The Sword of the South

David Weber

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The Sword of the South

The Sword of the South By David Weber The Sword of the South in a NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES by times New York Times and international best seller David Weber set within his Bahzell Bahnakson War God universe A swordsman who has been robbed of his past must

  • Title: The Sword of the South
  • Author: David Weber
  • ISBN: 9781476780849
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Sword of the South By David Weber 1 in a NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES by 28 times New York Times and international best seller David Weber, set within his Bahzell Bahnakson War God universe A swordsman who has been robbed of his past must confront an evil wizard with a world at stake.Know thyself Its always good to know who you are, but sometimes that s a little difficult.Kenhodan has no last name, because h 1 in a NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES by 28 times New York Times and international best seller David Weber, set within his Bahzell Bahnakson War God universe A swordsman who has been robbed of his past must confront an evil wizard with a world at stake.Know thyself Its always good to know who you are, but sometimes that s a little difficult.Kenhodan has no last name, because he has no past or not one he remembers, anyway What he does have are a lot of scars and a lot of skills some exhilarating and some terrifying and a purpose Now if he only knew where he d gotten them and what that purpose was Wencit of Rm, the most powerful wizard in the world, knows the answers to Kenhodan s questions, but he can t or won t share them with him Except to inform him that he s a critical part of Wencit s millennium long battle to protect Norfressa from conquest by dark sorcery.Bahzell Bahnakson, champion of Tomank, doesn t know those answers and the War God isn t sharing them with him Except to inform Bahzell that the final confrontation with the Dark Lords of fallen Kontovar is about to begin, and that somehow Kenhodan is one of the keys to its final outcome.Wulfra of Torfo doesn t know those answers, either, but she does know Wencit of Rm is her implacable foe and that somehow Kenhodan is one of the weapons he intends to use against her assuming she can t kill both of them first.But in the far northern port city of Belhadan, an eleven year old girl with a heart of harp music knows the answers to all of Kenhodan s questions and dares not share them with anyone, even the ancient wild wizard who loves her dearly than life itself.It s not easy to face the future when you can t even remember your own past, but if saving an entire world from evil sorcerers, demons, devils, and dark gods was easy, anyone could do it.About David Weber s War Bahzell Bahnak series Irresistibly entertaining Publishers Weeklyfun adventure full of noble steeds, fierce female fighters, dark sorcerers, serious swordplay, and plenty of tongue in cheek humor LocusAbout David Weber and the Honor Harrington series Weber combines realistic, engaging characters with intelligent technological projection and a deep understanding of military bureaucracy in this long awaited Honor Harrington novelFans of this venerable space opera will rejoice to see Honor back in action Publishers Weekly .everything you could want in a heroine Excellent plenty of action Science Fiction Age Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Anne McCaffrey Compelling combat combined with engaging characters for a great space opera adventure Locus Weber combines realistic, engaging characters with intelligent technological projection Fans of this venerable space opera will rejoice Publishers Weekly
    The Sword of the South By David Weber

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      313 David Weber
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    One thought on “The Sword of the South

    1. Choko on said:

      I love this series I am fond of the individual characters and was looking forward to reading this new beginning of an established story And it all worked great until, for no reason whatsoever the author resorted to a cheap trick which I hate in all of its reincarnations Now, this book is set something like 60 or 70 years after the end of the previous book and this is why I am so baffled as to what made DW resort to what I call the how to magically grow a child of 10 or 12 into a biological woman [...]

    2. Dan on said:

      What a great story, about old friends, Bahzell and Wencit in particular, and new friends too I totally enjoyed this 5 stars are not enough 7 30 17 reread.

    3. Liviu on said:

      80 s style fantasy when the best in the field moved far beyond that while DW is still my 1 sf writer of today, fantasy is not his strong point and the Safehold series first three volumes are so much better read as epic fantasy with an AI wizard the following volumes move into sfnal territory as technology starts evolving, but those first 3 are as close as top fantasy as DW has written so far I really hoped this would be different from the previous Bazhell Wencit volumes and would align closer wi [...]

