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Peter Terrin Maria Rosich

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El vigilant

El vigilant By Peter Terrin Maria Rosich El vigilant Harry en Michel bewaken in de parkeerverdieping de enige ingang van een buitengewoon gebouw bewoond door de rijken der aarde Wanneer in de loop van vierentwintig uur op een na alle bewoners vertrekke

  • Title: El vigilant
  • Author: Peter Terrin Maria Rosich
  • ISBN: 9788415539803
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • El vigilant By Peter Terrin Maria Rosich Harry en Michel bewaken in de parkeerverdieping de enige ingang van een buitengewoon gebouw, bewoond door de rijken der aarde Wanneer in de loop van vierentwintig uur op een na alle bewoners vertrekken, weten zij niet wat er buiten aan de hand is Is er een oorlog uitgebroken Is de wereld ondergedompeld in een nucleaire winter Plichtsgetrouw blijven ze op hun post, in dHarry en Michel bewaken in de parkeerverdieping de enige ingang van een buitengewoon gebouw, bewoond door de rijken der aarde Wanneer in de loop van vierentwintig uur op een na alle bewoners vertrekken, weten zij niet wat er buiten aan de hand is Is er een oorlog uitgebroken Is de wereld ondergedompeld in een nucleaire winter Plichtsgetrouw blijven ze op hun post, in de hoop door hun oversten opgemerkt te worden In De bewaker is de humor inkt zwart en zijn de details huiveringwekkend Het is een spannend, tijdloos boek over oorlog en vrede oorlog met een ongrijpbare vijand, vrede die elk voor zichzelf moet bevechten.
    El vigilant By Peter Terrin Maria Rosich

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      176 Peter Terrin Maria Rosich
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    One thought on “El vigilant

    1. Libros Prohibidos on said:

      Es una obra maestra Y como tal, no le pod a faltar su doble lectura Todo lo que aqu se contiene puede ser interpretado en clave aleg rica Entre l neas hay tambi n reflexiones sobre la sumisi n al poder, la banalidad del mal, la xenofobia, la manipulaci n de las masas, el miedo a lo extra o, y tantas otras caracter sticas de nuestra decadente sociedad occidental No pueden no leerlo.Rese a completa libros prohibidos pete

    2. Iasa on said:

      If you are looking for a nice plot driven novel or one with rich characterization then this is not the book for you Ostensibly it is the story of two security guards in an exclusive apartment complex who are isolated from the outside world However it is ambiguous enough for the reader to fill in their own story Although that may be frustrating to some readers, I rather liked that aspect.

    3. Chad Post on said:

      I read a sample of this probably two, two and a half years ago, and have been waiting for the English translation to be completed ever since It s a very strange book set in some country at some unspecified future date, and is narrated by a guard for an unspecified company who, along with his colleague, are protecting the basement of a nearly abandoned luxury apartment building It s nearly abandoned because approximately 18 months before the start of the novel, all but one resident along with all [...]

    4. Pep Bonet on said:

      Quina sensaci d asf xia la que donen aquests dos vigilants sols en un aparcament subterrani, sense contacte amb el m n, rebent una quantitat nfima, gaireb nul, d informaci Aquesta sensaci d angoixa s m s important, si cal, car els protagonistes no semblen adonar se n Viuen en el seu m n tancat, on no sabem si hi ha m s gent a part ells i un parell de personatges secundaris Les conseq ncies que aix t per l home s n incre bles, com es pot veure en el llibre.El llibre est estructurat en cap tols mo [...]

    5. Pascale on said:

      Hallucinant verhaal over twee mannen die een verlaten gebouw bewaken Waarom het gebouw, op n persoon na, verlaten is, weten we niet Voor wIe ze werken, komen we ook niet te weten Af en toe worden de mannen bevoorraad maar die persoon behandelen ze als een vijand Er gebeurt het hele boek lang eigenlijk niets, behalve dan dat er een gebouw wordt bewaakt en toch slaagt de auteur erin de spanning op te bouwen tot die bijna ondraaglijk wordt.

    6. Mike on said:

      The Guard by Peter Terrin is translated from the dutch by David Colmer centerting on two security guards, Harry and Michel, who are stationed in a high security apartment building offering hotel like services to the wealth and the elite One day the residents, seemingly all but one, leave almost en masse leaving Harry and Michel to their lonely posts I knew nothing about this novel going in but its jacket flap hinted at something a bit post apocalyptic so I decided to give it a shot The story unf [...]

