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Rocco Ryg

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The Onryō

The Onryō By Rocco Ryg The Onry Librarian Note previously titled I Am Become Death ASIN B KSKHW Quarter Finalist for the Breakthrough Novel Award Japanese teenager Chikara Kaminari while heartbroken by the death of her moth

  • Title: The Onryō
  • Author: Rocco Ryg
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Onryō By Rocco Ryg Librarian Note previously titled I Am Become Death ASIN B0058KSKHW.Quarter Finalist for the 2011 Breakthrough Novel Award.Japanese teenager Chikara Kaminari, while heartbroken by the death of her mother, inherits a strange black ring Her mother s will tells her to share it with her best friend, Renka, and a socialist student named Gen, so that they can save the wLibrarian Note previously titled I Am Become Death ASIN B0058KSKHW.Quarter Finalist for the 2011 Breakthrough Novel Award.Japanese teenager Chikara Kaminari, while heartbroken by the death of her mother, inherits a strange black ring Her mother s will tells her to share it with her best friend, Renka, and a socialist student named Gen, so that they can save the world from political fanatics Guided only by cryptic clues yet honor bound to obey her mother, Chikara does as she s told As the three develop extraordinary abilities, including emotional manipulation and control over darkness, they set out to uncover the origin of the ring and its connection to their mind controlling school bully, Michiko.Their destiny becomes clearer as Michiko s power grows beyond her control, setting a classmate on a murderous rampage As predicted, dangerous extremists appear, seeking to use the ring s power to force their political views onto all of humanity Chikara and her friends must put aside their partisanship and become the heroes they were destined to be.
    The Onryō By Rocco Ryg

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      134 Rocco Ryg
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    One thought on “The Onryō

    1. InfinitexLibrary on said:

      It was nice to see a book about young teens that for once wasn t set in America and that s one of the things which really works to the strength of this book I really liked the two main female characters Chikara and Renka, nice balancers for one another Chikari in particular was a very strong lead and for once was not swayed at all by any thoughts of romance It was actually refreshing where romance was a subplot with the friend of the main character instead of a main plot point This also helped t [...]

    2. Aijah on said:

      I Am Become Death by Rocco Ryg was overall one of the most original books i have ever read I would give it 4.9 out of 5 stars The story was very well put together everything made sense in the end.There s nothing I hate in a novel where parts of the plot have absolutely no reason or answer to it.I understand cliff hangers but I can t stand when it simply makes no sense I loved all the characters They weren t your average book character who doesn t get the blaringly obvious clue until the end of [...]

    3. E. Bard on said:

      I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed the book The descriptive blurb is very accurate I Am Become Death really is very Anime Manga inspired even though it s a novel The similarity between the two jumped out at me immediately because not only are my children YA readers, but they re fans of Anime and one of them a Manga fan too , so I ve become familiar with it myself In the story the protagonists Chikara, Renka and Gen, as well as the antagonists Michiko, Yukiko, Kaijin and later ones r [...]

    4. Eva on said:

      First thing I have to say is that one or two years ago I d have given this book 5 stars when I used to be a big fan of fantasy and anything paranormal Although I prefer nearly all other genres at the moment, I really enjoyed this read The novel is written in a way easy to understand and there aren t any paragraphes which bored me maybe that s only because I m really interested in the Japanese culture The only real problem I had when reading this book was remembering all the names For about the f [...]

    5. Melissa on said:

      I really enjoyed this book because the idea was fresh and original Once I started reading, I couldn t stop until I finished It kept a good pace and I m awaiting a hopefully sequel I ve never read a book where an inherited ring could give you powers, but this one was good The powers were interesting too I like Gen s power a lot, and it s not a power you d read about in other novels at least the novels I read The only thing I didn t like was the 3rd person omniscient point of view if I m not mista [...]

    6. Alejandro Gonzalez on said:

      I thought this was an amazing piece of work, especially because I m partial to anime, and this was intended to be felt as such The characters, thus, I hold to a slightly higher standard than normal The fact is, that I think character interaction was done very well because they talk the way I would expect people to talk.The plot moved along at a very good pace, I think, because the author focused on the people and the world to the degree that they were important, instead of artificially giving v [...]

