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Manwhore By Katy Evans Manwhore Is it possible to expose Chicago s hottest player without getting played This is the story I ve been waiting for all my life and its name is Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint Don t be fooled by that l

  • Title: Manwhore
  • Author: Katy Evans
  • ISBN: 9781501101533
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Manwhore By Katy Evans Is it possible to expose Chicago s hottest player without getting played This is the story I ve been waiting for all my life, and its name is Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint Don t be fooled by that last name though There s nothing holy about the man except the hell his parties raise The hottest entrepreneur Chicago has ever known, he s a man s man with too much money tIs it possible to expose Chicago s hottest player without getting played This is the story I ve been waiting for all my life, and its name is Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint Don t be fooled by that last name though There s nothing holy about the man except the hell his parties raise The hottest entrepreneur Chicago has ever known, he s a man s man with too much money to spend and too many women vying for his attention.Mysterious Privileged Legendary His entire life he s been surrounded by the press as they dig for tidbits to see if his fairytale life is for real or all mirrors and social media lies Since he hit the scene, his secrets have been his and his alone to keep And that s where I come in.Assigned to investigate Saint and reveal his elusive personality, I m determined to make him the story that will change my career.But I never imagined he would change my life Bit by bit, I start to wonder if I m the one discovering himor if he s uncovering me.What happens when the man they call Saint, makes you want to sin
    Manwhore By Katy Evans

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      Katy Evans

    One thought on “Manwhore

    1. Christy on said:

      4 4.5 I CALL DIBS stars A new Katy Evan s book with the title Manwhore I was sold I ve enjoyed everything I ve read by this author and Manwhore was no exception Once I started reading, I didn t want to stop I was completely enad with Malcolm Saint Malcolm Saint is anything but a saint He s a rich and powerful man And lets face it, he s a manwhore And Rachel is a journalist who will do anything to get her story And her story is Saint Malcolm Saint is a character you will fall for Yes, he s a shre [...]

    2. Sylvia on said:

      Meet your new addiction A sizzling, decadent, tender love story that kept me up all night I call dibs on Saint

    3. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer on said:

      FIVE STARS BR with my Beautiful Bestie, Dee On this night I m stealing touches that might definitely be too close to the fire, but my hands have a mind of their own Part of me is crazed His lips were made to kiss, his hands to touch that s the sole purpose of his thick hair for women to cling to while he pounds them hard His eyes seem to offer peeks into heaven and into some kind of party in hell, and I m maddened by it all.I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK Hello Ladies, there is a new book boyfriend i [...]

    4. Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾ on said:

      4 StarsHe s not a man to give anyone , and I m not the kind of woman to change all of her life for the wild dream of love But what if for one night, one night, I let myself spend it with him Now let s be honest here, shall we I didn t even bother reading the blurb to this book before I decided I d read it Because that title alone It had my name written all over it So was it everything I had expected Yes, and so much It wasn t the typical rich playboy manwhore plot you d expect to read Surprisin [...]

    5. Lady Vigilante (Feifei) on said:

      3.5 stars I ve had my highs and lows with this author s Real series, so with this book being the first in a brand new series I was curious to see her take on a catchy, yet predictable premise While I wasn t really sure about it for the first part of the book, by the end I was reeled in and officially hooked it s safe to say I did like this one after all It s steamy, it s a tad bit scandalous, and even though it has its faults, it s one of those books the I read, the the appeal of the story shi [...]

    6. Angie - Angie"s Dreamy Reads on said:

      If you know anything about me, you know that Remy is my ultimate, he owns my heart, HOWEVER I m ABOUT to BLOW your mind and tell you that Malcolm Saint brought me to my knees and crippled me OH MY GOD It was UNREAL To say that this is Katy s best book yet would be an understatement THIS NOVEL IS A GEM It s magical, sensual, sexy, riveting, absolutely spell binding I NEED so bad, I hurt 5 stars is not enough when it comes to this book NOT EVEN CLOSE Full review coming closer to release I m telli [...]

    7. ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥ on said:

      It s LIVE US iBooks Nook Malcolm Saint is famed as being The hottest entrepreneur Chicago has ever known, with an abundance of money and women at his disposal he s mischievous and handsome and enjoys his lifestyle to the max Equally he s mysterious, controlled and guarded with an elusive personality What the world wants to know is who is the real Malcolm Saint Enter Rachel whose latest assignment in her role as journalist is to expose the REAL SAINT The paper wants the gritty, juicy details and [...]