    7. Tensy Gesteira estevez on said:

      El vigilante es un libro brillante y a la vez muy oscuro Oscuro por el argumento y por esa atm sfera sofocante, donde el water gotea y gotea y la ropa sucia se lava cada d a para intentar mantener una vida normal aunque en realidad todo sea raro Es una historia de individualismo, que pone a cualquier ser humano entre las cuerdas y nos provoca una situaci n en la que podr amos estar nosotros.Rese a completa aqu lecturafilia 2015 04 03 so

    8. Pieter on said:

      Stijl Vlaams precisionisme, modernisme, allegorie, dystopieAndere Ferdinand Bordewijk, Franz Kafka, Samuel BeckettHarry en Michel bewaken een ondergrondse parkeergarage die eveneens de enige toegang is tot een luxueus flatgebouw Ze mogen hun post niet verlaten, ook niet wanneer op een dag iedereen uit het gebouw vertrekt ze doen gewoon verder Af en toe vragen ze zich af hoe het met de wereld daarbuiten zou zijn een nucleaire ramp, een gasaanval, of gewoon een hittegolf maar nooit denkt er ook ma [...]

    9. Paul M on said:

      Not much happens in the very dull life of two guards stuck in the basement of a high end residential block The reader is as much in the dark as the guards as to what is happening in the world beyond the basement You find yourself clutching at any piece of information that might shed some light on what is going on in the world outside Terrin manages to create an incredibly claustrophobic atmosphere and I felt as trapped as the guards Although the author builds the atmosphere very well, I felt it [...]

    10. Sarah on said:

      Post apocalyptic story of two guards in a parking garage From boring for the first 100 pages to horrific after that, I can t recommend this book.

    11. Pieter De vroe on said:

      Peter Terrin is een uniek schrijverook in dit boek staan er prachtige zinnen Een boek voor de liefhebbers van stijl en vakmanschap eerder denk ik

    12. Reinier Kniest on said:

      Er zit meer potentie in het verhaal dan het boek vertelt Dat is jammer, want het idee achter het verhaal is knap De uitwerking is soms echter te traag en eentonig waardoor de spanning soms ver te zoeken is, al komt die spanning bij tijd en wijle wel terug.

    13. Miles on said:

      The Guard by Peter Terrin translated from the Dutch by David Colmer is for me a great example of a marmite book You ll either love it or hate it I m caught somewhere in the middle and having just finished it I m still not certain how I feel about it, on that later One thing you certainly can t take away from the book actually two the narrative is intense and beautifully written and the author shows a great deal of promise, not that he needs me to confirm this of course Told in its entirety thro [...]

    14. Ellie on said:

      Harry and Michel are the only two guards in a luxury apartment block The never leave the basement and their number one priority is keeping the residents safe Who knows what dangers lurk outside the apartment rules They spend their days on a strict routine, sleeping in shifts and eking out their rations, awaiting the day a third guard joins But one day the residents leave on mass What do they do without any word from the organisation In part, The Guard is a brilliant study of the effects of bored [...]

    15. Laine Cunningham on said:

      This is a fantastic book that looks into many areas of the human mind at the same time Written in spare prose that reflects both the setting and the lack of information the guards have about the outside world, the novel is truly a literary and storytelling triumph.I received a copy from the publisher so that I could write a review of the translation, and was riveted by the work I haven t heard about this author before but the concept was interesting While I expected a dystopian style read, what [...]

    16. Anna on said:

      I spotted this book looking new and unread on the library shelf When the blurb informed me that it was a dystopian fable, how could I resist I should add that I read a translation from the Dutch by David Colmer, but did not seem to have the edition listed The Guard shares a name with an extremely funny film starring Brendan Gleeson but, although it has moments of amusement, the novel is mostly unsettling and creepy It centres around Michel and Harry, two security guards seemingly imprisoned in t [...]

    17. Carlos on said:

      The Guard is a book that I personally enjoyed from beginning to end, the first time I saw it it catches me just by its cover since is interesting and leaves you with some doubt of the meaning of the cover Once I started reading it I could understand every page and every chapter, and I could say that it s distribution is not the best but very easy to follow The story seems very simple at the start, two guard looking after a building with residents But it becomes a very interesting and leaves you [...]

    18. José Luis on said:

      30dediferencia.wordpress 2El vigilante es uno de esos libros que tras haber le do hay que digerir poco a poco Una historia que se desarrolla en un futuro cercano, casi con total seguridad en este mismo siglo, pero sin aportarnos mucha m s informaci n y que contribuye desde el principio a crear un ambiente de incertidumbre y desasosiego que nos ir acompa ando a lo largo de toda la historia.Peter Terrin consigue crear una historia de suspense con un marcado componente psicol gico Tensi n en muchos [...]

    19. Cassandra on said:

      I picked this book up because it was on a recent science fiction list Like many other reviewers, I m not sure what happened Was Harry never there Was he there and met his demise Was there truly one resident left in the building What the heck happened with Claudia and Michel and Mr Otokos suit after the bath So many questions Six resupplies and they never checked out the lobby kitchen for food or towels Further, never looked out a window from above to survey damage But I truly loved the short dia [...]

