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Amerika By Franz Kafka Amerika Kafka s first and funniest novel Amerika tells the story of the young immigrant Karl Rossmann who after an embarrassing sexual misadventure finds himself packed off to America by his parents Expect

  • Title: Amerika
  • Author: Franz Kafka
  • ISBN: 9780805210644
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amerika By Franz Kafka Kafka s first and funniest novel, Amerika tells the story of the young immigrant Karl Rossmann who, after an embarrassing sexual misadventure, finds himself packed off to America by his parents Expected to redeem himself in this magical land of opportunity, young Karl is swept up instead in a whirlwind of dizzying reversals, strange escapades, and picaresque adventures.Kafka s first and funniest novel, Amerika tells the story of the young immigrant Karl Rossmann who, after an embarrassing sexual misadventure, finds himself packed off to America by his parents Expected to redeem himself in this magical land of opportunity, young Karl is swept up instead in a whirlwind of dizzying reversals, strange escapades, and picaresque adventures.Although Kafka never visited America, images of its vast landscape, dangers, and opportunities inspired this saga of the golden land Here is a startlingly modern, fantastic and visionary tale of America as a place no one has yet seen, in a historical period that can t be identified, writes E L Doctorow in his new foreword Kafka made his novel from his own mind s mythic elements, Doctorow explains, and the research data that caught his eye were bent like rays in a field of gravity.
    Amerika By Franz Kafka

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      472 Franz Kafka
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    One thought on “Amerika

    1. Fernando on said:

      Jorge Luis Borges afirmaba que los personajes de Kafka eran Profesionales de la derrota En cierto modo, podemos asegurar eso cuando encuadramos a tres personajes tan particulares como K de El Castillo , Joseph K de El Proceso y Karl Rossman, protagonista de Am rica en ese r tulo, todo confirma que este genio nunca se equivocaba y en cierta medida, los podemos ver como personajes alter ego con caracter sticas autobiogr ficas del mismo Kafka Pero hay algo esperanzador en Am rica que no sucede en l [...]

    2. Violet wells on said:

      Often I opt to know as little as possible about the novels I read before starting them which includes not reading the back cover synopsis So I didn t know this was an unfinished novel when I started I hadn t read any Kafka since my teens when I can t say he was ever a favourite of mine My feeling about him was further sullied after reading his letters to Milena, a girl he neurotically and rather cruelly strung along who eventually was to die in the Nazi death camps Those letters are fascinating [...]

    3. Vit Babenco on said:

      Franz Kafka just watches, he doesn t comment As the seventeen year old Karl Rossmann, who had been sent to America by his unfortunate parents because a maid had seduced him and had a child by him, sailed slowly into New York harbour, he suddenly saw the Statue of Liberty, which had already been in view for some time, as though in an intenser sunlight The sword in her hand seemed only just to have been raised aloft, and the unchained winds blew about her form.And Karl Rossmann encounters many a c [...]

    4. FrancoSantos on said:

      3.5Esta es la quinta obra de Kafka que leo aunque es mi primera novela Me gust mucho Se me hizo bastante pesada en algunas partes, pero la historia me parece brillante una muestra m s de la agudeza de este hombre con baja autoestima.Son varios los temas que desfilan en este libro Los siguientes son los que m s destacan, en mi opini n Kafka juega con sutiliza con los matices sociales, los t tulos que nos damos por lo que empleamos y la significaci n relativa que nos otorgamos como una especie de [...]

    5. Pantelis on said:

      Der Verschollene, The Lost Kafka s Bildungsroman, Kafka s Candide , a novel about losing your innocence again and again, bit by bit, until you lose it completely, until you are completely lost, and the only way to claim your innocence back is to join the Oklahoma Theater, to board that final train This is not an unfinished novel

    6. Nandakishore Varma on said:

      I loved this first novel by Kafka, much sunny and easier to read than his others even though the chapter on Brunelda is pretty frightening This is incomplete but does not matter much as Kafka s stories are dreamlike and disjointed anyway.Kafka never visited America I was thinking today that whatever is happening in America nowadays is much weirder and surreal than any of his novels.

    7. Nicholas Karpuk on said:

      I had difficulties not feeling like a tool while reading Kafka at work on my breaks A guy with a beard and thick rimmed glasses read Amerika, just makes me feel like a parody of myself.Kafka is one of those authors young men latch on to in high school or college and inevitably talk way too much about I can definitely see the appeal with the themes of alienation and a system that works against the well meaning individual But there s something I realized while reading this book Kafka would have ma [...]

    8. Tijana on said:

      Ne znam, mo da da napravim policu knjige koje me nisu ubile, a ba su se potrudile Ne radi se o tome da Kafka nije dobar, naprotiv, previ e je dobar u onome to poku ava, a to je da vas mene natera da se gr ite od transfera blama, da vas mene glavom nadole uroni u depresivnu epizodu, da ubije ivotnu radost u vama meni Da, znam da je on sam smatrao kako je zapravo humorista Dobro, va i Da, jeste pisac neverovatno bizarne ma te, zapletenih tokova misli, upe atljivo groznih paklenih vizija birokratsk [...]

    9. Edward on said:

      Cover of the first edition of Der Heizer The Stoker Publisher s NoteTranslator s Preface Notes Amerika The Missing PersonFragments Brunelda s DepartureAt a street corner Karl saw They traveled for two days AcknowledgmentsChronologyBibliographyA Note on the Type

    10. Vipassana on said:

      I bought this book over a year ago but decided against reading it once I realised that it was unfinished and I didn t want that for my first Kafka In retrospect it seems so foolish, but I cannot deny the fact that I m glad I hadn t read it then because I wasn t filled with the sufficient amount of despair towards the life I lead, to throughly feel this book, to find closure in it s incompleteness.One is easily horrified by the rare and exceptional abominations of the world, but not by everyday e [...]

