since she was nine She discovers the existence of The King Trust and is shocked to learn that her natural father is its Trustee Visconti, desperate and assuming he is still the smartest man in the room, embezzles the fortune and flees to Monaco He made only two mistakes he deceived both Mike King and Alfred Schnieder and fell in love with Kerri.
    The Tainted Trust By Stephen Douglass

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      Stephen Douglass

    One thought on “The Tainted Trust

    1. Christoph Fischer on said:

      The Tainted Trust by Stephen Douglass is a perfect follow on from The Bridge to Caracas It is a fast paced and action packed thriller about greed, corruption and honour.Money is moved, hidden and fought for by Inland Revenue, trust managers and the King family.Douglass writes with amazing insight into financial transactions and the stock market Cleverly plotted and featuring some amazing characters this is an excellent take on family legacies and the money trading industry The story is convincin [...]

    2. Gloria Antypowich on said:

      The Tainted Trust is the sequel to The Bridge to Caracas and it is equally as good In the first book, Joe Sevito had defrauded the American and Canadian government with a complex gasoline tax evasion scheme When he realized that his wife, Karen, had reconnected with Mike King, who was her first love, Joe set up an elaborate scheme to frame them both for his crimes Then he kidnapped his son and took him to Caracas with him, believing that Mike and Karen would spend the rest of their lives in jail [...]

    3. Nancy Silk on said:

      The Wall Street Games and Losses This is another magnetic novel written by Author Stephen Douglass It kicks off in New York City, 1980, with Louis Visconti, 33 years old, multimillionaire, living the lavish high life His passion is possession and power, never interested in crossing the bridge into marriage He is an investment broker for the Wall Street firm of Mara, Griesdorf and Visconti In the previous novel, Jim Servito s death left than 300 million dollars that was from unpaid petroleum tax [...]

    4. Peggy Holloway on said:

      I am happy to be the first to review this wonderful novel This is the second book of the King trilogy In this one we meet the daughter, Kerri, who turns out to be as smart as her father She meets her father, Mike, whom she has not seen since she was a little girl I cannot begin to give any kind of synopsis, it s just too involved The author did a great job at keeping me turning pages This book takes place during the eighties and involves the oil industry, Wall Street, and high finance I was a ge [...]

    5. Michele on said:

      You definitely should read the 1st book in this series The Bridge to Caracas before reading this one A lot takes place that you won t quite get unless you do I have already purchased the 3rd in this series Stephen Douglas really knows how to captivate his readers The political intrigue intertwined with the Wall Street collapse is vividly portrayed as are the greedy commodity traders I can t recommend this series enough The Tainted Trust

    6. Joyce on said:

      They say that the second book of a series is never as good as the first This book was just as exciting as the first if not so There were no loose ends in the plot, everything was logical One night I read until 3am because I could not put it down great book

    7. Jean on said:

      More Action and Twists This story is set during the 1980 s and partly centers around Kerri Servito.Karen put all of Jim s dirty money into of a trust and allowed Louis Visconti to manage the trust, that is until its found out thatLouis has mismanaged the trust all along, and he also knows of the secrets of how the money was obtained Fate or something else brings Kerri and Louis together This book covers the up and down sides to life on Wall Street I don t want to give too much away, so if the bo [...]

    8. Mike on said:

      Have you ever read a book that is so silly that you just have to keep reading to find out if the author can best his last idiotic plot development Such a book is The Tainted Trust Am I being hyperbolic Picture a famous New York Jets quarterback, married, who spends his evenings hanging out at a very public strip club, drunk out of his mind, who goes home with one of the strippers regularly, butbody knows about it for weeks until one day some bright spark actually tips off the newspapersre, right [...]

    9. Leslie Fisher on said:

      This is the second book in the King Trilogy, and I enjoyed this one as much as the first Though I read them in order, I think each book stands alone enough if you wanted to wanted to start in the middle of the series, but I am one who likes to read from the beginning to the end of the series, in order I thought it was fun making connections between characters and situations in the two books I listened to the Audible audio version and enjoyed the narrator, Matthias Lenssen, and all the unique voi [...]

    10. April on said:

      This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom I did not read the first book in the trilogy, thus being said some of these characters were already established The author kept the characters moving throughout the story Some of the plot was weird, some silly, and the rest was ok.The narration was well done, as far as word pronunciation and accent.The characters were well portrayed My one complaint is that I had to qui [...]

    11. Jeff on said:

      This story drags with all the financial terms and details This is at the expense of plot and character development The plot is weak and predictable The characters are flat and stereotypical The story is suspenseful, but blatantly contrived It needs less fabricated action and character development And the end seems very rushed and abrupt Mathias Lenssen s performance is satisfactory, albeit overly dramatic NOTE I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for this unbiased review.

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