    20. Morgane Zephyr on said:

      Plain genious if you gather enough patience to read it all.The way you get sucked in the deafening solitude and gelatine thick darkness in which the main character spends his life, is absolutely brilliant In some moments you might want to skip some parts that are constantly repeating, elements that you ve already read, their counting of the gear or the procedure of every possible action in their everyday routine but don t skip it Try and focus and experience the repetitive dullness of their life [...]

    21. Cristina Grela on said:

      Un s lo personaje que habla, di logos escasos y cap tulos min sculos, no hay grandes cliffhangers, no hay nada objetivo que enganche como en una serie de esas polic acas hechas para el gran p blico y, sin embargo, el libro tiene algo, un no s qu , que hace que no puedas parar de leer.Conoc este libro a trav s de la rese a que hizo Isaac Belmar en su blog Hoja en blanco y que pod is leer aqu En ella nos dec a, entre otras muchas cosas, que el final no quedaba claro pero que a l no le importaba Yo [...]

    22. Paul on said:

      This is one of the strangest books I have read in a while.It concerns two guards in an exclusive apartment block who see almost all the residents leave They are sure that there is one left, but not certain They continue their routines, of patrolling the basement, and stock checking whilst still not know what is happening outside They have supplies delivered erratically, andter in the book are joined by a third guard who disturbs the status quo.The author and translator manage to build the suspen [...]

    23. Read Ng on said:

      For me, I think it lost just a little something in the translation from Dutch.As you read this, you are pretty much in the same state of ignorance of the world around you as the main character From chapter to chapter, you both have this sense of simple existence as you try to focus on your duties The short paragraphs increase your sense of lost time Does it take place over weeks or months or even years Too much of the story was just a bit too confusing for me I did not care that much for it, but [...]

    24. Marc Pastor on said:

      s una distopia Dos vigilants d un edifici tancats al soterrani sense saber quina s l amena a exterior El m n ha canviat i s perill s, all fora L organitzaci per la qual treballen els proveeix de teca per no d informaci Mica a mica, el grau de paranoia anir augmentant fins a convertir se en un esclat de viol ncia i bogeria La novel la de Peter Tarrin s altament claustrof bica i malaltissa, fins al punt d incomodar A la part final hi predomina la confusi el punt de vista em ballava constantment i [...]

    25. Laurent on said:

      Politieke allegorie n zijn over het algemeen niet mijn meug Nochtans slaagde Terrin erin mij te boeien, zij het niet tot het eind De werkelijkheidszin sijpelt hier en daar binnen, maar Terrin laat de teugels soms te veel vieren Een kortere roman was wellicht nog beter geworden De eerste 111 bladzijden vond ik quasi perfect Roman voor fijnproevers er staan werkelijk prachtige zinnen in, getuigen van een volleerd vakmanschap , die doet denken aan het absurde existentialisme van Godot en co.

    26. ΛrtesµS on said:

      Todos los comentarios que leo de este libro son m s que positivos Sinti ndolo mucho decir que para m ha sido bastante p simo Quiz lo le con demasiadas expectativas Lo peor del libro es el final, en el que no sabes si todo es un delirio del protagonista y en realidad se lo ha inventado todo o realmente alguna vez tuvo un compa ero a su lado No he sentido el agobio que muchos dicen sentir, me ha dejado bastante indiferente sumado a un final en el que te preguntas para qu te has le do el libro si n [...]

    27. Jason on said:

      For a book where very little happens i found this story captivating The psychological battles and paranoia of the guards along with the complete lack of knowledge of what is going on outside gives a kind of Plato s cave feel and the characters delusionally keeping to their duties is reminiscent of Willie Loman and his family It can be tough to follow as the author throws in the odd chapter that isn t always about the two main characters and can get a tad surreal at times Altogether an enjoyable [...]

    28. Bert on said:

      Dat Peter Terrin kan schrijven is wel duidelijk, maar voor mij is dit teveel een genre oefening kijk eens mama, zonder handen dan wel een echt boek verhaal Ik hou bovendien niet zo van verhalen waar het allegorische zo ruim baan krijgt Dan krijgt het al snel iets pseudo diepzinnings Las dit boek naar aanleiding van zijn bekroonde Post Mortem boek, maar ik denk dat ik eerder zijn volgende boek dan wel n van zijn vorige boeken zal lezen Want dat hij een echte auteur is, is wel duidelijk.

    29. Alex on said:

      It s Beckettsian, it s Godoty Two guards guard the basement of a luxury apartment building, and one day every resident of the building leaves, for an unknown reason, and the guards are alone Except for one resident who may have stayed behind, on the 29th floor The guards wait for relief, hope for promotion, receive no information It s a dreamy and macabre and claustrophobic novel, and it s great fun.

    30. Jennifer Davies on said:

      A Danish book It has very short chapters meaning that you think i ll just read one etc I certainly got a sense of paranoia from the two security guards who don t know what is going on in the outside world I won t lie I didn t fully understand what was happening, but neither did the two security guard characters so I m not convinced I was supposed to know what was going on It gave me a chance to use my imagination.

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