    8. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ on said:

      OMG I met the author in Chicago last year and look what she says she met the hero in Chicago maybe I met him too and didn t even know it I would have totally jumped him of course had I known mopes around the house Dear Readers,I am super excited to be introducing you to my new series today A series that has taken me on such an exciting journey, I m so very glad it s only the beginning It was on a trip to Chicago that I first met my hero He was on a social media page that made the news, and the s [...]

    9. Catarina on said:

      4 Sinful Stars Rachel as a new assignment infiltrate in the life of Malcolm Sinclair and do an expose about him She knows it s the chance of her career so she immediately accepts after all his one of the most powerful man in tow young, sexy, billionaire and manwhore extraordinaire But what begins as innocent interviews soon turns into something and she quickly forgets that all started with work And when Malcolm realizes that he wants Rachel for than one night he starts one relentless pursuit a [...]

    10. Amy (Foxy) on said:

      Live amzn 17OpJDBWhat happens when the man they call Saint, makes you want to sin Columnist, Rachel, has been posed with a mission that she has been waiting for her whole career to write an expose Of course, this expose will push her out of her comfort zone because of the subject matter at hand She s been tasked with uncovering all she can on the hottest entrepreneur of Chicago, Malcolm Saint Saint s public image is one of a MANWHORE Saint describes how people respond to him as they want to pray [...]

    11. Eliza on said:

      Title ManwhoreSeries Manwhore, 1Author Katy EvansRelease date 24th March, 2015Rating 4 4.5 Hurricane Saint starsCliffhanger Yes HEA view spoiler hide spoiler Rachel Livingston is a writer with fledging Edge magazine Desperate to save her job and also to prove herself, she takes an assignment that hopes to breathe new life into the magazine The assignment An expos on Chicago s hottest player, Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint Such a prestigious name for a man who appears to be anything but.He s a [...]

    12. Jasmine on said:

      3 STARS I d say people respond to me on four levels and four levels only they want to pray to me, be me, do me or kill me So I m usually the type to stray away from the billionaire cum playboy genre but for some reason, this one just called out to me Seeing the hype surrounding the read, I decided to try my luck with this one despite having not read anything from this author before.The story starts off with Rachel, a journalist who just landed a chance to write an expos that could launch her car [...]

    13. Katy Loves Romance ❤️ on said:

      4 Dibs Stars I LOVED and ADORED REAL so when Katy Evans says she has a new book on the horizon I m like HELL YESS hook me in, I ADORED REAL but Malcolm is a close second concerning him as Malcolm Saint I loved himOne Sexy Malcolm Saint MANWHORE who is known for his ways with the ladies he is the new face of interface which is the competitor against Facebook, he is business and goal oriented he doesn t have time for relationships and strives to win one venture after the next concerning his career [...]

    14. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ on said:

      4 STARS Saint or Sinner I don t think I was ever so excited to read a book I have read the synopsis and I was so intrigued that I pre ordered the book and I was waiting patiently for it to come out Honestly I like the beginning but for some reason I was feeling that something was missing from the book and I haven t find yet what it was exactly but after 50% I started liking it even Rachel is a reporter who is going to investigate the Chicago playboy Malcom Saint for the magazine she is working [...]

    15. Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover on said:

      3.25 StarsOk I m in the minority on this one It started off nicely, Saint was the embodiment of the perfect alpha male, my heart did a flip when he called dibs But there were too many things that bothered me about this story The plot view spoiler was a bit slimy and very cliche Even though he s a supposed manwhore he s a human being and Rachel should have eventually told him she was using him hide spoiler There s a lot of sexual frustration After reading Real, I came to expect that kind of sexua [...]

    16. Beverly on said:

      LIVE amzn 1CLIVyy I was so excited to start Manwhore I love books about reformed or damaged men, so I assumed I would enjoy this one HOWEVER, I never imagined I would love Malcolm Saint so much Ruthless, they say A complete manwhore, they say And so ambitious he d put Midas to shame Oh yeah They say Saint won t rest until he owns the world Rachel knows all about Malcolm Saint, it s impossible to live in Chicago and not know the infamous billionaire Despite knowing who Saint is she has never met [...]

    17. Christie«SHBBblogger» on said:

      Title ManwhoreSeries Manwhore 1Author Katy EvansRelease date March 24, 2015Rating 4.5 starsCliffhanger YesHEA view spoiler No hide spoiler No story was told in one day No secret revealed in one hour Nothing lasting built on a single moment.Don t be fooled by the seemingly simple blurb given for this book If it sounds like something you ve read before, think again This one packs one hell of a punch I was not expecting to get sucked into the whirlwind named Malcom Saint but oh, how I did And I lov [...]

