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Tweaked By Katherine Holubitsky Tweaked Sixteen year old Gordie Jessup is a good kid but he s living a nightmare His eighteen year old brother Chase s two year addiction to crystal meth has left their family emotionally and financially drai

  • Title: Tweaked
  • Author: Katherine Holubitsky
  • ISBN: 9781551438511
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tweaked By Katherine Holubitsky Sixteen year old Gordie Jessup is a good kid but he s living a nightmare His eighteen year old brother Chase s two year addiction to crystal meth has left their family emotionally and financially drained And just when Gordie thinks he can no longer stand the manipulating, the lying and the stealing, things get even worse Chase is arrested for aggravated assault, releaseSixteen year old Gordie Jessup is a good kid but he s living a nightmare His eighteen year old brother Chase s two year addiction to crystal meth has left their family emotionally and financially drained And just when Gordie thinks he can no longer stand the manipulating, the lying and the stealing, things get even worse Chase is arrested for aggravated assault, released on bail and sent home to his family But his dealers are after him and Chase appeals to Gordie for help Gordie, disgusted with his brother and fully aware that it s a gamble, risks everything he has in the hope of bringing his family some peace.
    Tweaked By Katherine Holubitsky

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      408 Katherine Holubitsky
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    One thought on “Tweaked

    1. Bethany on said:

      Gordie, I need money My stomach clenches at the sound of Chase s voice Where does he get the nerve to call me at work Not now, Chase I m busy But it s important It s always important Does it ever occur to you that what I m doing might also be important What a haunting book.Tweaked is a book about a sixteen year old boy, named Gordie, who is practically living in hell His older brother, Chase, is a drug addict, and Chase is bringing everybody down with him Ever since Chase became addicted, he s b [...]

    2. Alan on said:

      I chose to read this book because it s very interesting to read about an addict who does all these things to get his next fix.The genre of tweaked could be a realistic fiction Young adult drama The setting of the story is not exactly a specific location but The parts of the setting are gordies town, house, school and where he works.Gordy he s very angry at his brother for doing drugs and stealing from his parents Gordy is a regular kid with an irregular life with a brother who would rather use h [...]

    3. Kirsten (AfterSparkEcho) on said:

      I chose to read this book because my best friend read it for a health assignment and told me that this was a good book So when I picked it up I was expecting something.wellally good To be honest, I would have to say that this book isn t the best but not the worst It portrays the life of a drug addict and how it affects him and the people around him But the thing I really liked about the book is that it isn t from the addicts point of view It s from his brother And his bro shared with us how he f [...]

    4. Ian Raffaele on said:

      A nice reality play written to scare high school students about the dangers of meth Everything that happened in this book was the worse case scenario for the characters involved I m not saying it was unrealistic, but the book moves from one depressing event after another The only thing worse than watching Chase make every predictable wrong decision is his imbecilic family also making every predictable wrong decision Admittedly, I can make no claim on how I would act if my brother or son used met [...]

    5. Lauren.siddall on said:

      To be honest, I was a bit suspicious of reading this book thinking it would be another one of those boring class books That s why I was so suprised when I started reading All the tension you feel even though you aren t a part of the situation I didnt think if was fair for Gordie to have to be dealing with all he did Even though it was really sad when Chase died it s hard not to think he deserved it, with all the stress and pain he put on his family both emotionally and financially Overall I give [...]

    6. Kyle Jahn on said:

      A really interesting book about a kid who gets addicted to meth and can t wait to get his next fix tearing apart his family and taking everything they have,

    7. Douglas Musselman on said:

      Really good The book was very realistic which I think kept me reading it It s also based in the north shore, which is cool The book was kind of depressing, but turned out good Would recommend.

    8. Colin on said:

      A very quick read that focuses not so much on the user of Crystal Meth, but rather the devastating impact of the user s addiction on his family This is a Canadian novel, set in Vancouver.

    9. Aleesa on said:

      I feel like this type of book isn t my type of book that I like to read, because it wasn t bad If you like drama and somewhat real life situations then you d like this book I thought it was just a little bit repetitive with what was happening, and that was something I didn t like but I still followed through and finished the book.

