A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall

Catherine Marshall

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A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall

A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall By Catherine Marshall A Man Called Peter The Story of Peter Marshall Filled with humor wisdom and loving detail the powerful story of Peter Marshall s life has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people It is a book about love the love between a dynamic man a

  • Title: A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall
  • Author: Catherine Marshall
  • ISBN: 9780800793111
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall By Catherine Marshall Filled with humor, wisdom and loving detail, the powerful story of Peter Marshall s life has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people It is a book about love the love between a dynamic man and his God, and the tender love between a man and the woman he married It is also the gripping adventure of a poor Scottish immigrant who became chaplain of the United StaFilled with humor, wisdom and loving detail, the powerful story of Peter Marshall s life has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people It is a book about love the love between a dynamic man and his God, and the tender love between a man and the woman he married It is also the gripping adventure of a poor Scottish immigrant who became chaplain of the United States Senate and one of the most revered men in America.A Man Called Peter became the number one best seller when it was published in 1951, and around the world lives were changed by reading of the chaplain s remarkable faith In the foreword to this book, Peter s son writes, Even when Dad s words were preached secondhand in the movie version of A Man Called Peter, they had an amazing effect on people Through Peter s story and the compelling sermons and prayers included in A Man Called Peter, you will discover insight into God, man, and life on earth and hereafter You will also be encouraged by the realization that if God can do so much for a man called Peter, he can do as much for you
    A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall By Catherine Marshall

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    One thought on “A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall

    1. Sarah Grace on said:

      This book, ya ll So where s the 5 billion star button again I don t think I have ever been so impacted by a single mortal man I don t know in what way yet, but this book, and this man changed me From a reading perspective, it was very well written, and very accurate, as it is written by Peter Marshall s wife It was almost autobiographical, which I liked All the stories were so amazing and inspiring, and many of them I was either wiping tears, or clutching my side laughing I loved this book I wou [...]

    2. Teresa TL Bruce on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Peter Marshall s life, beginning with his humble beginnings in Scotland where he first yearned to serve God The story of how this impoverished young man was led to the United States, how he became a Presbyterian minister, and how he ultimately became Chaplain of the Senate is filled with illustrations of ways a loving Heavenly Father frequently answers prayers through the actions of those He puts around us and how we need to listen for the opportunities to mee [...]

    3. Natalie on said:

      It is a lovely story about Peter Marshall who became the Senate Chaplin in the 40 s Unfortunately, only about 10 pages focuses on that detail of his life, the rest is devoted to how he got there and what an amazing person he was It was a little too devoted to how amazing he was, I would have enjoyed a realistic look at the man and seen his faults and how, despite them he became successful However, if you want a sweet love story this is one.

    4. Alicia Willis on said:

      A fascinating look into the life of Peter Marshall from his wife Catherine s perspective I was so encouraged and uplifted by the life of this amazing, sold out to God man A must read for pastors, ministry workers, and especially pastor s wives.

    5. Josiah on said:

      One of the most enjoyable biographies I have read.Dr Peter Marshall was an Irish Immigrant come to the United States under orders from the Chief , God, to be a minister of the Word In ten years God took him from a low income student bachelor to the Chaplain of the U.S Senate.His wife, Catherine, writes this eloquent, endearing expose of a man viewed as a national religious leader but personally a human struggling to do God s will As his wife and many others concluded Peter was a man of God who b [...]

    6. Wanda on said:

      Just about everyone who loves good Christian fiction knows about the Christy series that was on television several years ago You can now buy the whole set on DVD from Christianbook among other places But before the series there was the book See my other recommendations on the old classics tab And before the book, Catherine Marshall met a man called Peter.This book is a classic that is a must read for everyone who loves a good story I highly recommend it for every home library I am fortunate enou [...]

    7. Tarissa on said:

      What an AMAZING and INSPIRING book this is I was drawn to reading it after watching the film, and was not let down It s impossible to say if I liked the film or book better and that s a major compliment to the movie, as the book is ALWAYS better than the film version.Some people may also recognize the author Catherine Marshall as the writer of Christy which is a great novel But in this book, A Man Called Peter, Catherine tells the story of how her husband Peter reached the pinnacle of his career [...]