    18. Angela on said:

      4.5 We don t fit, I say I just want to find a spot, warm not cold, with a nice view, everything I could want, and I want to stop moving and stay there in that spot and you will never stand still I think we fit just right, The first thing I have to say about this book is WHY HAS NO ONE COMPARED IT TO NEVER BEEN KISSED I m seriously upset about this It s like the smutty version of it, and it plays a huge part in why I loved it Rachel, our reporter, was just assigned her first big story Malcom Sain [...]

    19. Cristina on said:

      I have to start this review by saying that I love Katy Evans to death and her Real seriesare one of my favorite series but this book just didn t do it for me.I can t give you a strong and specific reason for not loving this novel and for that I urge you to read this book and don t take into consideration my review.I found the main female character to be too in her head, there was just too much internal dialogue for my taste She was so conflicted and bipolar I felt I could just strangle her somet [...]

    20. Khadidja on said:

      it s a cute love story,Fun and clever but everything was so predictable , i mean she was assigned to investigate and reveal his elusive personality dig up scandal and write an artice to expose him, it was just a matter of time before everything blows up in her face, the part where she sent her mom a dirty text message instead of Malcolm was so funny, i found myself smiling like an idiot

    21. Jacqueline"s Reads on said:

      5 I call dibs on Mr Saint StarsOH.GOD I LOVE KATY EVANS SO MUCH Manwhore is FantasticSexyEngagingIncredibleI loved every second of it As much as I love the Real series, I m beyond and excited to read something new from Katy Evans Manwhore hit my expectations and much .And the story Malcom Saint is rich, sexy and a complete manwhore.He s not hearts or flowers, but so swoon worthy Rachel is a reporter at Edge She is hired to write a piece on Malcom Her boss wants Rachel to expose Malcom.Rachel mus [...]

    22. Wendy"sThoughts on said:

      4 Being Open to Love Stars This had all the necessary elements for a very hot read It happened to mostly live up to all of the reviews and it had some extremely wonderful moments The scene and description of this couple kissing is something to remember While I was reading it, it brought to mind the phrase I have always said kissing is an art form Saint was an artist.Enjoyed and will look forward to the next installment.

    23. Pearl Angeli on said:

      I seriously don t know how to express how I enjoyed this book I could not say it s perfect, but I definitely could say it s a guilty pleasure book and it s one helluvah page turner I love the undeniable chemistry between the main characters Malcom Saint and Rachel Livingston They really make a perfect and interesting couple The character of Malcolm is apparently one big cliche a tall, hot, billionaire, manwhore but man, I could not deny that I love these kinds of characters lol no matter how the [...]

    24. Rose on said:

      Pre read I told myself I wasn t going to read any of Evans Real series because of issues, but I might try one book of hers on my own to see if at all her narration or anything with respect to her writing plotting has improved.We ll see I m not going into this with high expectations though.Post read So even with not going into this with high expectations, I was still very disappointed Poor writing, juvenile presentation, threadbare characters, plodding pacing, predictable plot, and manipulative c [...]

    25. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ on said:

      3.5 STARSRachel is a columnist who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her boss makes her an offer she can t refuse to write an expos about the hottest entrepreneur Chicago has ever known, Malcolm Saint, a young, handsome, successful billionaire, who has a manwhore reputation This assignment not only will make her career, but it will save Edge , the magazine where she works as well So, in order to write the expos she will have to interview Saint, but also she will have to compromise morals i [...]

    26. Vrsha (PeekAtMyBookReview) on said:

      Rating 3 Could have been better Stars My Views Honestly, this could have been only ONE book I have been recommended this one several times and have read lots of amazing reviews but for me it was just okay , nothing to die for and nothing special Overall it was a nice read Style of writing This was my first book by Katy Evan and as far as the writing goes, I loved it It was entertaining and easy to read However, at times there were too much narration which bored me and I had to scan read Characte [...]

    27. MELISSA *Mel Reader* on said:

      REVIEW TO COME5 Completely Consumed Stars BR with Sharon

    28. ♥Rachel♥ on said:

      DNF 30%I just can t get into this story I m not connecting with the heroine and I don t feel any chemistry between this couple at all.

    29. ~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~ on said:

      4.5 Dibs stars Well don t you want it Don t you really want to find it Because out there, half the people have it, the others are looking for it, others lost it, but it s there You can t ignore what it is I m thinking about Manwhore and all I can think about isI know a lot think like me but ladies, I m sure there s enough places for everyone, right I didn t expect to love this book so much, yet I did I knew this was the kind of book where my heart will beat fast because of 1 the title 2 the guy [...]

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