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Nemesis Games By James S.A. Corey Nemesis Games The fifth novel in Corey s New York Times bestselling Expanse series now being produced for television by the SyFy Channel A thousand worlds have opened and the greatest land rush in human history ha

  • Title: Nemesis Games
  • Author: James S.A. Corey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nemesis Games By James S.A. Corey The fifth novel in Corey s New York Times bestselling Expanse series now being produced for television by the SyFy Channel A thousand worlds have opened, and the greatest land rush in human history has begun As wave after wave of colonists leave, the power structures of the old solar system begin to buckle.Ships are disappearing without a trace Private armies are beingThe fifth novel in Corey s New York Times bestselling Expanse series now being produced for television by the SyFy Channel A thousand worlds have opened, and the greatest land rush in human history has begun As wave after wave of colonists leave, the power structures of the old solar system begin to buckle.Ships are disappearing without a trace Private armies are being secretly formed The sole remaining protomolecule sample is stolen Terrorist attacks previously considered impossible bring the inner planets to their knees The sins of the past are returning to exact a terrible price.And as a new human order is struggling to be born in blood and fire, James Holden and the crew of the Rocinante must struggle to survive and get back to the only home they have left.
    Nemesis Games By James S.A. Corey

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      James S.A. Corey

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    1. Kemper on said:

      This is as good as it gets Can t expect everyone to be on the same page We re still humans after all Some percentage of us are always going to be assholes Naomi Nagata Nemesis Games Boy, that escalated quickly I mean, that really got out of hand fast Ron Burgundy Anchorman The Legend of Run BurgundyAfter their latest misadventure the Rocinante is in need of extensive repairs that will keep the ship sidelined as the crew finds itself with a variety of personal matters that need their attention so [...]

    2. Hannah Greendale on said:

      Nemesis Games offers a perfect blend of intimate character stories with a broad scale intergalactic adventure of epic proportions The book takes about 200 pages to establish the stakes before launching into one thrilling close call after another.

    3. Rob on said:

      Executive Summary Best one yet I ve always enjoyed this series, but I really loved this book My only complaint would I don t have to read I can t wait for book 6.Audio book Jefferson Mays is back Huzzah Don t get me wrong, he s not one of my favorite narrators or anything, but he is good And the guy they got to replace him for book 4 was not I was considering switching to text for this book if that narrator was used again Thankfully I didn t have to His accents for Avasarala and Alex are excell [...]

    4. Mogsy (MMOGC) on said:

      5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 06 19 b Warning May contain spoilers for previous books if you haven t read them The Expanse is my favorite space opera series right now the only space opera series that I m still following, to be honest, when I ve given up on so many others Not only are things still going strong at book five, they also just keep getting better and better I thought Cibola Burn was going to be the best installment we ll see for a while, but then along comes Nem [...]

    5. Ashley on said:

      First, a warning I have officially passed the point of objectivity for this series You know you ve passed that point when you no longer care what happens in a book series as long as you get to spend time in its world hanging out with its characters This isn t a place I get to easily, but once I m there, I never ever leave Love, it is irrational.With that said, oh boy, this book was awesome In retrospect, one of my favorite things about each book in the series is how different each one of them a [...]

    6. Gary on said:

      The most nerve wracking Expanse novel yet sees the crew of the Rocinante separate for a variety of personal reasons during some down time for ship repairs Slowly, they find themselves drawn back together as a strange conspiracy morphs into a shocking, game changing event.This time, each of the Roci crew has their own POV storyline, instead of the usual cycling through a new cast of supporting characters The opportunity to take an even closer look at these people we ve come to love instead of alw [...]

    7. Tom Merritt on said:

      I loved getting the perspectives from each of the view of the Rocinante I also loved splitting them up so we can see a little of what they re like outside of Holden s orbit My only quibble would be that the story arc leaves me hanging which in show business I believe is called leaving me wanting Which ultimately is a good thing but damn All of the Expanse novels have left you on a hook for the next one but never as intensely as this one I don t think SO MANY MYSTERIES ALL THE MYSTERIES

    8. Derkanus on said:

      A 15 year old Belter operative named Filip and a small team infiltrate the twin Earth Mars shipyards on Callisto to steal canisters of High Density Resonance Coating, Stealth tech used on Martian military ships They have a ship in orbit called the Pella that releases tungsten slugs to take out the Martian ships in orbit, as well as the Martian marines in power armor on the surface The team suffers a few casualties but manages to escape with their loot just as their ship launches a rock into the [...]

