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W. Somerset Maugham

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O Mágico

O Mágico By W. Somerset Maugham O M gico In Paris around Arthur and Margaret are engaged to be married Everyone approves and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves Until Oliver Haddo appears Sinister and repulsive Haddo fascinates M

  • Title: O Mágico
  • Author: W. Somerset Maugham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Mágico By W. Somerset Maugham In Paris around 1900, Arthur and Margaret are engaged to be married Everyone approves and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves Until Oliver Haddo appears Sinister and repulsive, Haddo fascinates Margaret s spinster friend, Susie Boyd Yet it is not Susie who ultimately falls prey to this peculiar charm It is Margaret, and a fate worse than death awaits her in the fIn Paris around 1900, Arthur and Margaret are engaged to be married Everyone approves and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves Until Oliver Haddo appears Sinister and repulsive, Haddo fascinates Margaret s spinster friend, Susie Boyd Yet it is not Susie who ultimately falls prey to this peculiar charm It is Margaret, and a fate worse than death awaits her in the form of the evil Haddo.
    O Mágico By W. Somerset Maugham

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      118 W. Somerset Maugham
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    One thought on “O Mágico

    1. Dan Schwent on said:

      Arthur Burdon is due to marry his fiance, Margaret Dauncey The pair have the misfortune of meeting Oliver Haddo, a self styled magician and pompous ass When Arthur assaults Haddo, the Magician hatches a plan to ruin Arthur s life in the most insidious of waysThe Magician is a tale of revenge, seduction, and things of that nature, written by Maugham after he met Aleister Crowley It s pretty much a horror novel, honestly Oliver Haddo is a revolting character that made my skin crawl and his seducti [...]

    2. Nancy Oakes on said:

      The Magician has so many of those elements that send my little dark fiction reader heart racing, among them pulpy mysterious melodrama, a bit of decadence, and of course the dark forces of the occult and the supernatural At its heart though, it is a story of revenge plotted by a most sinister villain, the Magician Oliver Haddo, and the race to save young Margaret Dauncey, the woman at the center of it all for plot details etc you can go to my reading journal oddlyweirdfiction 2017I was hooked ri [...]

    3. Trevor on said:

      I m becoming increasingly fond of Maugham There is something about the self deprecation of the English that is so utterly appealing It is worth even just reading the Fragment of Autobiography that precedes the text and can be read here gutenberg files 14257 for a taste of his tone Bits of this made me laugh out loud Take I was looked upon as a promising young writer and, I think I may say it without vanity, was accepted as a member of the intelligentsia, an honourable condition which, some years [...]

    4. Cat on said:

      The Magician may not be Maugham s most known work, but it s my favourite so far.Arthur and Margaret are about to marry when the sinister Oliver Haddo comes into their lives Haddo is known for practising ocultism and to deal with the dark arts At first, Arthur doesn t take him seriously when strange things concerned with Margaret start taking place, Arthur is forced to realize that maybe he should have taken care not to offend the man who is known as a magician.After having read two of Maugham s [...]

    5. Michael on said:

      IN THESE MATTERS ALL IS OBSCURITY If I died tomorrow, every penny I have would be yours so spricht Arthur, gestandener Arzt, zu seinem M ndel Margaret, und unterst tzt sie zust tzlich monatlich mit einer Summe, die der jungen Frau ein sorgloses Leben in Paris erm glicht, jener Stadt, in der auch Maugham als junger Mann sich als Bohemien versucht hat Ach, sagte das doch auch einmal jemand zu mir, aber so etwas geschieht vorzugsweise bei Courths Maler und eben hier bei Maugham.Arthur und Margeret, [...]

    6. nettebuecherkiste on said:

      Paris zu Beginn des 20 Jahrhunderts Der junge Chirurg Arthur Burdon besucht sein M ndel Margaret, die gleichzeitig seine Verlobte ist Sie wohnt mit ihrer ca 10 Jahre lteren Freundin Susie Boyd zusammen, die wie sie selbst in Paris Kunst studiert Es herrscht heile Welt, das Paar ist gl cklich, die alleinstehende Susie durch ein Erbe gut versorgt Auftritt Oliver Haddo, ein weitgereister, arroganter Zeitgenosse, der angeblich magische Kr fte besitzt Doch inwiefern stellt er eine Bedrohung f r das j [...]