    8. Teri-K on said:

      For years I either read this book or watched the movie every Easter It s been a while since I ve done that, so when I picked it up again this year I wondered if I d still consider it worth reading Thankfully I do In fact I really enjoyed this book, about a wonderful man of God who was an real person I think his wife, Catherine Marshall, does a good job showing his strengths, weaknesses and humanity while still portraying his powerful faith.There are many examples of times Marshall followed the S [...]

    9. Cliff on said:

      I stumbled upon the movie by the same title, which made me want to know abut the man I got a book of his sermons and read it cover to cover I actually got this book because of the sermons in the back, but thought I should read the book while I was at it, movie aside As typical, this is a lot complete and in depth than the movie Yet the story remains the same and it s the story that really is remarkable Peter Marshall was a truly great man He didn t live nearly long enough, but like all truly g [...]

    10. Betty on said:

      This is the last Catherine Marshall book I ve read again, I was not disappointed Unlike Christy and Julie, A Man Called Peter is not a novel but a biography of her husband s life.It is a wonderfully inspiring tale of a man called by God A Man Called Peter is the story of a preacher, Peter Marshall, whose congregations outgrew their churches time and again who eventually rises to the position of Chaplain of the United States Senate.It is a love story, a deep, tender, love story, underscored by tr [...]

    11. Dave on said:

      Someone gave me this book to read, and I enjoyed it for two reasons First, Catherine Marshall provides a glimpse into an age now long gone the age when church was part of the institutional fabric of our culture, and how great preachers such as Marshall were celebrated and sought out Second, the selection of Marshall s sermons at the end of the book are a great read They were haunting at times often covering insights that are just as relevant now as when they were preached over 60 years ago.

    12. Laurel on said:

      Five stars, who am I to argue with history I was thrilled to meet Peter John Marshall, the son, ten years ago He was very nice, and spoke to me several times during the week of revivals He quoted me as a young teacher I was 35 who mentioned how hard it was to get the students to say the Pledge of Allegiance seriously before 9 11 I am always affected when I read this book or watch the movie It reaches my emotions and spirit in ways that few other books do.

    13. Michael on said:

      Terrific biography of Peter Marshall, a Scottish American Presbyterian pastor and preacher This man s story is an inspiration to me of God s work in a man s life to raise him up from humble beginnings to the Chaplaincy of the U.S Senate It includes as well some of his sermons and prayers In sum, it s a wonderful work about this gifted and graced man I also enjoyed the film of the same title.

    14. Luckngrace on said:

      I was touched by Catherine s love for her husband She inspired me with how she handled Peter s death and, though I read her books years ago, they came back to soothe me when my own dear husband died.

    15. Chrisanne on said:

      I was first introduced to Peter Marshall through my Richard Todd phase if you haven t seen the movie you should But this book was great Most books that are posthumously written by wives can be gushy But this one wasn t And I loved the appropriate last line.

    16. Cathy on said:

      Read this when I was a teenager and fell in love with it I love the work he did and I think we all lost a beautiful soul when he died Not many people like him alive today.

    17. Redheaded Writing on said:

      Love it This is the book that changed my life It started me thinking about becoming an author like Catherine and it s alot about finding your CALLING I highly recommend it

    18. Desiree Streib on said:

      Peter Marshall was an amazing man His story along with his faith was inspiring To see him struggle with the same things that I struggle with today was a relief the only difference is that he was able to place it all in God s hands while that is something I am still working on Catherine Marshall does a terrific job of telling us Peter s life and how he went from working to support a struggling family in Scotland to become a beloved Senate Chaplain in Washington DC Even though it states in the beg [...]

    19. Christine on said:

      I graduated from Agnes Scott College, from which Catherine Marshall also graduated When I was there in the late 70 s and early 80 s, she was not much respected by the English department, in spite of the fact that she was a best selling author I think the primary reason was that she was a practicing Christian, but also there was some intellectual snobbery at work as well I read A Man Called Peter after I was accepted but before I started my freshman year, and then reread it years later after I ha [...]