    9. Algernon on said:

      Only last week I wrote that I don t like to start multi volume stories in progress, as I have neither the patience to wait years, nor the sharp memory to keep events and characters sorted out long term But, what good are rules if you can t make exceptions Five years ago, my friends were all praising this new space opera thing by a new author The Expanse by James S A Corey When I learned that half of the creative team behind this alias is Daniel Abraham, I didn t hesitate, and today I consider th [...]

    10. Bradley on said:

      This was one hell of an easy read I got sucked back into the characters as if I had never left and was delighted to see that they shone brighter than in several of the previous novels They re back in the Solar System The main crew got a hell of a lot of face time If it isn t enough that this qualifies as a wonderful character driven adventure, then rest assured It s still all about the big ideas, big events, and big space The pacing is near perfect on this one I never once had to force myself to [...]

    11. Renay on said:


    12. Lata on said:

      4.5 stars A tense story with a shocking development The Roci team is split up and in different locations We get a better view into each team member s thoughts, finally, and Bobbie and Chrisjen are back, too People are leaving for the new unexplored planets, and that s changing things politically throughout the system, shaking up governments and making Belters very uncomfortable Meanwhile, Naomi gets a reminder from her past And damn I am so glad we finally get some insight into Naomi, and see ju [...]

    13. Mr. Matt on said:

      After the resolution of Cibola Burn, I thought surely the series was due for somewhat of a step back Nope The Expanse delivers again Holden, Burton, Nagata, Kamal, and all the rest are back and so is the tension that the author has managed to keep at a high pitch over five books Impressive Holden and company return from New Terra and split up each pursuing some personal, somewhat hidden agenda The break up of the company leaves Holden morose and struggling His crew had become his family, and he [...]

    14. Mike on said:

      After the shortcomings of the previous installment, I was a bit concerned that the shine might be off this delicious space opera apple not a Star Carrier level of concern, but still some I was extremely happy to see my concerns obliterated and my faith in this series than restored.My biggest problem with the last book was that it felt very claustrophobic I mean, the series is called Expanse, but Cibola Burn mostly took place on one planet, nothing like the solar system and beyond spanning stori [...]

    15. Andreas O on said:

      Moving the pieces.Unspecified spoilers ahead.Excitement Drama Character Vast, sweeping changes to the universe The book has it all.Still, at the end, little that was not started in this book is resolved The implications are not expanded on What should have been a momentous, earth shattering change has less impact than the Ilus incident in the last book The book ends long before the story does This is half a book pretending to be whole A good half But still only half Pieces are moved around the b [...]

    16. Raja on said:

      The entire book is great except for anything that has anything to do with one particular character But first, the good We re back to big spaces and high stakes, which is enjoyable after the sometimes claustrophobic fourth book in the series It s my speed My favourite characters return, which is also pretty great The earth shattering events are handled deftly, and we see enough characters react to them that you can probably find your likely response in there somewhere The ending, as usual, ties [...]

    17. Cathy (cathepsut) on said:

      Fabulous I think I have a new favourite in the Expanse series 5 stars with a cherry on top Some slight spoilers aheadAll about Holden, Naomi, Alex and Amos, instead of the usual introduction of a new host of characters never to be seen again And Bobby is back And Avasarala, potty mouth and all.This is like pure gold for the fans of the series No distractions of getting to know other characters or slowly diving into a complicated storyline Just our favourite crew, with their odd ball humour, tryi [...]

