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Caroline Finnerty

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The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye By Caroline Finnerty The Last Goodbye Sometimes the decisions we make can last a lifetime and sometimes we cannot shake off the shackles of decisions made by others in the past Kate Flynn has spent her whole life running away She reckons

  • Title: The Last Goodbye
  • Author: Caroline Finnerty
  • ISBN: 9781842236185
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Last Goodbye By Caroline Finnerty Sometimes the decisions we make can last a lifetime and sometimes we cannot shake off the shackles of decisions made by others in the past.Kate Flynn has spent her whole life running away She reckons the best decision she ever made was to leave Ireland the day after she finished school Having seldom returned since, she would be perfectly happy if she never had to gSometimes the decisions we make can last a lifetime and sometimes we cannot shake off the shackles of decisions made by others in the past.Kate Flynn has spent her whole life running away She reckons the best decision she ever made was to leave Ireland the day after she finished school Having seldom returned since, she would be perfectly happy if she never had to go back there She is happy in London where she runs a successful photography gallery with her best friend Nat, though their relationship is going through a rocky patch since Nat began an affair with a married man.When Kate becomes pregnant and her partner Ben persuades her to make the trip home, she is forced to confront everything she left behind and memories of Eva, the mother she feels betrayed her Kate finds it impossible to forgive Eva who chose to refuse cancer treatment while pregnant and died, leaving a young family motherless.Do some wounds go too deep to ever heal Must Eva s choice forever deny Kate real happiness The Last Goodbye is a powerful story of love and loss, forgiveness and new beginnings a heart wrenching and emotional page turner for mothers and daughters everywhere.
    The Last Goodbye By Caroline Finnerty

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      268 Caroline Finnerty
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    One thought on “The Last Goodbye

    1. Sheridan on said:

      Check out my full review at iturnthepages 201WOW This novel was MUCH than I could have asked for The reader follows the story of Kate, a woman originally from Ireland, but who moved to London with her partner, Ben She holds a steady job at the gallery downtown with her friend Nat, where she is constantly holding exhibitions for photographers and updating the gallery s owner, Tabitha, on the current progress and earnings of the establishment Along with problems with Nat and her boyfriend s relat [...]

    2. Ruth on said:

      Kate was angry In fact, she was pretty much angry at everyone and at life in general As soon as she could she left Ireland and fled to London where she found a job working in a photography gallery Kate became best friends with Nat, who she ran the gallery with but when Nat became involved with a married man, she was even angry with her.When Kate became pregnant, her partner Ben kept encouraging her to take him home to Ireland to meet her family Each time he did this, she became very angry until [...]

    3. Margaret Madden on said:

      Enjoyable novel with a core story that is very moving See full review belowbleachhouselibrary

    4. ❤Marie Gentilcore on said:

      Although I m giving this 3 stars, it was closer to 3.75 stars because I liked the story overall but there were some parts that I really liked The Last Goodbye tells the story of Kate, who at the age of 14 lost her mom to cancer The story begins with Kate, who s now about 34, living in London, pregnant with her first child, and estranged from her family in Ireland The first third of the book spends a lot of time dealing with Kate s friend Nat who s having an affair with a married man I think this [...]

    5. Sarah Hassell on said:

      Definitely a 4.5 star rating A complete sob fest but in a good way I really really enjoyed it started last night, read til 1.30am, finished this evening Sure, the main character Kate is pretty annoying, especially in the teenage scenes but not implausibly so and I really liked that there wasn t an easy facile forgiveness of course that would ve ruined the central plot But it was also nicely Irish without descending into the Oirish thing, with week rounded characters that I was genuinely interest [...]

    6. Kathy on said:

      This was a lovely, heart wrenching book recommended to me by my God daughter The Last Goodbye is about Kate, newly pregnant, and we not only follow her current life, but half way through the book we go back to her as a teenager and her life when her Mother is diagnosed with cancer The characters were wonderful and you can feel all the emotion conveyed through the book right to your own heart I will admit I found the teenage Kate sooo frustrating , but was happy to see her develop from that obnox [...]

    7. Rhonda Ritchie-Warren on said:

      I loved this book A mothers choice of life for her unborn child and the ensuing repercussions to herself and family are the basic story line I won t say any just read the book.

    8. David on said:

      Finnerty s novel was well written and poignant, particularly the chapters that tell the story from Eva s point of view Eva is the main character s mom who was faced with an awful choice that ultimately changed the lives of all of those in her family I could easily relate to Eva s point of view and found myself moved by her decision and the unfortunate outcome I could also relate to the Kate as the sour teenager, which made me dread even the arrival of my daughter s teenage years The first part [...]

