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Gone for Good

Gone for Good By DavidBell Gone for Good Elizabeth Hampton has not spoken to her mother in weeks when she gets the phone call Her mother has been found dead under suspicious circumstances But who would want to kill a kind old woman who staye

  • Title: Gone for Good
  • Author: DavidBell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gone for Good By DavidBell Elizabeth Hampton has not spoken to her mother in weeks when she gets the phone call Her mother has been found dead under suspicious circumstances But who would want to kill a kind old woman who stayed at home to care for her son Ronnie s special needs And why did her mother recently change her Will The police tell Elizabeth that this is not only a murder investigationElizabeth Hampton has not spoken to her mother in weeks when she gets the phone call Her mother has been found dead under suspicious circumstances.But who would want to kill a kind old woman who stayed at home to care for her son Ronnie s special needs And why did her mother recently change her Will The police tell Elizabeth that this is not only a murder investigation her brother Ronnie is the prime suspect.Desperate to prove her brother s innocence, Elizabeth begins to unravel dark family secrets, double lives and the shocking truth behind her own identity.
    Gone for Good By DavidBell

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      313 DavidBell
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    One thought on “Gone for Good

    1. Diane S ☔ on said:

      It is always hard to review a book that I found so addicting I kept reading long after I should have gone to bed, yet I found a few things I just had a hard time overlooking Leslie s relationship with her boyfriend, all interactions between them seemed awkward, the conversations just didn t flow Also many of the revelations were very easy to see, I just felt there were too many unbelievable circumstances, just too many strange occurrences.What I did like were the main bones of the story, the plo [...]

    2. Maggie61 on said:

      David bell is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors I had seen months ago that this one was coming out and I waited impatiently for it to hit the shelves His mysteries, this one included are so hard to put down, I found I wanted to just call in sick and read it from cover to cover Alas that didn t happen, but I wanted to read it every chance I could Elizabeth s mother Leslie s whole life was dedicated to Elizabeth s brother Ronnie who had syndrome, often to the neglect of Elizabeth As far [...]

    3. J.K. Grice on said:

      I stumbled onto this book at Target and decided to give David Bell a try I m glad I did He s a great mystery writer with appealing prose and excellent plot twists I also liked the second Bell book I found, and I would never hesitate picking up his work for a fun, thrilling read.

    4. Bandit on said:

      Finally after an extensive often frustrating search I found the exact sort of literary domestic thriller that I like so much There is always Coben, but that s once a year It s tough to find a mystery that doesn t skimp of character development or writing, but this is it David Bell originally impressed me with a short story of his not a mystery actually but horror, which he publishes under David Jack Bell in a Shock Totem anthology Impressed me so much that I figured out the trick with his double [...]

    5. Christa on said:

      This was a hard one to rate for me It read very quickly, and the pace was really good, but sometimes in the middle of reading certain parts, I d almost have to stop and ask myself, Really Here s the gist A young woman is shocked when her wouldn t hurt a fly mother is found murdered and her special needs brother is fingered as suspect 1 Elizabeth is convinced Ronnie couldn t have done it, and as she tries to dig deeper into what really happened, she learns some quite unsettling truths about the f [...]

    6. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* on said:

      Elizabeth s mom is found murdered and her down s syndrome brother is the person the police are looking at as to who committed the crime Lots of family secrets in this book It was interesting enough that I couldn t put it down today I did feel at times it was rushed and several surprises along the way to the point where I felt as if they were forced.I was given an advance copy for an honest review.

    7. Samantha on said:

      Never come back is the second book I have read from David Bell, the first being cemetery girl Never come back centers around Elizabeth Hampton, graduate student at local college, and the sudden death of her mother As if her mothers murder wasn t enough to deal with, Elizabeth s adult brother who suffers from Down s syndrome is the prime suspect David Bell does not waste any time getting into the action He hooks you in from the first chapter, and then keeps you hooked Over the course of the book [...]

    8. Kate on said:

      Very good suspense novel You get pulled in right off the bat and can t stop reading as each little chapter seems to reveal something new You, like the main character, are totally in the dark, but get snippets of clues I did figure it out right away but I had no idea why and then I thought I was wrong several times and then it all became clear in the end, but wow what a ride

    9. Jayne Catherine pinkett on said:

      I wasn t expecting to love this book as much as I did Great plot, great female protagonist and a well written suspenseful novel I am certainly going to read by this author

    10. ReadAlong With Sue on said:

      I was attracted to this book by not only the cover but the blurb I m glad I was able to read and have the privilege reviewing it.At the start of the story we learn that Elizabeth Hampton have been called by a Detective to meet her at her Mother s home.On arrival there are police and the author lays the foundation through Elizabeth s eyes how she feels and what she sees around her.She hadn t spoken to her Mother in several years, they had fallen out She left home at an early age and now she is 26 [...]

    11. Molly on said:

      I loved the family dynamics and interpersonal relationships in this tense page turner about a twenty something woman named Elizabeth, whose mother dies in the first chapter.One of the interesting conflicts in this novel is that Elizabeth who has created a life for herself away from her family is suddenly forced to care for her older brother, Ronnie, who suffers from Down Syndrome Not only is Elizabeth thrust into the caretaker role, she is also his sole defender against the accusations of the p [...]

