Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos

Renée Paule

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Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos

Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos By Renée Paule Just Around The Bend M s o Menos Apparently just around the bend is everything we ve been looking forward to including world peace winning the lottery and a blissful retirement Regrettably however the energy and drive most of us n

  • Title: Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos
  • Author: Renée Paule
  • ISBN: 9782954681146
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos By Renée Paule Apparently, just around the bend is everything we ve been looking forward to including world peace, winning the lottery and a blissful retirement Regrettably however, the energy and drive most of us need to enjoy them, should they materialise, have been left way behind us in a place called The Past The buzz word is Now but somehow we always seem to be either side ofApparently, just around the bend is everything we ve been looking forward to including world peace, winning the lottery and a blissful retirement Regrettably however, the energy and drive most of us need to enjoy them, should they materialise, have been left way behind us in a place called The Past The buzz word is Now but somehow we always seem to be either side of it We re far too busy with daily rituals to consider what homilies like Know Thyself , and Who am I really mean Maybe we ve missed something along the way and prefer to live with the mystery of it all.Paying close attention to our thoughts, reactions and feelings reveals a great deal about us, but only if we re willing to let go of pain and suffering these cunning obstacles need to be faced rather than pushed to one side When we truly want to return to completeness, no power on earth will be able to stop us If you re up to examining your mind whilst I examine mine, then flip the book over and let s get started.Just Around The Bend M s o Menos is my second book Unusually, for its genres self help, philosophy etc , it s illustrated with a little character I designed and call Dilly which means something or someone remarkable Dilly is a thought form that thinks and he depicts some of our most endearing and not so endearing human traits Ebooks are not illustrated
    Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos By Renée Paule

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      Renée Paule

    One thought on “Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos

    1. Mischenko on said:

      To see this review and others please visit readrantrockandrollJust Around the Bend by Ren e Paule is a book about letting go of the past and living in the now I was forewarned ahead of time that Ren e Paule s books make you feel like you re looking into a mirror As I continued reading, this became a reality for me I was pulled into the book and couldn t put it down There were many Aha moments for me I also felt a direct connection to some of the author s experiences and feel I ve made many mista [...]

    2. Brian Michels on said:

      What is a book review defines it as a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit A book review may be a primary source, opinion piece, summary review or scholarly review A book review s length may vary from a single paragraph to a substantial essay.That s a decent description, especially coming from a porn producer s Steven Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment youtube watch v PXYkV as opposed to a refined Scholars Guild or a learned book club What I m try [...]

    3. Starjustin on said:

      What a powerful book Inspirational, thought provoking We can t change the past, we don t know the future, so we must live in the now A plea for we , as individuals, to strive to raise our level of consciousness in order to visualize Humanity as a whole and improve life for all on this planet I did the kindle format for this book and therefore, missed out on the Dilly illustrations which add character and charm to this book I look forward to reading from this author.

    4. Stacy on said:

      Thought provoking book See review and interview with the author at twogalsandabook

    5. PorshaJo on said:

      I can t believe I have yet to review this one I was leaving town for a few weeks and this one got lost in the shuffle Anyway, on to the book I also had to think about this one How do I classify it It s not a self help book It s a of a I think wake up to reality and what is going on around you Take a look and evaluate things, really look at everything Let me sayI m a weirdo When I have a book, it must remain pristine No writing, watermarks, dog ears, etc I read it and either pass it on to anothe [...]

    6. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      There s a lot of inspiration stuffed inside this little book, and it s definitely one that everybody should read Illustrated with Dilly a thought form who accompanies readers as they go through the book, Just Around the Bend is a powerful and impressive guide to life and study of the human experience The great thing about it is that anybody can read it It has no target age range, so either adults or kids can read it and enjoy it and learn from it There are numerous books on humanity and philosop [...]

    7. Aleena on said:

      I was honoured to be asked to beta read Just Around the Bend as I thoroughly enjoyed Ren e s previous book On the Other Hand Having read the book from cover to cover, I came to a realisation that the author has once again timelessly inspired me I enjoyed every minute of it And most of all, I loved Dilly The thought bubble depicted life and how people behave toward each other, and thus show the reader how to look behind what eyes can see How to think beyond what the mind thinks I have loved readi [...]

    8. G.R. Hewitt on said:

      First of all, as with the author s first book On The Other Hand I declare an interest in Just Around The Bend I know the author very well and I edited both books for her I have not and will not be paid for my services in any way This book stands on its own merit and needs no props or bias It s from this standpoint that I am pleased to write my review.Written from the viewpoint of an observer Just Around The Bend examines the mind of Humanity, the concept of Oneness and the human experience commo [...]