    4. Cielol on said:

      My opinion of this book keeps varying between augh this is so frustratingly bad and but I m having so much fun, and I still haven t decided which is winning.There s a lot of bad about this book The only book I ve read that did foreshadowing worse is the one where I literally figured out the climactic reveal in the first paragraph of the book, and the foreshadowing kept increasing from there Mira Grant s Parasite, everyone And you don t need that much foreshadowing for something that s a ginormou [...]

    5. Cedar Sanderson on said:

      I had really been looking forward to this book, because I have loved the Bahzell and Brandark stories from the beginning It had been a long wait, and I feel I was well rewarded by that Sword of the South opens decades after the action in the last book, War Maid s Oath Just how long, you aren t sure until somewhat later in the book But we are introduced slowly to this through the eyes of the new main character The prologue harks back to the dark days of a dying empire, 1400 years in the past, and [...]

    6. Beth on said:

      Dang it Non of my suspicions were confirmed or denied when is the next book due Good addition to storyline, Bahzel was a full member of the team and not just a cameo to link to the prior books My initial fear Really curious about what will happen in the next 7 months and the family reaction probably not a good one.

    7. Kal Spriggs on said:

      David Weber s new Epic Fantasy novel, Sword of the South, is up on Baen s websubscriptions and I picked it up last week for some light reading I thought that I d do a review of it, to give my impressions I ll preface this by saying that I read an eARC of this book It s not the complete version and it still has some editing to be done Therefore I m not going to nitpick grammar and such.I ve been a long time fan of David Weber s fantasy series, starting with Oath of Swords and then leading into Th [...]

    8. Nick on said:

      I have always enjoyed David Weber s science fiction a little bit than his fantasy, and this volume reminded me of why Wencit of Rume is like an annoying cross between Merlin and Dumbledore in too many ways, and the payoff for his secrecy wasumjust really weird He s still lying about his real powers to the other characters, but the author is clearly concealing them from the reader as well, which can get old.I still enjoy Bahzell, but the stuff with his daughter was too blatantly setting stuff up [...]

    9. Ron on said:

      I got this as part of the Baen monthly bundle and started reading it the next day The Sword of the South takes place many years after War Maid s Choice when Leeana and Bahzell have a daughter and run an inn in a port city Wencit follows Kenhodan who lacks all conscious memory of his past into the inn Of course there are complications of wizardly attacks, puns, mysterious harping, pirates, dragons, not to mention assassins mucking about But in the end we find out why the book has its title during [...]

    10. Windwalker on said:

      I wont post spoilers until it officially comes out I will say it is as well done as the rest of the series You can get the EARC on Baens e book site.

    11. g-na on said:

      When I bought this book there was nothing at all to indicate it was part of a series, so I purchased it thinking it was a single volume novel But as I began reading, the history and details within made it obvious that this was only part of a much larger story tells me this is book five of a series, so my three star review is based on me coming in at the middle of a story, and I m sorry that happened.Weber is a good and descriptive writer, and he has created a richly detailed world here I enjoyed [...]

    12. Heather on said:

      This one is a little difficult to write a review on I love David Weber he is one of the best sci fi writers around I also really like the War God series, and Bahzell Bahnakson That being said, I had a rough time reading this book The time frame between this book and the previous one was too long Also, there were quite a few new characters to meet in this story I think because of those things, it took me a while to like the story I did not start to really care about things until about half way th [...]

    13. Andrew Lukyanenko on said:

      A new book in one of my fost favorite series Really wanted to read it and wasn t dissappointed Well, there were some things like magical growth of the girl, but otherwise everything is great.The book is different from most of the modern fantasy and this makes it even better

    14. Grant on said:

      A slow start, but a solid payoff as Weber revisits his thoroughly imagined world of Tomanak s champion.

    15. Karen on said:

      Typical guy quest story, with excellent well rounded characters and a lot of good humor I really enjoyed this.

    16. Dave Rhoden on said:

      Great book but there s at least 2 novels worth of story between the previous book and this one.