    12. Kim on said:

      When Elizabeth learns that her mother has died unexpectedly horror is yet to come Her brother, who has Downs Syndrome is accused of her murder She had argued with her mother weeks before after being asked to be his guardian and feels guilt that their last words were harsh ones.She doesn t believe that her brother is guilty despite evidence seeming to mount up against him She investigates and starts to uncover things she could never have imagined and puts herself in danger her brother also seems [...]

    13. Naomi Blackburn on said:

      Read my full review bit 1iAZ9hvMy opinion To date, this is my favorite David Bell book Mr Bell writes a mystery, with an engrossing plot and mysterious characters, that kept me engaged with a storyline that could have ended in several different ways and kept me guessing until the end I love when a book flows so well that one hates to see a story end This is quite a feat in an almost 500 page book, but Mr Bell has accomplished this Secrets are revealed masterfully and with perfect timing.

    14. Ray on said:

      Another fantastic story from Mr Bell His work rings loud and clear for me every time i read it I enjoy the style, and tension he builds I enjoy every page One of my favorite authors for sure The story is an incredible twist of fates about a family that could be in any town Just when the ending was near and I thought it was all square, there is a jut in the road Not because there has to be, but because it is better with it in there Read David Bell Tell everyone you know, what I already know I thi [...]

    15. Heidi Marvin on said:

      It is better than a 3 but not quite a 4, I would give this a 3.5 I did like it and it was a very quick read for me but I feel like it need depth I did enjoy it but the character Elizabeth needed something for me, she seemed a bit underdeveloped and immature The character of Beth seemed rushed.

    16. Laura on said:

      I read this author s The Hiding Place but this is BETTER It seems a cliche and dishonor that the son of the victim who has a developmental disability is accused of the crime He wouldn t know the consequence of his actions so that part bothered me however, I enjoyed this book very much And I am not saying the accused was the evil one

    17. Clarabel on said:

      Malgr une intrigue bien ficel e rebondissements inattendus et bonne tension psychologique rien ne nous accroche Tout est froid, sans me, sans empathie Pour dire, j avais peine referm le roman que je l avais quasiment oubli blogclarabelnalblog arc

    18. Laura on said:

      This mystery had me until the very end it was one twist too many for my tastes Elizabeth s mother is killed strangled and the investigation at first focuses on Ronnie, her Down Syndrome brother Is he capable of killing And if so, would he understand the implications of his actions The police are not particularly helpful or communicative to Elizabeth, which seems a bit odd given the concerns about Ronnie s condition and why didn t she immediately get a lawyer to take care of him Then there s Uncl [...]

    19. Kristie on said:

      David Bell s books just keep getting better and better In the opening pages of his latest, NEVER COME BACK, Leslie Hampton is found dead, and the tense family drama murder mystery that follows makes it difficult to put the book down.Elizabeth Hampton, the book s protagonist and the dead woman s daughter, is a graduate student who has been estranged from her mother in the weeks leading up to Leslie s death The conflict Elizabeth feels with regard to her adult brother with Down Syndrome, Ronnie, m [...]

    20. Donna on said:

      This was a good quick read There are a lot of players and a lot of surprises in the book But towards the end I pretty much had it figured out I did enjoy the story and the surprises But the name of the book doesn t really represent the story Yes, the main character Elizabeth moves to her home town to finish her schooling However, she has family there While this was a murder mystery, it s also the struggle of a sister learning how to deal with and take care of her brother who has Downs Syndrome V [...]

    21. ???!!! on said:

      I started by reading this book then decided to listen to the audio version half way through Boy was it a right decision because through out the book I find it not engaging, the plot not convincing, and the characters contrived I don t even get the relevancy of the title to the story It may worth a two star instead of just one but as I think back I honestly cannot retrieve any good comments for this book.

    22. Kelly on said:

      I really enjoyed the slow burn of Bell s Never Come Back With his easily digestible writing style, Bell has a knack for making the mundane just a touch sinister with each reveal as the plot slowly twists and turns along Most would agree there is nothing disturbing than uncovering a loved one s dark secrets, or the proverbial skeletons in the closet, and this novel has that in spades.

    23. Julie on said:

      Another page turner from David Bell I usually have to start his books on a weekend because it s hard to put them down This book is no exception Great characters, I thought I had the whole thing figured out at least 5 times, and of course I was wrong each time The story is suspenseful and is a fast read A definite rainy day curl up with a good book keeper

    24. LindaBranham Greenwell on said:

      I enjoyed this book better than Forgotten Girl I loved David Bell s previous book, Cemetery Girl The characters are mostly believable but not completely Maybe Elizabeth was a little bit too closed off and secretive from people And maybe Dan was a little too understanding Some of the situations are a little bit beyond reason.But even still it was an enjoyable story

    25. Robin Kelly on said:

      I won this book in giveaway Thank you for this opportunity I enjoyed this fast paced mystery It hooked me in from the beginning, with a big crescendo at the end I have read Cemetery Girl and now I would like to read The Hiding Place.

    26. Brenna on said:

      So far, this David Bell book is the one I like best Yes, very conversational like the others I have read, but the story itself was something that held my attention better than the others I received this from a giveaway and Penquin in exchange for a fair review.

    27. Rosie on said:

      I couldn t finish this book I kept thinking it would get better, but it never did The characters use every cliche available and it starts getting really melodramatic about halfway through Sorry, but I wouldn t waste the time to read it.

    28. Jo on said:

      The writing was solid, but I just felt bored most of the time The ending was anti climatic and certainly predictable.

    29. Beverley Albright on said:

      Loved all of D Bell s previous books, but this onet so much.

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