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Katie Graykowski

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Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes By Katie Graykowski Changing Lanes Professional Football Player Devon Harding found his soul mate at the age of seventeen Trouble is he can t remember her last name For the last fourteen years he s been waiting for The Universe to s

  • Title: Changing Lanes
  • Author: Katie Graykowski
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Changing Lanes By Katie Graykowski Professional Football Player, Devon Harding found his soul mate at the age of seventeen Trouble is, he can t remember her last name For the last fourteen years, he s been waiting for The Universe to send her back to him When that day comes, he nearly falls all over himself to get to her But he plays it cool and waits for her to come to him And she walks right past himProfessional Football Player, Devon Harding found his soul mate at the age of seventeen Trouble is, he can t remember her last name For the last fourteen years, he s been waiting for The Universe to send her back to him When that day comes, he nearly falls all over himself to get to her But he plays it cool and waits for her to come to him And she walks right past him Pediatric Oncologist, Laney Nixon has only been in love once at the age of sixteen For the last fourteen years, she s looked for him, but not know his last name has made finding him impossible But when she comes face to face with him, she doesn t recognize him Can Devon get her to remember the past so they can have a future Because all is fair in love and football and the past is just the beginning.
    Changing Lanes By Katie Graykowski

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      382 Katie Graykowski
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    One thought on “Changing Lanes

    1. Hollie on said:

      Another sweet romance by a consistenlty good writerI love the characters this writer is able to create Even though the majority are NFL players, they still manage to feel quite relateable and down to earth This was another charming romance without a lot of angst I look forward to checking out the next book in this series.

    2. Tammy on said:

      OK third book in this series and I love the romantic comedy that Katie writes Seriously some funny stuff happening to the main characters Laney and Devin This is a second chances story of Laney and Devin who met when they were 17 during a 2 week summer camp Her dad showed up early and that was the end of their romance Both Laney and Devin held onto that love thinking they had met their soul mate at young age in short amount of time Fourteen years later a chance meeting between Laney the pediatri [...]

    3. NancyK on said:

      Liked this book a lot.As the third in the Lone Star series, I liked the continuity This is a great romantic comedy Liked the hero s mom, Sweet Louise, a lot Loved that tiny heroine could out eat big defensive tackle Loved the hero loved heroine at first sight, back as teenagers Look forward to in this series.

    4. Judy on said:

      Third in the Lone Stars series, I enjoyed this light romance featuring yet another of the Lone Stars football team members and a blast from his past In this one Devon meets the girl he thought he had lost after summer camp back when he was 17 and she was 16 Although he knows her instantly, she does not recognize him, so instead of telling her, he keeps trying to do things to make her remember As she is a pediatric oncologist there is also a subplot of a 6 year old patient, abandoned as a baby, w [...]

    5. Michelle Padilla on said:

      A good oneCan you really meet your sole mate as a teenager and find them later on in life Can a crush from so long ago really be true love I laughed and cried so many times This story felt so real.

    6. Christina Peer on said:

      True Love Will Find AgainTrue love will be found again Loved the story and the series keeps building for me I can not wait to read the next one

    7. FicCentral on said:

      Our Rating Devon has never forgotten EJ, the girl he met at camp and fell in love with He even moved to Austin with the hope of running into her again But it s been years, and while he hasn t lost faith, he s beginning to wonder just how much longer he ll have to wait When she suddenly appears for a talk after practice, he thinks things are finally going his way But all those dreams of a movie worthy reunion are dashed when she doesn t even recognize him.But While I certainly enjoyed the book, t [...]

    8. Jacqueline on said:

      This really was the best book I have read in ages and I read a lot of books This is book 3 in the Lone Star series but can be read as a stand alone, but book 1 is Perfect Summer and book 2 is Saving Grace, both well worth reading I had realised from reading the earlier books in the series that Devon was a lovely guy, but I never realised how romantic he was Then again romantic doesn t really explain it when we are talking about Devon and his EJ He met her when he was 17 and they where both in su [...]

    9. Danielle on said:

      Changing Lanes The Lone Stars Series by Katie Graykowski was so heart wrenching that you could not put it down Devon Harding, football player for the Lone Stars, found his soul mate at the age of seventeen He has been searching for her since they parted from summer camp but he does not know her last name He has is a romantic at heart and believes the universe will bring her back into his life when it feels it s the right time Little does he know she will be seeing him soon but the only problem, [...]

    10. Terri on said:

      I read listened to this book in audio format via audible I love audio books and always choose them first as the narrators tend to breathe life into the stories with their multiple voices and accents Audio books also allow me to read and still get things done around the house They also make great companions for those long road trips This is my 3rd book by Katie Graykowski I love her writing style This book doesn t disappoint us either I think this book is her best yet Long ago when Laney was a te [...]

    11. Romance Between The Sheets on said:

      Please note this review may contain spoilersANGING LANES is book 3 in the Lone Stars series and while it was still humorous, it was a emotional read than the previous two Laney is a Paediatric Oncologist, so she deals with sick and dying children But there s one little girl who plays a big part in this book, Lara Lara is a five year old girl dying from Leukaemia who has no family to call her own When Devon hears about Lara, he and his mother, Sweet Louise, become the family that Lara wished for [...]

    12. Jennifer DeCuir on said:

      I need to start off by saying that I am not really a fan of sports themed romances But I received this book as a giveaway on a blog and the overall concept was one that I couldn t wait to tackle ha Before I was even done with the first scene, the author had yanked me in for the long haul Devon s dedication to finding his EJ could have made him look weak and needy But Graykowski did a great job of balancing his strengths and weaknesses I loved the way Laney spouted statistics I loved Sweet Louise [...]