    18. Justine on said:

      This was yet another great entry into The Expanse series This book provides some insight into the personal backgrounds of some of the long time characters as the usual action filled tale unfolds The story continues to be full of excitement and I m definitely looking forward to the next installment

    19. Daniel on said:

      Najbolji deo ovog serijala do sada Dubina prica i niovo detalja koji pokriva je stavrno iznenadjujuce Cinjenica da su svi glavni likovi prepusteni sami sebi daji piscima mogucnost da kontrolisu pricu koja prati cetiri totalno razlicita dogadjaja koji su opet stalno povezani.Nema dosadnih momenata, stvari se stalno desavaju koje su stalno interesantne i saznajemo dosta istorije o nekim likovima Plus citava scena oko koje se prica vrti se totalno menja u odnosu na prethodne knjige.Moram da priznam [...]

    20. Jack +The Page Runner+ on said:

      Oh man I don t really know where to begin with a review of Nemesis Games As this is undoubtedly my favorite science fiction series, I don t think that a fully unbiased review is possible But then again, this is my review, so I suppose I can write it any way I please So yeah, a glowing review it shall be Nemesis Games essentially begins right where Cibola Burn left off, so if you finished that book a while ago, as I did, you may have to engage your memory banks to recall all of the major plot poi [...]

    21. Patremagne on said:

      Best of the series We finally got a book with entirely Roci crew based PoVs, and shit just goes down every single chapter The stakes have been amped up tenfold, and I m giddy with excitement for book 6 in November.

    22. Veronique on said:

      This is as good as it gets Can t expect everyone to be on the same page We re still humans after all Some percentage of us are always going to be assholes Although it took me a while to get into this book my fault, not the novel , Nemesis Games turned into one of my favourite from this series For a while now, I had wanted to get about the crew of the Rocinante and this instalment finally delivered Not only do we get their back stories and how their past affects them, we also see them in perfect [...]

    23. Robyn on said:

      I really liked getting into the heads of the entire crew of the Rocinante It was a good way to get around the fact that they were separated through most of the book and still retain the feel of the closeness of the crew in the previous books Once again, people are up to nefarious things, there are mysteries galore, and I have no idea what the Ring is up to Really looking forward to the next one.

    24. Bram on said:

      Talk about a change of pace No petty politics, it s time for cold, hard thrilling action Nemesis Games is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish StoryThe story starts out at Tycho Station, where the crew is holed up, waiting for the Rocinante to get some much necessary repairs Lo and behold, plot happens and everyone splits up and goes their own way, but let s not dwell on convenient conveniences, because after that, the story ratches up all the way to eleven, and it keeps up the pace until [...]

    25. Jason on said:

      4 Stars Nemesis Games by James S.A.Corey continues the trend of the series in that no two books are alike in theme, or in style If you strip this series down to what matters most James S.A.Corey the pen name of Daniel Abraham Ty Frank have written a science fiction series in a way that matters most, it is very fun to read Each book has upped the ante on the weight of the issues, on the creativity of the bad guys, and also the fun factor that Holden and his cohorts have brought to the game The cr [...]

    26. Richard on said:

      8 10Awesome yet again, a strong series that has been a pleasure to read but I now have to wait to continue this series which is mildly annoying I ve only myself to blame The standout point for this book is the POV s chosen, in some of the previous books there were a couple which missed there mark In this outing though it s the four crew members that you ve lived with from the start of the series but instead of it just being from Holden s POV as before, here each character has something they need [...]

    27. Krbo on said:

      falatibo e pro itah kona no Bilo je dosadno Eto, vratili se oni s lokacije nastavka 4 i treba popraviti brod Kako je dobro rasturen to e trajati mjesecima pa se posada malkice rasula pohvatati duhove pro losti Malo Zemlja, Mars, nepoznato i kapetan osta sam paziti na brod.I po e e oni sva ta mrljaviti, ali tek od 40% knjige do tada se ita o ekuju i nekog vraga koji nikako da stigne.A i kad po ne neki zaplet sve ispada obi an krimi smje ten u prostor izme u Zemlje i asteroidnog pojasa.Je, samo pi [...]

    28. Kevin Kelsey on said:

      Easily the best in the series so far No question about that Instead of introducing several new characters and slowly weaving them into the plot along with the Rocinante crew, this one buckles down on the core characters and delivers in strides A lot happens, considering that no time had to be spent giving us info on all new people, the bulk of the book fully develops backstories and gives us the goods on the main characters Naomi brings it all home in this one, and it s amazing to finally see he [...]

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