    7. Sydney Mugerwa on said:

      It s been some time since I read this book, but the emotions the author stirred in me are still vivid than a year later I would read so fast, skimming over the words in the thick of the action, then at some point, I would slow down my pace to a crawl, terrified the story will end so soon I could say I was watching Anime or reading a manga magazine Everything is so vivid and authentic in decription The action comes alive in technicolor I love this book Go Rocco

    8. Justine on said:

      This is a read 2 review novel I received for free from the author in exchange to read and review it I freaking love the Cover SPOILER ALERT The book starts off on a sad note, the main character Chikara s mother dies of cancer Chikara doesn t want to face the death so she tries not to dwell on it She continues going to school and being with her friends Also present is her enemy Michiko, or as she has been called by people empress Michiko.One day at school Michiko pulls some weird stuff She makes [...]

    9. Shanna Hurd on said:

      In this story, three Japanese teenagers come into contact with a ring that gives them magical abilities Chikara inherited the ring from her mother, who directed her to share the ring with her friends and use it to save the world.While the idea behind the book is really great, the story itself did not live up to my expectations It is set in modern day Japan, which is great, but the author kept interjecting Japanese history and explanations of the culture that had nothing to do with the story, and [...]

    10. .·:*¨ × Shannon♥Loving Tomas Vrbada Like Woe × ¨*: on said:

      This is a read 2 review novel I received for free from the author in exchange to read and review it.Chikara is gifted with an mysterious ringd an destiny she never imagined.This was an very interesting read, while the whole gifted with abilities and must protect the world from those who seek to destroy take it over has been done, i like the way this one developed At first it s mostly high school drama mean girls regarding Michiko with odds things going on but soon things start going down and it [...]

    11. Elsa Carrion on said:

      What can I say that has not been said beforeI didn t really care for the title but I gave it a shot anyway, I didn t read the summary, so I really didn t know what I was getting into, that was my fault however I would have given it a try anyway but there was no turning back now The plot was ok it could have been better The names of the characters threw me off and I m still having issues I remember that Ma.mehting was the main character and Ramething was her female friend and G I think mething wa [...]

    12. Angela on said:

      This book was a little harder for me to read than my normal choices I must admit it was pretty hard for me to get into with its Japanese names and the references to the Manga and American comic books But after the second chapter the characters had been developed enough for me to get a hold of the story I Am Become Death did indeed have me intrigued while reading it I was fascinated with the story of Chikara s mother how she had ended up in Africa and how the rings came to exist I also enjoyed fi [...]

    13. Candace on said:

      I was given the ebook version of this book by Ryg s character s are well rounded and keep one interested in their outcome The pacing is great making it hard for the reader to put down the book The story is well thought out and creative The reason for the two stars the language does not flow smoothly Adjectives that don t fit the context of the sentence is one of the main problems Dialogue that could be quickly summarized was another disruption Also, I felt that America is needlessly criticized f [...]

    14. Elisa on said:

      A blend of comic book superheroes, manga, coming of age themes, and nationalism, I am Become Death was an enjoyable book The book did need editing, though The sentence structures and point of view shifts pulled me out of the story too many times to count One thing that did bug me, plot wise, was the drastic change of the main character towards the end Though she was always a tough girl, she hated anything to do with superheroes and manga At the end of the book, she becomes what I can only descri [...]

    15. Lisa Gilbert on said:

      This was just not my type of book If you love Japanese culture, this book is full of it I kept getting lost with the different variations of the characters names Sometimes the story felt hurried and thrown together I did enjoy the idea of the rings and the back story of their history though.

    16. Orlaith on said:

      I enjoyed the premise of the book, but found the constantly shifting perspectives a little confusing and the book also took a long time to go anywhere and had a pretty dissatisfying ending.

    17. Jemma Ryder on said:

      Didn t like it much of an older persons book not a teenagers

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