    7. Ali on said:

      This is certainly a novel worth persevering with The beginning is dare I say dull, and for a little while it drags, but then suddenly it develops into a truly gripping read The awfully sinister Oliver Haddo is a sly practitioner of the occult, who appears to use his skill to ruin the lives of a couple of good and innocent souls An excellent read.

    8. Benjamin Duffy on said:

      What a surprising, interesting book After reading all of W Somerset Maugham s most celebrated works several times over, and delving eagerly into his lesser known though not necessarily lesser in quality material afterwards, this is the first one to completely surprise me.The book is preceded, happily, by a foreword, The Fragment of Autobiography, in which Maugham admits that the character of Oliver Haddo is indeed based on Aleister Crowley He pulls no punches in his assessment of the real Crowle [...]

    9. Anushree Rastogi on said:

      Maugham s novel The Magician is an aesthetic disaster From the fumbling realism at the beginning of the novel to the childishly Gothic fable that it turns into, the book seems to lack structure, design and well developed characters Maugham himself, on reading the book later, described it as lush and turgid Cluttered with adjectives, the writing, bordering on being kitschy, does little to gloss over a story that is formulaic and shallow The plot is facile and it is no surprise that it was met wit [...]

    10. Alexandra on said:

      Mit Freude habe ich dieses Buch in einer Lesegruppe begonnen, soll die Hauptfigur ja dem legend ren und spannenden Aleister Crowley nachgezeichnet sein Nach Beendigung der Lekt re bin ich mehr als entt uscht und muss mir hier durchaus den Hinweis verkneifen, der sicher als goldene Regel jedem Jungautor auf dem Weg mitgegeben wird Junge schreib ber Sachen, die Du verstehst bzw die Du selbst erlebt hast Die Hauptakteure erinnern fast ein bisschen an Dostojewskis Adeligensalons B rgerliche, die fin [...]

    11. Liz Janet on said:

      Yet magic is no the art of employing consciously invisible means to produce visible effects Will, love, and imagination are magic powers that everyone possesses and whoever knows how to develop them to their fullest extent is a magician Magic has but one dogma, namely, that the seen is the measure of the unseen I think this is my favourite Maugham, a book about the creepy figure that was Oliver Haddo aka Aleister Crowley, in the early 1900 s, between London and Paris Also, am I the only one tha [...]

    12. Ms.pegasus on said:

      As I read this book, published in 1908, I was reminded of Bram Stoker s DRACULA 1897 Both feature victimized young women made sympathetic by their Victorian perfection demure, passive and virtuous Both feature an evil entity with hypnotic powers applied to arouse dangerous sexual appetites Unlike Stoker s book, THE MAGICIAN s plot moves forward at a lugubrious pace The first quarter of the book is devoted to introducing a number of less than riveting characters Margaret Dauncey is engaged to be [...]

    13. Marko Vasić on said:

      U malost salonskih zabava, psihopata i manipulator, okultni rituali i nekromantija, samo su neka obele ja ove novele Sa gledi ta savremenih shvatanja, malo je naivno i prevazi eno postavljen tok narativa, ali to se ne mo e zameriti s obzirom na datum objavljivanja Niti je decidna fikcija, niti je horor, niti goti ka novela Jednostavno jezovita proza Psiholo ka tortura od strane arobnjaka koji se iznenada pojavio niotkuda u jednom gradu Engleske i manipulacijom postavio glasine da kru e o njemu k [...]

    14. Laura on said:

      This book has a very slow start but then picks up into something horrifying I just wanted it all to be over It s so dark and freaky The descriptions have you holding your breathe for it to end quickly If you like horror then highly recommend If you are squeamish then may not be of your liking First time reading this author and he can make your skin crawl One of the nastiest antagonist in literature.

    15. Joseph Grinton on said:

      Maugham s caricature of Aleister Crowley Oliver Haddo is brilliant and, no doubt, accurate Maugham says in his preface that Crowley recognised himself I m sure he did He was probably even flattered in spite of Maugham s blatantly unflattering portrait Maugham says he never read the review by Oliver Haddo Aleister Crowley in Vanity Fair and wishes he had I have read it and enjoyed it immensely I love it when two very smart men clash Maugham has definitely researched his subject and gets the occul [...]