    10. Will Read Anything on said:

      Books about drugs tend to overdo it This is not one of those books Amazingly written and with a great message Definitely recommend.

    11. Olga on said:

      When it comes to the insights into the environments and struggles that drive one onto the path of addiction, the book does not offer much beyond a notion that no matter who you are, it only takes to try the drugs once, and that is the end for you However, as the book is written from a perspective of a teen struggling to maintain a normal life in a messed up situation, this position understandable For what it is, the book is decent enough It is really a 2.5 2.75 out of 5 material, but as I cannot [...]

    12. DEAF BANANA on said:

      Tweaked is a gripping story about the trials and tribulations of a young teen Gordie while his brother has become influenced and addicted to drugs Katherine does not refrain from using vivid imagery to depict the affects of drugs on Gordie s brother, Chase Pg 57 He broke out in speed bumps sores that oozed gross stuff as his body tried to get rid of the noxious chemicals He d scratch and pick at them even as you talked to him, never allowing them to heal This quote is one of many that clearly de [...]

    13. Jordan Kerr on said:

      Tweaked by Katherine holubitsky Year of publication January 1st 2008Rate 7.5Chases life had begun to take over the Jessup s lives Gordie s brother Chase has been addicted to crystal meth for two years now He had started to lie about where he was going, and tricked his family into giving him money for drugs and for paying people back the money he owe, which they thought was being used for other things such as food Gordie s parents thought that they had Chase under control until one day, Chase ass [...]

    14. Faith on said:

      It was very compelling to read I started at 7pm ad finished at 8 30pm I could not put it down specifically because the author wrote it with so much suspense and intrigue

    15. Canadian Children's Book Centre on said:

      For the last two years, Gordie Jessup has been living a nightmare His older brother Chase is addicted to crystal meth, and the ramifications of his actions are destroying his family both emotionally and financially And just when Gordie thinks things can t get any worse, an even greater tragedy strikes, and this time the consequences are permanent In her latest novel, Katherine Holubitsky offers readers a gritty and realistic look at drug addiction from the younger brother of a crystal meth user [...]

    16. Michelle on said:

      Tweaked is a book I picked up impulsively I was attracted to the cover primarily and then to the well written summary that left me wanting It was also on display in the Canadian literature section at the library which I try to support when I can.Although the summary does its job of reeling in a prospective reader, I still wasn t sure what to expect from this book I have to say however that I am than happy to have given Tweaked a chance It s a fairly short book, not quite two hundred pages yet [...]

    17. hard core Keith on said:

      TweakedPublished by orca booksAuthor Katherine holubitskyYear of publication 2008ISBN 97815514381116 year old chase lies there crying thinking why did his brother do it Chase is a 16 year old boy just like any other boy normal but hi s 18 year old brother is a serious meth addict This all started when Chases brother Gordie met some friends and they took meth and Gordie said can i have some and they said yes Since then the family has been emotionally and finatially drained Chase tries everthing t [...]

    18. Taylor Pet on said:

      I have recently finished reading the book Tweaked by Katherine Holubitsky This is a novel about addition and its effects The main character is Gordie and his brother is addicted to crystal meth Gordie and his parents have had to deal with Chase s addiction for years and it has taken a huge toll on the family as a whole Chase will steal and borrow money from everyone he knows to get money for his addiction Eventually Gordie and his parents get dragged into situations to repay for his brothers mis [...]

    19. Taylor on said:

      Tweaked Tweaked is about a boy named Chase that is addicted to meth At first things seem okay, but after a while things start to go down hill Chase starts selling and pawning things like furniture, clothes, movies, etc to support his habit It gets so bad that his parents had to start nailing the furniture to the floor Gordie is Chase s younger brother Looking at his brother he sees yellow skin, cheeks sucked in, and bones Skin and bones, nothing left of him One day, Chase gets way too tweaked on [...]