    9. Neeraj V Murali on said:

      So, I was glad when Renee selected me as a Beta Reader Having received an advance copy, I was eager to jump straight in I had read On the Other Hand earlier and it had inspired me to look at my life from a different perspective I was quite eager to read this and it didn t disappoint me First of all, the illustrations were something to think about Not just illustrations, but something which helped in thinking about everything .The piece on social media is something new I have ever read Read it wi [...]

    10. Devi Nair on said:

      Check out the complete review at Views She Writes WordPress ReviewsPhilosophy has always been my favorite topic So when I came across this book, there was no second thought And it was absolutely worth it Renee has written a beautiful book with so much points to think and ponder about our own life After reading the book, you really feel like going back and analyzing your life Renee has given so many points to think of and improve our lives The book is of a self help kind of book in a very differ [...]

    11. Susan Russell on said:

      My overall impression when I first finished the book was that, although I d enjoyed it, there was something missing Consequently I read back through and realised that what I was unconsciously hankering after were answers exactly what the book set out to avoid In places a little explanation of a line of thought, or concept, could have been helpful and at the other extreme an idea occasionally felt a little over egged But then that is the beauty of Ren e s book it really does make you think for y [...]

    12. Yesha on said:

      Note I received review copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review I am glad I got a chance to read this book The book has beautiful starting lines with a philosophical poem First two chapters of the book preface and introduction gave the good idea on what there will be in the book and author s intention on writing this book and also how it is different than other self help book.While the previous book by author On the other Hand, that I read this year, told about questio [...]

    13. Amedeea on said:

      I was lucky enough to be one of the beta readers chosen by Renee Paule, so i received the ARC of Just around the bend Mas o Menos complete with suggestive illustrations , and for this i would like to thank the author, this gesture is very much appreciated by me.This book helped me to understand better many things from around me and it came in a difficult time of my life when i needed something like this to open my eyes.This book is like small on the outside but so big on the inside, with so many [...]

    14. Leodel Barrio on said:

      There was probably a point in your existence that you ve been asked a very simple question, and that is what is life back then, a 10 year old me would always say, life is about being happy and being with your family When asked in high school, without even thinking much, i would say, life is about achieving success, getting a dream job, getting married and have children, which is the usual portrayal of the perfect life that the media would have us believe.But what really is life Are we merely jus [...]

    15. Dan Hewitt on said:

      This book is a natural progression from the author s previous work, On the Other Hand I found the book to be fascinating and it helped me to see aspects of myself that I did not like and how I could improve myself The focus of this book is the Now , not the Past or the Future but what is happening right here at this moment The moment we open this book we are invited to go on a journey with the author to learn about ourselves and what holds us back from our dreams and accomplishments Some of the [...]

    16. Mohamed Rezgui on said:

      This book is a book that I really enjoyed reading and as in her first book miss Ren e helps us again to break out of our cells and to find out our way to open mindedness and internal peace I m really grateful to miss Ren e, her two books On the other Hand and Just Around the bend helped me make my own way of life regardless of everything and made me look at life from a different perspective Thank you miss Ren e and Everyone, you the ones reading my review, I recommend this book to you Check out [...]

    17. Marc on said:

      Renee Paule s second excursion into the literary world has resulted in the wonderful must read Just Around The Bend This book draws you into exploring your world from a different perspective, taking you out of your comfort zone and encouraging you to look at the world through newly opened eyes.From the first page this is a book that becomes increasingly difficult to put down.I Love Dilly , brings a smile to my face and injects an element of humour.

    18. Mdspevack on said:

      I received an advanced copy of Just Around The Bend in return for a review.Are you ready to take a good deep look at yourself and your world Are you ready to tackle all that the mind disseminates If so then Renee Paule s Just Around The Bend is a must read.A brilliant follow on from her first book On The Other Hand , it is an uncomplicated, thought provoking and insightful piece of writing This is one of those rare books you will not want to close as each chapter simply whets your appetite for w [...]

    19. Mariana Farcas on said:

      This is a emotional book and almost made me cry.The author talks about her suicide attempt and her father that wrote her a check afterwards in the hospital I think this books deserve to be read by parents.There is a lot of humanity in there.

    20. Chris Vlaar on said:

      I received this book free as a beta reader,Another interesting read from Renee Paule A frank look at some challenging aspects of life from a different viewpoint that leaves you thinking Keep up the good work Well worth a read.

    21. Sophie Ken on said:

      first of all i want to say thank to renee i receive this book savely anyway renee sorry for to late to review your book i dont mean that, i had many thing to do i just done read this book yesterday this book are amazing this book make you relaise what exaclly happened in your life this book also giving you light about life, about how to make decition and my i want to say big thanks to renee cause she write the book i love you so much renee and thanks for the book again anyway love you

    22. Javid Ahmad on said:

      I got the book from a giveaway I feel fortunate enough to have read this book It s the best non fiction read It just makes you feel conscious and aware of the mechanisms of the mind Hats off to Ren e Paule

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