    16. Marts(Thinker) on said:

      Magician Oliver Haddo seduces Margaret and runs away to Paris to marry her, this leaves her fianc Authur Burdon totally confused, and with the help of her friend Susie Boyd and his mentor Dr Porho t he goes to Paris to get to the root of Margaret s uncanny change Some elements of this novel remind me of The Wizard by Rider Haggard and Island of Dr Moreau by Wells

    17. Laura on said:

      I adored this book I could visualize every scene and when you realize that Maugham had actually lived with Aleister Crowley it makes the book even terrifying The scene toward the end of the book with the hommunculi was completely prescient It perfectly predicted our fears of human clones.

    18. BAM The Bibliomaniac on said:

      There was a little bizarre than what I expected from Maugham I wish I had read this at Halloween The villain is absolutely repulsive.

    19. Armin Hennig on said:

      Kein Schriftsteller beherrschte sein Handwerk besser steht auf der R ckseite meine Ausgabe, die in der Bibliothek der S ddeutschen Zeitung erschienen ist Allerdings meinte Raymond Chandler damit sicherlich nicht den Verfasser des Magiers, denn diese von ein paar schw chlichen eigenen Einf llen zusammengehaltene Montage taugt nicht einmal als Gesellenst ck und verh lt sich zu seinen sp teren Romanen wie Haddos Homunculi zu echten Menschen Im Hinblick auf das Gesamtwerk gibt es zwar gewisse strukt [...]

    20. Chris on said:

      Somerset Maugham is one of my favorite authors and I really don t understand why he is not widely read My father always told me to read him I have in my book collection a very old collection of his short stories that I got from my mother Their generation appreciated him and I have heard that he was immensely popular in the 30 s and 40 s Why not so much any The Razor s Edge is every bit as good as The Sun Also Rises and complex Of Human Bondage is a masterpiece His short stories are amazing I [...]

    21. Tim Pendry on said:

      The Penguin edition is not being reviewed here This is the Vintage Edition The only difference in practice is that this does not have Calder s introduction but has a short and somewhat languid autobiographical sketch from Maugham himself.Written around 1907 before he began to make serious money as a playwright, this exhibits all the strengths and weaknesses of Maugham.The strengths are in general and allowing for a few moments where he shifts in to the purple conventional his exceptional ability [...]

    22. Laura on said:

      Free download available at Project GutenbergAn astonishing gothic story written by Somerset Maugham.Location 122 Dr Porh et knew that a diversity of interests, though it adds charm to a man s personality, tends to weaken him.Location 140 One of my cherished ideas is that it is impossible to love without imagination.Location 277 She had learnt long ago that common sense, intelligence, good nature, and strenght of character were unimportant in comparison with a pretty face.Location 384 I shall not [...]

    23. Tom on said:

      The Magician is a captivating story Margaret is engaged to Arthur, a well off English surgeon Margaret shares a Paris flat with Susie One evening, they meet Oliver Haddo, a very large, very odd man, around whom the most unusual stories swarm.Basically, Oliver is a magician, who uses his powers to lure Margaret away from Arthur, which pisses everyone off, and leads to a showdown.When The Magician was published, Aleister Crowley wrote a review, contending that Maugham had plagiarized the story fro [...]

    24. Elizabeth on said:

      This was so worth reading, flawed as it is, in order to get a glimpse into a historic moment when neo Jeckyll Hyde ish sciencey ghost stories were so popular that a writer wishing to sell out would choose the Victorian culture surrounding the idea one can manipulate soul spirit science for genre setting S Maugham does a fine job impersonating any genre, even if it s not the one he writes in most authentically Also to see Maugham s span, between this v early book and, say, Razor s Edge, is to wit [...]

    25. Andy on said:

      Well, a rabbit doesn t get pulled out of a hat and there are no gay German couples making white tigers disappear, in fact there s occult and psychic phenomena at play than magic Nevertheless, this book is delightful in a creepy Jekyll Hyde Invisible Man way I think this would have made a great Universal Pictures horror film in the Thirties in it s own wickedly lurid way A fun read and catch it before Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan ruin it with their pretentiousness.

    26. David Corvine on said:

      I hadn t read this for some time, on this latest reading I have downgraded it to 2 stars It s really just a piece of poor Victorian Gothic horror Perhaps Maugham was amusing himself It could be considered a piece of camp humour in the vein of the Hammer House and Carry On films.

    27. Lesley on said:

      Maugham continues to delight me Check out my review here youtube watch v q1HB0A

    28. Justcynthia on said:

      An excellent book that has it all romance, suspense, humor, and intrigue set against the backdrop of Paris and London.

    29. Sycobabel on said:

      W Somerset Maugham is consistently one of the most fascinating writers I ve ever read.

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