    20. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooTWEAKED is a powerful book about addiction, its wide ranging effects, and the toll it takes on all those it touches Gordie s older brother is addicted to crystal meth He has watched his brother go from a normal teen to a strung out junkie At first, Gordie was the only one in the family to recognize the symptoms, but soon everyone had fallen victim to Chase s habit Gordie watched as Chase skipped class to get high Then his grades tanked an [...]

    21. Ashlee on said:

      Tweaked is a relentlessly depressing take on how addiction not only devastates the life of the addict but also everyone around him or her While veering into preachy PSA territory at times, the novel nevertheless succeeds in showing realistic problems that the family of an addict may have to face.This novel tells the story of Gordie Jessup, a Vancouver high school student whose older brother, Chase, is addicted to meth Chase brings nothing but misery to his family despite them trying their best t [...]

    22. Liz at Midnight Bloom Reads on said:

      Tweaked may be a short, quick novel to read but it s one where the length doesn t affect the value of the novel it just deserves to be read for what it teaches readers, and that is, the emotional and physical effects that drugs can have, not only on yourself, but others as well.Gordie Jessup is a teen stuck in an awful home situation His older brother Chase s drug addiction is costing his family big time, not only straining them financially, but in the emotional department too.When I was reading [...]

    23. Shawna on said:

      Gordie s brother, Chase, is a meth user and has been addicted for two years The situation has left their family broken Chase goes around lying and stealing things to get money so that he can get his next fix The police inform their family that Chase has hospitalized a man When the man dies, the charges are worsened Just when Gordie thinks things can t get worse, his brother s dealers go after him for money Gordie helps Chase get the money so that he could pay off his debts to his dealers This is [...]

    24. Jordan on said:

      I kept getting angry every time that Chase would take advantage of his family by stealing objects, food, and money for drugs Chase s parents and Gordie his brother cared about him so much, but Chase kept using them to stay alive It was tragic how their family fell apart.

    25. Elena on said:

      As kids, Gordie and his older brother Chase are completely normal They have a fun, healthy relationship with eachother, until Chase becomes introduced to the highly addicting and horrible drug, Crystal Meth in his late teens Gordie has come to terms with the fact that his brother will never be the same, that he is now an addict, but has a hard time getting used to the fact that his brother may have taken a life, after an accident that happened while Chase was tweaking Gordie s family is desperat [...]

    26. Emily on said:

      For a story dealing with a family member dealing with drug addiction, the author was able to capture the emotion well The main character, Gordie, has endured so much due to his brother his brother, Chase, stole and sold his precious guitar in order to pay for drugs he took 2000 from Gordie to pay off his drug debt when he only needed 500 Due to Chase s actions, Gordie is enraged and wants Chase out of his life Usually stories based on drug addicts are about the actual drug addict the reader unde [...]

    27. Cassey Wedge on said:

      This book was about a 16 year guy named Gordie, who s brother Chase, has a drug addiction that is destroying his family and each day Chase and Gordie used to be close like how brothers should be Until chase got caught up with the wrong crowd of people He started asking for money until there was no to spare He even started pawning some of the most valuable things in the house The cops are trying to find chase for a murder he committed, but no one knows where or how to reach him, except for one [...]

    28. Brooklyn Sutherland on said:

      This is different from any books I ve ever read It was so real and you can actually see this happening especially since the book was based in Vancouver It really makes you think of what all is happening even where we live All those people begging on the side of the road downtown, I used to feel bad for them, but now I think of them as Chase a drug addict.Chase disgusted me by how he would betray the people who raised him, trusted him, and grew up with him even though I know his mind was messed u [...]

    29. Gracie on said:

      Surprisingly, I liked this book I m not one for books about drugs and all that stuff, but this book was a winner The main character, Gordie has an older brother who is a ddicted to meth Chase his older brother has ruined his families life After a stint in jail, Chase is kicked out of the house I thought that Holubitsky did a really good job of making the hardships of living with a drug addict come alive She did so by describing the feelings Gordie felt about having to lock up his guitar, his pri [...]

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