    13. Dennise on said:

      I read the first book in the series and skipped the second but from what I read about Devon in the first I really wanted to read his story For the most part I really enjoyed the relationship between Laney and Devon and the book has a great mix of sweet, fund and heartbreaking moments I thought that Laney s father was going to have a bigger role it seemed like he was the reason they separated when they were teens and he was the reason Laney found it difficult to love i was surprised that there wa [...]

    14. Liz on said:

      This is like 3.5 stars, rather than 4.This is the story of Devon and Laney they met when they were teens at summer camp and lost touch They reconnect but although Devon recognizes her, she doesn t recognize him Hoping she will eventually recognize him, he is determined to get her to figure it out although they go on a series of dates that are wrought with disaster Funny I also loved that Laney was an eater and competitive at that I liked that Coco s character got a little developed She s funny [...]

    15. Laura on said:

      Awesome Book, A Must Read This book is fantastic This is book three in the Lone Stars Series, but can be read as a standalone, however, once you read one book by Katie Graykowski you will want to read all of her books Devon is a professional football player and has been waiting on fate to bring his soul mate Laney, back into his life He fell in love with his soul mate at summer camp when he was seventeen years old He believes that one day they will meet again So when she shows up to his practice [...]

    16. Terry Moskowitz on said:

      When Devon Harding went to camp a t age 17 he met Laney Nixon and it was love at first sight the only problem is they don t know each others last name for fourteen years they have been looking for each other until the day she walks right by him.He will never forget her and can t believe he just saw her She doesn t remember anything about him and he doesn t want to tell her This book is about getting to know each other again and how she is gaining another family The patient she has is dying and s [...]

    17. Ambrosia on said:

      2.5 stars beta male unusually romantic Nice change from the usual alpha male Though still super rich football star Irritating female Mary Sue except in her resistance to the hero While it was a cute plot there was something slightly off about the execution Everyone was perfect, except for the heroine s father who oddly never reappears after a single appearance It could use editing It had careless errors For example, she used piece of mind instead of peace of mind There was a strange anecdotal s [...]

    18. TSN on said:

      Please why can t I give it 6 stars After some shitty books recently, this was a godsend While being a total emotional rollercoaster, and changing between being so FUNNY that a had tears in my eyes and so unbelievingly SAD that those tears were pouring out and about, it was just AMAZING Makes my day that such a book just exists.It was sweet as well as heartbreaking even though it was hard to read while having tears in my eyes Just like Laney I felt like punching God right in the face view spoiler [...]

    19. Erika on said:

      Guy meets girl, falls in love, they get separated and find each other years later, only he recognizes her, but she doesn t recognize him The story is full of silly accidents, a few misunderstandings and a lot of sweet gestures They are made for each other and I love how hard Devon works at making Laney happy It has some sad moments, but I like the way they handle the loss, by celebrating life and being happy The other characters are really cool, the ones we already know from the other books in t [...]

    20. Lynn M Ellis on said:

      HeartfeltThis is such wonderful story Everyone, if they will admit it, wonders about their soul mate or true love This story is about that But it is also about a lot Family mainly it comes in all shapes not just by blood There is a lot of love in this story and I m not going to lie you will cry Katie Graykowski has a way of telling a story Of making you believe you are in the moment with these characters I love that Hot and steamy, no Real and full of laughter, love a personal growth, yes Great [...]

    21. Ellen Anderson on said:

      Beautiful Katie Graykowski has got me loving this The Lone Stars series While I have thought each book was wonderful, this one really knocks your socks off This book alone shows several different kinds of love and everyone of them is great You won t want to miss this one Although it s a lot fun if you read the books in order, it isn t necessary, as each one is a standalone.

    22. Rubell on said:

      I criedA LOT I have wanted Devon to have his girl since Perfect Summer and I just hope that he continues to have a part in all of the future books because I doubt that all of the happy couples would be quite as happy without him telling all the boys exactly how stupid they all were acting and Lanier is just adorableworried about one of her friends thoughd if the clues are as bad as I think they are there is some explaining to be done

    23. Judy Jablonski on said:

      Love this series This story is another hit with my favorite characters coming back around I love to see the growth in old favorites and can t wait to see my new favorites in the next story Only question, what happened to Summer s mom from book 1 she was hilarious but seems to have dropped out of the story line.

    24. Mona on said:

      Just couldn t finish itI loved the first book in this series, but I couldn t make it past the first half of this book Perhaps it was so saccharine that it made my eyes hurt to read it or perhaps it was just too unbelievable, but I did not enjoy this book and in fact didn t even finish it.

    25. April on said:

      Awesome bookWhat a great book It was so well written and I didn t want to put it down I love how the characters seem to come to life and are so real I did cry as I was reading this book but there was lots of laughing as well That happens to be the worst first date ever by the way Great book a must read

    26. Holly on said:

      I love the wit and humor in in Katie s books and this was no exception I also got choked up a couple of times which is not something I seek out in romance novels but it fit with this story The football players, friends and family are very likable and I m glad to revisit them I hope the author keeps writing because I love her books

    27. Fatima McKindra on said:

      Devon s story did not disappoint I was wondering how this story would work with his mom being such a strong character and not come across creepy or as if D was a looser living with his mom but it worked out awesome With a storyline that was at once hilarious, engaging and unique this is definitely a great addition to this series Loved it

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