Up, Back, and Away

K. Velk

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Up, Back, and Away

Up, Back, and Away By K. Velk Up Back and Away Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN Up Back and AwayMiles McTavish is undersized and inoffensive He likes old bicycles new music and don t say it too lou

  • Title: Up, Back, and Away
  • Author: K. Velk
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Up, Back, and Away By K. Velk Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 13 9781481873475 Up, Back, and AwayMiles McTavish, 15, is undersized and inoffensive He likes old bicycles, new music, and don t say it too loud , model railroading As the only child of wealthy Dallas executives, it appears that a life of trustafarian ease is his birthright All those expectations are upendeLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 13 9781481873475 Up, Back, and AwayMiles McTavish, 15, is undersized and inoffensive He likes old bicycles, new music, and don t say it too loud , model railroading As the only child of wealthy Dallas executives, it appears that a life of trustafarian ease is his birthright All those expectations are upended, however, the day he is summoned to the hospital bed of his friend and fellow English three speed enthusiast , Morgan Davies Professor Davies has a secret to share he once was a time traveler He also has a task for his young friend Miles is to travel back in time to 1928, and across the sea to England Once there, he is to find a girl with a gift, a girl born out of her time and a secret that was not meant to be and then return home with them both Miles must first find the courage to pass through the strange portal in the Vermont woods that will launch him on this mission, and then to face down a series of do or die crises including a crisis of confidence He must also navigate the low tech, class bound world of England in 1928 while keeping his true identity a secret Miles quest for the girl and the secret carries him from a great estate in England s beautiful countryside to London s jazz age cabarets, and from terrified boy to heroic young man.
    Up, Back, and Away By K. Velk

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      162 K. Velk
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    One thought on “Up, Back, and Away

    1. Matthew Wooding on said:

      I took a chance on this book, and I am so glad I did as it was thoroughly enjoyable I usually read for an hour or so before bed, but as I reached the second half of this book I found myself regularly awake in the early hours of the morning The characters and their interactions were wonderfully constructed, as was the placement of a modern day teenager in 1920s England I really couldn t recommend this book highly enough

    2. Caitlin on said:

      A fun, fanciful read There were many components that appealed to me old bikes, England in the quasi Downton Abbey era , and a bit of time travel in a way that doesn t confuse me, like it usually does The story has a moderate pace, but is intriguing as you join the main character in his exploration of England in 1928, and winds up with an exciting fast paced ending that keeps you interested I wouldn t analyze it too hard for character motives, back story, logistics, etc but just enjoy the romp It [...]

    3. Mary Walters on said:

      I am not normally a reader of young adult literature, but I met Kim online and when I read her intelligent and well phrased comments on several issues of concern to both of us, I decided to check out her writing I m glad I did.I am giving this novel four stars in the debut novel category I believe W.P Kinsella once said there should be two categories for writers the minor leagues and the pro leagues, and I agree with him on this Up, Back, and Away is an auspicious beginning to what I am sure wil [...]

    4. Katt on said:

      A marvelous time traveling adventureThis is an entertaining adventure for YA readers and those of us in our second childhoods Miles Mactavish rides an antique English bicycle through a portal in a woods in Vermont, and ends up changing lives for a young girl in 1928 England, and for his new acquaintances His trip is, of course, filled with adventures and discoveriescluding a new appreciation for the odd names some folks had to live with.

    5. Wendy on said:

      Up, Back and Away is an imaginative time travel adventure that begins when fifteen year old Miles McTavish riding a vintage bike is whisked through a portal in the woodlands of Vermont to the year 1928 tasked by his friend Professor Morgan Davies to find a gifted girl born out of time and to uncover a secret that was not meant to be Befriended by Jack Pepper and his dog Molly after being struck by a branch and knocked from his bike, Miles is drawn into the low tech, class conscious society of ru [...]

    6. Michael Mcqueen on said:

      Great readI thoroughly enjoyed this book It was well written with good characters It kept moving and had enough twists and turns as to not be totally predictable I loved the comparisons between the cultures of the early 20th and 21st centuries I ll look forward to new offerings by this author

    7. Michael on said:

      I liked it It was a slow start but I was twisting in my chair by the end, excited for the stories resolve Good story, good characters, just enough detail about setting, culture, etc Give it a try

    8. Diana on said:

      Won this book in a giveaway.Such a fun read I m a big fan of the time travel genre so I was on board for this story immediately Very well written and paced I will definitely be recommending this one to my nieces and nephews

    9. Lisa Randall on said:

      Up, back and away What a fun book to read Very simple to follow Entertaining Look forward to in this series I love time travel books and i enjoyed this one.

    10. Kaitlyn VanHaren on said:

      Miles McTavish is a lonely 15 year old boy with disinterested parents of great wealth, who feels out of place in his own time He is interested in bicycles, and works for a time in an old bike shop with his friend, Professor Morgan Davies Professor Davies falls ill and tasks Miles with traveling back in time to the year 1928 to a town that Morgan Davies once belonged Tipton, England The Professor explains how he traveled in time from 1928 England to present day America He gives Miles explicit ins [...]

    11. A.C. Donaubauer on said:

      The story is about a teenage boy who or less stumbles into an adventure in 1928 England where he is supposed to find a particular girl and uncover a secret without having any clue where exactly to find either The story starts slowly and thoroughly introduces 15 year old Miles McTavish from a wealthy family with all the weaknesses and insecurities a boy that age is allowed and even supposed to have He arrives at this different age and place that are so completely different from what he knows and [...]