    9. Liz Balaam on said:

      I really enjoyed this book It starts off with the story of Ben and Kate, and the baby they are expecting We then find ourselves going back to Kate s teenage years and the loss of her mother I read another reader s review who said she did not like the teenage Kate However, having two daughters myself who are now grown, it made me think back to their teenage years, and I was able to relate to the rebellious and difficult teenager that Kate was actually a very normal teenage girl their hormones mak [...]

    10. Irene on said:

      Story about a woman running away from her past Good story, very sad at times I don t understand why Kate s friend Nat had a chapter devoted to her, kind of didnt fit in to the may theme of the book Nevertheless, it was interesting Would have liked to hear Ben s POV Some of the Irish slang i had to figure out but that was fine Good story throughout the book.

    11. Necole Moreau on said:

      This book hit close to home for me I also lost my mom to cancer and I knew the pain and anger that Kate feels It was a great story told and I enjoyed to read all the different views at such a hard time in life.

    12. Beverly Zearley on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, many tears flowed as the story unfold.

    13. Barbara Warren on said:

      Poorly written, too many different plots I rarely give up on a book, but did on this one It simple could not hold my interest.Wasted my money here.

    14. Aedin on said:

      One of my all time favourite authors Caroline again delivers an amazing read I laughed and cried it was so poignant I hated when it ended wanted it to stay going forever.

    15. Starre on said:

      I adored this book It was nice to escape to London and Ireland This book gave me chuckles and tears I m looking forward to reading books by this author.

    16. Carol on said:

      Read it u will love it You will fall in love with this family who lost their mother to cancer after childbirth ,each has a different reaction good and bad I loved it

    17. Grant on said:

      This is a super book I enjoyed th the characters and the story line and the style of writing It s the kind of book that just allows you to feel right there I loved experiencing this book.

    18. Alex on said:

      Made me cry xI wasn t sure about this book when I first started reading but the characters, their back stories and the need for everyone to move on with their lives meant I was soon engrossed Its the first book I ve ever read by the author but I am looking forward to discovering of her novels.

    19. Katrena on said:

      Loved it This story tugged at my heartstrings Kate was so angry with her family and I had no clue why I m glad Ben pushed her to confront them Eva s story made me cry because her decline was much like my mother sI m definitely a new fan of Caroline Finnerty

    20. Yolie Gachelin on said:

      I know writing a book is not an easy task But when an author struggle with what plot in which they want the story go, there are so many different direction in which the story goes Because of the different story plots that are going on can make the story longer than needed or confuse the reader The flow of the writing is nice, it is just the focus of the story changed too many times When the book comes to a part that seems like a perfect ending, the author keeps going Over all the story was enjoy [...]

    21. Janet Cameron on said:

      The cover blurb calls The Last Goodbye a heart wrenching and emotional page turner and I agree It s sad and funny, full of memorable characters and surprising turns My favourite parts were the perfect depiction of obnoxious adolescence in teenage Kate she greets her mother, home from the hospital after a round of chemotherapy, with What are you doing here , and the small, heart breaking details, like the father s gift of a make up set in colourful shades of pinks and blues the girl at the chemis [...]

    22. V on said:

      I disliked Kate strongly I found nothing redeeming about her Grief is handled differently especially by teenagers but she was such a little sh t even as an adult The fact that in twenty years she had not developed one ounce of discernment about the loss of her mother was just unreal How is Kate in a healthy relationship How is she about to be someone s mother Get help if you have this much alleged pain.

    23. Judy on said:

      Overall I liked the book, although the first part where you don t understand why Kate is so unwilling to visit her family after 20 years away from Ireland is a bit hard to fathom Once she does return after basically being forced to by her boyfriend reveals the story, and even though I still don t agree with her choices, I do understand that she was in pain and just not dealing well with it The ending is satisfying.

    24. Amy Kirkland on said:

      Hard to like the main characterThis book was just okay While I was able to finish it, it was slow to start and dragged on After learning about her teen years, it was hard for me to like Kate and her selfishness that kept her away from her family for twenty years Would not really recommend.

    25. Anita Johnson on said:

      I read this on Kindle and enjoyed getting to know Kate, an Irish girl who escapes her family and small town as soon as she finishes school, to work in London She starts a new life and is thrilled to leave her old one behind Of course, she learns that you can t have a peaceful future if you don t make peace with your past.

    26. Hannah on said:

      Very difficult to get into Blurb is misleading as the story from the blurb only begins halfway in the book

    27. Kim on said:

      Took a while to get into this book, but about midway through the story start to unfold and it was worth it.

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