    11. Lobstergirl on said:

      Well my friend Chak says to run from this book she recommends it for angst ridden hipsters who aren t worth the trouble to punch which doesn t describe me I like to think I am worth the trouble to punch But I saw it in the store with this adorable Edward Gorey cover totally uncredited and knew it would be mine all mine It smells like an old mausoleum but that s what I get for buying a book from the Eisenhower era Wow Weird, weird, weird I liked the first third of Amerika quite a bit First, you h [...]

    12. Chak on said:

      Life is too short Don t walk RUN away from this book Masochist that I am, I got than two thirds through the book and finally could not stand it any Amerika is about this 16 year old boy named Karl who gets exiled to America by his German parents after impregnating a household servant Just as he was bewildered and passive during the aforementioned fornication the maid overtly seduced him , Karl remained so for the rest of the book at least what I read Repeatedly, and without seeming to learn fro [...]

    13. hossein sharifi on said:

      1920 view spoiler hide spoiler 207 br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

    14. Roberto on said:

      Le avventure di PinocchioAmerica un romanzo incompiuto del 1911 pubblicato postumo nel 1927.Karl Rossmann un sedicenne obbediente, serio, diligente che viene mandato in America dai genitori perch accusato di avere messo incinta una cameriera.Il senso del romanzo inizia gi qui Questa infatti la prima delle tre occasioni in cui sar accusato ingiustamente di qualcosa che non ha commesso o di cui non ha colpa e per questo inevitabilmente scacciato Troviamo qui un lieve parallelismo con il Processo, [...]

    15. Cecily on said:

      This was originally titled The Man Who Disappeared The first chapter, The Stoker, was published as a short story and often included in the collection The Metamorphosis see my review HERE It opens with a description of a city, country and continent Kafka never saw New York looked at Karl with the hundred thousand windows of its skyscrapers The ship, too, has windows of course , but there are references to them than one might expect in such a few pages Karl is only 16 and has been sent, alone, to [...]

    16. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly on said:

      My copy has a Preface written by one Klaus Mann in August 1940 It describes Franz Kafka s life, his very sad life He had poor health, worked in a gloomy office, never made enough money and with a solitary romance that was doomed to dreary frustration He never enjoyed any spectacular success as an author His works became famous only after he died DratsERIKA was supposed to be Kafka s light, funny and optimistic novel It tells the story of Karl Rossman, a poor boy of sixteen who had been seduced b [...]

    17. Lorenzo Berardi on said:

      This novel is completely different from all the others Kafka s works I mean, it s not kafkaesque, it s picaresque Amerika has something of Dickens and it doesn t seem written by an european novelist Kafka has written about the myth of a new world seen like a land of false possibilities where a new Candide, the young Karl, is pushed and pulled away by circumstances.It s a real pity that this novel is unfinished I ve loved the final and totally independent chapter about The Nature Theatre of Oklah [...]

    18. Rick Slane on said:

      I am not sure what is a spoiler and what is not, but before I read this I had a very wrong idea about it This is the most humorous Kafka work According to the intro he was doing his version of David Copperfield in a country he never visited but learned about in a biography of Benjamin Franklin I have not read much James Thurber but that is the similarity that I found.

    19. Chad Post on said:

      A couple years ago, some trickster posted the first page of David Foster Wallace s INFINITE JEST to a Yahoo group looking for advice about his new novel Not surprisingly, the um, yahoos, didn t recognize the source text and populated the message board with all sorts of terrible advice about the lack of action and the fact that he knows what to do just dump it and start over Obviously, this provided a shitton of laughs for the literati, for those who respect DFW s writing and know that these same [...]

    20. Sách Chuyền Tay on said:

      Kafka t ng n i T i do d tr c khi t i ra i C nh n t i c do d tr c khi quy t nh c t c ph m n y sau khi c H a th n, L u i v V n kh ng C u tr l i l C V sau khi c xong t c ph m n y, t i mu n h i Kafka ng c do d tr c khi vi t N c M kh ng N c M hay K m t t ch c gi i thi u b a sau cu n s ch c thi t k r t p c a Nh Nam l ti u thuy t u ti n v h i h c nh t c a Kafka Nh ng t i ch a bao gi th y Kafka h i h c T i c ng t ng nghe t bu i t a m v Kafka m t l i nh n x t r ng, c c t c ph m c a Kafka c t nh dark humo [...]

    21. Nicoleta on said:

      Absurdul i arbitrariul care schimb vie i Foarte muncitor Karl i nu e destul s se adapteze n America lui Kafka.

    22. Maryana Pinchuk on said:

      There s perverse pleasure in watching a genius fail If you love Kafka, read this to know why watch as his beautiful existential vignettes die horribly the moment they are bolted onto a conventional plot Marvel at how trite the themes of contemporary fiction are when they re no longer contemporary Cheer okay, maybe not cheer to know the man tortured himself to do better than this sophomoric attempt at a first novel And, if you re a way persistent reader than I, maybe actually finish it, unlike I [...]

    23. NiloufarRahmanian on said:

      Astonishing Loved this book than other works of dearest Kafka Every sign was so well organized and I felt, for the first time, that I could actually undestand what Kafka meant Im sure that this book is one of the books i will never ever forget So original So genius Im full of admiration.

    24. Dimitris on said:

      Passages of pure genius, I can t understand why he would not finish it, why he wanted it burnt But an unfinished Kafka draft is better written that any other author s overpolished final piece.

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