    20. Will Waller on said:

      Reading this book reminds me that greatness can come in unexpected packages For Peter Marshall, it came as he was a regular joe who was called to be greater than he expected to be Someone who first loved the ocean was called to be the voice of hope in the Senate I enjoyed his wife s writing as it was funny, unique, and touching He struck me as a man who lived fast and died young He was someone who had purpose in his story He did something with his life and did not languish but flourished Perhaps [...]

    21. MJ on said:

      I eagerly read each chapter wondering where Peter would go next and how he could meet his wife, Catherine She did such a fine job of telling his life story and showing how all of Peter s actions came from his love for the Lord.When Peter had his first heart attack, I was so afraid even though he d been dead since 1949 before I was even born Catherine has a way of making the reader feel as if we re right there in the middle of the conversation.The section on Sermons and Prayers was so moving Whoe [...]

    22. Melinda on said:

      This book was a little different than what I was expecting I read Christy by Catherine Marshall a few years ago so when I saw this at the thrift store I thought it was a follow up to that book Instead it was about the life of her husband who was a fairly famous minister I really enjoyed learning about his life and how they met and their married life and I enjoyed insights into their deep faith, they set a really nice example even if we are of different faiths I only got a little tired of reading [...]

    23. Liz on said:

      biography about a Scottish American Presbyterian preacher in the early mid 1900s wonderful biography, giving faults as well as praise and making him appear very human instead of perfect as some biographies do very powerful Christian life and thus very powerful words 6 full sermons and prayers included an amazing story about a man with a faith almost unbelievable in today s world some parts were a little long and some things were hard to understand in the chronology.

    24. Carolyn F. on said:

      I read this in the 1980s Interesting book about how she met her husband and they got together He became the chaplain for the Senate She writes about her medical problems and how they affected her marriage and her seeking help through intense prayer and calling upon the Holy Spirit I liked that she didn t gloss over the bad parts and you really felt for Peter to have a young wife with so many problems Tragic ending I never watched the movie.

    25. Dick Baldwin on said:

      The hype surrounding Peter Marshall lived on after his death due to this book and the movie made from it Inspiring Yes, but not in the way that would bring the heathen into the fold Peter Marshall was no Richard Todd, but his works and story have an earthy appeal What makes him truly inspiring and interesting is himself, not his message He was no fraud, his heart was clear I do believe us heathens with open minds can marvel at the life led by a Scotsman literally saved by his Lord.

    26. Michelle Dunlap on said:

      I throughly enjoyed the novels Christy and Julie, but I have not had a chance to read A Man Called Peter I did have a chance to watch the movie when I was younger before I knew about the book and was moved by how much this man took on in such a little amount of time This is a biography of Catherine Marshall s husband life and his path with GOD It show how strong his faith and personality was, but at the same time he was a humble man This is a must read for me.

    27. Mary Lisic on said:

      That was excellent For anyone in the ministry, who has a minister father or husband, or for anyone really who has suffered serious illness or a loss, this book is for you The whole book is like a sermon that you need but also thoroughly enjoy The back of the book also includes some prayers and sermons of Dr Marshall s which I will read as soon as I m finished feeling this strange sad happiness or happy sadness It s like I m grieving and at peace all at once.

    28. Poiema on said:

      The fiery Scottsman who became chaplain of the United States Senate left a wonderful legacy of written prayers He died too young in his 40 s as I recall This memoir is written by his wife, Catherine Marshall, who later became a distinguished Christian author I love Peter s prayers they are written in a unique format, almost like poetry and are as fresh today as the day they were penned.

    29. Peg on said:

      This book is so well written Catherine Marshall s biography of her husband Peter Marshall allowed me to feel as if I knew him personally I felt pulled along with his humor, anxiety, excitement, sadness, regrets and many other emotional experiences that come with being a public figure, and a devoted family man His faith in God shone through and anchored all that he did.

    30. Julie on said:

      I really love Catherine Marshall s book Christy and now I can add this book to one that I really loved reading I was curious about her husband, and this is a great biography It is sincere and very touching It was nice to read a book about a really really good person someone who truly sought out God and knew Him, someone who humbly touched others lives and made a huge impact.

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