    17. mike scott on said:

      Another great story by David WeberA truly good adventure that leaves the reader wanting .This express published in 2015.I have been waiting for the next installment in the series.

    18. Joseph on said:

      The I think about it, the I have to say This is Weber s worst book.Even worse than Out Of The Dark, which, until the horribly executed Deus Ex Machina at the end, was a decent book.But for this one, the Deus Ex Machina from the end of War Maid s Choice completely drained all of the dramatic tension out of this one The climax was telegraphed The plotting was repetitive we d be fortunate to only have any given plot decision be discussed twice from different viewpoints, at length, which robbed it [...]

    19. Gail Morris on said:

      this author is not allowed to die until he finishes all his book series I know this one is still new but I finished it and can t wait to read the next one like crack it open and read it right now That said if you have read the others in the series you know most of the main characters Wencit and Bahzell are here of course, new to the series is a man with no memory of who he is but a lot of battle scars cover his body He chooses a name for himself and becomes Kenhodan Kenhodan fights many battles [...]

    20. Jeff on said:

      When Mr Weber started writing about this world, it was a nice light series of books based on a simple conceit what if an Orc became a Paladin It was a light easy read and lots of fun at some point, however, Mr Weber decided to turn it into a full fledged epic fantasy and it just doesn t work well at least for me.Another review of this book described it as an 80 s style fantasy I think that s fair The characters are good or evil there are dungeons AND dragons Heck, the party in question includes [...]

    21. Richardkyser on said:

      sword of the south was a good read The book basically jumps several years into the future, where we last left Bazhel Co The book setups a new character, who unbeknownst to himself, because he has amnesia, is critically important to light vs dark showdown, that Rum, the gods of light have been waiting for Also introduces Gnwyna, Leanna and Bazhel daughter who is going to be important in the later books This book had a lot foreshadowing, so it was basically, a backstory, a primer, and a adventure [...]

    22. Henry Lazarus on said:

      What happens when a wizard and a man without memory walk into a bar Luckily the bar belongs to Bahzell Bahnakson, who took the Oath of Swords paper from the God of War Tomanak Soon Wencit of Rum the wizard , Kenhoden the man without memory, and Bahzell are on a quest for The Sword of the South hard from Tor which is guarded by an evil sorceress David Weber puts pirates, assassins, demons, and even a dragon in their path keeping the tale to its point, with lots of banter from the heroes It sets u [...]

    23. Phyllis Griffiths on said:

      Who is the mystery warrior who blows into the family owned bar to get out of the storm He has no memory of his past life and the person who does know won t tell him The only thing that the stranger knows is that someone is trying to kill him Good thing the bar is owned by our favourite Champion of Tomanak and his War Maid wife and the fellow always in the know the last Wild White Wizard has taken special interest in all of them The time of another clash between forces of the Dark Gods and those [...]

    24. David on said:

      An excellent read that just sped by.The jump of 70 or so years from the previous title is a little jarring, but in many ways it lets you see the world again as new Your viewpoint characters give you an opportunity to see the central characters of the Bahzell series as the rest of the world sees them I will not spoil any of the plot, or even the new ingredients, but you see much excitement coming in the series and the author David Weber stated in an interview on the Baen Free Radio Hour that he [...]

    25. Andrew on said:

      I can t stand this book I am still in the inn with Bahzell and family and I am so sad First off the discrepancy in the timeline makes my ears bleed At one time it seems that Wincet Bahzell have been friends for 60 years but Bahzell s wife is in her mid thirties Which means it can t be than 17 years between books AND WHERE THE HECK ARE THE CORSAIRS The writing style seems nothing like the previous books I hope that it was written by someone else than the original author of the series That is the [...]

    26. Ron Hatch on said:

      The main character is different from the prior books in the series and I just didn t get into the new guy as much There are some very intriguing possibilities for the next book, given some of the things being set up, but that doesn t make this book itself better.Overall, I just put the book down way too many times to give it a five star rating Although it definitely was doing better at the end.

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