    12. Sarah-Jayne Briggs on said:

      I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways This review may contain spoilers.I ve read and seen quite a lot of things that have to do with time travel It s not a unique idea, but it s always entertaining to read especially when it s handled well, which I felt was the case here.I was a bit unclear about how the timing worked with the year Miles went back to There didn t seem to be a clear time frame for the two periods of time travel that had occurred.Although I felt the whole [...]

    13. Christine Bowles on said:

      I won this book in a giveaway.I ve never actually written a review before.The story of Miles begins with him about to make the trip through time I can only imagine all of the thoughts that would be running through someone s head if they were about to go on this journey I feel the author captured it well, along with the whole time travel adventure I loved the characters that Miles meets and how different he is treated in that time A fifteen year old ordering champagne Crazy I also loved how Miles [...]

    14. Susan on said:

      I am a great fan of stories that feature current day people who somehow find themselves living in the past I really like the idea of seeing the past through the eyes of a contemporary I also read quite a bit of YA fiction, and as a result, I thought I would love this book In reality, while I did enjoy it, it was not a love match for me I m inclined to say that that was because this is targeted at a pre teen audience, but that s not really the case either because some of the subject matter is a b [...]

    15. K. Velk on said:

      Hey everybody, full disclosure, I wrote this book You may think that makes me a little biased Maybe, but, hand to heart, I wouldn t have put it on offer if I didn t believe it was good enough to merit the attention of readers and to be a pleasure to them It s a time travel adventure story that allowed me to explore topics of lifelong interest to me, England, English ways and social structure versus American ways and social structure, popular music, the difficult business of growing up, transferw [...]

    16. Lindsey on said:

      Up, Back, and Away was absolutely stunning I love discovering great fiction for young readers as an adult but I can say, without question, that if I had read this as a child it would have found a place with my other childhood favorites Ginger Pye, the Oz books, Chronicles of Narnia, Madeleine L Engle K Velk s prose flows beautifully and the story carries the reader along with Miles on his journey through time The characters were fully fleshed out, the story was moving, and there was just the rig [...]

    17. Carol Caldwell on said:

      It is a great story of a mission, an adventurous and loyal friend, and time traveling How would you like to know you were traveling to a different time, but not a different country Our 15 year old hero knocks himself out in modern day Vermont and wakes up in 1928 England, a place where he doesn t know what people are talking about Yes, it s English, but such strange words they use And he can t let them know he s from the future, all the while carrying out his mission which he doesn t really unde [...]

    18. Jenni on said:

      I gave this 5 stars on which seems to equate to 4 stars here I guess it is aimed at young readers, but I was sucked in anyway.Mystery and intrigue from the beginning, questions popping up in my head continually Had to turn the pages and find out what happened next.Its a lovely idea and K Velk obviously did some serious research as it is very believableThe main character Miles is well portrayed and I found myself mentally encouraging him not to despair or give up.Easy to read style, with clear d [...]

    19. Jaime Krause on said:

      I won this in a giveaway.Miles is sent back in time by his friend, Professor Davies, to retrieve a girl name unknown to bring back to 2012.The trouble is that he doesn t know where or WHEN he ll end up.It was a little odd that he was able to hide so well the fact that he was from the future It DID help that he was from the U.S and ended up in England News did not travel fast in 1928.While he s in the past, Miles finds out secrets upon secrets and learns that he is stronger than he would have bel [...]

    20. Debbie on said:

      Fourteen year old Miles undertakes a mission for an ailing elderly friend, and finds himself transported from today s Vermont to the English countryside of 1928 There he must find a girl and a secret With not much than that to go on, he bravely sets out to fulfill his mission.I loved this book and recommend it to readers of any age.Read this if you enjoy the time and setting of Downton Abbey or you d like to see how a modern teen can adjust to life and society of 85 years ago 4 stars

    21. Lorraine on said:

      Why you shouldn t judge a book by it s cover This was entertaining, interesting, and well written.A good book, that was hard to put down.I would love a prequel I have questions about Professor Davies that need answering edited Jun 15, 2015 Love the new cover I received the book for free through First Reads.

    22. Maria on said:

      Fun, intriguing and engaging I really enjoyed this fanciful tale of a boy, his bike and growing up Interesting twist on your typical time travel story There were infrequent slow points but mostly I didn t want to put this down Good book for young and old adults alike Great initial outing from a first time author Can t wait for installments from this author.

    23. D.J. on said:

      This YA time travelling novel was well plotted, fast paced, and seems to have been thoroughly researched The main character does a few plausible good deeds, there are a few surprise twists, and there are no lose threads An excellent debut novel which has left me wishing this author had a back list.

    24. Michelle on said:

      Very good story, kept me involved and wondering what came next I feel like this could be developed into a series rescuing people born out of time The only part I didn t like was the beginning It took a few chapters to get a handle on the story It was like being thrown into the deep end of a pool.

    25. Dorothy Lanier on said:

      WOW What a great read Some books I get, read, and put aside They are forgotten soon after reading Others are kept, to be read again and again This book is one of them I highly recommend this one.

    26. Caroline Martin on said:

      Read this aloud with my son as a summer reading treat Every time I felt I needed to explain something, the next paragraph would explain it.We enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot, and I had fun trying on different accents to represent the characters.

    27. Rebecca Mckenzie on said:

      A charming book about a boy travelling back to 1928 to bring back a girl and a secret for an elderly friend I think my kids will really enjoy reading this book too I received this book for free with as a Giveaway.

    28. Jennie on said:

      Absolutely delightful I am so glad I stumbled across this One of the best time travel stories I have ever read.

    29. Cam on said:

      Love this twist on the time travel novel It was so easy to get attached to Miles and Ada, and even Grimmy Warm and uplifting story

    30. Gwynn on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this read I was skeptical sinceit was a time travel book Loved the story.

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